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Posted on Friday, June 17, 2011 - 02:46 pm:   Edit Post

Author: This story was sent to me by an admirer who asked that I polish it up for her. The events were, to say the least, remarkable, and she gave me complete license to publish it anywhere I like. She swore it was true, but who can ever tell with these things?

Her Story; The Hikers…

I was just 21, completely naked, hanging by my hands from a tree limb while my bare bottom was being whipped by an older lady. The lady’s grinning daughter looked on in delight. Another girl, Jill, lay on the ground, buttocks lined red from just having been whipped, moaning in pain. I was determined to take this humiliating punishment as quickly as possible and get away from there as…

But I’m ahead of myself. Here is what happened that July day so many years ago. I met Jill while hiking part of a forest trail one weekend. We hit it off as we walked along in the heat of the day. Jill asked if I was up for some fun and told me she knew a small, hidden lake where we could skinny dip. I’m no lesbian (though I wondered about Jill), but it was hot and she was a cool girl, so I figured it couldn’t hurt. Getting there required nearly a mile of difficult walking and we were sweating profusely by the time we arrived, making the water especially inviting.

Jill wasted no time dropping her pack and starting to strip. She sat on the ground and pulled off her shoes and socks, then, standing, shucked out of her shorts and underpants. “Not shy are you?” I said grinning as she removed her shirt and started undoing her bra.

“You’ve never seen a naked girl before?” teased Jill. “C’mon, strip off and let’s dive in.”

Really, I hadn’t seen a lot of girls in the nude, but Jill was worth looking at. A short-haired brunette, she was slim with flawless skin. Except for that cute haircut, her body was completely hairless - most noticeably between her legs where her sex looked girlish and feminine. I’m not saying I was sexually attracted to her, but she was nice to look at.

Jill’s bra was off now exposing small but pretty breasts and stand up nipples. Since I’ve long entertained the sexual fantasy of being undressed in a place where I might get “caught,” this adventure was starting to feel erotic. I quickly followed suit and stripped to the bare. Jill looked me over and said simply, “you’re really cute,” and headed down to the lake.

We splashed around swimming and being playful in the cool waters, having a great time. I have no idea how long we were in lake, but, when we returned, I saw, with some trepidation, that our clothes were gone! Jill looked around, remaining calm and said “are you sure we left them here?”

We searched the immediate area, but to no avail and I was feeling a rising sense of panic. Being completely naked miles from nowhere was no longer erotic. And worse, it seemed possible someone else was nearby – someone who had taken our clothes. Jill started calling to see if anyone was there when, suddenly, we saw someone.

It was a middle aged woman with (we later determined) her daughter. The elder woman, muscular and dressed like a no nonsense farmer’s wife, emerged from the forest backdrop. “Looking for your clothes?” she asked, grinning.

At first, I thought we were rescued – these were not the dangerous men my imagination had been warning me might be the case. Jill and I stood naked, hunched over, our arms and hands in the classic hiding-our-privates pose. “Have you seen them?” I asked, hopefully.

“Sure have,” said the lady, “but you’re trespassing.”

“Oh, we’re really sorry,” I said. “We had no idea. We’ll leave right away if you can just tell us where our clothes are.”

What followed was, basically this; the woman informed us we could have our clothes back after she whipped us. She was tired of trespassers and this way she felt we would spread the word around to other hikers. Arguments on our part were followed by pleading and even offers of bribery, but she wouldn’t relent. She would only accept our being whipped in exchange for our freedom. When Jill said, with a trace of defiance, that we could just leave, we were invited to do so. It was late afternoon, however, and we were completely naked, many miles from nowhere. So, cautiously, I asked this stern looking woman what we had to do.

We were informed we would be sent into the forest to find a green sapling to be used on our behinds. Then, pointing to a large tree, the lady said we would have to jump up and grab the stout branch that ran perpendicular off of it. While we were hanging this way, our bottoms would be whipped until she was satisfied we had received ten good stripes. If we let go, the whipping would start over.

I shot a questioning glance at Jill who gave me the barest of nods. We both wanted to get it over with and leave as quickly as possible. And surely this lady didn’t intend anything too severe. “Okay,” said Jill, “we’ll play your hillbilly ‘deliverance’ game, but just get it over with.”

After being ordered in separate directions (probably to avoid collaborating or the possibility of ganging up on the lady), I headed off, swatting gnats and picking my way carefully through the woods in bare feet. Just out of sight, I squatted for a quick pee and ran over my limited options. I could take off running and maybe get help, but that would be abandoning Jill. And encountering anyone while naked could be more dangerous than what we were confronting. So I concluded it would be best to stay, and, wiping myself with my hand, stood up. Curiously, I was a bit moist “down there.” I’ve always been quick to lubricate, but being terrorized didn’t seem like the sort of thing that would turn me on. Maybe I was too nervous to see it then, but, in later years, I would masturbate many times thinking of what happened that day.

Picking my way in the forest, I found myself, at one point, stepping over a sapling which rubbed between my legs. Looking down, I noticed this tree bending and lodged between my labia! Under other circumstances, I might have rocked back and forth on it a little, letting it rub my sex, but, on this occasion, I untangled myself and broke the sapling off near the ground. Stripping away its small branches and foliage as I returned, the switch was ready upon my arrival back at the clearing.

The woman was complimenting me on finding an excellent switch when Jill emerged from the forest with a tree branch of her own. Hers, it turned out, was more dead than alive, and our tormentor said she would use my green, supple switch on both of our bottoms.

Next we were ordered over to the large tree where Jill was told she would be first. Defiant up to this point, Jill surprised me by pleading with the woman not to whip her. She started crying and even trembling. Her reaction was contagious and, before I knew it, both our legs buckled and we were on our knees sobbing and begging the woman to let us go. The daughter, meanwhile, was grinning and seemed to take great enjoyment at watching two naked girls crying and begging not to be whipped. We were completely at her mercy.

Our tormentor merely folded her arms and said we could beg and cry all we wanted, but the only way we were going to leave was to get the punishment over with. We blubbered in abject humiliation for a while longer, but, realizing it was getting us nowhere, Jill stood, naked and trembling, and faced the tree limb.

It took Jill two or three times to grab the limb and hang on, dangling naked, legs swinging wide, she managed to stabilize herself. Commanded to hold still, the woman applied Jill’s first stripe. This first welt appeared white across Jill’s buttocks, but quickly started to redden as she shrieked and fell to the ground. “We’ll start over,” said the woman matter-of-factly, adding “I’ve got all day.”

After a while, Jill slowly got up and rubbed her bottom. The stripe was now a red, raised, welt running in a perfect line over both butt cheeks. Wordlessly, Jill jumped up grabbing the limb again and, this time somewhat angrily said “just get it over with!”

The whipping that followed was terrible to watch - although the lady’s daughter was obviously delighted as she grinned and laughed with each cut that was applied to Jill’s buttocks. Jill twisted and yelled and kicked in the air, but stubbornly hung on as the whipping progressed. The welts were applied with great precision and you could count the stripes as they appeared one by one. At one point, her legs open, Jill started peeing while the whipping progressed! How she hung on, I’ll never know! After what must have seemed an eternity, the eleventh and final stroke cut into her behind and the whipping was concluded. Jill slumped to the ground sobbing, her lovely bottom on fire, now bearing straight rows of whip marks that were turning a bluish purple. Ordered to move so I could take her place at the tree, Jill rolled over moaning, her legs falling open and showing her damp, naked sex to the lady and her daughter, each of whom leeringly enjoyed seeing Jill’s humiliation. After a minute or so, she crawled off and collapsed into a fetal position, her cries now reduced to stifled sobs.

Now it was my turn. I meekly asked the lady if she would please get it over with quickly, but I knew this woman would go at her own pace and there was nothing to do but to jump up, grab the tree limb, and steel myself for the pain. I got up on the first try and hung on for dear life.

The lady rustled around behind me getting into position. There was a pause. I didn’t know what was happening and wiggled a bit to maintain my grip. I continued waiting in scared anticipation. By the time I heard the whistle of the switch through the air, the white hot pain was searing my buttocks! It hurt so much I couldn’t even yell! I twisted with legs kicking, and tried to concentrate on hanging on to the branch. I was determined not to get an extra stripe like Jill had received!

The second stroke, however, left me blubbering and begging. The pain was so great, had I not been suspended, I would have run a four-minute mile! I no longer cared about being naked, or the daughter laughing and pointing at me, or anything else but getting this over with. The third stoke bit me like an electrical shock and I found myself gasping for breath. I didn’t know how I could hold on! “Wiggle your toes,” commanded the lady.

This bizarre request forced me to think about my dangling feet and attempting to wiggle my toes in the air actually helped compose me for a second. And then the fourth stroke burned into my behind. It hurt terribly, but I sensed she had taken some of the force off of the stroke because it was almost bearable. “You liked that last one, didn’t you?” asked the lady.

Sensing something sadistic in her voice, I instinctively played along. “Yes…yes ma’am,” I said haltingly, “I liked it,” I heard myself say.

Jill must have thought I had gone mad. But it made things better for me to become subservient. The lady walked up and started rubbing my sore bottom saying “you take it like you know you deserve it. That’s good.”

The fifth, sixth and seventh stripes followed in rapid succession and, continuing to play along, I grimaced and said “thank you ma’am…oh!...thank you ma’am…yes! thank you, ma’am!”

I was losing my grip on the limb, so I asked if I could please jump down for a second to get a better grip.

“Permission granted,” said the woman. I dropped to the ground.

Seeing that total submission to this lady was working and hoping my whipping might be abbreviated, I asked for permission to rub my bottom.

“You may not!”

“Yes ma’am…thank you ma’am.”

“Turn around and show your butt to my daughter,” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am,” I said, turning around and spreading my legs a little, poked out my sore bottom in the direction of the grinning girl.

To my chagrin, the daughter asked her mom if she could give me a few strokes, too!

“I don’t know,” said the mother, “why don’t you ask her if you can finish her punishment?”

“I won’t whip you as hard as my mom,” said the girl, “but you have to beg me to whip you.”

Just three strokes away, I wasn’t going to give up the game now. I turned around and, eyes down, asked in a shy voice “would you please whip me, too?”

“You have to say pretty please,” demanded the girl.

“Pretty please.”

“Pretty please with sugar on it!”

“Pretty please with sugar on it.”

“Pretty please with sugar on it and I’m your queen and you have to do everything I say!”

“Pretty please with sugar on it and you’re my queen and I’ll do everything you tell me.”

“Good!” said the girl. “Now spread your legs and show me your pussy!”

This was too much! I glanced at the woman who nodded and glared back at me. I just wanted to get those last three strokes and leave, but now it was starting to feel like this would never end. Looking back at the daughter, I said, “yes ma’am” and widened my stance, poking my sore bottom forward to let this young tormentor see my genitals.

“Open your pussy up!” The bossy girl commanded.

Slowly, using my fingers, I opened my labia to the girl’s gaze. She drew closer and said “wider!”

I opened my sex as wide as I could and closed my eyes as she seemed to take forever to visually examine my private parts. I could hear her giggling as she said she could see my clitoris and holes. Eventually, I took my hand away and stood up straight asking “ma’am, would you please finish my whipping? I would like that very much if you would.”

“Who cares what YOU like,” retorted the snotty girl. “I’ll whip you when I’M ready!”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you for that, ma’am.”

“Now jump back up on that tree!”

I leapt up and started swinging by my hands again, kicking until I was steady. The girl waited and waited…and waited. I tried to look back at her but she was positioned just outside my gaze. So I closed my eyes and waited some more. She was going to punish me when she was good and ready.


She whipped me HARD! My legs ran in place as I writhed in utter agony. Being burned by a blow torch couldn’t have hurt worse! Through my sobs, I could hear the daughter laughing and joking with her mother. SMACK! The fiery pain racked me again, but at least I only had one more to go. That’s when I heard the mom say “that’s enough!”

I dropped to the ground in painful relief. To my astonishment, however, the lady ordered Jill to get up and told her “your friend still has one more coming. I want you to give it to her!”

Jill looked at the lady somewhat confused. “Wha…,” she stammered as she took the switch, uncertain what to do next.

“One thing,” said the lady, “if I don’t think you strike her hard enough, you can leave, but without your clothes. Better make it good if you want your clothes back!”

Jill looked at me helplessly. “Just do it, I told her. Hard as you can. Let’s get out of here!”

I turned around and bent over, positioning my bottom for this last stroke.

Jill was hesitant. “I don’t want to…”

“Do it Jill!” I yelled!

She really laid into it. The stroke had me stumbling forward in sheer agony. But the incredible pain was offset by the fact that it was over. “That’s it,” I gasped, rubbing my bottom. “lets get out of here.”

True to her word, the lady told us our clothes were about an eighth of a mile up the path, on a rock in a clearing. Had we tried to escape, we probably would have gone right to them!

Jill and I trudged up the path, naked, our sore behinds stripped purplish red, leaving the mother and her evil daughter behind and out of our lives forever. As we walked along, we discussed the prospect of not finding our clothes, but there was no other choice but to look. We also discussed calling the authorities as soon as possible, but Jill surprised me by admitting she had warrants out on her and didn’t want the police involved! It was a bizarre day, but there was one more surreal detail in it for me.

We came into the clearing and were relieved to see our clothes waiting there. But before we got dressed, Jill asked if she could kiss me! I looked at her in surprise. “I’m a lesbian,” said Jill, “and being naked like this has totally turned me on. I know I would regret it if I didn’t at least ask…”

“I’m not a lesbian, Jill,” I replied softly, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

“Just one kiss?” she persisted, “what can it hurt?”

Although not out of erotic stimulation, but rather from the whipping, I was wet between my legs and maybe that was why I hesitated. It was all Jill needed. She moved in and wrapped her arms around me and, pulling me to her, brought her lips to mine.

We were completely naked in the warm sun, our bodies pressed against each other, kissing. Her lips were so soft that I didn’t resist when her tongue entered my mouth and touched mine. Then put hand went between my legs and knew just where to touch and stroke. My breathing went shallow and I grew weak at the knees. Hesitantly, I touched her pussy – the first time I had ever felt the private parts of another girl. It was all unreal and weird – but sooo erotic! We started bumping each other’s hands and penetrating each other with our fingers and rubbing our lips and tongues together. This was a girl! But I wanted to taste all her juices and make her body part of mine. It was the most lustful, erotic experience of my life. We hurriedly threw our clothes on the ground as a kind of bed and, naked in that clearing. Jill showed me everything two girls can possibly do to each other. To this day, I have never had shuddering orgasms like the ones I had with Jill’s fingers inside me while outdoors in the clearing of a forest, our bottoms burning and stripped with welts.
(Epilogue. After that day, Jill and I went our separate ways, but kept in touch. She eventually turned herself in and did 60 days in a county jail for some sort of drug offense. I think she probably managed to enjoy herself in there, however - one of her friends once said to me “Jill has turned more straight women gay than anyone I’ve known!”)

The End

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