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Username: Badgirl

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Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2007 - 03:29 am:   Edit Post

Sorry everyone -- this is long overdue. But szymbal and I needed to work out where it was going... :-)
I hope you enjoy!
Derek and Szymbal walked into the hotel lobby together, pulling their matching luggage with the company logo emblazoned on the side, behind them. Their footsteps echoed under the cavernous roof, in a rhythm that was unique to them. He took long strides, and as her heels tapped across the tiles, she realized that she needed to take two to three steps for every one of his. With that realization came the realization of just how much he outsized her. She started to think about how easy it would be for him to hurt her, and how little she really knew about him. Suddenly, her racing heart had nothing to do with the damp area between her legs.

She slowed letting him pull ahead. Even in her angst she could appreciate how tight and firm his butt was. Really! It should be illegal for any one man to have so many perfect attributes….

Derek slowed down, realizing that she was no longer at his side. Knowing fully well that she could keep up with him, he became mildly annoyed. He had been working all day too, and he wouldn’t mind taking off his shoes, stepping out of the uniform, or eating for that matter. He wondered what had sidetracked her, but assumed it must have been something shiny and out of her price range. Why are women never happy with what they have, or what they have the means to obtain?

He turned to face her, his eyes stony and glacial. The clench of his jaw making it obvious to everyone in the near vicinity that he was nearing his limits. Then he met her eyes, and saw the panic in them. He thought he may have even seen her knees buckle ever so slightly before she caught herself. He closed his eyes for a moment, to count to ten and calm himself. There could be no anger in this, not if it was to work. And besides, she wasn’t looking at anything shiny – unless you counted his belt buckle. He chuckled softly. Not tonight. She was too new to this. Too soft still.

Derek held out his hand, and she came to him. Hesitantly, untrusting, and possibly with a bit of hate in her eyes. He smiled encouragingly, but she just glared harder.

“Shh, babe, it’s ok. Don’t look at me like that. I’m here, doing this, for you”
“Right, you don’t get off on it at all, do you? I find that hard to believe” she spat the words at him. Angrier than she had been in ages. Angrier than she knew she could be. How could she be letting him do this? Why was she letting him do this? Well, he was blackmailing her with the whole HR threat. That was a given. But was it the only reason, part of her whispered. Of course, she told herself.

He checked them in without event, got a single room key, and led them to their room. Once inside, he turned to her.

“I will not do this without your consent. I will not do this without your trust. I will not do this, unless you can tell me why I’m doing it, and why you are letting me.” And with that, he locked the door, went to the bathroom and got into the shower.

Szymbal froze for a moment at the edge of the bed. She could just leave. But what would stop him from calling HR? She needed this job, and a good record. She even liked the job most of the time.

So when he came out of the shower, his hair damp, and a white towel wrapped around his perfectly flat midsection, he found her sitting at the edge of the bed.
“You are still here” he noted.
“I have no choice” she said bitterly “you made sure of that”.
“Leave then”, he spat at her. And she might have – except he turned around and the sight of his back made her catch her breath, and her knees buckled, and she sat back down.

He heard the springs creak, and smiled. “Do you agree to this?”
“Yes what?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good. Do you trust me?”
“Why not?”
“Because… you could really hurt me. And why should I trust you, you are blackmailing me?”
“The fact that I could hurt you is why you HAVE to trust me. And I am not blackmailing you – I am giving you two perfectly viable alternatives. You have a lesson to learn, and someone needs to help you.”
“Fine then. Let’s get this done and over with.”
“Not yet. You have to be able to tell me why, for both of us.”
“What? Has anyone told you that you are insane?”
“I warned you about tone, and talking back to me. Now it’s twice. Don’t make me repeat myself a third time. You won’t like what comes with it.” He paused. “So, tell me why. Start with me, it’s easier. And don’t be all attitudinal about it. Think about it.”
She looked at him a little confused. “Because you want to help me?”
“That’s right”
She had trouble believing that – but for some reason she thought he might be sincere.
“Now for the harder question. Why are you still here? And let me tell you right now, it’s not about your job.”
She thought for a moment about how tired she had been recently, how stressed, how she kept slipping up…. But he couldn’t know that, could he? “Because I need help? And am grateful you cared enough to offer it?” Her voice sank with each word. And Derek wasn’t sure he actually heard the last few words. But the vulnerability in her eyes, the softening around her lips, and the curve in her back told him he was on dangerous territory for her.
He sat next to her. Put his arms around her. She leaned in to him, shuddering slightly. “I do care, you know.” She just nodded, and as the towel slipped a little, she noticed her mouth getting very dry.
She reached up with her mouth to kiss him, while lowering her hand to touch him. Instantly he was at attention. So hard and long in her hands, with just a bit of a curve, that she knew instinctively he knew how to use. He groaned, low and guttural and stood up.
“Not yet. There’s the matter of your punishment still. Neither of us deserves a reward right now. I haven’t helped, and you haven’t learnt.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“ Stand up. Take off your skirt, and face the wall.” She did as she was told. Her nerves jumping. She could hear rustling behind her, but somehow, she knew that she wasn’t to turn around. Suddenly she felt his hands on her, and she turned and saw that he had placed two pillows in the middle of the bed. She looked up at him, and he nodded. Slowly she walked toward the bed. He swatted at her lightly, to encourage her to move faster. Quickly she climbed over the pillows, her bottom up, and still just a little pink.
“You know, he said, that you have been very lackadaisacal at work.”
“Yes, I’m just so -” her words were cut of by the feel of his hand meeting her skin at high speeds. Once, twice, three times.
“One- for talking out of turn. Two- for neglecting the sir. Three – for making excuses. Excuses do just that – they excuse us. And while your behaviour may be understandable, it is NOT excusable. Now we have to address your attitude. Tell me if you need a break. Otherwise, do not move. Do not speak. And do not try to cover yourself. This will hurt.”
And then it started. First softer, light taps, all over her bottom, the tops of her thighs. Then a series of sharper slaps, the kind that twinge for a few seconds and then fade. Except, they got faster and faster, and there was no time to recover between them.
After so many of those that she had lost count, the serious spanking started. The way it was meant to be done. Solid and steady, that hand came down, like beats on a metronome. And her skin turned a deeper shade of red.
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Username: Tplayer

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Registered: 05-2006
Posted on Thursday, February 01, 2007 - 07:21 pm:   Edit Post

More, more!! Very nice.
It's all a matter of perspective

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