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Elizabeth was in a panic. She was in a hurry and forgot she exceeded the amount that her husband JJ and she agreed upon where they would decide together on a purchase. The worst part is she neglected to read the sign on the clearance items and they were non-returnable. The relevance was she had done this so many times that JJ finally put his foot down and told her she should receive a bare bottom spanking if it happened again. She reluctantly agreed if nothing else as a deterrent. Thinking it might be better to confess so JJ might take it easy on her, she let JJ know of her transgression. He reminded her of their agreement, but she resisted and tried to get him to change his mind with comments like “I promise I won’t do it again” to which JJ replied “Elizabeth this will never stop until you have consequences and it is not only hurting our finances, but our relationship”. “You are not acting responsibly with your impulse spending, but you are an adult and you have to agree to be spanked” Finally the presumptive close…. When you are ready, let me know”. Elizabeth knew eventually she needed to submit to the spanking, not only because she agreed to it, but because it would deter future impulse buying.

She stewed about the spanking and tried to get up the nerve to tell JJ she was ready for her spanking. Unable to tell JJ in person because of knots in her stomach, she finally got up the nerve to call him at work and let him know she was ready for her spanking. JJ instructed her to completely undress and position her bottom over a couple of pillows in the center of the bed by the time struck 7pm that evening.

Unknown to Elizabeth was that JJ had cold feet. He knew he would not be able to spank her effectively because no matter that she consented he couldn’t deliver the strokes to cause her pain. Yet he realized she needed the spanking. His solution was to find someone who could deliver a good spanking and who was credible. He didn’t want another male as there might be sexual arousal nor did he want a youthful female who lacked experience. His rational drew him to seek a more mature lady with experience spanking and who was sincere about using spanking as a way to help a younger lady with her issues just like she may have helped her own daughters. He finally found an older lady named Mary who was old fashioned and believed in old fashioned discipline as it was delivered in the old days. She used “nature’s implement”, a switch cut from a tree. JJ through his research had witnessed the stripes and welts that switches left on bare bottoms and starting having cold feet about this too. However Mary convinced him that it would be good for Elizabeth to see the stripes for a few days as a reminder. “She will never allow me to switch her and even if she did it wouldn’t last very long as she will be able to get away, so you are going to need to have her tied down for me so I can deliver a proper switching” said Mary. JJ was even more reluctant about this, but realized it was true and agreed to it.

Mary had directed JJ to cut several fresh green switches about 3 feet in length in various thickness, but usually no larger around than his largest finger. She preferred the sting of thinner switches as opposed to the thud of thicker ones. Of course, the thinner the switch the more likely it would break, hence the need for several. When JJ arrived home he knew his challenge was Elizabeth allowing him to tie her down. He went to the novelty store and bought Velcro restraints that would be quick, soft on the wrists, and something she could not escape from.

Upon entering the bedroom he found her naked over pillows in the middle of the bed. He relaxed her with a massage, while confirming why she was getting spanked. After he had her in a half sleep, he knew if he could get her arms tied the rest would be easier. He quickly fastened the Velcro around her wrist as she became alert and asked what he was doing. He explained he was tying her arms to the bed for the spanking because a real spanking is one where she would lose control and not be able to stop it. Evidently, this was convincing enough as she allowed him to tie her stretched arm to the bedpost. Her mind was racing as she knew once the second arm was tied, she would be helpless and at JJ’s mercy. Before she knew it he secured the Velcro around her other wrist. Should she resist? It all happened so quickly and before she knew it, her other arm was tied to the opposite bedpost. In a way there was a sense of release for her knowing she had lost control over her body and surrendered it to JJ. Next each of her legs were tied to opposite ends of the bed. She was in the most vulnerable and exposed position a woman could be in – spread-eagle.

JJ was tempted knowing he would enjoy taking her from behind and how much easier it would be for both of them to not follow through with the spanking. He felt sorry for his wife, which was the reason he had Mary to do the spanking for him as she didn’t feel at all sorry for naughty young ladies. She thought the world would be a better place if there were switchings for adults as punishment. She was waiting just down the street once she received the call confirming he had Elizabeth tied down. JJ decided it was time and blindfolded his wife as Mary had asked him to do as this would make for a better switching since Elizabeth wouldn’t be able to see where the switch was coming from to try to avoid it with a flinch or turn although she was pretty restricted. JJ told his wife that he was leaving the room to get the things she would be spanked with again careful with his words since he wouldn’t be spanking her. “What are you going to spank me with?” to which there was no response as he left the room. Elizabeth was nervous because they hadn’t discussed the parameters of the spanking, only that she would be spanked. Having second thoughts while JJ was gone, she tried to escape and struggled against her bonds, but he had securely tied her and there was no escape. JJ called Mary and she was soon at the house. “JJ, I’m going to blister her bottom good and she will be completely red with stripes and welts when I’m done”. “She will be screaming for mercy and begging for me to stop”. “Are you still okay for me to give her this switching and you promise you will not interfere?” “Yes” said JJ.

JJ followed her to the room to observe from a distance. As Elizabeth heard footsteps approach the bed, she asked “JJ, what are you spanking me with”. She was horrified when a grandmotherly voice answered “Hello Elizabeth, my name is Mary”. Shocked she said “where is my husband and who are you?”. “I hear you have been a naughty young lady and have agreed to a spanking and your husband has asked me to give you what you said you deserve”. “Please untie me right now” as she violently struggled to free herself from her bonds and screaming for JJ. “JJ is not coming as he asked me to spank you”. “I only planned to spank your bottom, but if you keep resisting, I’m going to spank your upper legs so settle down right now” she said in stern voice to which Elizabeth obeyed, coming to the realization that she could not free herself and it was better to negotiate her way out of this.

“To answer your original question when I came in, you are going to be whipped with a switch”. “Please raise your bottom as high as you can”, which was an embarrassing request because it exposed her private area even more. Mary delighted in seeing the young lady’s bottom raised up in perfect position. Without warning SWISH was the sound of the switch striking right in the center of the tender bare bottom, causing a yelp. Unable to see Mary move to the other side another SWISH came and another yelp. “I’m changing my mind and don’t want spanked anymore, please untie me” said the helpless wife. “I’m sorry it’s too late for that and you will receive the full punishment so lift your bottom back up high”. JJ was turned on seeing his wife exposed like this, but continued to stand quietly while Mary did her work. SWISH-SWISH-SWISH as Mary delivered 3 lashes in a row causing the wife to scream in pain. She did the same SWISH-SWISH-SWISH from the opposite side resulting in a “I promise I will be good” “I will do anything you want”. Next Mary moistened the bottom with some warm water to increase the sting and really let the helpless wife have it with several lashes one right after the other and overwhelming the mind with pain stimuli making it seem unbearable as the wife screamed for mercy and begged, even pleaded for it to stop. The switch was cutting into the stretched naked flesh causing a deep intense STING and a feeling of the bottom burning like FIRE. The bare bottom was switched mercilessly on each side and as promised the Elizabeth was completely red, striped, and welted, but Mary was not done. Positioned at the feet she ran the switch up the side of her thighs and created vertical welts on top of horizontal ones. The pain was excruciating and wore Elizabeth and her voice out as she was in a deep sweat by the time the last of several switches was broken. Mary admired her work and gently rubbed over the welts with her fingers and said. “Raise your bottom” as she called JJ over to use his fingers on his wife’s private area while she gently rubbed the bottom. Elizabeth was surprised at how aroused she was. Mary stroked the inside of her bottom crack, gently touching her hole while JJ continued his work below, sending Elizabeth into ecstasy. Mary eventually worked her way into her hole with her finger and some lubricant causing Elizabeth to pant with pleasure as JJ played with her.

All agreed that JJ should receive the same switching while tied down and at the end Mary took care of his raised bottom as well while Elizabeth used her hands to pleasure him.

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