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Posted on Monday, January 29, 2007 - 04:25 pm:   Edit Post

Brad and Anna rode the horses through the woods surrounding the ranch until they came to a nice clearing where they stopped to sit and talk.
Brad was the first to break the silence “I’m assuming you have questions”.

“Obviously. What do you mean, you’ll ‘punish’ me? How?” Anna questioned.

“Exactly as I said. As I see fit” Brad replied with a sparkle in his eyes.

Anna waited for more explanation, but it never came. She then just assumed that if she disobeyed his ‘laws’ it would just mean more mucking out stalls then normal.

“Can you explain what exactly each of these training sessions will entail?” Anna asked.

“Each day will be different, however; each day we will start with a light warm up, move on to intense technique building and then at the end of each session you will do strength training repetitions. The strength training will be basically performing skills we worked on that day without stirrups, therefore making it ten times more difficult. How hard you work during the session will determine the number of reps you will endure. Any other questions?”.

“Not at the moment.”

“If you have any other questions later, please ask them.” Brad reached out and lifted Anna’s chin and forced her to look into his eyes. “I will not tolerate questions that are asked disrespectfully and I will not tolerate you questioning a direct order. For now, anything else is fair game”.

“So before you agree to enter training and before I agree to train you, there is a test that you must pass” Brad stated. “In order for us to benefit from our sessions, you must trust me to direct you and I must trust that you will follow direction. Go ahead and get into position to mount up.”

Anna took her place beside Phantom and waited patiently while Brad took something out of the back pocket of his jeans. He walked over and held out a blindfold.

“Put this on and mount”

Brad waited almost nervously for the girl to respond. Most trainees failed this test at this moment, but something inside him hoped that she would be different. Wordlessly Anna reached for the blindfold, tied it around her head therefore rendering her blind and mounted the horse with some assistance from Brad. It took her a few seconds to gain her balance; however, once she did she sat waiting patiently.

“Good girl, Anna. You have already made it further in the test than most riders do. Now it gets a little more difficult. We are going to go through almost the same exercises as down in the barn, but because you cannot see you must trust me completely to keep you and your horse out of danger and you must also obey my commands immediately because you will not be able to see how close you are to running into something.”

Anna was visibly nervous but she was motivated by an internal need to please Brad. She knew they were in an open field and the chance of danger was very low, but to be completely dependant on another person was a completely new feeling to her.

“All right” Brad stated, “Let’s begin”.

Anna rode with ease as Brad had her walk the horse in various directions around the meadow. At first she attempted to keep her bearings but soon gave up and gave her full attention to Brad and the horse underneath her. Brad could see that Anna had no problems trusting him at a walk and decided to quicken the pace. He knew that Phantom was an old horse and could be relied on to keep Anna out of danger should she not obey his commands.

“Okay Anna, ease him into a trot and then to a canter.”

As Anna obeyed she tensed up quite a bit. The session went smoothly for about five minutes and then things started to go downhill fast. Brad had strategically guided Anna to the end of the meadow along the tree line, turned her around and had her ride the length of it. As Anna reached the halfway point of the field, she became convinced that she was about to canter right into the woods and would crash into a tree injuring either her or the horse. She knew from the sound of his voice that Brad was on her right somewhere so she discreetly (or so she thought) pulled on the left reign to guide the horse off of the straight path Brad was having her ride. As soon as the horse began to turn she heard Brad yell.

“HALT! Don’t you dare move a muscle”.

Anna stopped the horse immediately and readied her arguments for why she turned the horse. She heard him approach and reached up to take the blindfold off

“Leave it!” Brad warned in a quiet yet dangerous voice. “Tell me what happened”.

“I don’t know! The horse just turned on its own!”

“Bullshit, I saw you turn him and that lie is going to cost you. What the hell happened?”

Anna could see that she had been caught and she had no choice but to tell the truth.

“I thought I had been going in the same direction too long and was going to run into the trees if I didn’t turn”

“So apparently you feel that you could see better than I could even with a blindfold on?”

“Well no but –“

“Then you must have thought that I would deliberately hurt you or my horse.”

“No, I didn’t think that” Anna said. She was beginning to see just how silly her mistake was.

“What was this exercise about?” Brad asked in a grave voice.

“Trust. It was about me trusting in your ability to command and you trusting my ability to obey”.

“So you have obviously just failed, did you not?” Brad questioned.

Anna then realized that she had managed to ruin her chances of becoming a show rider for Joe even before the end of her first test.

“Yes, I failed. I’m sorry” Anna said with much sadness in her voice.

“Anna, take off your blindfold” Brad instructed in a gentler voice.

Anna pulled off the blindfold and gasped at what she saw before her. She had turned Phantom right into the trees and had Brad not stopped her they would have barreled into the woods. As she turned her head, Anna realized that had she kept going the way Brad told her, she still had half the length of the meadow to run. Anna started to apologize but Brad held up his hand, effectively cutting her off.

“Never say you are sorry until you truly are.”

“But I am truly sorry.” Anna said with confusion.

“No. Not yet you aren’t, but don’t worry. You will be” Brad stated. “You now have two options. First option is that we ride back to the barn; forget this whole show rider business and you go back to being a stable girl. Your life will return exactly the way that it was. Second option is that you will accept punishment for lying and not following instructions and I will allow you to take the trust test one more time. Come down here before you say anything.”

Anna dismounted immediately all the while wondering what on earth Brad had planned for punishing her here. She knew he was waiting on her to make a decision, however she didn’t want to make one without knowing what the punishment would be. After a minute or two of complete silence Anna looked Brad square in the eyes.

“I don’t know what your punishments are or even if I will be able to handle them, but I want a second shot at this so bad that I will take the risk and face whatever it is that I have coming to me.”

Brad smiled in spite of the situation. “That’s my girl. That’s exactly the answer I wanted to hear.” He then went back to being serious. “In situations such as these, I employ the use of corporal punishment.” Anna’s eyes widened. “Have you ever been spanked?”

“No” Anna answered in disbelief of the scene unfolding before her.

“Well that is about to change. My punishments are very straightforward. I always spank on the bare and I generally always use my hand except for more serious offenses, which unfortunately for you, includes lying. At the beginning of each punishment, you are required to pull your pants and panties down as a sign that you consent to me correcting you in this manner. You will be put in position for punishment and then we will go over what you are being punished for. After that I will administer the required number of strokes to teach you your lesson, and depending on the crime and where we are, you may be required to stand in a corner.”

“May I ask a question?” Anna timidly spoke up.

“As long as it is not disrespectful” Brad said.

“Is there a particular reason why you choose to spank your trainees? I mean you could make us do disgusting work or have longer sessions. Why spanking?”

Brad smiled a slow smile. “I do this for two reasons. First being that once the spanking is over, we can both put it behind us and all will be forgiven in that instant. I will never spank you until I am ready to forgive you. Second reason is quite simple. Ever tried riding after your butt has been blistered?” Brad reasoned.

Anna did not respond, just stood there pondering her situation.
“Okay Anna, time go get through the first step of your punishment” Brad instructed as he stood before her with his arms crossed.

“With you watching?” Anna asked incredulously.

“Of course with me watching” Brad snapped. He realized when he saw the shocked look on Anna’s face that he was going to have to walk her through this.

“Anna, this shows me that you are ready to take your punishment. I understand that this is embarrassing but it hopefully will discourage you from making these sorts of mistakes again. Are you ready to take your punishment?”

“Yes.” Anna replied hesitantly.

“Let’s get on with it then.”

Anna slowly reached for her zipper, still quite in shock by what was happening. She knew that this was going to be the most humiliating part of the punishment and she just needed to get it over with. With that thought she quickly pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles before she lost her nerve. She noticed that Brad did not look at the parts of her that she had just uncovered, he simply held her gaze. She realized then that punishment was not something he enjoyed; it was something that she had forced him to do.

Brad let Anna stand there for a few moments sorting out her thoughts and then led her over to a tree truck lying on the ground. He sat down on it and looked up at her expectantly. Anna looked back at him helplessly and Brad realized that Anna was so new to this that she was going to need more direction than his previous students.

“Anna, I need you to lay across my lap.” He said, softly yet firmly.

Anna hesitated for only a moment more and then allowed Brad to guide her over his lap. She flinched when she felt his hand begin to rub her bottom, but soon relaxed when he began to talk to her and she realized her spanking would not being immediately.

“At this time in the punishment, we talk about what you did to deserve this. Since this is your first punishment however, I will allow you to ask me any questions you may have.” Brad said.

“Will you tell me what is going to happen?” Anna asked.

“You have two offences you are being punished for in this session, Anna. The first is disobeying me in your test which has earned you a hand spanking for however long it takes until you are sorry. The second offence is for lying which is punished by 10 strokes with my belt. Simple enough?”
Anna nodded but still seemed very uneasy.

“Anna, if you have any questions or concerns about what is about to happen, now would be the time to ask.” Brad coaxed.

“I guess the only think I am unclear on is how you will know when I really am sorry.” Anna hesitantly said.

“For that you will have to trust me Anna. We will both know when that happens. If you do not have any other questions, we will begin.”

Anna turned and looked Brad in his eyes and said softly, “I know that I am being punished for disobeying you which put me and my horse in danger. I am also being punished for lying to you about it and I am ready to take your punishment and get this whole mess over with.”

“You learn fast. That will bode well for you in the future” Brad said gently. “And now we begin” he stated firmly.

The first spanks were hard and fast. Anna couldn’t believe how much it hurt and begin screaming and kicking.

“That HURTS you jerk! Stop now!” she yelled.

“It’s a punishment, it is supposed to hurt.” Brad growled as he trapped her legs with his.

Anna was furious that he would not quit, but she couldn’t escape his grasp. She decided to try a new tactic.

“I am really sorry now, Brad. You can stop” she yelled while still squirming.

“I don’t think so” Brad said quietly and started spanking harder.

Anna could not believe this man whom she had only known a few hours was doing this to her. She could concentrate on nothing except for her burning bottom. Soon, however, her train of though began to explore the reason why she was in her current position. She had deliberately disobeyed a simple order and in that put herself and her horse in serious danger. The realization suddenly hit her like a brick; she deserved this. She had been warned and she chose this path. She quit her struggling and simply lay across Brad’s lap sobbing. Brad instantly saw her submission to his punishment and after just a few well placed smacks, ceased the spanking. He placed his hand on the small of her back and allowed her to cry for a few minutes
Do or do not, there is no try.
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Posted on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 - 04:40 pm:   Edit Post

I really like this story!!
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Username: Becka

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Posted on Monday, January 18, 2010 - 01:59 pm:   Edit Post

Very nice story and I look forward to reading more please

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