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New member
Username: Leahdaniele

Post Number: 4
Registered: 07-2007
Posted on Friday, July 27, 2007 - 08:15 pm:   Edit Post

I'm waiting. That's the hardest part. When you are in the room I have something else to focus on besides my fear. Waiting for spankings is the only time I am afraid and turned on at the same time. It's confusing. I hear you come up the steps. What I've done wasn't horrible, being forgetful, being too playful, showing a little too much sass (you like a little... it reminds you that you've got something to tame). So this is going to be a punishment spanking, but it's not going to be a hard one, just a reminder of who you are, and who I am. You come into the room, I can't see you, I am bent over the back of a chair with my nose in the corner, my hips resting on the back, my toes barely touching the ground, my ass pointed to the ceiling. I have nothing but a nightgown on that comes down to mid thigh. It won't be on for long. You move into the room and come up behind me pressing your body up against my upturned cheeks. It's a reminder: you are in charge. I submit to you. My body belongs to you. It also reminds me that I wanted it, I chose you, chose this, and everything that comes with it.
You speak my name softly.
I answer softly, "Yes, sir?"
"Why are you here?"
"To be spanked, sir."
"Because I forgot to apply for my passport this week."
"And why did you forget?"
"B-Because I committed to doing too much and forgot to write down everything I needed to do."
"This was the only thing I asked you to make sure got done this week. You were too busy doing things for other people that what I asked didn't get done." You pause, "I'm going to have to make sure that doesn't happen again, aren't I?"
"Yes, sir"
You move away, satisfied that I know what's coming next and why. You pull the armless chair out and move it to the center of the room and sit.
"Come here. Leah."
I edge off the back of the chair and turn around. You are watching me, waiting. You have a look in your eye tonight, one that makes me uncertain.
I walk slowly toward you with anticipation and fear. When I finally stand before you, you prod me with a simple word. "Leah..."
"Sir, would you please spank me?" I barely get out
"Why?" you ask
"Because I need to be spanked so I can remember to be good."
You look at me. I know I've given you better answers before, but right now I'm too nervous. You seem to sense my nervousness and nod. You grab my arm and guide me over your lap. You turn me in toward your side and position me exactly how you like me: tucked under your arm, with my legs spread around your knee so that you can access every part of me, should you feel the need.
Instead of going right into the spanking, you caress my bottom and run your long callused fingers over my clit, finally dipping two of your fingers in to find that I am so wet I'm almost dripping. Feeling your fingers inside of me, I wiggle around. I know I am supposed to stay still when I am over your lap but I can't stop my butt from arching up toward your fingers, thrusting them in deeper.
You chuckle. "You really need this spanking, don't you?"
It's not a question. I gasp as you thrust your fingers in as deep as you can before you pull out. I lay panting, aching for more and am not ready when your hand comes down to paddle my still upturned bottom. I jerk. Another slap comes down on the other cheek. CRACK! And another. SMACK! You didn't warm up to it so I really feel the sting of each spank. You continue to spank me, as I wiggle and gasp and moan and finally cry out. It's at least 40 more spanks until you stop. I am too busy crying and trying to muffle my shouts to keep track. You press your palm against my heated bottom to keep me in place, but you don't have to. I already know what happens when I get up before you say I can. After a moment, my breathing starts to calm and you help me stand. But we're not done yet, I discover as you tell me to lift my arms and proceed to strip me naked. I know more is coming... I see the paddle lying next to the bed.
" Over the end now, Leah." You cup my warmed bottom cheeks and push me toward the end of the bed, which has been raised, sometimes I think just for moments like these. I have to stand on tiptoe to put my hips securely on the bed, and I lay down, my face turned to my left, toward you and interlace my fingers behind my neck. You pick up the spanking paddle. The one you use tonight is made of a thick dark mahogany and is large enough that one spank covers the whole surface of my bottom, including my sit spot. You chose it because unlike the thinner paddles we already own, it does more than sting. This paddle forces each spank to reverberate through my entire body, making me love and fear it even more than the others. My body starts to tremble as I feel you stroke itís surface along my helpless upturned bottom.
"Arch your back now, Leah" you murmur. I know the routine. By arching my back, I lift my bottom up to greet each spank. The less I arch, the longer the spanking. I donít want to prolong this spanking, so I arch my back, lifting my butt even more in the air. You make me hold the position for a minute or so before you bring the paddle down. You strike my bottom hard, but not as hard as I know you can, and I know that the severity of the spanks will increase toward the end. Even though itís not as hard as youíve spanked me before, my butt is still forced hard against the bed. I take a breath and deliberately arch my back again. Another spank! SMACK! I gasp. And arch. You start to lecture me about my forgetfulness and how irresponsible it is to commit to more than I am capable of. You demand that I make lists of things I need to do when I know Iím going to be busy. This is not the first time weíve had this discussion. Which is the main reason for the spanking. Not listening to advice you give and not following through with the things we decide to do is equal to disobedience in your book. SMACK! Gasp. And arch. You continue to lecture between spanks. I hear you, but your voice sounds far away. Mostly I just feel the heat, and the sting and the pain centered on my swollen bottom and each smack.
SMACK! "That one doesnít count, Leah. Arch!" I lift my bottom up. You continue with your scolding and I have to focus real hard on the lecture and the spanking to remember to arch, which of course was your intention. SMACK! I cry out. Tears are streaking down my cheeks, almost unnoticed by me. Finally, you finish with the hardest smack of all, SMACK!.
"Do you understand, Leah?" you ask. I know what youíre saying. Not only are you asking if I understood what my punishment was for, but you also want to make sure I understood that I will be spanked each and every single time I disobey or disrespect you.
"Y-y-yes, s-sir." I cry. I feel your hand stroking up the base of my spine to my head. You stroked my head for a few minutes and I close my eyes and finish crying. Bending over the bed isnít incredibly comfortable so I move to the center of the bed and finish crying. I feel your hands behind me, lightly caressing my hips. Your fingers moved down past my bottom and between my legs, pushing in between then to get it my center. You push your fingers in me, and I look over my shoulder at him to find you smiling at me. You've knelt behind me, naked.
"Youíre still wet, baby." Your hands grasp my hips and pull them up and back, so that my knees carry all of my weight. "Your spankingís not finished. Do you know what I havenít spanked you with yet?"
I whimper and shake my head, assuming youíre putting me in position for another spanking. But instead you just say "Me." And thrust into me until your pelvis slaps against my bottom. I gasp as you pump hard and strong, each time making sure my bottom is "spanked" with each solid thrust. Iím torn between loving the feel of you inside of me, and wanting to escape the pounding of your pelvis into my bruised ass. After what seemed like just a few moments and forever at the same time, you finish, coming inside of me then holding my hips tight against yours. After a minute, you pull slowly out of me, and I moan. You fall back on the bed and pull me to rest on you, my legs straddling your body, my face tucked into your neck, your arms surrounding me stroking my back, and your lips kissing my head. My body throbs, my bottom with pain and heat, and my pussy pulses with need and a different kind of heat. I didnít orgasm, but I know that I will soon. You donít mix punishment and pleasure. You see orgasms as a reward.
"Do you understand?" you murmur, lifting my chin with your fingers so that I am forced to meet your eyes. I whisper. "Yes, sir." And I do. You are stern, hard and always in charge, but you care about me. So Iím yours. I just hope you don't make me stand in the corner again.
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New member
Username: Leahdaniele

Post Number: 5
Registered: 07-2007
Posted on Friday, July 27, 2007 - 08:19 pm:   Edit Post

Let me know what you think of my first spanking story... I've never been spanked so this is all in my head...
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Advanced Spanko
Username: Buenaventura

Post Number: 715
Registered: 04-2006

Posted on Friday, July 27, 2007 - 09:13 pm:   Edit Post

For someone who hasn,t been spanked you did very well indeed!!Hope it comes true for you.
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New member
Username: Rawhide

Post Number: 33
Registered: 04-2007
Posted on Saturday, July 28, 2007 - 10:10 am:   Edit Post

Whatever is }in your head is great and imaginative. I hope it comes true for you too! Very EROTIC story! Dream up some more!
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Username: Badgirl

Post Number: 484
Registered: 11-2005
Posted on Saturday, July 28, 2007 - 11:49 am:   Edit Post

Great story... Make your present or next partner read it! I may make mine read it...

Thanks for sharing.

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