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Username: Ladykayra

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Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2008 - 12:42 am:   Edit Post

This is part two. Comments and suggestion are encouraged, and welcome. Thanks for reading.


Anna worked hard making lunch for Master, she didnít want to upset him or disappoint him in any manner. She bottom was still sore, her crotch throbbing screaming for attention. Although she knew she couldnít do anything about it but the idea was running through her head.. Master is in the other room, he wonít notice but she knew he would find out even if she didnít admit to it. So she finished lunch, setting the table, making his plate, and made sure everything was I order before going to the den to let Master know everything was ready.

She reached the den, stood in the door way waiting for Master to notice her. She didnít have to wait long, Master looked up, pointed to his feet, and Anna hurried to his side, kneeling, her thighs parted widely hands on her soft skin, chest thrust out, head high, eyes lowered. Master watched her for a moment, then once she was in place, he reaches down, playing with her slowly at first, bring her on the verge of cumming. Anna was whimpering trying her best not to cum, but Master was making it hard. For a moment she thought he was trying to make her disobey so she would be in more trouble. Just as she thought she couldnít handle it anymore, he stopped, his voice deep. *Prepare* Anna heart skipped a beat, she nodded and quickly got up, fetching the switch, returning to Master, placing it in the palm of her hands so that he could take it. Once he did, she moved to the middle of the room, bending over, trying to touch her toes, her bottom out holding her breath as she waited for the first blow.

Swish as she heard the switch going through the air before biting into her skin. Anna found it hard to stay in place, but she did, she wondered how many more she would get. Master went on giving her another nine swats. Her tears building again, biting into the gag as she cried feeling each sting. Master stopped placing the stick on his desk, Anna wasnít given permission to get up, so she knew to hold her place. She didnít dare look up, but she heard Master moving around his desk. Holding her breath she wondered what he could be doing.

Master returned behind Anna, parting her bottom, she felt a cold sensation as Master dropped a small amount on her tight bud. Fear ran through her mind as she knew what was about to happen. Master never used her ass, but he kept telling her he was going to make it where one day she would be able to accept it without a problem. The way he plans on doing this, was by making her wear butt plugs. Before she could even try to protest, she felt the intruder opening her open slowly. *Relax Anna, it will not hurt of you relax and allow it to slide it* She heard Master words, but her body was not listening.

After a few minutes, Anna felt Master simply push it in, which caused Anna pain. It wasnít something she couldnít handle, but none the less she felt it, and she fell forward. Her hands reaching behind her trying to help her bottom, Master grabbed her, pushing her over the desk, taking his hand, and giving her a spanking for breaking position. Anna grabbed the desk trying to keep herself from reaching behind her to protect her tender bottom from Master hard smacks. He had give her thirty hard one, not leaving any spot untouched.

Kneel girl! Anna moved from the desk kneeling at Masterís feet. Tears rolling down Anna cheeks as she sniffled from her spanking. Master waited a few minutes before saying anything, giving her time to compose herself. Ok Anna, that spanking was for breaking position, so those swats do not count towards your punishment. Now is Lunch ready girl? Anna nodded; she was really starting to hate this gag, and would do just about anything to have it removed. Only if Master would allow her to tell him but she knew she couldnít, he made it clear it was to remain on for the day. All of a sudden she wondered how she was going to eat? She couldnít eat with this gag, and Master wouldnít keep her from eating but she wasnít sure how it would work.
Master returned to her desk, removing another gag. He removed the first one from her lips, ordering her to open her mouth but not to say a word. Anna did as she was told, watching Master, as he replace the first gag with another gag. This one was different; this gag wasnít actually a gag. It had a hole in it, where you could breathe from your mouth, but at the same time, if someone wanted to use your mouth, you couldnít close your lips. She was confused at first, but didnít question Master. Master reached for her arm picking her up to her feet, partly dragging her into the kitchen. He sat in his chair, pushing Anna under the table, ordering her to open his pants and suck his cock as he ate. Anna sighed softly before taking hold of his cock, carefully placing it between the gag. Master used her deeply, this gag made it where he could deep throats her and there was nothing she could do about it. As he ate Anna sucked his cock as best as she could with the gag. Once Master was done eating, he told her to stay where she was, and just wait.

Anna remained where she was under the table, as Master moved around the kitchen. A few minutes later, he returned to his seat, pulling her out from under the table, Anna noticed a glass in Masterís hand. He ordered her to hold her head back, and relax; he was going to feed her. Master had made her soup, and he slowly poured it down her throat, Anna had a hard time at first, trying not to gag as the soup filled her mouth. He stopped, picked up another glass, and gave her a drink of that. Anna welcome the drink, it was a coke, she drank it much better, she was getting used to this gag and how she was to behave. Master returned to the soup and finished giving it to her. As her belly filled she started to notice the plug in her bottom. It was then she noticed she was moving her hips, she was growing excited with the plug and the way Master was treating her. She was ready to cum, and wanted to beg Masterís forgiveness and beg him to allow her to release the excitement growing within her.
Master noticed her breathing becoming deeper, and the wetness between her legs. You could see how wet she was, it was glimmering from her sex. Master chuckles and comments about the fact he was glad he had shaved her the night before. This allowed him to really see how turned on his girl was. For a moment he considered forgetting about her punishment, but knew if he did that she would be upset. She knew she deserved this, and he knew as the Master he had to punish her for her behavior.

He put everything on the table, watching her for a moment before ordering her to clean the kitchen. *once you are done girl present yourself to me and prepare for another part of your punishment.* Anna nodded, reached over and placed his cock in her mouth one last time as a way of thanking him for feeding her. Master allowed her to thank him but only for a moment before pulling her off and sending her on her way.
Anna cleaned the kitchen, putting the dishes in the dish washer, wiping down the table, the plug in her ass was causing her more and more excitement with each movement, she found herself stopping ever so often breathing hard as not to cum.

Once everything was in place, Anna returned to the living room where Master was watching TV. She slipped to her knees, kneeling beside him she felt the plug being pushed in deeper as she knelt. A soft moan escasped her lips as she took a deep breath. Master simply reached down, playing with her nipples as he watched TV. Anna began to beg as best as she could through the gag as she felt herself starting to explode from the pleasures Master was inflicting on her. She pulled herself away so she wouldnít cum, which upset Master. ANNA!! GET BACK HERE NOW! Anna slowly returned to Masterís side, eyes lowered. Master reached down, pulling her over his knee and quickly became spanking her. She didnít have to count, the swats were hard and fast. She knew this wasnít part of her punishment but it was for pulling away. On your back girl in front of me, legs spread wide he ordered as he finished spanking her. Anna quickly did as ordered, as she watched Master reach for the paddle. Since you cant seem to behave I will punish your pussy, this should remind you that you will never pull away from me. With that Master started to spank her private parts. Anna cried out from the gag with each smack, she felt her pussy burning from the paddle. After Master made it a nice deep red, he ordered her on her knees and took his cock out. Pulling her head down to his cock, he forced it into her mouth. Anna was deep throating Master, gagging as he fucked her mouth. She couldnít do anything other than take it, She felt him pressing against her throat every so often. After a few minutes, he ordered her to prepare again.

Anna stood up, moved to the den, get the switch, and return to Master. He took it from her, placing it on the couch as she moved to the middle of the room, bending over. She took ahold of her legs, waiting for the first strike. She about lost position when she felt the sting of the belt and not the switch this time. Master gave her twenty swats this time, all quick and hard. She was in tears by the time he was done with her. She stay in position after the spanking stopped. Master reached down, pulling her clit, playing with her, again bring her to the verge of climax, she started to shake her head no, as she felt herself starting to cum.

Master stopped, ordered her to stand hands behind her back. She did as she was told, eyes lowered, her sex throbbing from the attention screaming to be allowed to cum. She knew before the day was over, she would disobey Master and cum even though she was trying very hard.

Master took her arm, moved her to a chair, leaned her over, and tired her down. Her bottom was sticking out, her pussy exposed to him, and her mouth was easy to get to. But she couldnít move. Then she felt her legs being pulled apart, and Master placed a spreader bar on them, keeping her open and unable to move. She stayed like that for what seemed like forever. Master would come over, play with the plug every once in a while, finger her pussy, or use her mouth. It was starting to become harder and harder not to cum, and Anna knew Master knew this. She was sure now, he was trying to make her disobey. He took the belt after thirty minutes, and again gave her another thirty swats. Her ass was on fire now, and she was truly sorry for what she did. She just wished she could beg Master to stop she had learned her lesson.
He released her from the chair, she dropped to her knees, her head to his foot, and kisses his foot as best as she could with the gag in her mouth.
Master told her, she could take the next hour and do what she pleased, but she was to remain nude, and gag. He ordered her to bend over, and removed her plug. She was grateful for this, as she didnít think she could handle any more excitement without cumming.

She went to her puter, and was about to sit down, when she noticed the dildo in her chair. She looked at Master her eyes wide. For now girl, you will have one of your three holes filled, when you sit down, your pussy will be filled, when you kneel, your ass will be filled, and when I desire your mouth will be filled. Anna just looked at Master and sighed deeply as she carefully sat in the chair, feeling the dildo filling her as she tried to find a position so she could type. She found herself fucking the dildo slowly her breathing deep, her desires growing. She looked at Master, and begged him with her eyes to allow her to cum. He told her no, and reminded her, if she did, she would be sorry.

Anna stopped fucking the dildo, just as she was about to cum. She remained still for a few minutes composing her. The hour seemed to drag as she messed around on the computer. She would find herself fucking the dildo slowly and then having to remain still every so often.

Master ordered her to prepare, so she got up from the chair, a rush of emotions filling her as she was disappointed not having the dildo in her. Although the feel of fear filled her as she knew what was about to come.

Master tired her over the chair again this time, telling her she would get the last forty swats of her punishment at one. Twenty with the belt, and twenty with the cane. Anna eyes widen at the word cane. Master has used it on her before, but she never got more than ten swats with it at a time, and never after this much punishment.

Before she could try to protest the punishment started. The belt torn into her ass, leaving welts from each swat. Anna bit into the gag, letting out screams with each stroke of the leather. They were quick and hard, her ass had never been on fire like this before, but she couldnít help but notice she was extremely turned on by her punishment. The last five swats with the belt were the hardest; there was no place on her ass which was not touched by the time he was done. She was in tears; they were streaming down her face.
Master tossed the belt to the floor, reaching for the cane, and running his hands over her flaming red bottom. He told her that these last swats would be the worst, and that she could scream all she wanted, Just as before, Master started to cane her, from the top of her ass, working his way down, each stroke leaving a welt, by the time he was done with the first ten, she was screaming loudly. He worked his way back up her ass, sometimes hitting a spot that he already hit. She was truly sorry for what she had done, she couldnít breath as she felt the final strike.
Master throw the cane down, moved towards her, taking his cock from his pants, and without warning shoving it in her. He fucked her hard, with each pounding into her pussy her ass throbbed more. It was like being spanked all over again. Anna screamed as she came, she couldnít help it, she shivered and became tight, Master pulled out, sending his sperm all over her ass and lower back. He returned his cock into her pussy, finishing himself off.

Moving to her head, placing his hands to the gag, removing it, only to replace it with his still hard cock. *Clean me girl* Anna did so, she moved her tongue all over his shaft, taking in his sperm, and her juices. After she was done, Master released her from the chair, ordering her to the couch. She quickly moved to the couch standing before it, her ass on fire, tears still falling from her eyes.

Maybe to be contunied

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