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Username: Ladykayra

Post Number: 5
Registered: 03-2008
Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 12:08 am:   Edit Post

The weekend started out like most,, I would be going to Master Hines place,, He hadn't said anything to me about it being special so it was all a surprise when I walked into his apartment.. I buzzed him from the front entrance and he opened the locked door.. Once in I was told to strip.. It came as such a surprise that at first I thought I had forgotten something and was in trouble.. Master Hines walked up to me with my cuffs in his hand, nodding for me to give him my right wrist,, Which I did without a moments hesitation. He placed the cuff on me and repeated the same with the left,, Kneeling to his knees I felt something odd,, He had reached under the couch and was retrieving a set of ankle cuffs. He stood and looked at me ordering me to lift my face… May hands were behind my back where I knew they should be and I had lowered my eyes,, Mainly cause I knew I should and two I wanted to watch him as he placed the cuffs to my ankles.

I felt my heart racing a bit as he talked to me telling me how the weekend would be.. Starting from that moment I was not allowed to say a word without permission, unless it was Yes Sir or No Sir.. If I did talk without permission I would be punished no matter where we were at.. He asked if I understood what that meant and I nodded slowly. Reaching up taking my nipple he pinched it harshly as I gasped trying to think,, and blurted out “Yes Sir” He nodded releasing my flesh and took me by the arm and moved me into the bedroom,, Forcing me to my knees before the bed telling me to kneel there until I was needed. He moved about the bedroom gathering things he was wearing for the evening.. I wanted to ask what I was going to wear or at least get permission to ask him if I could show him what I had brought.. But remembered that I was not to say a word unless given permission,, Master Hines would walk pass me every so often playing with my breast.. Sitting before me on the edge of the bed reaching down toying with my clit leaving me on the verge of climax each time but not allowing me to cum,, It didn’t take much for him to get me to that excited state.. The role was easy for me this evening being controlled so strict.. I sighed deeply before Sir before watching him move off to the other room.

I heard him call out for me and stood hurrying to his side and noticed the ironing board was out,, I knew what he wanted then and waited for instructions from him.. I was told to go get the clothes he laid out and iron then while he showered.. Though I was to listen for him when he was done cause I would be drying him off this evening.. I whispered Yes Sir and waited to be excused.. I noticed him move his hand in a a brushing matter and turned slowly on the balls of my feet moving into the bedroom.. I hadn't been told to run the shower but something told me to.. I hurried in and turned on the water and then the shower making sure it was just right before standing up and turning almost bumping into Master Hines.. Taking me by the hair he laid me over the sink and swatted my ass without warning.. Lecturing me that I had not been told to turn on the water,, And though most evenings it would have been the right thing to do, this evening with me being in such strict control I was not to do anything without being told first.. Nothing as to be done without being told first. I gasped and squirmed a bit feeling his hand sting my bottom,, When he asked if I understood. I quickly stated Yes Sir.. He released his grip in my hair and ordered me to go do the ironing but to remember to pay attention to the sounds of the water,, And if I heard it turn off before I heard him requesting me into the bath room I should come in,, I nodded and whispered Yes Sir as I placed my hands behind my back wanting to rub my bottom..

He sent me off and I went out of the bathroom a bit disappointed in myself but not over since he had corrected me for it,, It was then when I noticed that I was excited… I smiled to myself a bit taking the clothes into the other room just as Master Hines walked out of the bathroom and to his closet,, He pulled out a small bag but I wasn’t sure what it was,, and there was no way I was going to ask LOL.

The iron was all ready on,, So I proceeded to iron the shirt. That always seems to take me the longest and I wanted to make sure I did a good job with it,, I examined it for a moment before placing it over the back of the chair and moved to his pants… I was about three fourths done with it when I heard the shower turn off.. I placed the iron on the counter and moved into the bedroom where I took a towel and opened the door to the bathroom.. Master Hines was already out of the shower and had the curtains closed.. I didn’t think about it to much as Master has a fetish about making sure there is no build up on his certain.. I proceeded to dry him off as he was talking to me about his painting and model.. We talked about some other things and once I was done he looked and asked if I was done with the ironing,, I nodded my head side to side whispering No Sir… He told me position and then caressed my breast for a moment as I held my head up,, before releasing me he pinched my nipple hard and swatted me on the ass sending me out to do what ever I had to get done. I finished his ironing and placed the clothes to the bed.. I kneeled on the floor waiting for Master Hines to make sure they were alright. He walked out, picking up the clothes,, Inspecting them before placing them back on the bed.. Moving over to the toy bag and reaching in looking for something,, Wanting to peek over I didn’t as I felt him move about the room,, He stood behind me placing the blindfold about my head cutting off all the lights.. I felt him take ahold of my hand placing the clips to the hook, latching them together,, Pulling me over and pulling my hands through my legs,, My bottom high and exposed in the air, My head to the floor I feel him slowly caressing my bottom,, the spanking he had given me in the bathroom was gone,, He moved into the bathroom and returned not saying a word.. I felt him close by and knew he was up to something but I wasn’t sure what it was,, I wanted to peek so bad but with the blindfold I couldn’t,, Without a warning I felt something pressing to my tight hole.. Pushing it into me deeper and deeper I thought it to be a plug,, I gasped from the surprise,, It was lubed but I wasn’t excepting it,, Usually Master and I don't play before PEP but looks like this evening would be a bit different. Then it started,, I cried out a bit as I felt the warm water filling my belly.. Master Hines and I had talked about these before but he never said anything to me about it,, Always it was,, “When I decided” I guess that this was time,, I squirmed a bit as I felt the water draining into me,, I thought I was about to burst when he turned the valve off.. I tried to hold still.. After a few moments I was and again the water settled into my belly before he released the valve again and allowed the contents of the bag finish.. I was full that was for sure.. Leaving me like that I was told I would be getting two enemas this evening before PEP.. Sir wanted to make sure I was “Clean” before the evening play as he had plans for me and didn’t want to worry about any accidents.. I moaned just wanting to play with my clit,, But with my hands fastened to the ankle cuffs that wasn’t a option.. He knew what this would be doing to me as we had talked about the effects of enemas and with him playing with my pussy slowly,, Again bring me to the edge of climax I shivered as I tried to hold back,, Sir must have been watching my closely cause just as I was about to cum he stopped,, Reaching to the cuffs he undid my hands setting them free from my ankles but still hooked together,, Helping me to my feet I felt the nozzle of the bag between my legs.. I wobbled into the bathroom trying to make sure I wouldn’t lose it,, Master Hines placed me on the toilet and allowed me to release,, He removed the blind fold while I release.. He had taken the bag and filled it in the kitchen once more and was waiting for me at the foot of the bed.. He only had to point to the ground and I knew where I was supposed to be.. He didn’t clip my hands this time just warned me not to touch, As he was talking to me he placed the blind fold over my eyes closing out my surroundings once more, I sighed slightly disappointed that I couldn’t touch but hurried and was in place, This time the nozzle was placed in with a bit more concern.. I moaned as my pussy begin to throb from the excitement of the enema.. I really wanted to play and it was soooo hard not to,, but I did,,, Feeling my belly stretching more and more from the warm water I was sooooo excited by the time it was finish emptied. Master Hines lifted me to that my shoulders were on the bed but my ass was still out and exposed to him,, I was still horny I wasn’t sure how I would make it all evening without coming,, But I would cause so far permission wasn’t permitted to release yet and I wasn’t expecting it here soon.. I felt the tip of one of my toy rubbing along my sex,,,,, I blurted out no to Master Hines as I felt him teasing me,, I soon felt a gag on my lips and was ordered to open,, I did without another word knowing this was my punishment for talking without permission.. He played with me while allowing this enema to cause slight stomach pains,, I assumed it was for my out burst for the retaining of this one so much longer,, I was breathing harder and harder as the minutes passed,, He teasing me to orgasm slowly then stopping allowing the urge to pass before starting up again.. I felt his cock resting against my ass a few time,, It felt harder then I had ever felt it, I knew it was cause he enjoyed this type of control as much as I was enjoying it,, I heard him ask if I was ready to behave and if I would like to release the water,, I nodded whole heartily,, I was sorry for telling him no but I wanted the water out more then anything. He reached down removing the ankle cuff,, Pulling me to my feet I stood up, He lifted the blind fold and took ahold of each of my arms removing the restraints.. Swatting my bottom sending me off to the bathroom with him behind me I was ordered to release,, Once I was done I was to shower and clean up,, Shave my legs and arms making sure they were done good. Once I was finished I would dye off and wait for him in the bedroom ,,, Not to put on anything as he would tell me what I would be wearing to PEP.. I did what I had to do and jumped in the shower,, I was dripping and as I went to clean up my privates I was so soaked that it was extremely slippery ,, It took everything I had not to play for just a moment,, I knew that I would be able to cum without trying but I knew I would be in SERIUOS trouble had I.. As I finished showering and shaving I turned off the water,, wringed out my hair and slipped from the tub.. Smiling to myself humming a soft tune slowly as I listen to the music Master Hines had put on,, He must be painting was all I could think of since he wasn’t in the bedroom and the music was on,, I dried off and kneeled at the end of the bed waiting for Sir to return.. I wasn’t there for long,, but it seemed forever,, He walked over removing a robe,, Taking the restraints and moved to the bed.. Sitting before me tapped one of my arms in monition to give it to him,, I did and watched quietly as he returned my cuffs to my wrist.. Sighing softly smiling to my self,, He smiled as he places on the other cuff.. Lifting my head a bit kissing.. Standing telling me that for the next few minutes I would be able to say anything I wanted.. It was a free time so to speak but I was warned that it will end if I try to abuse it. He asked if I understood and I said yes Sir. Bending down and placing on the ankles cuffs I parted my legs slightly allowing him to work without my legs getting into his way..

Standing before me Master Hines reached up and pinched my nipple, reaching behind him and taking ahold of the robe… and handed me the robe,, Telling me that this is what I would be wearing along with my cuffs and the ankles restraints.. I felt my eyes get wide as I listened to Master Hines,, I was told that as soon as we walk into PEP I would lose the robe and remain nude until we were to leave,, I was not permitted outside cause of the rule of no nudity outside of PEP.. Shocked and a bit surprised I didn’t say to much,, After all what would I have said.. I just nodded slowly as I listened to Sir.

We talked about the week as I packed the toy bag as instructed. I had everything together and all my toys were in the bag… Placing in each I had a strange feeling about this evening but was to nervous to ask Sir anything,, So I let it go,, Figured I would find out about it soon enough.. It was about 7:45 when Sir returned before me ordering me to kneel… Telling me that I was back in mode and forbidden to talk unless asked a question and could respond with a yes or no. But before placing me in complete formal mode he asked if I had any questions.. I had only one and figured it was important,, I whispered what was I to do if I had to go potty? He chuckled a bit and told me that for something like that I was to lean close to him and whisper, Begging permission to be excused. He asked if there were any other questions and I responded with a No Sir,, So he proceeded to give me my instructions for the evening..

I was to stand with my hands behind my back at all times unless specify told to kneel,, Eyes were to be lowered while standing and wasn’t permitted to look up without his permission. I was not allowed to go afk unless he wished something or I was told to get something, I felt my heart racing as he finished up and told me to get dressed.

Once I was tied and ready I slipped on my pumps and hurried out into the living room, Sir was ready with the toys by the door,, It felt odd with no clothes on and about ready to walk out side.. I was glad off of a sudden that it was dark out LOL..

I took ahold of one of the bags and Sir the other,, Opening the door for him we left and headed to PEP.. Finding a parking space Sir looked over to me and one last time asked me if I understood my instructions,, I nodded slowly and whispered a Yes Sir.. He took a clip and had me lean forward clipping my hands behind my back. Getting out of the car he walked to my door,, Opening it for me and helping me out, Holding on to my arm as he closed the door I waited with my eyes down cast.. He walked me to PEP’s stairs and greeted some people.. I remained by his side quietly as I waited,, Before I knew it we were inside PEP,, he unclipped my hands and told me to remove the robe.. I was blushing from head to toe,, Not that I have never been nude there before,, I have but this was not just for a scene this was for the entire evening,, Could I handle it? He placed the clip on the restraints but didn’t clip them this time,, I followed him around for a while and listened to him talk,, Some people were wondering that I had done since I was nude and unable to talk,, He just turned to me and gave me that cute face he has and just said it was something he wanted to do this weekend and I didn’t have a problem with it,, Asking me almost in a sense,, I just looked up a bit and smiled saying “No Sir not at all.” He turned around and went on talking,,

Later he took me into the medical room,, Standing me infront of the table and ordered me to remain there,, He would return shortly.. Whispering to me to remember no talking while he was gone,, I grinned slightly whispering back,, “Yes Sir” He vanished and was out of sight not long after that,, People were peeking into the room saying different things,, Nothing bad but it was driving me nuts,, A few friends wanted to talk and all I could do was remain quiet,, I was hoping Sir would return soon,, When he was near it was so much easier to behave.. It wasn’t long before he returned with the toy bags,, He smiled and placed then to the other bed in there,,, Opening them up and begin to place them out.. I watched from the corner of my eye,, Trying to steal a glance every so often,, Sur turned and caught me once warning me to remain still,, but that wasn’t as easy as it was said,, After the second time he retreived the blind fold,, It was becoming my best friend this evening and in a way I was glad,, but at the same time I wasn’t.. It was a catch 22.. After placing the blind fold on,, Sir ordered me on the table,, “On your hands and knees Marie” I felt my heart skip a beat,, The table was facing the door which means anyone that would happen to be standing there would have full view of my privates,, I was a bit shaky but didn’t say anything.. I fumbled about a bit trying to get turned around… Sir was helping me but I think he liked watching me fumble a bit so he waited until I was almost there before stepping in.. Once on the table I placed my head to the sheet burying the deep blush which was forming from the forehead down,, At the moment I was glad I was with my face away from the crowd,, Next thing I know I begin feeling Master Hines opening my pussy inspecting it for a moment,, Parting my lips his hands and fingers tracing the lips,, I shake a bit more as he begins to comment on how wet I was,, and how naughty that is of me since we hadn't done anything yet.. I couldn’t believe I was there,, Ass in the air exposed to anyone, even though Sir was covering the view,, Swatting my ass he tells me to remain still but to place my hands to the side,, Allowing them to fall off the table.. I feel him cuffing them to the side making it to here I couldn’t move them,, My chest racing by this point,, Humiliation was something we had talked about before,, And the idea was exciting but he and I never have tried it,, Until now,,, I felt him fasten my ankles to the table pulling my legs apart some leaving me open a bit more,, Once I was in place I heard him invite in someone,, I bring my head up looking around wondering who it was,, Though they didn’t say anything I could feel someone else in the room,, Biting my lip a bit Sir asked if I was alright,, I nodded slowly. Feeling the sting of his hand on my exposed ass he repeated the question,, Jumping as much as the restraints allow I blurt out Yes Sir.. Very good Marie when I ask you a question you will answer me,, Lets not forget that now.. “No Sir, I will not”

Lowering my head to the table again I begin to relax some,, I knew that I trusted Sir and that he wouldn’t do anything beyond that I would be able to handle,,, So I held still,, I could feel him and a few others as it seemed walking about,, He would comment on my pussy every so often,, Touching my lips parting and asking if they would like to see how naughty I was by being excited.. I felt my heart racing while he did it all.. And without warning I felt the dildo sliding into my pussy,, Master Hines was fucking me slowly with it first,, And then I felt someone else’s hands on me,, I knew it was female but as to who it was I didn’t know,, They changed placed and Master Hines went to work on placing some rope about the different parts of me,, Tying it off to where the dildo was in place making sure it wouldn’t come out,, He had to have used jr for this but I wasn’t for sure,, He then proceeded to place on rubber gloves,, Hearing the sounds of the rubber as he snapped them lose,, I jumped,, He was standing behind me teasing my ass.. The other hands were playing with my nipples pinching them lightly at first,, Master Hines spoke up to tell them that I enjoyed them PINCHED.. Not softly but harshly and if they would be so kind,, I moaned louder the rush of embarrassment running through me as I felt the grip upon my nipples tighten from their touch,, Master Hines moving around behind me,, Slowly parting my bottom opening me up more and more to his view,, His fingers teasing my bottom.. I feel the lub falling over the hole,, Knowing what he is going to be doing I moans wiggling my bottom in anticipation to what hes about to do,, Feeling his first finger slipping between my bottom,, one hand playing with the dildo the other slowly fucking my ass.. Working a bit faster and faster before feeling another finger slipping into my hole.. Stretching me slowly getting me ready for a plug I am sure,, Waiting for a moment before fucking me again,, Parting his fingers slightly as to peek into my ass,, I shiver knowing how exposed I am,, also feeling the wetness between my pussy.. Feeling him slip his fingers out,, I moan disappointed,, The urge to want to cum right there.. Feeling the small plug invade me ass slowly as the hump pushes past the flesh,, knowing its not going to go anywhere,, My breast swaying and hard from the attention in which its receiving,, Moaning softly my hips swaying feeling my orgasm building as Sir slowly fucks me with the small plug,, Stopping long enough to place more robes between my legs making sure the plug stays put I sigh left again on the verge,, Wanting to beg to be able to cum but remaining quiet for the moment knowing I was to stay quiet,, Feeling the flogger stick my bottom for the first time,, Jumping slightly my head raising off the table shaking it side to side,, Begging almost for him not to flog me knowing it would send me over the edge,, I heard him grant me permission to release when ever I was ready,, He didn’t have to sat that twice,, I was cumming as soon as I heard permission,, The wavs of the orgasm were filling my insides like a tidal wav on a beach,, The more he flogged me the harder I came,, feeling the strands of the flogger landing every so often between my pussy didn’t help matters any,, It took a while for the rush to subside enough to where I could get control over myself.. Master Hines didn’t stop flogging me right away,, he just moves the flogger around striking me in different places.. He slowly wound down leaving me in a puddle of sweat and cum as I laid on the table as well as I could considering,, the other person was gone when I came down enough to know what was going on,, releasing me from my restraints though leaving the cufs and rope in place.. Sir helped me off the table and moved me over to the other one,, Placing a pillow to the floor toys still in place with in me telling me to kneel as he proceed to clean up everything,, Removing the blind fold I noticed three others in the room with us,, Two female, one male,, I knew them all but it felt oddly exciting,, Wondering who it was that was playing with me but at the same time not knowing,,, Sir helped me up and placed the pillow to the bed,, Handing me a bag we left the medical room.. Moving me out to the big dungeon Master Hines places me on stage on a pillow while he sits with others and talks.. Leaving me to feel the intruder with in me as I squirm about in place……….

To be continued

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