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Username: Lilsoresub

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Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - 02:44 pm:   Edit Post

She carried the tray with her Man's hot cocoa into the living room and placed the hot mug on the end table at his elbow. "There you go, sweets," she chirped. "Anything else you need?"

He did not look at her as he answered, "Go to the bedroom and bring me the long, black leather belt."

"What do you need that for, baby?" She was confused. Was her Man about to start a scenario without telling her first?

Now he did look at her, but his slate-blue eyes were cold and angry. Furtive shadows danced in their depths. "Go and GET it," he growled.

She felt the hair stand up on the back of her neck. He was acting very angry. But why? What had she done to displease him? She hurried towards the bedroom with those thoughts whispering at her heels every step of the way.

Returning with the belt, She found him now standing in the middle of the room. He'd removed his shirt and his arms were crossed over his furry chest. She handed the leather instrument to him and said, "As you ordered, Sir."

He took the belt, doubled it, and slapped his open palm with it twice, as though testing the sting of its bite. He looked down at her and took a deep breath. "Girl," he rumbled, "I have noticed lately that you've gotten sloppy in your behavior. That will now stop. I will administer punishment and correct your errant ways. Get your pants down and bend over."

Ice ran through her as his words hit home. Oh, man, I've done it now, she thought to herself. Her jaw worked silently as she tried to find an apology that would stop what was about to happen.

He saw her hesitation and slapped the thick belt into his palm again. "NOW!" he bellowed.

Her stomach was twisting into a knot inside her as she quickly slipped the pastel orange shorts down her legs, followed by the white lace panties. She stepped out of them and bent forward slightly. He stepped in behind her and she felt the coolness of the leather brushing smoothly over the cheeks of her hiney. "Spread your legs wide," He commanded. She did as he ordered, until her feet were a good three feet apart on the floor. "Now, grab the floor," He demanded. She quickly bent further until the flats of her palms were on the carpeted flooring. The weight of the belt could lift her rump clear into the air and she gritted her teeth in anticipation.

"You have shown me disrespect," he said, his voice stern and disapproving. With that, the belt came down and slapped across her tender fanny. Bright pain splashed over her seat. "You have failed to address me in the proper manner," he added, and again came the sharp smack of leather landed upon her ass. "You have questioned orders and been slow to obey commands," and another blow. Her hiney was on fire by now and her teeth ached from being clenched together. "Twice in the past week you were not waiting for me when I arrived home. You disobeyed my rule and wore a bra in my presence. Also you have been lazy around the house" Five more slaps across her burning behind. Now his voice became louder, angrier. "This will not continue!" he added, the words punctuated by harder blows of the belt across her bright, glowing red ass.

"I'm sorry," She gasped, tears beginning to run down her pretty face, "I'm so sorry," but he interrupted her.

"Nobody told you to speak," he shouted, and now the belt rained three brutal slaps across her ass and thighs. "You've forgotten your behavior and have become too relaxed," he snarled. "But I'll teach you so you never forget again!" Now a new, uglier pain began in the girl. She now felt his displeasure with her. He was stern but loving and she had let him down. Oh how she must have angered him that he would spank her so harsly. Her disappointment in herself was becoming even more overwhelming as she realized her errant ways.

"That's enough punishment for your ass, girl," He grunted. "But it's not only your ass that's been misbehaving. Stand up and take your shirt off." She hurried to do what he'd ordered. Her backside was aflame and she didn't want to do anything to make him more angry. So she stood, at attention, as he walked back towards the bedroom.

When he returned he had a switch in his hand. A thin, flexible wooden reed, three feet in length, like the ones they attach to balloons at the circus. "Your mouth has spoken disrespectfully, so we will stop its foolish tongue, we will punish that mouth by cleaning it up with a bar of soap to serve as a reminder to be respectful when addressing me." But what did he plan on doing with that switch?

She didn't have to speculate long. He stepped before her and ordered her to put her hands behind her back. She did so, and he leaned closer. His tongue snaked out and wetly massaged her sensitive nipples. It felt so good that She had to purr deep in her throat. Even though her hiney still burned this influx of pleasant sensation hit her quickly. He stepped away and to her side. "Your breasts betrayed you also," he snarled. "They came into my presence bound in a bra. Yet my standing order is that you may only wear one when I've ordered it. So we must teach them also." He raised the switch and brought it down across her creamy tits. The reed whistled through the air, and it made a smacking sound as it cast a bright pink stripe over her breasts. Again and again he struck, the slightest smack with the thin switch sending jolts of pain through the girl's skin. Tears welled and ran down her face, dripping onto the hot, red skin of her chest, but with the soap in her mouth she couldn't cry very loudly but the tears could be seen.

After a few blows with the reed, He stopped. "I think your body has had enough learning for now. Now we will re-educate your mind next. Get on your knees and to the corner. Her day was certainly going to be a terrible day of discipline, correction, and punishment but later would follow forgiveness and love.
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Username: Midnytedreams

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Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 - 04:13 pm:   Edit Post

great story ty, they keep getting better

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