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Username: Winggoddess

Post Number: 51
Registered: 09-2011

Posted on Friday, November 18, 2011 - 05:22 pm:   Edit Post

I didn’t think anything would come of me wearing a skirt to work. Nobody else really wears skirts to work, but it’s not exactly banned in the dress code. I am much more happy wearing a loose flowing skirt than I am wearing pants, which is what everyone else tends to wear. My work is in the same building that houses the police department, and of course, officers have to wear uniforms. But, as I am a civilian who works in one of the government offices, I just have to follow the dress code of office appropriate attire.

So today I am wearing my favorite knee length skirt to work that only goes just above my knees when I sit down. Most of my co-workers have complemented me on it, and I think it will be fine if I could just get over my shyness and worry that skirts are frowned upon by the higher ups. “Oh well,” I think to myself, “I am comfortable and my boss hasn’t said anything so I think I’m ok.” I go out to the break room to warm up my lunch and see one of my favorite police sergeants talking with another officer. The officer walks away after they are done talking while I am waiting for my lunch to be ready.

“Hello there,” Sgt. Ray says to me, “how are you today? You look very dressed up for work.”
“You think so?” I ask. My skirt spins a little as I turn to face him. “I’m very comfortable wearing this outfit, but it seems like people think it’s weird for me to be dressed this way here.”
“Not at all, you look very professional! Let’s see.”
“Ok,” I say as I spin around in a little circle in the break room. My skirt bells out around me and I smile in spite of my shyness.
“I see, perfectly professional. Everyone should wear skirts to work.” He comments, smiling back at me.
“Yeah, I’d like to see a cop pull someone over in a skirt. That would be cute! Oh, there’s my lunch. Have a good day Ray!

A little while later after I finished up my lunch I get a message on my computer from the same sergeant I talked with in the break room. It says:

Please meet me in my office today
at your convenience for a policy review.

“Hmm, what does that mean?” I think. “Guess I’ll go see him after my shift is over.” I don’t really know what policies I might review with the sergeant, as we really do not work together and therefor do not have the same policies other than those for government employees. I think nothing of it until a few hours later when my shift is over and am about to walk out the door.

“Did you forget about my request?” Sgt Ray asks me.
“Oh! Sorry about that. I almost did! My shift is over now; what would you like to talk about?”
“I would just like to go over a few policies with you.”

The sergeant turns me around with a gentle hand not quite touching the small of my back and guides me towards his office. We get into his office and he sits behind his desk, and I sit down in a chair in front of his desk. The door closes behind us with a click. He looks at me and asks “Are you aware of the dress code policy-”

“Yes!” I interrupt, surprised at his question, which he finishes with “- and the sexual harassment policy?” I am stunned and slightly embarrassed by that last part. I clear my throat a little bit and answer in a more subdued voice, “Yes, Ray, I am aware of both of those policies.”

“Please address me as Sergeant or Sir when we are having a disciplinary meeting.” He said this with a steely look in his blue eyes.

“A disciplinary meeting!? What? I thought you wanted to go over some new policy or something.” I was getting a little worried that this meeting was not going my way. But what could I do; I was already in his office.

“Yes, young lady, a disciplinary meeting for the two policies which you violated.”
“Two? Which two? What did I do?” I couldn’t understand what I was hearing. I always work hard at my job and do my very best to avoid any kind of trouble.
“The two that I have already mentioned. Perhaps you would like to review them again? Please come around my desk and look at my computer.”
“Yes, sir,” I say meekly and stand up to walk around his desk. I have to bend over a little to see his computer screen, and suddenly, Sgt. Ray is up behind me and cuffing me! He bends me over a little more and puts me face level with his computer screen.
“As you can see, quite clearly I’m sure, the dress code recommends casual business attire and,” he reaches down to his mouse and scrolls down a little bit on the screen, “the sexual harassment policy indicates that no actions of a sexual nature are allowed and will be punishable up to and including written documentation in your personnel file and termination.”

I am speechless, not only because I am in hands cuffs meant for criminals that this man has the authority of the law to arrest, but because I am apparently in trouble for making a sexual pass at someone at work. I quickly think back over the last few days of work and nothing comes to mind.

“I will explain your violations. Today, when we spoke in the break room, you came on to me by showing your panties to me. You twirled your skirt, which rose up enough to show me your white panties with a purple bow on them. Your skirt was acceptable up until that point and then violated the dress code. By showing your panties to me you have violated the sexual harassment policy as well.” He is still holding me bent over his desk with one hand on my shoulder and the other on the cuffs which are biting into my wrists. I am struggling to breath a little bit because I cannot believe that this is happening at all.

“Now, you can deny all of this by saying it was accidental, but I will then be forced to place written documentation in your personnel file, and I am sure your direct superior will have no choice but to review the situation and then terminate you.”

I find my voice and say, “No! Please! I can’t lose my job!”
“I understand how you feel. Your job is important to you, and I believe that you really want to improve.”

“Yes! I do! I will be very aware of what I am doing... and wearing! I will be careful in the future!” My breath is coming back to me as I calm down a little bit.

“So I will offer you a choice. I can easily write up a statement on what happened today which will likely result in the loss of your job, or, you can accept a physical punishment which I can administer now and nothing will go in your personnel file and your job will remain secure.”

I think to myself, “A physical punishment? Loss of my job?” I say, “What kind of physical punishment?” I look back at him over my shoulder and he is removing his nightstick from his police utility belt. “Uh-oh!” “You can’t use that on me, can you?” I ask, my voice wavering. He does not answer but sets the stick down on a shelf behind him. Next he takes his stun gun off. “Oh my goodness. He cannot use those things on me!” Then off comes the clip which holds his hand cuffs, followed by the pepper spray. “No! Those things are meant for criminals!” These thoughts are screaming through my mind. Finally he removes his police issued gun from his belt and sets that up on the shelf as well. I ask again in a small voice, “What kind of physical punishment are you suggesting, Sergeant?”

He looks at me, still bent over his desk and says, “ A spanking, 50 swats with my belt ought to be enough to improve your actions in the future.” He whips his belt off in a fluid movement and folds it in half to form a loop. “If you accept this punishment, you must also accept that it may seem to cross the line for sexual harassment, but you will have chosen it, even asked for it, so I will not have broken any policy myself. If you agree, and then later change your mind and try to turn this around me, I will simply submit my original report, which is ready to print now, as you can see on my computer.”

My eyes swing away from the belt loop in his hand and back to the computer screen. There is an official document with the report as he said. I look back at him and nod. “May I have these hand cuffs removed though? I will accept my spanking if you can take these off.”

“Yes, you may. That’s a good girl.” He unlocks the cuffs. He directs me to place my hands on his desk and to continue bending over it. “Now, don’t worry, my office is completely private and secure, and this will not take long. Are you ready?

“Yes.” SLAP! “Mmmfff!” I make a noise in my throat but don’t allow it to escape my lips as his belt connects with my bottom. He swats me several more times, and although I try to count, I can’t seem to keep track because my butt is starting to warm up.

“I think we may have to lift your skirt and remove those panties young lady. I don’t want you to forget this punishment anytime soon.”

“Yes, sir” I say, although I don’t make a move. He flips my skirt up with the hand not holding the belt and hooks his index finger under the top edge of my panties and pulls them down to just below my butt cheeks. The coolness of the air feels immensely satisfying on my warm bottom and then SMACK! SNAP! CRACK! His belt is back at me heating me up all over again, biting into my now bare bottom. I don’t keep track and just when I think I cannot stand anymore, he stops. He is breathing heavily through his nose, but he quickly recovers, slips his belt back on and begins re-attaching all of his equipment. I stand up slowly and gently pull my panties back over my on-fire bottom. My skirt falls back into place. The sergeant is sitting calmly in his chair, his breathing regulated again, and he smiles up at me. I smile back at him and say “Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome. Now you better be getting on home. Don’t forget your bag there.”

“Thanks again, Ray.” I grab my bag, leave his office, and walk out to my car. As I absent-mindedly rub my bottom over my skirt (feeling soft welts rising up to meet my finger tips even through my clothing) and unlock my car door, I begin to review the whole work day from start to finish. When I sit down into my car, a burst of heat rips up my back and down my legs. I slam my door to cover my yelp of pain. I am still reviewing the last few hours and how nice it was to wear my skirt to work. “Well, perhaps I’ll wear my pencil skirt to work tomorrow. It can’t flare out and show my panties to anyone.” I smile and look forward to another day of work.

To Be Continued...
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Username: Winggoddess

Post Number: 52
Registered: 09-2011

Posted on Saturday, November 19, 2011 - 04:44 pm:   Edit Post

The Skirt Part 2
(The Beginning of Sweet P and Sugar Ray)

The next day I get ready for work by taking a nice leisurely shower and carefully shaving away all of my body hair from my armpits down. My bottom is still very tender to the touch from Ray spanking me and its showing a few colorful bruises too. The shower helps relax my body, especially after sleeping uncomfortably on my stomach last night to avoid any more pressure on my bottom. I can’t stop thinking about how Ray treated me; I was so surprised and deeply turned on by his actions. I don’t think that was his intentions, but, who knows? Maybe it was! I want to put him to the test today. I am wearing my pencil skirt as I planned yesterday when leaving work. It is so wonderfully form fitting to my body that I simply cannot wear panties with it (no pantie lines allowed at work - that’s my dress code). And besides, with my bottom still extremely sore, the less fabric I have on it the better.

I walk into work carefully wearing my nice heels, which click as I go through the hallways. I am disappointed to not see the sergeant anywhere. He is working though, that much I know, so I go about my own work day sitting down tenderly at my work station. On my last break I am out near the break room getting a drink of water when I hear Ray’s voice coming down the hallway. I hear him say goodbye to someone and open a doorway. I quickly walk down the hallway and slip into the closing door which Ray just walked through. I have a moment of worry because I don’t see him, when suddenly his hand reaches out and pulls me around a corner. Standing way too close to him, I lean into his body without saying a word. He’s looking into my eyes and his hands are on my shoulders, pushing me away slightly. I can’t help myself. I slowly raise one leg up until my thigh is at his hip. My pencil skirt, or course, has ridden up quite a bit to allow for this maneuver.

“Is my skirt better today?” I whisper into his ear. His hand drops down from my shoulder and slides up the thigh which is nearly exposed to the hip. “No one will see my panties because I’m not wearing any!” His fingers have grazed the welts on bare bottom. He suddenly pushes my leg down and yanks my skirt back down as well.

“Young lady, you will wait for me after your shift is over in your vehicle. When I leave this morning, you will follow me in you car and I will be giving you another punishment later!” He pushes me away without another word and walks down the hall. I have go to the ladies room to wipe away the wetness that has come between my legs. “I only have a few more hours of work... I can handle waiting a little bit.” I think to myself.

Waiting is harder than I thought. After work I sit out in my car and entertain myself by visiting the Spanking Den site on my phone. Ha! If only I was brave enough to join that site, I could share this fabulous turn of events with someone. Of course, since he is a sergeant, he does hold power over my job. But I think since we are going somewhere else for my punishment maybe we can move away from the work element. But maybe not. How else will I get into trouble? Finally I spot him walking out of the building, but he doesn’t even stop to look around for me. He just gets into his car and drives away. I follow as quickly as I can and we soon are driving into a residential neighborhood. His vehicle pulls into a driveway and I park next to him. We walk up the driveway to the front door, and he says to me, “Welcome to my home. Come on in.” We go in the front door and he sets down his bag and shrugs off his coat. I’m not really sure what to do or say, so I just wait in the entryway. He turns to me and says, “Since we are away from work, I want to be less formal with you. I think I have come up with a good name for you which I can use during punishments. Is Princess ok?”

“Yes, Sir,” I say, not knowing if the punishment has already begun. “That is an alternate meaning of my real name, so I am honored that you thought of that.” I am still standing in his entryway with my coat on.

“I thought you might like that. Would you like to come up with a name for me?” he asks.
“No!” I nearly shout and stamp my foot. “I like calling you Sir and Sergeant Ray.”
“Ok, Ok,” he laughs lightly. “Princess, turn around and face the corner. Wait there until I say you can move.”
“Yes, Sir.” I turn around and push my nose into the corner of his front door and entry hallway. I can see out a window on the side of his door to the driveway and front yard.
“Good girl. I’ll be back for you a in a little bit.” I hear him walk away and ascend a staircase which I didn’t notice when I came into the house. A few minutes later I hear what sounds like a shower running on the second level of the house. I am little warm standing there with my coat on, but I wait. It seems like forever before I finally hear the shower turn off and him walking back down the stairs.
“Princess, you’ve been very good, waiting for me, but that doesn’t get you out of the spanking you have coming to you for that stunt you pulled at work today.” I wait for him to tell me what to do. My nose is still a few inches from the corner. He reaches around me with both hands and unbuttons my coat. “You may turn around now, and begin removing all of your clothing. Of course, we already know that you are not wearing any panties.”

I turn around and see him around another corner sitting an overstuffed leather chair. He has changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I walk over by him and set my coat on another chair. Standing in front of him, I unbutton my blouse and let it drop to the floor. My bra unhooks in the front and quickly follows. Finally, I reach back and unzip my skirt. I slowly tug it down over my sore bottom and wriggle it down to my ankles. I step over it and kick it away with one my heels.

“Very good. Turn around so I can see how your butt fared from yesterday’s spanking. Oh! Yes, it is bruised. And I know I felt those welts earlier today. Come here and lay over my lap.” He pats his knees which are bent over the edge of the chair.

I bend down over his knees and settle my body over him. My heels are off the ground, but my toes are pushing my legs up. He places one hand on my back and rubs my bottom with his other hand. “It’s going to be by hand today, no belt ok?” I nod and before my head even comes back up his hand has made contact. This time I am able to count and he gives my 50 smacks again. Sometimes he pauses between smacks, I think to let his hand relax. My bottom is firey again and there is wetness between my legs.

“I am beginning to think that you enjoy these spankings and are not really learning anything from them. Is that true?” He puts a hand under my chin and turns my face towards his. “Come here, sit in my lap Sweet P.” I turn my body and swing one leg around so that my knees are bent and my shins are on the outside of his legs pressing against the chair, and my thighs are resting on top of his legs. My bottom hurts from sitting on it like that and tears well up in my eyes.
“Sweet P?” I sigh.
“Yeah, sure, when your punishment is over, you’re my Sweet P. Get it? Short for Princess. And it means you’re a good girl. Now answer me truthfully - you do like being spanked don’t you?”
“Yes, I do. But I think I need it. I mean, what kind of girl comes on to a police sergeant like that? I’m a bad girl sometimes. But when I’m a good girl I am a Sweet P. I like that. You know, I do like calling you Sir and Sergeant when you are punishing me, but I think I have a name for you when I’m a good girl too. How about Sugar Ray? You know, like my sugar daddy or something. Kinda funny huh? So what do you think Sugar Ray?”
“Ok Sweet P.” He smiles at me and slides his hands over my hips and down around my cheeks. “You’re pretty warm down there. I think we’re done for today, but we can continue this in the future if you would like. Come on, time to get up.”
I carefully slide my legs back and walk over to my clothes. I bend over to grab my skirt and he gives me one more smack across my bottom. “Hey! No fair!”, I squeal as I step into my skirt.
“Careful now,” he says and gently tugs my skirt over my bottom and zips it for me. I quietly put the rest of my clothes on and shrug on my coat. “Don’t worry, I’ll send you a message when your next punishment is due. This is only the beginning for us, Sweet P!”
“Ok Sugar Ray.” I smile and slip out the front door.
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Username: Yorkie69

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Registered: 08-2010
Posted on Friday, December 02, 2011 - 03:34 pm:   Edit Post

cute. Very cute!

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