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Username: Scartlet_bottom

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Registered: 01-2010
Posted on Monday, January 18, 2010 - 02:27 am:   Edit Post

Jason laid several moderate swings of the lash across Scarlet’s shoulder blades. Each one brought a nasty sting but Scarlet held back her urge to cry out. Jason increased the intensity. Taking full swing, Jason put all his effort into landing square across her middle back. Scarlet shrieked in agony.
“ Do you like that?” he asked her. Reluctantly Scarlet responded with a yes. She had to admit this was one of her greatest fantasies. She had even dreamed about it. Now she was living it out.
“Would you like more?”Jason prodded.
“Yes please sir.” She begged.
“How many? Shall we begin with twenty?” he asked
“ Yes please sir” came the pleading response.
“Gladly my love” Jason replied then went to work satisfying her aching desire.
As he laid the final lash across her back Jason felt his rising penis pushing against his pants longing to enter her hot pussy. He removed the cuffs from her wrists and held her trembling body in his strong arms. Gently he laid her on the pumped air mattress inside the tent. Jason pressed his palm on the inside of her thigh and coaxed her legs apart, drinking in the aroma of her hot passage. He dropped his pants and felt the coolness of the summer breeze brush his tiny pubic hairs causing his member to twitch excitedly. He grabbed her by the ankles wrapping her legs around his neck while entering her sweet love portal. His thrusts summoning grunts of pleasure from his compliant sex slave. With all the fury of his pent up frustration, Jason exploded inside Scarlet’s hot box three times. Scarlet wavered on the verge of her own explosion, waiting for her master to bring sweet release. Jason complied quickly, bringing Scarlet to climax in mere seconds. Exhausted, master and slave wrapped themselves in each other’s arms and slept for two hours.
By the time they woke the sun was just beginning to slip beneath the horizon. Jason quickly lit the coleman lamp and started the fire. He ordered Scarlet to set out the pick nick supper he had packed while he prepared two roasting sticks to toast hotdogs and marshmallows. They ate ravenously and sipped wine from two old fashioned wineskins. Jason told Scarlet to get some water to wash the dishes with and he taunted her playfully with occasional gentle swats from the switch as she cleaned up the supper leftovers. Once she was done, Jason slipped back into master mode.
Scarlet was thinking how lucky she was that Jason had forgotten her earlier vocal outburst of “My God” when they had begun the day’s program but she would soon learn that Jason never forgets.
“ Come here my little slave” Jason called to her. “Time to start tonight’s learning. Remember when we started I told you that you were not to make a sound and yet you burst out “My God”
“Yes sir” Scarlet replied
“Well that whipping was not completed. I promised you ten more if you made a sound and you did didn’t you?
“Yes sir” she stammered.
“Time to pay up my love. Back to the tree” After cuffing her once more, he picked up the switch. These will be quick and hard and you can holler to your hearts content. In fact we both are going to howl like wolves and I’m the Big Bad Wolf. Howl at the moon baby! And he laid into her backside with relish. Both of them Howling to the moon.
After her whipping Jason freed her hands and led her by the leash to the folding camp stool.
“Now, we have been neglecting Mr. Paddle and Mr. Tawse. We can’t have that now can we? For these we are going to do two shifts. First I’m going to paddle you fifty strokes of the wooden paddle followed by fifty with the taws. Then we will take a very interesting break-it will be a surprise. Once that is done I will finish off the night with one hundred of each and I have something to add a little spice to the mix. That should take us up to bedtime nicely.’
With that he took her by the arm and whipped her across his knee. Holding her arm firmly behind her back he brought the paddle down with a resounding whack that echoed through the valley. Again and again the paddle smacked her upturned booty making multiple shades of red and pink rise up until the promised fifty strokes were completed. He laid the wooden paddle aside and picked up the taws. Whack, whack, whack went the taws while Scarlet kicked and squealed, crying for mercy. But Jason believed in keeping promises and dealt each and every stroke as he told her he would.
When he was finished Jason let Scarlet up.
“Now for the surprise” Take off the leather harness.” He instructed. Then he removed his own clothes.
“Fold them neatly and put them in the tent” he ordered
“Now let’s go for a swim in the pool.” He took her by the hand and led her into the hollow pool gouged by the waterfall. With a swat to her aching behind he hurried her in, ordering her to jump in quickly. She obeyed but let out a squawk as the icy cold water touched her inflamed bottom. Jason joined her. He grabbed her erect nipples and squeezed. Popped them in his mouth ad bit hard while squeezing her backside scratching his nails over the welts. They played like this for about fifteen minutes then Jason ordered her out of the water.
Scarlet grabbed for a towel.
“Stop! Jason bellowed “You can bring me that towel but you do not get to dry off. Not until after round two with paddle and tawse!”
Jason made Scarlet towel him off then whipped her once again across his knee. Before starting her spanking , Jason took something out of his bag that Scarlet could not see. He wet it in his mouth and scratched the surface then without warning inserted it neatly into her anus. At first she felt nothing much but within seconds a strange burning sensation began.
“That my sweet is the little extra spice I promised” It is a ginger but plug and it will burn in your lovely ass hole while you receive your punishment. Don’t worry , the effectiveness will wear off after half an hour or so and I have a string attached so you can’t lose it.”
Over the next fifteen minutes the valley echoed with the sound of whacks and screeches as Jason delivered smack after smack across Scarlet’s wet backside. The water made each blow twice as biting. Tears streamed down her face. Her anus burned and every time she clenched the muscles it burned more. Two hundred spanks later Jason removed the ginger plug replacing it with his engorged penis. The ginger tingled on his hot organ adding wondrous sensation to the act. Thrust after thrust he ploughed his dick into her butt hole until he finally shuddered in climax, filling her cavity with his hot juices. Taking a fresh piece of ginger he rubbed her clit until she too erupted in ecstasy. Then both collapsed in each other’s arms.
Once they recovered some strength, Jason stoked the fire and Scarlet made up their bed roll. “Time to sleep my love” Jason whispered in her ear. “You will need it for tomorrow!”
Love means never having to say you are sorry but you will in the end Wah haa!!!

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