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This area is for original stories by our members. Please keep this site's rules in mind when posting your stories. Do not post stories whose characters are underage, where the spankings are non-consensual (this includes "family" spankings), or that include any scene that involves age-play. Remember to stay within the boundaries of what is Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Thank you!

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Mary and Daphne (F/F domestic discipline story)Lexybridges06-05-21  03:50 pm
How They Met, Chapter 6 (Liam and MJ Story)Kitkat2905-07-21  07:54 pm
How They Met, Chapter 5 (Liam and MJ Story)Kitkat2905-07-21  07:53 pm
How they Met, Chapter 4 (Liam and MJ Story)Kitkat2905-07-21  07:51 pm
How They Met, Chapter 3 (Liam and MJ Story)Kitkat2905-07-21  07:46 pm
How They Met, Capter 2 (Liam and MJ Story)Kitkat2905-07-21  07:43 pm
How They Met, Chapter 1 (Liam and MJ Story)Kitkat2905-07-21  07:41 pm
Spanked for losing a gameFookingcatz09-13-19  04:54 pm
My first storyBad_nephew06-10-19  09:33 am
Plagiarizing FreshmanMaxsey12-19-18  11:57 am
The Malfeasant AccountantShauna5511-10-18  03:05 pm
I'm a story; so add to me!Sgtspank40 10-19-18  06:29 pm
A View from UpstairsLoves2spankotk09-11-18  03:32 pm
Dana meets Mr. GreenSgtspank07-08-18  08:39 am
Bared In The WoodsSgtspank06-20-18  12:49 pm
Dana Chooses TherapySgtspank06-20-18  12:41 pm
My Australian ExperienceMarkiee01-26-18  06:02 am
A lady rescued her marriage by spankingBlushingbotm10-06-17  07:03 am
Beach BumPrincessinpink07-01-16  11:43 pm
Letter from the atticMentor_couple10-12-15  11:46 pm
The element of surprise.Sally_smart02-13-14  10:48 pm
Hi, new here, love the siteSally_smart02-09-14  01:25 pm
Once upon a kneeSally_smart02-06-14  03:35 pm
A Shhh to RememberEvasami10 01-27-14  02:36 pm
Read the rules before postingAdmin07-23-13  03:12 pm
HomecomingAdrian_caine07-03-13  02:06 am
Beware! of an anonymous massage gift ff/m switchingMarkiee03-17-13  11:30 pm
Matronly MillieMarkiee03-17-13  11:19 pm
Wife receives switching from mysterious older ladySwitchmenow04-04-12  06:18 am
Home Schooled -by Alex B.Sniffles5502-02-12  08:12 pm
The SkirtYorkie6912-02-11  03:34 pm
Limerick 102Rudeaberry09-29-11  02:46 pm
Being Spanked by My HousekeeperDarlingjenna08-19-11  09:12 pm
Admins, a questionVerywideawake107-30-11  02:50 pm
Jamies's punishmentJoanna07-08-11  07:12 am
Apology acceptedJena_j06-28-11  11:50 am
The HikersL0cal201006-17-11  02:46 pm
Disciplined WifeBurning_bottom05-28-11  03:51 am
The InternMwmdom05-03-11  01:56 pm
Limerick 101Rudeaberry04-29-11  03:27 pm
Like a good neighbor Joanne is thereSpankme196402-21-11  07:41 pm
Turnabout4pinkcheeks10-19-10  11:12 pm
This hurts me to have to do this to you..Loveb07-28-10  02:45 pm
A Rake in the Making -by Alex B.Subbie07-21-10  08:15 am
Butterflies in my StomachBraticious04-27-10  04:49 pm
Reminder from AdminBethie03-26-10  02:33 am
A Man's OTK Fantasy.. (Hoping to make it a reality.)Rimfire10 03-13-10  06:42 pm
A LimerickScartlet_bottoms02-18-10  10:51 pm
Oh Me, Oh Me, Oh My!- - -Aspanking poemBoomer01-19-10  09:24 pm
University SpankingScartlet_bottom01-19-10  01:22 am
Brad and Anna - the First Meeting pt. 3Scartlet_bottom01-18-10  07:52 pm
Brad and Anna - the First Meeting pt. 2Becka01-18-10  01:59 pm
Naked Wood Nymph meets the Big Bad Wolf-Part threeScartlet_bottom01-18-10  02:33 am
Naked Wood Nymph meets the Big Bad Wolf-Part twoScartlet_bottom01-18-10  02:27 am
Naked Wood Nymph meets the Big Bad Wolf-Part oneScartlet_bottom01-17-10  07:18 pm
Scarlet's ReckoningScartlet_bottom01-17-10  04:04 pm
A Warm Winter's Tale -by Alex B.Tln09-22-09  02:06 pm
Summer VacationNaughty_clyde06-06-09  02:32 pm
Brush LadyNaughty_clyde06-02-09  06:26 am
The DeliverymanFrankiewayne5004-17-09  02:27 pm
"Disciplne Lesson"Tony04-07-09  11:26 am
Guy's NightWtrlile17703-30-09  10:07 pm
"My Spanking Stories" thread moved to Site Info AreaBethie03-30-09  07:42 pm
Her Birchwood Throne -by Alex B.Bethie03-27-09  02:21 am
Jessie and KateRoughman03-26-09  06:35 pm
A Secret Longing, Part TwoBuenaventura03-05-09  09:35 am
A Secret Longing, Part OneBuenaventura03-03-09  09:16 am
True story... changed a little - spanking and sexBrowneyedgirl02-11-09  12:58 pm
First job and late first day .Beloved_prisoner01-29-09  09:45 am
The BoxFanny01-13-09  05:04 pm
Carnifax snippetFanny01-13-09  04:38 pm
The guestTaraheckber11-27-08  08:02 am
Caught (An Original Domestic Discipline Story written 2006)Otktheplace4me11-08-08  10:13 pm
Augusta Milverton by HardwoodTammynx10-30-08  01:20 pm
Saddling the StormAlex_b10-10-08  02:19 pm
Grocery Store F/MBeloved_prisoner06-27-08  05:40 am
Grocery Store - Part 2 FF/MBeloved_prisoner06-27-08  05:40 am
Mary Takes Her Medicine -by Alex B.Alex_b06-10-08  11:06 am
The Taste of Leather -by Alex B.Newunderstaning06-08-08  09:10 pm
Part 2: The PunishmentMat06-08-08  05:27 pm
Part 1Mat06-08-08  04:54 pm
Upended -by Alex B.Lil_bit05-26-08  06:57 pm
Our Spanking Ritual M/F Naughty_clyde05-12-08  12:09 pm
Credit Card M/f Punishment,humilationMat04-20-08  09:25 am
Called on the Carpet -by Alex B.Buenaventura04-14-08  06:01 pm
Learning to not spend money without permission, Part twoLadykayra03-23-08  12:42 am
Learning to not spend money without permissionLil_bit03-22-08  04:13 pm
Public Play M/f HumlationLadykayra03-18-08  12:08 am
Just Cause M/fLadykayra03-18-08  12:06 am
The night Sir Wanted, M/f Bondage, Emema, SpankingLadykayra03-18-08  12:03 am
AnticipationValleygal03-04-08  02:08 am
What I asked forValleygal10 03-04-08  02:01 am
Parking Tickets .......part 2Valleygal11 03-04-08  01:57 am
Waiting by HardwoodArtfeline03-01-08  11:50 pm
Caught By Surprise Part 2Naughtythoughts02-05-08  11:44 pm
Deputy in Training IINaughtythoughts10 02-04-08  04:40 pm
Deputy in TrainingNaughtythoughts11 02-04-08  04:32 pm
"Pleased" A PoemNaughtythoughts02-04-08  01:14 am
Sensual vs DisciplinaryNaughtythoughts02-02-08  09:42 pm
"Narrator" A PoemNaughtythoughts02-02-08  08:19 pm
Bretts RevengeNaughtythoughts02-02-08  05:13 pm
My first spanking from my wifeGlory11-30-07  09:06 pm
Tricked and Treated -by Alex B.O4mstrsnee10-15-07  09:21 pm
Ike and Zeggy: The First StoryGorensgirl10-06-07  12:17 pm
It's all good.................................................Valleygal16 09-19-07  10:50 pm
It's about those parking tickets...........Valleygal09-19-07  10:48 pm
THE CABINRawhide09-18-07  11:24 pm
True artwork...Hardwood09-17-07  11:13 pm
Daniel and Stephanie Part 1Cheekychipmunk09-02-07  01:00 pm
An expensive lessonCheekychipmunk11 08-19-07  12:41 am
Caught By Surprise Part 1Sassypants08-01-07  06:32 pm
My thoughts of a good spankingBadgirl07-28-07  09:10 pm
My First Spanking StoryBadgirl07-28-07  11:49 am
Movie WoesPrissietl07-19-07  01:01 pm
Back to nature part 2Badgirl06-13-07  01:32 pm
Back to natureLilsoresub06-04-07  02:27 pm
The journey beginsBadgirl06-02-07  09:16 am
My new Toy Part TwoTammynx05-30-07  08:57 pm
A hubby denied....Badgirl05-28-07  02:25 pm
A not so short short storyTammynx05-27-07  01:30 pm
My new ToyLilsoresub05-24-07  07:50 am
Her terrible dayMidnytedreams05-23-07  04:13 pm
Spanking in MexicoCsheriff05-22-07  05:17 am
Fun with Dan and Jill -by Alex B.Pinkcheeks05-15-07  08:56 am
Just a DreamMidnytedreams05-11-07  10:03 am
Just Desserts -by Alex B.Alex_b17 05-08-07  08:05 am
Airline Policies 4Weasel04-16-07  11:26 am
REFLECTIONS [PART 2]Downunder04-13-07  06:55 pm
Daniel and Stephanie Part 2 written by: Cheeky and Rusty Downunder04-12-07  09:23 pm
Reflections; Part oneBuenaventura04-11-07  03:59 pm
Lost in the Gardens of VersaillesCheekychipmunk03-12-07  10:59 pm
Welcome HomeAka03-11-07  10:48 pm
HeartsCheekychipmunk03-08-07  09:40 pm
Jacob and Trinity Cheekychipmunk03-05-07  05:39 pm
A Dark Winter's MourningMa_vie_en_rose02-21-07  01:38 am
Red, White, and EbonyTammynx02-13-07  01:04 pm
Shower FunButterfly8402-03-07  09:45 pm
Airline Policies 3Tplayer02-01-07  07:21 pm
Brad and Anna - The first meeting pt. 1Tammynx01-30-07  10:31 am
March - April 2006Comehere144 27 04-30-10  12:31 am
Jan - Feb 2006Rimfire123 22 11-30-09  07:36 am
May - Dec 2006Jacquibow463 71 03-13-07  11:44 am
September - October 2005 StoriesJacquibow264 48 03-12-07  10:27 am
Nov - Dec 2005 StoriesPrissietl391 62 09-02-06  02:15 pm
April - August 2005 StoriesHunny266 42 07-20-06  09:45 pm
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