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New member
Username: Midnytedreams

Post Number: 31
Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 - 11:38 am:   Edit Post

As I watch out of the cabin window I see you struggling getting the pack out of the truck , you no longer care that you are naked,exposed to all the world around you .when you appear from around the door you have the pack, shut the door, and walk toward the cabin. I watch as you stop and look up into the trees and a smile comes across your face , as you lug the pack to the cabin.
You enter the cabin with the pack and it hits the floor with a thud and you walk over to me, as if reading my mind you sink to your knees before me. I watch as you tentavely raise your eyes to meet mine. I grasp your chin in my hands and look down into your eyes which imediately are drawn downward, unable to meet mine.

You hear me say."Have you completed the task I gave you"?

It is as if time stops as you think hard on the question, you know you got the pack out and it sits near you on the floor.

"Yes Sir", you say.

Before you have even finished I release your chin and grasp you by the hair and pull you to your feet , and walk you out to the truck.
As I open the door you see your things laying there on the floor, I release your hair and you remain there as if I still have you bound.
I open the glove box and remove the collar and wrist restaints and place them on the seat. I pick up one of the cuffs and undo the latch, and turn back to you. Instinctively you turn around and place your wrists behind you waiting for the cuffs.

You feel my breath on your shoulder as I reach around your body and take your breast in my hand, as if to weak to stand you lean back into me ,as the cuff is placed under your breast and is secured around it, it is a tight fit as the clasp is locked in place against your chest. then you feel my hand take the other breast and as I slightly turn and pick up the other cuff and secure it around your breast, when I have finished you feel my hands on your shoulders turning you toward me.

I look down at my work and see your breasts so full , squeezed in the cuffs I see you watching me with downcast eyes as I pick up your toy from the floor, I turn the switch and the familiar buzz is heard in the air as it comes to life, I take the toy and starting at your neck slowly run it down your rib cage and across your stomach and lower til it just reaches your sex then downward to your knees as the toy makes its journey your legs start to part desiring your toy I run it back up your leg and put it just at the opening then work it slowly into you until it is fully inserted as you stand there your legs shake with your need.

I take the collar from the seat and place it around your calfs just below the knees and as it is tightened in place your legs come together tightly securing your toy in place. then reach down and get the three clothes pins and place one upon each nipple which is engorged with need being restrained as they are the pinch is intensefied three fold. You see I have one left as I take it and open it in front of your face then slowly rub it across your lips then reach up and take your chin.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue", I say.

All I hear the moan escape your lips as you do as commanded, I place the pin securely on your tongue, and grasp you by the hair and move you so I can close the door. I force you to your knees and walk away , and back into the cabin. When you next see me I am exiting the cabin ,holding the the leather flogger and walking toward the tree line. I stop about 25 ft from you,and turn toward you.

You hear me say, "The longer I wait the worst your punishment will be".

I watch as you move forward slowly crawling toward me, knowing what is to come, wanting and needing it but also dreading the punishment.Do you move slowly because deep down you crave that which you cant speak of. As you reach me I see the sweat and flush upon your body .I take the flogger and swish it thru the air til it lands firmly upon your back. with that one swat your body stops and you lay flat upon the ground. arms outstreched before you. I work the flogger over your body landing it from your shoulders to your toes, as I watch you wiggle and moan upon the ground.

The flogger stops and you feel me turning your body over and as you open your eyes and look skyward they start anew on your chest across each aching bound breast as the leather stricks the pins on your nipples they wrap and tug on them, I look down and your eyes are half closed lost in your feelings, the flogger covers your body with lashes, then it stops again you feel me undoing the collar around your legs.They tremble and open slowly as you dont have the strength to hold them closed. I position them open and take your toy which slides from your sex which is soaked with your desire.

The flogging begins again just as you start to recover your senses, this time concentrated from your stomach to your calfs, as the lashes fall upon your inner thigh and and across your sex, I watch as your hips move, are you moving away from the lash or into its bite, your moans become louder as your body moves with the lash, as if you are trying to reach an unknown ,unobtainable peak, as your movements become primal in your need.

I hear you say something but it sounds like gibberish as your body stops moving, I watch as your muscles twitch along your arms and legs.Then you remain still , and limp. I remove the pins from your nipples and undo the cuffs around them.

All I hear is a soft whispered, "Yes" as I undo the pin on your tongue I leave all just lying there as I pick you up in my arms and carry you into the cabin and lay you down on the couch . After several minutes have passed you open your eyes and look up at me.

"I never knew" ,you say

I walk into the kitch and wet a cloth and walk back in and start to wipe your body down with it the cool cloth works across your body slowly as you close your eyes, as the cloth reaches your thighs you reach down and take my hand and place it upon your sex, and look into my eyes. You take the cloth from my hand and place my hand firmly upon your wetness and slowly move our hands as one between your lips, you close your eyes.

I hear you say,"Dont ever stop".

As I knead your sex all you hear is,

"I never will"
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New member
Username: Midnytedreams

Post Number: 32
Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 - 12:08 pm:   Edit Post

just a quick draft as you asked nicely..smiles
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Username: Badgirl

Post Number: 405
Registered: 11-2005
Posted on Wednesday, June 13, 2007 - 01:32 pm:   Edit Post


Great story, as always.

Thanks for sharing!

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