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Username: Ladykayra

Post Number: 35
Registered: 03-2008

Posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 - 03:30 pm:   Edit Post

It was one of those days, I should have stayed in bed but with everything I had to get done I didnít. After working on the house for a while, I decided that I simply wasnít in the mood to clean. So starting up my computer I sat down, and played around on the net for a while.

Not really doing anything important I simply sat there playing. I heard the phone ring but since it was in the other room, I ignored it.

Turning up my music I drowned out everything around me..

Before I knew what was going on, I heard the door open. Looking at the clock I couldnít believe what time it was already. Sighing, I simply stayed at the computer not looking up. I wasnít in the mood to be the good little wife today, I simply wanted to do what I wanted.

Sir walked up to me, kissing me on the cheek greeting me as he came home. Not paying attention to what was going on around him I simply responded with yea welcome home.

He heard the smug in my voice, and whispered in my ear to behave. What ever I said as I clinked on a link..

Girl, your pushing it, I wonít warn you again, behave, we have company. So get up and welcome them, and go get us a drink. Looking up, I saw that look in his eyes and tore my gaze away from him looking around the room. He brought home someone, how dare he, he could have at least warned me first went through my head.

Walking into the kitchen mumbling to myself about how he didnít have the nerve to call and now he wants to be waited on hand and foot, he could simply get up and get his own damn drinks! Had I been paying attention I would have noticed he was behind me listening to every word I said. Opening the fridge I took out two drinks, one for him and one for the guest.

Closing the door, I saw him there, arms crossed over his chest, I could see the anger in his face as he just looked at me. *Bend of the table NOW! I couldnít believe he was telling me to do something with someone else in the other room..

Iím sorry I didnít mean it, just I Ö Enough he cut me off, you have three seconds to bend over or you will regret it!

Not knowing if he was serious or not, I placed the drinks on the table bending over. He didnít waste one second cause the next second I felt his hand over my covered bottom. Biting my lip not wanting to make a sound I kept from crying out more from surprise then pain.

As fast as it started he stopped. Pulling me up he looked at me, and once more warned me to behave. *If you do not I will take you across my knee and paddle that behind of you, guest or no guest understood girl?

Lowering my eyes I nodded, not wanting to say a word. I didnít hear you Amy, I asked you a question, and unless you want a repeat of that spanking you best answer me. Yes Sir I darted out, taking ahold of the cans and remained before him waiting to be excused.

*Good girl, now go give our guest his drink I will be out in a moment, I need to change* I looked to the room, biting my lip but decided to keep quiet and hurried into the living room.

Sitting there talking to our guest I learned he was someone Sir had met off a group we were on. He was a HOH as well, and new to the lifestyle looking to learn, and make friends. He was a few yrs younger then we were, although he was very muscular and had big hands.

I never failed to notice someone hands. All my life I seemed to be attracted to big hands, I never understood why until I had met my husband, and learned quickly just what big hands were for.

Sir walked out of the kitchen into the living room.. He had the paddle in his hand walking up to me, grabbing my arm. He lead me over to the corner, tugging at my skirt, lifting it up, and told me not to move. I shivered as I stood there.

I knew why I was there but it was still embarrassing knowing that my white clad panties were barely covering my shivering bottom. I heard the young man ask why I was put into the corner?

Sir said he would find out soon enough, and they began to talk about relationships where the husbands put down rules and the wifeís must follow them. After what seemed like forever I heard Sir call me from the corner.

*Amy, come here and stand before me, and do it quickly!* I hurried to his chair, standing in front of his, my hands over my head, eyes lowered trying my best not to shake knowing what was about to happen. I wasnít sure if it was the spanking I was so scared of or the fact that Sir was going to punish me in front of someone else.

Explain to Brain why you are being punished girl, Sir said.

I didnít do my chores this morning Sir, forgetting to make the bed to startÖ I heard the quiver in my voice as I spoke but I couldnít stop it.. I was so nervous and no matter what I couldnít look at either men.

What else did you forget Amy?

Biting my lip hard I felt the pain running through the pink flesh.. I didnít put the clothes away from last night like I said I would Sir, they are still in the dryer, and a load in the basket waiting to be folded.

Sir nodded as he listened to me. What are the rules girl? What happens when you donít follow them on purpose?

Oh god he was going to make me say it.. I had to tell him that I needed punished for breaking the rules we had agreed on.. The whole thought of staying in bed sounded really good again, and I had wished I had now.

Sir swatted my partly covered bottom as in telling me to answer him.. I sighed deeply taking a huge breath before letting those dreaded words escape my lipsÖ

I am to make the bed by the time you get home, and if I put off something until the next day I am to have it done before you get home Sir, and if itís not I am punished for not doing as I am told, or not keeping my word..

I said the whole thing in one long breath.. There I thought to myself I said it, now can we simply let this be a warning and skip the spanking?

Sir nodded, pulling me over his lap, I kicked for a moment, feeling the paddle cover my bottom quickly telling me to lay still, cause I was going to be spanked for breaking the rules.

Sir looked up to Brain as he rubbed my bottom and said that you must always punish when a rule is broke, if you are unable to, then a few swats on the bottom will be a warning to what is to come.. And since he *Brain* was looking to learn he would show him just how to handle a naughty girl showing him just how to spank her.

I gasped, he really was going to spank me, right in front of this man.. With that, I felt Sir hand land on my cheek. SWAT, SWAT SWAT, you will not forget to not make the bed again he said before laying on a dozen or more smacks with his hand..

He was not being easy on me, and even though he was only using his hand, I felt each and every one of the slaps. Damn I thought to myself, why did I need to connect so deeply with someone who hands seemed to cover my whole bottom???

I begged him to stop, I would go make the bed right now, and promised to be good. SWAT yes SWAT you SWAT will SWAT be good..

With each sting of the hand, I felt my bottom turning hotter and hotter.. Then just as quickly as he started, I felt him stop, tugging my panties down I started to protest begging him not to do that with company here..

Taking the hair brush Sir delivered half a dozen swats to my now bare bottom.. You know the rules girl, all spanking start on the bare, now unless you want to add some more swats I would suggest you keep quiet.

Taking ahold of his leg laying over his lap I shut up knowing that if I keep going I would not be able to sit down for the rest of the night.

Sir told Brian that any good spanking always leaves the wife sorry for her actions, and that a nice hard hand spanking will get her ready for anything else you decide to use. Hairbrush, paddle, ruler, although any meaningful spanking should always occur on the bare bottom this way you can see how red it is, and make sure there is no place untouched.

Depending on what sheís being punished for, you will most likely bring her to tears before the spanking ends. Although donít be fooled, just because she is now crying, this does not mean itís time to stop. You should always give at least ten to twenty more smacks after she starts to cry. This is to make sure she isnít crying just to get you to stop. The last of the spanking should be the most intense, this way you know sheís really learned her lesson.

With that Sir placed the brush on my bottom, telling me it was time, and I knew what to do. I started to cry then Sir hadnít started yet but I felt so bad, and having to repeat and ask for a spanking was always bad but to have to ask for one while someone was watching seemed to be ten times worse.

Without delay not wanting to get into anymore trouble I quickly whispered out..

Sir, I am sorry I didnít do what I was supposed to, and I know I broke the rules, so I beg you to spank me so that I wont forget next time..

I was suddenly thankful my face was covered, between the shame of disappointing my husband, and the tears already flowing I was glad no one could see my face.

Sir smiled, even though I couldnít see it, I felt a change in his body while over his knee, he wasnít to upset anymore, it was then when I also realized that I had changed too. I was no longer in that mood to do what I wanted, but I was in the mood to be pleasing to my husband, and accept what I had coming.

Closing my eyes, Sir started the trashing of my fanny. The first sting was almost too much, but I remained in place, not screaming out, no kicking, just laying there and with each stroke of the brush I felt something leave me.. I hadnít noticed how tense I had been but with the pain in my bottom I felt better and better each time Sir spanked me. I lost count of how many swats Sir had given me, although around thirty I think he stopped, noting the redness in my bottom, and the whimpers of cries I was letting out. I was crying softly and though it hurt, I felt better somehow..

Sir placed the brush down, and raised his hand and started to finish off my punishment.. For a full five minutes Sir tanned my bottom with his hand. Staying in position but letting out yelps once every so often I took the spanking as best as I could. Once done, Sir stood me up, pointing to the corner.. No RUBBING and do not move until you are told. With panties falling to my feet, quickly hurried to the corner, hands on my head, nose pressed into the wall, sobbing softly under my breath..

As much as I hurt I felt a lot better, and swore once I got out of this corner I would make a wonderful dinner for Sir, and his new found friend.
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Username: Greatguy

Post Number: 34
Registered: 01-2006
Posted on Thursday, November 27, 2008 - 02:40 am:   Edit Post

This is a great story! I wish I'd been there to witness it!
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New member
Username: Taraheckber

Post Number: 2
Registered: 12-2005
Posted on Thursday, November 27, 2008 - 08:02 am:   Edit Post

I bet Brian enjoyed watching

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