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Username: Ladykayra

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Registered: 03-2008
Posted on Sunday, March 16, 2008 - 08:29 pm:   Edit Post

Hello all, I am new here, and I enjoy the stories I have found. I am not real good at writing, but this is my attempt to return the favor for others sharing. Any comments are welcome. I hope that someone can enjoy this.


Anna knew she had made a mistake; Master was very strict about who spent money. Master had told her many times, she was only allowed to use the debit card with permission. He knew she had went shopping, although he didnít know how much she had spent. The next day, Master checked the bank account, and was not happy..
You spent forty dollars?
All Anna could do was nod; she could hear his anger in his voice. She stayed in her chair, and didnít move. She knew better as she watched him move around the house.
Into the basement Master saidÖ.. Anna knew what that meant and quickly jumped up, and hurried to the basement. Anna knew what she had to do, and she also knew she was in a lot of trouble. She quickly removed her clothes, the room was dimly lit. Master had put in built in candles all around the room. They werenít real, they came on when you moved. They were motion dictators and when you stood still they would turn off. Anna knew this cause when she is sent into the room, and is always made to hold still.
She moved to the spot in the middle of the room, her legs parts shoulder length, hands behind her head fingers clasped. Her head high, eyes lowered, she felt her nipples harden as she stood still. Her breathing became slow as her mind drifted back to what put her in this position.
Master gave her a debit card for the times she need it as an emergency other wise she wasnít allowed to use it without asking Master first. Most times when she asked Master would grant her permission, so it wasnít that he never let her use it. Although yesterday she was at the store, and they had a sell going on, it peeked her interest and she couldnít help herself. She found some things she wanted, and put them into the cart. Then she remembered she needed something for dinner. So she picked up a few things. She headed to the check out, and paid for everything. When the total came up, she was a bit worried but she had already paid and there wasnít much she could do about it.. Maybe Master wouldnít notice the new things she got, and not notice how much she spent while out.
She returned home, made dinner and had a pleasant evening with Master. She didnít tell him anything about going shopping, and since he didnít ask she thought she was in the clear.
Master had the next day off, and he was up before her. He had some running around to get done and since she wasnít needed, he let her sleep the morning away.
Anna was waking up with Master asking her if she wanted something to eat. He had picked up lunch. She went out and Master told her they messed up his order, so there wasnít anything for her to eat. Which she didnít matter to much, simply cause she just woke up and has a hard time eating as soon as she gets up. Master sat down at the computer, and started to mess around on-line. He must have went to the banks page, cause he looked at her and in one of his frustrated voices asking her if she spent forty dollars. She felt her heart skip a beat, she couldnít do anything but nod. Which wasnít allowed, she is supposed to respond with a Yes Master or No Master. Although today she couldnít mustard the words all she could do was nod.
She was standing there with her eyes closed thinking about what had happen, she opened her eyes when she heard the water turn off. Thatís when she noticed the lights had went out in the room, she let out a soft breath she started to tremble slightly as she heard Master walking around upstairs. She lost track of time, but she knew she had only been down stairs for a short time.
She jumped as she heard Master open the door, the lights came on, and suddenly she was worried. Master didnít say anything as he walked into the room. He looked at her, his eyes met hers for only a moment before she quickly lowered them to the ground. Biting her lips she tried to hold still. Master walked up to her taking a hand full of hair, pulling her head back. Gasping as she felt her hair being pulled her eyes closed. She knew Master was not happy with her. He had something in his hand, paper she thought.
Master spoke ordering her to open her eyes. Anna did as she was told; looking down Master ordered her to look at him. She looked up staring into his deep brown eyes. She could see the angry in them, but the soft look on his face made her feel safe. Master never punished when he was really angry, so the softness from his gaze set all fears aside.
Look at these papers girl, do you see what you have done? His voice was stern but she could hear his domenice in it. This caused her to shiver bringing excited and chills knowing what was going to happen.
She looked and saw that the money she spent had caused two checks to bounce. Biting her lip she returned her look to Master.
What do you supposed we should do about this girl? From my math we are now a hundred and ten dollars in the whole. Which means I am going to have to take money out of the saving to cover it, and we both know that I donít like to touch our savings.
Anna felt her heart drop, she knew that this was all her fault but she simply couldnít answer Master, she didnít know what was the best thing to do and if she said one thing, and Master didnít think it was good enough, not only would she get what she suggested, but what ever he decided as well.
Master let go of her hair, pushing her to her knee. She could see his cock throbbing from under his pants, Anna heard him order her to remove it and suck on it while he did some thinking. She enjoyed Masterís cock but when he was upset he made complete use of her mouth. She quickly began to suck his cock, she could feel him getting hard and the throbbing of his cock deep in her mouth. Master quickly forced himself in her mouth pushing his man hood deep down her throat. Anna gagged slightly knowing that Master was teaching her a lesson as he normally allowed her to go at her own pace when sucking him, but this was the start of her punishment and when she was being punished Master made sure she remembered her place. Master about about to cum as she felt him tight his hold of her hair, pulling from her lips, he pushed her to the floor. Get up NOW and go to the spanking bench.
Anna dreaded those words, Master had created this bench as a way to teach her a lesson. When she was in real trouble, she had a hard time holding position, so Master created the bench which had hooks on it, and as she leaned over, he would take her arms, and put them in the restraints clipping them to the bench. This would keep her from standing up, leaving her ass exposed and a easy target. Depending on what he was planning on doing to her, depended on if he could clip her legs apart. And sure enough, thatís just what he did to her as she felt her legs being pulled apart, opening her most private parts leaving her exposed. This position made her sweet spot of her ass open, and her pussy exposed leaving her embarrassed as she couldnít stop Master from doing anything he wanted to her.
She began to beg for mercy hoping Master would be gentle on her, but it wasnít long before she felt something against her lips, she opened her mouth and Master shoved in a gag tying it behind her head. She started to sob knowing she was in real trouble, he only gagged her when he was planning on making sure she would never do something again. The only time he gagged her was when he planned on pushing her, and leaving marks. This didnít happen often but when it did, she wouldnít be able to sit down without a pillow for the next few days.
Master walked over to the other side of the room, he had cabnits where he kept the toys, and all the different items he would use for punishments. Most of her spankings where over the knee, with his hand, and a small leather paddle he kept in the bed room. Down here were the items she dreaded, canes, paddles, brushes, switches. She didnít know what he planned on doing to her, but she knew she wouldnít be able to sit for days.
Master returned to her, and before she knew it, something cold was falling on her crotch. It was lub she thought, but why would he need that? Then without warning she felt him shove a dildo into her crotch, it wasnít a regular one, this was one that you inflated and after you got it to the size you wanted, it wouldnít come out without you letting the air out.
You will NOT cum girl, do you understand? Anna nodded, feeling her sex throbbing, then she heard him start her lecture.
You are in trouble girl, first you spent money without permission, then you didnít tell me about it, so I had to find out on my own, and cause of your senseless thinking, you caused our account to bounce, and I am going to have to take money out of our savings to cover any check bouncing fees. Then you did not answer me when I asked you a direct question, which is why you are wearing a gag. Since you seem to think its alright not to answer me, then I will keep you gagged for the rest of the day. You will learn that when I ask you something you are to respond with a yes or no Master. Am I making myself clear girl?
Anna nodded as she listen to Master. Good, now, lets decide what should be done. You spent forty dollars without permission, and that will cost you forty swats with the paddle. Anna eyes got wide, wondering what paddle Master meant. The leather one was up stairs, and the ones down here were heavier, and hurt a lot more. It didnít take long for her to figure out which paddle it was. The first smack brought her head up crying out as best as she could in the gag. It was still a leather paddle, bigger then the one upstairs. He wasted no time in warming up her bottom. Smack, smack, smack, before she knew it he was at twenty. She bottom was stinging, and she could feel the tears slowly falling down her cheeks. SMACK you SMACK will SMACK not SMACK spend SMACK money SMACK without SMACK permission SMACK again! She felt each of those land on her soft spot of her bottom. Master finished the paddling quickly as he had started. She was crying softly trying to move hoping to save her bottom, but since she was being restrained she couldnít get anywhere.
Master dropped the paddle on the floor, picking up a switch and just as fast as the paddling had started he began to switch her bottom. Master started to count the swats as she felt the switch cutting into her bottom. He had only given her ten swats, before Master stopped for a moment to make sure she was alright, waiting to check and make sure that there was no real damage done. He then told her that the rest of her spanking would be with the switch and the belt and the told number of swats would be the same as the amount it would cost for the checks. 110 swats with the switch and belt she thought to herself. There was no way her bottom could take that much all at once she thought, how did she get herself into this situation?? Master must have been reading her mind, cause after giving her ten sharp swats, he told her that the rest of her punishment would be given to her over the remainder of the day.
I am going to release you, but you will remained gagged for the day, and when I order you to prepare you will stop what you are doing, retrieve the switch, bring it to me, and then bend over, touch your toes, and accept how many swats I decide to give you. Do you understand girl? Anna nodded, as she tried to stop the tears, almost relieved but at the same time regretted the idea that her punishment would last the whole day.
Master let the air out of the dildo, which caused Anna to moan as she felt him remove it, it wasnít long before she felt him take her hard. Shoving his cock deep into her pussy, fucking her hard and long, she felt him press against her sore bottom, his cock invading her pussy. She was about to cum when Master reminded her she wasnít allowed to. If you cum girl your punishment will be worse. Anna held her breath biting into the gag as Master went to use her hard. She felt him grow tight, and he pushed himself deeper into her before pulling out, shooting his cum all over her back. Anna hated that, and Master knew it. He released all of his cum on her back, she felt it moving between her cheeks, this made her cry more, as she felt humiliated. Master took his cock, and moved to her head, rubbing the hard shaft in her hair, cleaning himself off. This cause Anna to cry harder. As he was cleaning off, he told her she was going to leave the cum on her, and that was part of her punishment. After he was done, he unclipped the restraints, ordering her to stand up. Anna felt his cum dripping between her cheeks and she just shivered as she stood there.
Now go up stairs, and get me lunch started. DO NOT rub your bottom or you will find that I will add smacks to your total. Anna quickly ran upstairs, and into the kitchen. She so badly wanted to clean the cum from her back and ass but knew better. She started to make lunch as she thought about what the rest of the day would be like.
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Username: Lil_bit

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Posted on Saturday, March 22, 2008 - 04:13 pm:   Edit Post

I finally got to read your stories. I love them. Keep up the good work.
Life is not about the amount of breaths you take, its about the moments that take your breath away.

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