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Username: Fanny

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Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 04:52 pm:   Edit Post

Desiree sighed in exhaustion as she glanced at the clock on her attic home office desk. At 2:45 a.m. she was not nearly finished with the pile of paper work in front of her. Admittedly, she seemed to work her best when the rest of the world was quiet; but it did take a lot of the wind out of her sails, and she was frequently tired and cranky the next day. Unaware of her absence, her husband, Neil, slept soundly one floor below in the master bedroom.
While Desiree knew that Neil did not agree with her choice of staying up until late hours of the morning, she got away with it whenever she could. As an educated business owner, she did not take well to his “bossy attitude.” However, Neil did not take well to her “bad attitude” and dealt with it as needed, whether she agreed with him or not. More often than not, Desiree found herself in an up-ended position over his knee. Neil was not a big “talker,” more of a “doer.”
While Desiree was quick to protest Neil’s set on house rules (rule number 1…….get more sleep!), she also silently knew that a good spanking is exactly what she needed to stay on course of her new health regime. Why she asked Neil for his help in this matter, made her wonder if she was incapable of accomplishing this seemingly small task on her own. There were too many times when Desiree’s enthusiasm got in her own way and she stayed awake all night.
This particular early morning Monday, Desiree chose to complete her bill paying and online shopping, as she was bored with typing up reports. By the time she looked at the clock again, it was now 3:30, and all she had accomplished was running up more bills.
Neil reached over to Desiree’s side of the bed, finding nothing but cool pillows and sheets, and he understood immediately where he was going to find her. His face suddenly felt hot as he had every intention up leaving Desiree’s bottom even hotter. Throwing back the blankets, he bolted out of bed and headed for the stairs to Desiree’s office, where as suspected, she was still sitting in front of her computer.
“What happening to our agreement?” he bellowed, as Desiree startled. She knew Neil was upset, and rightly so, according to the contract they both agreed to and signed. Two weeks earlier, when Desiree again found herself with the worst case of insomnia, she made the decision that behavior modification would be her best bet in getting more sleep. Knowing how well Desiree responded to domestic discipline, both parties agreed that a “naughty girl who wouldn’t sleep” (as opposed to couldn’t sleep) needed a strong man to help her control her bad habit. The fact that Neil was the man, who could handle Desiree’s strong personality, was a fact they both knew very well.
“I was just going to shut the computer down,” Desiree whined as Neil approached her, “besides, what does it matter when I sleep, as long as I do.” “The fact that you never do is the problem,” Neil retorted, “you are lucky to get a couple hours sleep in twenty-four hours. This is exactly why we wrote up that contract, that both of us willingly signed.”
Desiree felt her frustrations starting to build, as she suddenly hated the fact that she knew Neil was 100% correct. That fact alone made her wish she hadn’t admitted that Neil’s spankings in the past had been effective, in fact, incredibly effective. Her dread of them made them all the more useful in helping her modify her behavior.
“Computer off NOW!” Desiree nearly jumped at the command, Neil was really upset with her this time, and Desiree’s bottom began to tingle; online shopping now seemed to be a really bad idea.
“I was just starting my Christmas shopping, no one is online much at this hour and I can be more efficient, don’t you understand?”
“What you need to understand is that for an adult you certainly do not make the best decisions, so that is why we know how much easier it is when you relinquish to me. Even you admitted that you feel better when you are well rested. As your husband I agreed to stop you, whenever you cannot seem to stop yourself; obviously this is one of the times.”
Desiree gulped as Neil pressed the off button; right after she placed the order she was shopping for. “See, I am not being at all unreasonable and you know that you need my assistance, so I suggest you stand up and let me use your desk chair.”
Desiree rose from her chair very slowly and looked deeply into Neil’s eyes. “I know I promised before not to be awake so late, but this time I mean it.”
“Just like you said two weeks ago, which is why we drew up the contract.” Neil firmly took her by the arm, not too tightly, but enough to let her know he meant every word that he spoke. Desiree could see that there was no way out of this consequence that was about to begin.
As Neil lowered himself into the deeply cushioned desk chair, he eyed the wooden ruler, Desiree keep on her desk. It was made of strong oak and did an excellent job of punctuating a point; and the point right now was that Desiree had no business being awake at 3:30 a.m.
Having already taken a long, warm soak in the bath, Desiree had already changed into a hot pink satin nightgown, one of Neil’s favorites, but that didn’t seem to matter now, as Neil pulled her close to his left knee. “Baby, you need this, and then maybe both of us can get some sleep.” Both Neil and Desiree already knew the best benefit of spanking and that was a huge stress release. Many times, Desiree thought that was the only thing that helped her take her mind off of the day and relax enough to sleep.
While Neil carefully pulled Desiree over his lap, he began a tirade of why Desiree had to stop her bad sleeping habits.
“We both know how difficult our days can be when you haven’t slept; it is as uncomfortable for me as you!” Desiree squirmed as she knew that her discomfort was about to get much worse; as she felt Neil’s hand lightly rub across her bottom. His hands were large, strong and way too callused for a man who worked in an office all day.
A sharp spank took Desiree’s breath away for a second, as the first smack of his determined hand made contact with her right cheek; Neil always made the first spank a sharp one to get Desiree’s attention. Neil smiled as he saw that his hand was making an impression on Desiree, both emotionally and physically; and her otherwise white bottom now sported a pink hand print.
“Do I have your complete attention now, baby?” Neil didn’t actually need to ask this question, as Desiree fought off the desire to bite her lower lip. “Now comes the time for me to do the talking and you to only listen, back-talk will only make this spanking longer.” From past experience, Desiree knew it was wise advice to take.
“Yes, Neil…….I mean….sir,” Desiree stammered. She didn’t always make the best choices before thinking, but has learned the hard way to stop when Neil had her in this position, with her bare bottom exposed.
“Now did you not agree that you needed more sleep?” Neil lectured while holding Desiree firmly in place, “and furthermore, you know that I hate having to get out of bed in the middle of the night to search for you, it is inconsiderate of you.” Desiree hated to agree, but she couldn’t argue the truth. She had agreed to these points.
Desiree felt tears of remorse already beginning to build up, even before she felt his hand fall in a series of a dozen more spanks, each one building on the intensity of the last one. Failing to be able to lay still, Desiree began to squirm and squeal. She knew that Neil took discipline seriously, and she suddenly realized she should have thought about this when she first thought it was a good idea to start online shopping.
“Yes, sir, I do understand, I simply lost track of the time,” Desiree started to wail, but Neil knew enough to ignore her protests. Desiree needed more sleep and they both knew this as well as the fact that this spanking was nowhere near its end. Neil never left a task incomplete, and Desiree was going to get every spank she had earned tonight.
Neil paused for a half minute, waiting for the initial sting of the spanking to sink in before he pressed Desiree forward and downward facing, as he wanted a better angle to access her tender sit spots. Desiree inhaled audibly as she felt her body slide, she silently cursed at herself for thinking she was going to get away with this; this spanking was going to be very uncomfortable.
A very loud landing of Neil’s right hand made Desiree jump, and a sudden fast volley of spanks to both cheeks at the same time, made Desiree aware of the fact that Neil was actually using both hands at the same time to spank her! This was one talent of Neil’s that Desiree was not thrilled with. No one could say that Neil was not both experienced and knowledgeable about what some women both needed and at times, craved.

As the fire on her bottom began to heat up even more, Desiree’s pale cheeks began to take on a bight glow, and as she pleaded and cried out with every stinging spank. Involved with her own torment, Desiree did not notice when Neil reached for the offending ruler with full intent on making good use of it. He liked the idea of a spanking implement being one that could be hidden in plain sight. One that Desiree could glance at as she worked at her desk. In fact, he enjoyed the idea so much, that he decided to put in a place of prominence on her keyboard when he retired for the night.
“Yikes!” Desiree felt the ruler as it made contact with her already burning bottom. “No fair using my own items on me like that!” As soon as the words came from her mouth, Desiree knew she had made another bad choice. Neil used the opportunity to deliver enough spanks with the hard oak ruler to help her remember this consequence for as long as she could. Desiree already knew that this was a lesson not to be shortly forgotten, as her fierily backside could attest to.
“What time were you supposed to be in bed?” Neil questioned the love of his life.
“In bed by eleven,” the words all but shot out of Desiree’s mouth between the ninth and tenth swat of the ruler.
“And the consequences of not doing that is?” Neil pressed on as Desiree tried to wiggle and writhe away from the sting of the oak and the sound it made upon contact.
“Ten spanks for every hour I am late.” Desiree cried and kicked, but she had agreed to this point. Right now, on the receiving side of a spanking, it seemed like a very stupid idea.
“By my count with the ruler, we are up to the ten for the first hour; that leaves thirty more spanks to go.” Desiree winched at the news, although the news should have been expected. Neil understood that making Desiree count off the spanks would distract her from the actual discipline, so Neil counted off quietly to himself. Each additional spank causing Desiree to jump and shriek a bit more intensely, and although Neil did not prefer to discipline his wife, he knew it was what was needed. Desiree never seemed to be able to slow her own pace down, resulting in her being over-worked, exhausted and a bit difficult to reason with at times. Like it or not, spankings worked well with Desiree, always bringing about true contrition, at least for a few days.
“Ten more to go, baby, you doing okay?” Although Neil took on this task of helping Desiree seriously, he did not want to leave more than a red bottom and lots of tears. Desiree continued to sob, but Neil needed to complete her discipline if he wanted her to take him at his word. The last ten spanks were delivered quickly, but lighter. Desiree’s bottom was already bright red and she was copiously sobbing. After the last spank with the ruler, Neil dropped it on the floor and placed his hand on her throbbing rump and felt the heat rise, gently rubbing and soothing Desiree before letting her up.
“Do you think you can sleep now, baby?” Neil inquired after Desiree’s sobs became less intense. At that point, all Desiree could do is nod, as she suddenly realized that she was actually tired, with every last ounce of energy drained with the spanking. After replacing Desiree’s nightgown, Neil could see the hot pink satin now had a glow underneath it. After gathering his beloved up in his arms to cradle her, he dried her tears and stroked her hair, and she began to relax to the point on nearly drifting off. Neil kissed her sweetly on her forehead as he stood up with Desiree still tightly encased in his strong arms. After carrying her to the bed she should have been in hours ago, Neil carefully tucked Desiree in, climbed in behind her and held her in a spooning fashion.
As they both drifted off into relaxing sleep, Neil could only smile as he feels the heat radiating off Desiree’s hot bottom against him. He is confident she will sleep now, and just as confident that this will not be the last time he needs to deal with his wonderful, minx-like wife.
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"Well behaved woman rarely make history"
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New member
Username: Bigtim

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Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 06:04 pm:   Edit Post

Neil sounds like he has Desiree well in hand. I like the way you have expressed the interaction and emotions involved with the characters. Well done Fanny!
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New member
Username: Lillybelle

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Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 06:13 pm:   Edit Post

Sounds like exactly what I am looking for.
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New member
Username: Sally_smart

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Posted on Thursday, February 06, 2014 - 03:35 pm:   Edit Post

Cool story Fanny. Loved it!

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