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Username: Braticious

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Posted on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 04:49 pm:   Edit Post

The snooze alarm goes off for the second time and I become aware of my husband moving to turn off the alarm. He reaches for his glasses and sits up. I have this nagging tremor in my heart but can't figure out why I feel this way. I search my memory? My dreams? Oh, yes, now I remember. Last night as we were crawling into bed, my husband told me he was sick and tired of all the "bratting" I have been doing lately. He was going to put a stop to it as of now with a good, hard spanking for every little infraction made. Last night, as he sat looking at me, telling me exactly what he planned to do starting first thing in the morning, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. They were letting me know that I was kind of excited yet a bit afraid of the prospect.
This morning as I watch him get out of bed I can't help but wonder, Would he remember? I watch him go over to his dresser to get his jeans out to go take his shower and my heart drops. Oh no, I have done it already. His jeans were still in the dryer. I had planned on getting them out last night on my way to go to bed but had been distracted by one of the children getting up for a drink of water. A few weeks before, when this same thing had happened, he had told me that there had better ALWAYS be clothes washed, dried, folded and put away in his drawers when he needed them or I would not be sitting for a week.
He turned and looked at me with a question in his eyes.
I said, "Honey, they are in the dryer, I will got get them, " as I pulled on my nightgown.
He said, "Well, we sure didn't have to wait long into the day for you to earn your first punishment spanking, did we?"
"Nnoo sir," I replied with my eyes downcast.
He said, "Go get my jeans out of the dryer, lay them on the bathroom counter and then take off your nightgown, and lay across 3 pillows piled on the bed, do you understand?" I
quietly asked, "Couldn't you wait to spank me till after you get home from work? I had planned on getting them into your drawer, I promise, honey. It won't EVER happen again."
"No," he said firmly, "you will do just as I told you and you will do it NOW!
As I walk out of the room I hear him say, "Don't think I have forgotten our little talk last night, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is going to go unpunished."
I quickly grab his jeans out of the dryer and head back up to the bathroom as I fold them. I place them on the counter and close the door. I walk over and sit on the bed. I knew I had a couple of minutes before he would be out of the shower. The butterflies in my tummy were going full force now. Why, oh why did I forget those pants last night. I got up slowly, grabbed the pillows and put them in the middle of the bed, one on top of the other. He would want my bottom up nice and high, just like always when it was time for a punishment spanking. I took off my nightgown and crawled up onto the pillows. I cradled my head in my arms as I listened to see if he was out of the shower yet. No, not quite yet, I still hear the water running.
I imagined what he would do when he came out. He would come over and grab both of my butt cheeks with his hand with a kind of sigh moan which meant that he hated to spank such a "beautiful" bottom.
The water turned off. I knew the routine, he would towel dry first, put on his underwear and shirt, then he would sit down on the toilet and put on his socks. Last he would put on the jeans, comb his hair and brush his teeth. Yes, there is the water faucet turning on signifying he was done with his teeth.
The door opened and I whimpered. He came over putting his hands on my bottom cheeks just as I had expected. I couldn't help but secretly smile then because I just know him so well. Then he spread my legs, one foot was toward the bottom corner of the bed and one foot was toward the top corner of the bed. I hate this position because when I am wide open like that then I feel the spanking on very tender skin.
He put his hand on my bottom as he said, "Do not move from this position even an inch or I will add a swat for each move AFTER the spanking is over."
I said, "yes sir," as I mentally squirmed in my vulnerable state knowing he was seeing EVERYTHING.
He said, "I am glad to see that you obeyed my instructions. Now, Woman, why are you laying over the pillows in the middle of the bed?"
I replied dutifully, "Because I deserve to be spanked, sir."
He asked, "Why do you deserve to be spanked?"
I said with a quiver, 'BBBeecause I forgot to get your pants out of the dryer and put them in the drawer."
He rubs my bottom a moment and then goes to his "implement box" and pulls out the paddle and the bath brush. He also reaches for his belt that is lying on his dresser and lays all three implements down in front of me.
He picks the paddle back up and rubs it against my clenching bottom, he smacks me softly with it and says, "Woman, you know the rules, UNCLENCH!"
I whimper and say, "yes sir," and with all of my might try to stay unclenched as I wait for the first set of swats.
Would he take the time to give me a warm-up or would he just start in hard and fierce. WHACK! Hard was the answer. He meant business today. "Unclench, woman!" "YYYYYeeeesssss ssiiirrrr!" WHACK! WHACK!
"Oooooowwwwiiieee, please, no more sir." I start squirming a little and my feet come closer together.
"Ok, that adds one hard swat after this spanking is over, he said as he grabs my feet and spreads them apart again. I feel like I am on fire already, how am I ever going to manage? He again says, "Unclench!" as he feels my bottom to see if I have obeyed or not. WHACK!
"AAAAHHHH! I can't take anymore!"
"Yes, you can and you will. 5 more swats with the paddle!" I desperately try to stay unclenched as I feel the paddle five more times on my burning backside. When he is done, he rubs my bottom gently as I lay crying into my arms. He gives me a few moments to compose myself and then he tells me, "Now, you will get 10 with the bath brush."
I immediately start sobbing, normally he gives me a rest in between different parts of a punishment spanking. Sometimes he makes me stand in the corner and other times he just leaves me lying vulnerable in the position I am already in. This time, NO REST?? How could I stand 10 more swats with a bath brush that is even worse than a paddle.
“Honey, I can’t do it,” I start to say, but he stops me with the first swat on my reddened bottom. I scream, “AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” and he reminds me that screaming is never allowed in a spanking. Sobbing, I turn my head back to look at him and ask that he just wait a few moments to finish the 9 more swats.
He asks,” Woman, do you deserve this spanking?”
“Yes sir,” I humbly reply.
“How many times have we had the same problem when I get up to get ready in the morning?”
“I I I dddon’t know, sir, “ I miserably say.
“Enough that you knew you would get a bad spanking the next time it happened?”
“Yeeeessss ssiiiirrrr.”
“You were home all day yesterday, can you honestly tell me that you did not have time while I was at work to get the laundry washed, folded and put away.”
“No sir,” I was sensing my doom.
“Then I expect no argument as we finish this punishment, is that understood?
I answer quietly but in the affirmative, I know he is right. I had wasted time yesterday while the kids were at school and he was gone. I had chosen to watch several game shows on television and even though I could have been working while I was doing that, I had decided against it. Yes, I was definitely at fault here. He put my legs back into place, reminded me again to unclench and gave me the next three swats fast and hard. I grabbed the comforter and almost stuffed it into my mouth to keep from screaming.
“Ok, 6 more and I want you to count them, do you understand?
I knew why he wanted me to count. Once I accept a spanking and know it is going to be painful, I try my best to think of something else, anything else, something as simple as moving my fingers back and forth to be able to keep from thinking of the pain. He wanted to know that I had to focus on the spanking.
“Yeeesssss ssssiiirrr,” I wailed.
SWAT! “Ooowwwie, ONE,” I screeched. SWAT! “Two” SWAT! “Three, please do it fast, just get it done, please, please. SWAT! I started kicking and moving out of position, forgetting the rules because of the pain. “Four, “I panted. He grabbed me and placed me back on the pillows, spread my legs back into position and reminded me that that would be another hard swat at the end of my spanking.
“Two more, count them and stay still! “
SWAT! “Five.” SWAT! “Six.” What a relief that was over, I lay there over the pillows trembling as I felt his hands rub my bottom tenderly. My legs were literally shaking from the pain and he started whispering calmly for me to relax. Once I had calmed down and he could see that I had my composure back he told me to stand up and go to the corner for a few moments. I shakily got off the pillows and obeyed, glancing at the clock as I went by, I knew he had to go to work soon and I couldn’t help but hope that it would be before he could use his belt on me. That whole two part spanking had only taken 15 minutes??? Not possible, but it was true. He had plenty of time still. As I stood in the corner, wishing to rub my bottom, but knowing it was against the rules, I could hear him getting ready. He was putting on his shoes, getting his jacket out, finding his keys, etc. The one thing I DIDN’T hear that I was wishing for so bad was his belt being put on. After what seemed forever to me, I hear him call my name and I turn to look at him.
“Have you been thinking about what caused this punishment to happen?” he asks.
“Yes sir,“ I lie. Ok, you have to admit, it would be dumb to tell the truth there.
“Come over here and stand facing my dresser.” I obey but soon realize that he is now going to spank me standing up. I swivel around to look at him saying at the same time, “No honey, please, I CAN’T stand for a spanking. You know I can not be still. Please let me lay down again, pleaaassseee!!” He calmly says, “Turn around, you ARE going to stand for the rest of this spanking and you ARE going to stand still. You already have 2 extra swats, I don’t suggest you try for any others. “
I grab hold of the top of his dresser and will myself to stay into position. The belt is the most feared implement that he has. He knows this and frequently uses it on punishment spankings where I have repeatedly disobeyed him.
“Ok, for the last 10 now. You do not have to count but you DO have to remain in position until the last stroke has been administered, understood?”
“Yyyeeeesss ssssiiirrrr,” I cried.
SSSCHWACK! I went up on my tiptoes as the belt landed hard against my sit spot. SSSCHWACK! As it landed in the exact same spot as before, I kept myself from screaming but only barely. I did tiny little jumps up and down trying to calm the pain a little. SSSCHWACK! Why oh why, did he have to go soooooo slow between strokes! “Please, I have learned my lesson, I will NEVER disobey and forget again, I pppprrrommmiissee!!!” He mercifully gave me the last seven swats at a faster pace as I jumped up and down on my tiptoes. SSSCWACK! SSSCHWACK! SSSCHWACK! . SSSCWACK! SSSCHWACK! SSSCHWACK! SSSCHWACK! When the last stroke hit the top of my thighs, I spun around and fell into his arms. I cried for a few seconds hard against his shoulder. I promised to always obey and to NEVER forget the laundry again. I was ready to promise ANYTHING! He loved, cuddled and held on to me until I quit crying and had control of myself again. Then the words that I was dreading came out of his mouth.
“Now, we have to do the two swats that you earned for moving out of place.”
I wanted to bed him to just forgive me this time and let me by with it but I knew it wouldn’t help. I knew any resistance would only make it worse. I numbly nodded and whispered, “yes sir.” He sat down on the bed and pulled me over his knee. He rubbed my swollen, hot, red bottom for a couple of seconds and then gave me two very quick swats with his hand.
He pulled me up into his lap and said, “Don’t think you got by with something. I decided to have mercy on you this time since all in all you did pretty well, it won’t happen again, do you understand me?”
I nod against his chest and he says, “Woman??” “Yyyyeeesss sssiiirrr,” I dutifully reply. He stands up, grabs my hand and pulls me around to my side of the bed. He adjusts the blankets so that I can slide into bed and I grimace as my bottom touches the bed, but I slide into a laying down position and he pulls the blankets up. He kisses my forehead, says, “I love you, woman,” and heads out the door to work. I lay there, sore and exhausted but thankful that I have a husband that cares enough to spend the time with me to make sure I obey and do the things I should do. I vow to make it worth his while tonight after the kids are in bed and we are alone in our room…

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