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New member
Username: Midnytedreams

Post Number: 19
Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Friday, June 01, 2007 - 08:23 pm:   Edit Post

I arrive at My secluded home, with both of My new toys, one wrapped in a box waiting to be uncovered, the other wearing collar, cuffs, blindfold and gag.
It had been a busy day having to prepare, for this first meeting. Going to the store where one of My toys was special made. And then driving to the shop to pick you up as you left work.
At the shop the one toy was received warmly then ushered to the car, I could tell you were uneasy, for all you hear is the beating of your heart, as I say, "Strip little one."
Without question you take off your clothes looking to Me for assurance and approval, you keep looking over as each article of clothing comes off, not able to make eye contact with Me.
I reach over the seat and place the blindfold in front of your face. "You will put this on," you hear Me say.
You look lovely to sit there naked arms across breasts legs crossed, as the blindfold is placed over your eyes, you enter a new world, unable to resist the unknown. I drive out of the shop parking lot and start your journey, driving into the unknown. As I watch you out of the corner of My eye.
I say, "Uncross those legs, spread your knees, and drop your hands."
Watching you as do as instructed.
"Sit up proudly and straight little one."
In the weakest broken voice, "Yes," is all you can say.
As you adjust position, I pull the car over and place the gag, cuffs, and collar on you. As you hear Me say, “Now you are ready for Me, My toy," I pull back onto the road.
At the house I open the door to the car and take you from the seat by your hair and run My fingers through your sex, I grasp your clit between My fingers and squeeze until I hear you moan.
"So you are excited to know Me," is all you hear Me say.
Gagged as you are unable to answer as your head bows lower in My grasp. I lean down and whisper, "Are you cold little one?" You nod yes.
There is a slight chill in the air, so I lean you over the hood of the car and spank that ass. A slight hint of drool runs from your mouth as I continue til a nice glow radiates from your ass.
I take you by the hair and lead you inside; you feel warmth as you enter, hitting your naked body as cold tile is felt on the soles of your feet as I lead you inside then you feel carpeting as you move forward.
"Kneel," is the only command word spoken by Me.
It breaks the silence, as your knees buckle involuntary to the carpet. You assume the position you have only dreamed of before.
In the darkness you hear the lock undone as I grasp the cuffs on your wrists, then release your arms by instinct your arms hug your breasts.
"I guess that you are not warm enough little one?" You hear Me say.
Your hands drop from your breasts as your hair is grasped again and you are placed over something face first and your wrists are secured to the floor then you feel hands grasp your ankles and spread you wide, leather cuffs being placed on your ankles and secured to the floor, you feel movement in the air as I secure you in place each sound is heightened in this darkness.
Then you hear Me say, "I will be back shortly." You hear Me leave the room, then the front door opening and closing.
Your mind begins to wander and think of what is to come next, as you try at your bonds, which hold you securely in place.
All you hear is silence around you, then the opening and closing of a door followed by footsteps on the tile then silence again.
"I wonder which toy will bring Me more pleasure today," I say.
As you hear paper being ripped and a box being opened, I watch as you squirm around in your bonds.
"Yes both of My new toys look pleasing."
Suddenly I move to your face and remove the gag from your mouth, and the blindfold from your eyes. I grasp your hair and lift your lips to Me and kiss you deeply.
As My lips leave yours I say, "Your safe word is…" then a slight pause. "I beg for more."
You look at Me stunned as the mental picture of those words enter your mind. You have never begged before and refuse to do so now.
You smile as I say, "Repeat it."
You know their implication is to set your mind in turmoil to stop is to beg for more. You realize this is what you seek to be finally dominated. Try as you will you can’t repeat those words as you feel they must be earned.
I read the look in your eyes as I say, "If you can’t repeat those words now just say yes."
You look relieved and sad at the same time as you say, "Yes.”
Without another word I move around behind you. The next thing you feel is your ass cheeks being spread and lubricated fingers being driven into the puckered hole between them. Fingers drive into your ass, as your body starts to adjust. Pleasure starts to wash from within and you as you start to move in time to the driving fingers. Then as suddenly as it began, the feeling is gone.
You feel fingers slide through your wet sex and rub against your hard clit as you feel a clamp of some kind being placed around it. The clamp is tight but not painful, as you feel fingers slide down your sex again.
You hear paper being unwrapped and then suddenly your ass is spread again and a toy is inserted your mind says a butt plug as you feel the insertion of another toy into your cunt and clamps attached to each of your wet lips.
As you look back over your shoulder, you see wires leading to a black box beside you. As I move up your body and attach a clamp device to each of your nipples.
I move around to your face and grasp your hair as the collar is secured to the floor your mid section rises your ass into the air, then all stops. You hear Me say, "You have permission to speak toy. Are you ready to beg for more?”
Your mind races- if you do then all will stop, I hear you moan as you say, "No."
"You are an insolent little toy," I say. As I hear you moan I say, “You will beg for more before I am through."
I walk away to the other side of the room and return with a leather whip; as you look upon it you moan, it is the one you tasted before in the shop.
I flick the whip and the tips land on your ass and then drag it up your body across your body til it reaches you neck, repeating over and over flicking out and dragging back to your neck. Just when the sensation is bringing nerve endings alive on your skin it stops. You are unable to look up at Me, bound to the floor as you are.
You hear Me say, "Having so much fun with My one toy almost forgot My other toy."
I move to the side of your body and retrieve the black box and set it down on the floor in front of your face. I reach down and take the last wire, as it leaves your sight you wonder what it could be for.
I attach the last wire to the end of the whip; I lash it across your body as the sensation washes over you. The lights on the box blink and you suddenly feel a fullness in your cunt then it is gone.
With the next lash there is a tug on your nipples, as the next lash strikes the fullness is in your ass but before you grasp the meaning it is gone.
You feel nerve endings in your skin responding to the next lash as you feel a tugging on your clit.
I hear a moan escape your lips, and I say, "Do you beg for more?"
Your body screams yes as your mind screams and you say, "No."
As the lashes increase in intensity your mind wonders where the next sensation will land, as you feel your cunt open wide around its intruder, lips pulled outward as your body tries to expel it. And before it becomes too intense it is gone.
Your mind tries to reason with the sensations as you realize the intensity of the toy is equal to the intensity of the whip. Then you remember the lights on the box- maybe they can signal where next and what intensity.
You watch the lights on the box as each new sensation assaults your mind and body, so hard to concentrate as each melding together pain and pleasure
You are lost in your thought as you hear Me say, "So My little toy is trying to cheat."
As a towel is dropped across the face of the box obscuring the lights, I look down on your face as a tear rolls down it. You realize I know you as none before.
I look you deeply in the eyes and say, "Do you beg for more?"
This is more than you have ever endured but still your mind is set- no man will submit me, so I hear, "No," escape from your lips.
You hear Me laugh and say, "Good for I am just getting started My toy."
I undo the cuffs on the floor around your wrist, the lock holding the collar, and grasp your hair and drag you backwards placing each wrist into cuffs on the floor behind your head.
I step on your hair and say, "Lick My boots."
Unable to comply at once I take the box and turn a switch. You feel all consumed as the tugging on your nipples and clit grows in intensity and the fullness in your cunt and ass growing with each passing second. I walk over and get two whips- one purple, the other blue, the purple one looks very menacing; the blue looks like suede, the purple leather.
"Chose one blue or purple."
I hear you say, "Blue," as you smile. No man will fool you.
I walk away and reach out of your view and produce a long blue candle, and I say, “Then blue it will be," and I light it.
You close your eyes as fullness then emptiness assaults your body; no longer does your mind feel pain as you slip slowly inward and your mind starts to reel, pleasure washes over you as you realize you can’t win. Can’t deceive.
I watch you as you wither away on the floor unable to contain your release and as you reach the peak unable to hold back, but to just feel. I see the true one. You’re unable to hide anything but your need as the candle wax slowly washes down onto your body.
When the candle is half burnt and time has stood still as I watch your legs jerk on the floor, spent having had orgasm after orgasm.
I hear you, a whisper through parched lips, "I beg for more."
I take a mirror and place it above you and say, "Look in the mirror."
As your eyes focus on the image you don’t recognize the image in it. There is a woman looking back beautiful and alluring. I say, “Now you see yourself as I have since the beginning."
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New member
Username: Lil_bit

Post Number: 12
Registered: 05-2007

Posted on Friday, June 01, 2007 - 09:42 pm:   Edit Post

Great story!!
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Username: Badgirl

Post Number: 382
Registered: 11-2005
Posted on Saturday, June 02, 2007 - 09:16 am:   Edit Post

Thanks for another great read Midnyte!

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