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Username: Sakie

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Posted on Thursday, March 05, 2009 - 02:11 am:   Edit Post

Judy stepped out of the shower, pulling the towel from its hook. She toweled off the drops of water clinging to her body, feeling a sharp pain in her chest as she recalled the many times Jacob had teased her about her drying jobs. Generally she’d just wrap the towel around her head and step out into the bedroom, partly to air dry, but mostly to entice him. He’d come over, gently scolding her for doing such a poor job toweling herself off. Then he’d grab his towel and begin wiping her down, lingering over her nipples until they perked out, hard with desire. He’d move his lips to the soft of her neck, blowing away the few lingering drops. Then his hands would begin to roam and they’d end in a mass of limbs, her body clinging to his own as he thrust deep inside her.

Her eyes began to water, and she shook her head, trying to dislodge the stubborn image. It was all gone now. She was sure by now he thought of her as a twisted pervert, that he’d regretted ever marrying her. He’d be better off, she knew, finding someone more suited to him, someone who truly deserved him.

After she’d finished drying herself, she went to the closet and grabbed a little red dress off the rack, deciding to go down to the bar for a drink. She needed something to get her mind off of things.

She’d packed in a hurry, not really bothering to look at what she was grabbing. As a result, she found herself sans panties, 2 hours from home, in a small hotel room. Pulling the dress over her head, she stepped back to view herself in the full length mirror that hung on the outside of the closet. The dress hung to her every curve, dipping low along her neckline, framing her cleavage. She’d never had the confidence to wear a dress like this before she met Jacob. She started to move towards the door, then turned around, grabbing the one sweater she’d remembered and throwing it over her shoulders. Without a bra, she knew that the tips of her nipples would be on display the moment she entered the cold air conditioned bar.

Jacob had called everyone he knew, to no avail. No one had any idea where Judy had gone, or that she’d gone at all. Everyone was as genuinely surprised as he was, though they didn’t know the reason, which had filled Jacob with a cold fury. He couldn’t believe she’d just run off like that, without a single warning.

At the start of the letter, he’d been surprised. While he hadn’t had a life long interest in spanking, he did certainly enjoy the feel of her ass bouncing under his palm, and had considered exploring it further, but he’d decided it could wait until a few years into marriage, perhaps when they wanted a bit of spice. Now he knew he was wrong to wait. As he continued reading the letter, discovering that it was a farewell as well as a confession, his surprise had turn to rage.

He couldn’t believe she’d kept something so important from him so long. And to say goodbye in a letter while he was on a business trip? As he drove down the highway, towards the last place he could imagine her being, his hand began to itch.

Judy sat at the bar, slowly nursing her beer. The bar had been warmer than she’d expected, and she let her sweater slip down off her shoulders. The light from the chandelier above the bar glistened across her décolletage. The last time she’d sat along that bar, she’d been with Jacob. She didn’t know what had brought her to that same hotel. One minute, she’d been on her way to the airport, the next she’d found herself checking into the small hotel she and Jacob had stayed at when they needed an escape. She supposed she’d stopped because her mind wasn’t quite ready to let him go. She’d wanted to linger in her memories with him, but the familiar place had only emphasized his absence.
Her mind wandered to the memory of their first night their. It had been her first time visiting him, and their first physical meeting in several months. Her heart had been pounding as she exited customs. She scanned the crowd for his face, finding herself staring directly into his hazel eyes. Her breath caught in her throat. She felt paralyzed but her feet continued to move towards him, as if in a trance. When she finally reached him, she felt as if her chest would burst. She smiled and said hello, her voice was barely over a whisper. He’d looked down at the adorable fidgeting creature in front of him, and had grabbed her, pulling her in tight, his muscled arms enclosing around her. Then all the time they’d been apart began to melt away. By the time they reached the hotel elevator, their attraction had built to a frenzied state. They barely made it through the door, before clothing began flying off.

Just as the last dregs of the amber liquid slid down her throat, a voice behind her said, “Can I buy you another?” The voice made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. It was husky and familiar, except it held an edge she’d never heard before. Turning, she found her gaze held by the hazel glare of Jacob. Her throat tightened.

“Umm,” she began to reply.
“I only ask,” Jacob interrupted, as he sat on the stool next to her, “Because I sure as hell need one, and once we go upstairs, I imagine you’ll wished you’d had a second.”
Jacob turned to the bartender, ordering two more of the same. The bartender served them, and then wandered off towards the other end of the bar, sensing the tension in the air around them. Jacob remained silent, taking a long slow sip. Judy fidgeted in her seat, taking a nervous sip of her own drink.
“How did you...”
“Find you? Wasn’t easy, giving the lack of information you left. I came here on a whim, a last hope really. Can’t say I was expecting you to be here in the bar. And so scantily clad, I might add.”
“I didn’t pack much. I was…in a rush.”
“We can discuss your attire later. What made you come here?”
“I don’t know.” At this Jacobs eyebrows raised, her frequent use of the phrase had always been a pet peeve of his. Normally it would merely agitate him until he gave up pursuing the question, but this time Judy doubted it would be that simple.
“Yes you do.”
“I…I…I suppose it was because I couldn’t…umm…make the drive all the way to the airport. Too tired.” She finished lamely, reaching for her drink and taking a large gulp.
Jacob’s reaction was a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Is that so?”
“I think so.”
“I see we’ll be adding another lie to your list of transgressions.” Jacob finished the last of his drink, placing the empty glass on the bar. Judy’s eyes widened as Jacob leaned in close to her ear. “You, my dear, have a choice to make. I’ve read your letter, and I’ve already made mine. I want you even more now than when we met. You’re my world, and without you there would be only darkness.” His hand rose to her face, brushing her hair behind her ear. “I’m going to go upstairs, my room is number 24. If you wish to follow me, do so knowing that you’ll be answering to all your actions today, as well as the lies you’ve been telling me since we met.”
“I haven’t lie-”
“Omissions of truth then.” Jacob slid his key onto the table. “If you can’t overcome the fear, and put yourself into my hands, then don’t follow, because once you’ve entered that room, you will no longer be in control.” With that Jacob stood and walked away, without glancing back. Judy stared at the key, biting her lip.

The walk down the hall was like agony for her. She almost turned and ran a dozen times before she finally reached the room. Number 24. As she stood in front of it, visions of bare bottomed retribution flashed through her mind. Barely breathing, she slipped the plastic key into the door, and watched it flash green. She turned the handle, and inhaled as she entered the room.
Jacob was sitting on the bed. Judy hovered in the doorway, unsure of what to do. “Come here,” Jacob’s voice held a quite assertiveness she’d never heard before. She found her legs moving towards him, as if under hypnosis. She stood at his side, eyes downcast, fingers distractedly running through her hair. “Leave your hair alone.” Judy obeyed, even though it made her legs begin to shake.
“Now pull down your panties and assume the position.”
“But I-”
“Are you arguing with me?”
“No, it’s just-”
“I um..forgot to pack my panties.” The end of the sentence rushed out of her lips, as her face blushed a deep red. Jacob chuckled in spite of himself. She always was a terrible packer. He looked up at her, after recovering from the momentary lapse.
“I supposed that makes it a bit less complicated then. But I doubt there is anything preventing you from carrying out the second part of the instructions.”
“I think I made a mistake. I love you, I should never have brought it up, I just went a bit crazy for a moment. I think we should just pretend this never happened. I wasn’t really serious…I …I” after her ranting puttered themselves out, Jacob sighed.
“You should know I can’t do that.” He responded. “You know I can’t be in a relationship of lies.”
“But, before today-”
“Before today, my wife was lying to me daily, not truly sharing herself with me, not truly letting me in. If you want to stay with me you have to answer to that, and things can never be the same again. I’ll give you one more chance to change your mind, but if you choose to accept my punishment this time, there is no turning back, no matter what you say.”
She looked down into his face, seeing his love for her and his sadness at her deceit. She’d never thought of it as lying, but clearly, it had cut him as badly as a betrayal. He’d always said he’d wanted to know her inside and out. With her lip quivering, she slowly lowered herself over his lap. Jacob used repositioned her so that her legs were off the floor.
She closed her eyes in fear, as his hand raised above his head.


His began with slapping her cheeks. First one, a few moments pause, then the other. He didn’t keep a uniform pattern and he often landed two on the same spot, so she never knew when or where or when the next slap would fall. SMACK!! After about forty swats he stopped, running his hand slowly over her cheeks.

“How many more do you think you deserve?”

“I don’t know.” To her surprise, he accepted this.

Very well, count out the last ten for me. Judy’s heart dropped. She knew the spanking should go on at least twice is long, but she couldn’t bring herself to say anything. She counted out the last ten, only giving an audible ‘ow’ on the final swat. As his hand returned to caressing her bottom, Judy felt as though she was about to cry from disappointment. She cursed herself for being such a coward.
“That covers lying to me. We still have the letter and the fact that you can’t accept this being a part of who you are to cover.” Judy gasped, as her stomach once again began to flip. “Oh, and of course, your dress choice this evening.” His hand came down in a sharp double SLAP!! “In fact, let’s start with that last one.
SMACK!! Judy inhaled sharply as Jacobs hand began to rain down on her sit spot. She could almost swear he’d done this before.
“Please, stop! I’m sorry about the dress! STOP! I don’t want anymore!”
“You should have thought of that before you put on such a vibrant red. I have no choice but to match your cheeks to it. You always said fashion is about color coordination.”



"I'm sorry!"

His slaps began to rain down at a quicker pace, never missing their mark, no matter how she squirmed. By the time he'd finished the last stroke, tears were flowing freely down her face. His hand once again began softly caressing her now cherry red cheeks.
"That's better."

to be continued...

I ran out of time for today. Actually, I'm in a bit of trouble for not doing much else... but hopefully I'll have the last part up tomorrow!
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Supreme Spanko
Username: Buenaventura

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Posted on Thursday, March 05, 2009 - 09:35 am:   Edit Post

Sakie you write very well. Looking forward to the second part!!

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