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Username: Switchmenow

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Posted on Tuesday, April 03, 2012 - 10:47 pm:   Edit Post

Jon was surprised to receive something very unusual in the mail an offer of an anonymous gift of massage. Suspicious, but curious, he contacted the number and sure enough a lady claiming to be an independent massage therapist answered and explained yes indeed anytime he was ready he could have his massage. Now Jon loved massages, but at the same time he just wasn’t sure about this, however ultimately decided based on the credibility of the therapist that it was legitimate, although it still bugged him as to who provided this gift and why. Jon booked it for Friday afternoon so he could wind down and start the weekend off with some relaxation. The therapist offered to come to his place and again although this gave Jon pause, he ultimately decided that this would be even more relaxing.

Jon arrived home Friday and took a hot shower to start getting the muscles relaxed before putting his robe on. The door rang and was answered to a very attractive therapist. Jon was struck by the similarity of her looks and frame to someone he worked with. Jon invited her in and commented on this to which she laughed. The therapist made a call to someone letting them know she was there and again Jon didn’t think anything of it as it was for security. The two went to Jon’s bedroom to begin and she turned around to give Jon time to remove his robe and lay down with a towel over his bottom. It was unusual that she had asked him to lay over a couple of pillows in the middle of bed, explaining it as the position she massages in.

The massage began and everything was normal. The therapist appeared legitimate and massaged Jon until she noticed Jon was relaxed. The massage transitioned to something unusual that Jon had not experienced. She explained a stretch technique to “get the kinks out” and to do so Jon’s arms would need restrained. Jon, while relaxed still questioned it, but the therapist presumed permission and took his arm and stretched it towards the bed post. It happened so quickly as she secured a Velcro medical restraint around Jon’s wrist and then tied it to the bedpost. Jon’s mind was racing. On one hand this was exciting, but there was a nervous excitement as he didn’t know this woman. Before he knew it she stretched out his other arm and placed the Velcro restraint around it. Jon had to decide quickly if he would resist. Being relaxed and somewhat paralyzed by the surprise, he allowed his other arm was secured to the bed.

The massage continued which made Jon relax until the therapist explained she was going to restrain his legs in much the same way. Again, Jon questioned but not being able to offer much resistance considering his arms were tied to the bed before he knew it his legs were restrained to opposite ends of the bed so that he was in a spread-eagle position. Again, Jon was moved back into relaxation as the massage continued, however the therapist had worked her way down to his bottom, removing the towel that was covering him and was massaged his buttocks. If Jon was honest at this point, he would have to say he was somewhat aroused being tied down like this while being massaged, but he also began to realize this was no ordinary massage and even made a comment to this fact to which she replied that he was about to find out how different it really was very shortly. The therapist paused for a moment to place a quick call – “He is ready” were the only 3 words she said and quickly hung up and now Jon was nervous, asking “who was that” and “what are you doing”, but instead of answering she left the room, Jon asking “where are you going, please untie me before you leave”. Jon struggled against his bonds in silence, but to no avail as he had been securely and expertly restrained.

Before he knew it the bedroom door was opening again and when he turned his head to see who he was shocked to see Lynn from work, whom he had noticed earlier the therapist resembled. He was speechless and knew he had been had, but still wasn’t sure what this was all about. “Well, well what do we have here” Lynn said with a wicked grin rubbing her hand over Jon’s raised bottom. Lynn asked if Jon enjoyed the massage from her sister as Liz reappeared. “Yes, but can you please untie me now” Jon politely asked. “Oh eventually you will be untied, but not before you receive a good old fashioned spanking for how you have been laying your eyes on me at work”. “You didn’t think I noticed how your eyes wandered towards my breasts and how you would turn around and tune in on my butt as I walked down the hall”. Jon knew he was cooked because it was true and they both knew it as he had wandering eyes for attractive female frames and Lynn certainly fit that category. All he could offer was “Lynn, you are right and I’m sorry”. “Oh you are going to be very sorry all right when I’m done with you”. “Liz, can you please go get those freshly cut switches I have in my car so we can get started”, Lynn said. “Please don’t do this Lynn, I promise I won’t look at you like that any more” Jon said. “Oh I know you won’t” Lynn said as she asked him to raise his bottom. She caressed the inside of his bottom crack very gently with her finger right on the hole and it felt so good to Jon. “You like this don’t you?”. “Yes” Jon said. “Well this is exactly what makes you a very naughty boy that needs his bare bottom punished and I can’t think of anything better than a good old fashioned switching”. “Have you ever been switched?” she asked. “No, but I’ve heard it really hurts”, said Jon as Liz entered the room with several switches.

“Well first, I’m going to be nice and let you see my butt which you have been lusting after at work and Liz is going to give me a few lashes with the switch so you can see the effects of it so you know what will be coming to you”. Jon was extremely aroused by this as Lynn bared her bottom to his side so he had a perfect view of her near perfect bottom as she raised her hands above her head and placed them on the wall. Liz stepped to the side and “swish” and with just one lash Jon was horrified to see Lynn dancing from the switch. “swish-swish-swish” and now Lynn was screamed and danced at the same time and rubbed her bottom. “You see Jon what you are in for”, Lynn asked. “The only difference between me and you is I could stop it at any time and rub my bottom to try to take the sting out and you will be able to do neither”. What Jon really noticed were the 4 red stripes forming as welts on Lynn’s perfect bottom and oh how he wished he could be doing the spanking on that bottom. “You are very naughty to enjoy that said Lynn, but I’m going to let you enjoy me spanking Liz before we start on you”. Next, Liz bared her bottom and positioned herself in a similar manner and it was amazing how similar their bottoms looked. Lynn proceed to switch her sisters bottom and again after only a few lashes Liz was too dancing and rubbing her bottom. The ladies tormented Jon by positioning their bottoms in front of his face so he could see one more time what he was in for. “It hurts even worse on a wet bottom” said Lynn as she moistened Jon’s bottom with some warm water.

Lynn and Liz then took their positions by standing on opposite sides each with a wicked looking 3 foot green switch in hand. Jon was asked to raise his bottom so he could get the full effect from the first lash. The sisters gently glided the switch over Jon’s bottom and inside his bottom crack before SWISH as judgment came down on Jon’s bare bottom from Lynn and yes he was sort of dancing with what little movement he was able to have on the bed. Liz asked him to get his bottom back in position and once he did SWISH from Liz’s switch. What shocked Jon the most was the intense, biting sting of the switch and how it was every bit as horrible as anything he had ever heard. SWISH/SWISH as each of the ladies gave him one at the same time and now Jon’s bottom was starting to burn like fire as he violently struggled against his bonds. SWISH-SWISH-SWISH 3 times in a row from Lynn and then SWISH-SWISH-SWISH 3 consecutive lashes from Liz and Jon was screaming for mercy and begging the sisters to stop, but to no avail. They were enjoying the sight of a helpless strong man at the mercy of two petite women and how they could inflict such pain on him. Speaking of the pain, it was unbearable, but there was nothing Jon could do but let out his cries as the switching continued. Lynn and Liz showed Jon no mercy as the switches cut into his naked flesh as he writhed in obvious pain and torment. Nothing he could say stopped the switching – he at one point promised to do anything they wanted. After his bottom was completely red with no white left and welted, they moved to stand at his feet to criss-cross the horizontal welts with vertical ones and also worked the switch on the side of this thighs. Jon never knew such pain as the sisters were up to at least 100 lashes each as he bounced up and down the bed with what restricted movement he had. The lashes came fast and furious with very little pause in between, not allowing Jon to recover from the previous lash before experiencing another. The pain stimuli overwhelmed his mind as he gritted his teeth with each strike of the switch. He was literally screaming for mercy, but there was none to be had as the sisters gleefully ignored his pleas and broke switch after switch. After breaking their final switch, the sisters were finally finished and Jon was exhausted from trying to deal with the pain and in a deep sweat.

The sisters finished where this all started with a gentle massage and caressed Jon’s bottom rubbing their fingers gently over the welts and the inside of this bottom crack and up against his hole. This was sort of the consolation prize for Jon as it felt so good to feel them touching him like this.

The End of the spanking story… your imagination can finish the rest.
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Posted on Sunday, March 17, 2013 - 11:30 pm:   Edit Post

Women sure know how to get to the bottom of things.

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