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New member
Username: Midnytedreams

Post Number: 27
Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Sunday, June 03, 2007 - 09:25 pm:   Edit Post

Back to Nature Chapter 1

The sun is shining through the windshield of the truck as we drive into the country side on this weekend day. I look over as you lean against the door deep in thought one finger to your lips thinking about what is in store for you today. You are wearing a sundress that buttons all the way up you wanted to wear the heels that match but not suited for the country so you have on sandals. I watch your eyes as you keep looking when you think I am unaware in the back seat and see the pack there with the rope attached to the side coiled nicely.

I break the silence as I ask " did you remember to pack everything on the list" .

You look startled as if awakened from your daydreaming. as you say

"Yes Sir" .

I tell you to open the glove box and to get the massage oil out of it. As you open the glove box and see the contents massage oil , your favorite toy, two wrist cuffs , two ankle cuffs, and three cothes pins. you take out the oil and close the box as a smile brightens across your face.

"Put the lotoin on your body " I say.

You watch as I then return to driving down the road, I watch as you apply the oil to your legs and arms and then sit there with it.

All you hear is Me say " every inch".

Then I reach over and grasp you by the hair and pull you to Me. I release your hair and watch as you tentavely start to unbutton your dress button by button .As you are unbuttoning the last buttons I see you wear nothing underneath as instructed.

I take the oil which lays between your Thighs and open the top of the dress and pour the oil all over your chest to your stomach then put the lotoin down on the seat and continue to drive.

I watch as you massage the oil into your neck and work down across your breasts and stomach. I watch as you close your eyes and forget your surroundings and start to relax as you rub the lotion into your upper thighs , no longer caring how your exposed.

You feel the oil fall into your sex as your eyes come open as I drip the lotoin on you. You look into my eyes as if for approval. Then you open your thighs as your hand moves between them

The air fills with the scent of your arousal as you massage the lotoin into your sex, I watch as you lose yourself in the feelings, As your hips start to move into your hand and you bite your lip in your need.

Just as you feel unable to care as the feelings start to become to much and you start to fall.

You hear Me say,"Take off the dress and turn around with your ass toward Me".

You are shocked aware that I knew how close you were.As you slowly remove your hand from between your thighs, I see the pout on your lips and do as told and reach up to take the dress from your body.

I say, "hold out your hands"

You turn toward me and hold out both hands arms extended. I grasp the wrist is the hand which you had between your thighs. You watch as I bring your hand to my lips. I hear your moan as I lick from the wrist to each fingertip, then I release your hand.

"Now do as I asked" I say.

You take the dress from your body and it lands in the floor as you turn and put your ass up and head down by the door as you feel the oil drip into the small of your back and down your ass.

"Every inch" I say.

As I return back to the road, I watch as you take both hands and massage the oil into your ass and thighs grasping each cheek as you massage the lotoin in, fingers grazing your sex as you massage away all inhibitions gone now just the moment

I reach over and massage the oil into your back where you are unable to reach as I feel the heat of you in My hands your fingers are now massaging your ass and sex as your breathing becomes quick and needful.

"Turn around and get dressed "is all you hear Me say. as I smack that ass one good one to make the point.

As you turn around and take your dress from the floor.

I say,"Hurry up as W/we are stopping to eat at the next exit.

You look out the windshield and see next exit one mile as you hurry to dress fingers fumbling with buttons as you wiggle into your dress.

I pull off the highway onto the exit as the last button is in place and stop at the gas station to fill up. as I open the door to get out I open the glove box and take out the three clothes pins.

I say."' one on clit and one on each lips before I get back in. "

I toss them into your lap and shut the door as I exit. you watch as I start to fill the truck with fuel, as you look down into your lap at the pins, in your state of arousal you know the bite will be enough to send you over the edge as you take each and place them as instucted , your clit is so sensitive at this point the pins have never felt as they do now and the lips are engorged with your arousal. I hear the moan escape your lips as each is put in place.

I finish the fueling and get back in as I look over at My little one pouting in her need. It is a short drive to the resturant and W/we pull into the driveway and park I get out and come over to your side and open the door as I escort you inside.

We are seated at the table, our order is taken and drinks brought over.

I ask you " having fun" as I watch you squirm around in the seat.

"Yes Sir", is all you say.

The food is brought to us and as we eat.

I say " hand Me the pins now" .

You almost choke as you hear these words but look into My face and know I mean it. You reach down and release the first from your lip as the bite intensifies and you moan then the next one comes off the other lip and last but not least the one on your clit a shudder goes through you as the sensation rakes your soul as your hand comes into view holding three pins as you place them in My hand.

You hear Me say " you are welcome".

I continue to eat and finish My meal . The pins are next to my plate sitting in plain view I watch as small beads of sweat form on your face and neck as the waitress comes over to ask if we need anything else.

I say, No everything is perfect".

I finish my meal. and watch as you finish yours with trembling hands.

I say," ready for dessert".

You say "Cant eat another thing Sir".

As you look into My eyes I take the pins and hand them back to you, you look down the three pins in my palm. and I say,

" Who was talking of food".

I watch as you take pins from my palm with trembling fingers and move your hand under the table.

"Wait til I say yes", the look on your face is priceless as you do as told hold the pins in your lap waiting. I signal to the waitress and she comes to the table.

"Will there be anything else Sir' she asks

"Yes" I say.

I watch as your body moves and know from the look in your eyes that the first pin is in place.

The waitress asks" Would you care to see the desert menu Sir".

"Yes", I say.

A moan escapes your lips as the waitress leaves to get the menu and I know the second pin is in place.

The waitress returns and hands me the menu, after looking it over I hand the menu back to her.

I say " No thank you ".

The waitress asks " Are you ready for your bill Sir".

"Yes". I say.

As she hurries away the shudder that goes thru you as you place the last pin on your clit.The waitress comes over and hands me the bill, as she turns to leave, I take two one hundred dollar bills and lay them on the table.

I say "Thank you for a wonderful meal".

I get up and come over to you and take your arm and walk you back out to the truck. as you slide into the seat I grasp your thigh as you hear me say,

" As soon as you get out of that dress you can play with your toy".

I close your door and walk around to the drivers side, as I enter the truck you are already fumbling with the buttons.

I drive out of the parking lot, by the time I reach the onramp the dress hits the floor and reaching into the glove box.

All I say is , "You must beg to cum".

You start to play with your toy slowly sliding it in and out of your sex , but your need is great now as you increase your tempo of your thrusts, all I hear is you saying yes as you pleasure yourself you dont care if the world ends at that moment you must cum your body screams for release.

I look over and watch as you bite your lip as you plunge the toy deeper into your sex, I grasp your hair and say .

"Dont hold back little one"

As your mouth opens and the moans come forth ...

"Please may I cum Sir", is all you say.

As I release the pin on your clit I say.

" Yes cum for Me now".

The sight before My eyes is you in all your glory as a submissive woman lost in your feelings and need as you release yourself.

After you come back to earth and start to relax I grasp your hair and say.

"Two more pins to go I didnt tell you to stop"

The moan that escapes your lips is unlike before as you start to move your toy slowly in and out of your sex then within an instant you hear Me say.


From somewhere within you the release is instantanious as you moan yes and the two remaining pins are released from your lips.When you have spent all you can give you slump back in the seat as the toy slowly works inself from your body and drops to the floor.

I reach over and take you and turn you so your ass is toward Me and have you lay across the seat,

I say "Rest little one as the day has just begun".

As I drive on into the country, you lay there. I watch you sleep and think to Myself soon little one you will get all you desire. As if able to read My thoughts a shiver runs through your body and a soft contented moan escapes your lips.

I reach down and place My hand softly on your ass and continue to drive after several minutes you shift your body on the seat so My hand is nestled between your ass cheeks.

A smile comes across My face as you wiggle your ass , trying to plant My hand close to your sex but with each move you make I move My hand to the cheek again . then I start to slowly graze the flesh with My nails back and forth.

Are you just pretending to sleep. I will soon know as My fingers slowly graze downward barely touching your skin across your ass and downward over the puckered opening of your ass, so close within a nails length then back to your cheek slowly in circles moving ever closer.

You enjoy the tease as you lay there moving slowly with My hand but unable to capture it, after awhile of this teasingI stop and lay My hand firmly on your cheek and start to grasp the flesh first one cheek then the other.

Watching as your sex opens before me and moisture forms on the lips knowing the pleasure to come. as your body responds to My touch the way you lay there I can see all. your body holds no secrets from me.

I slide My hand down til My thumb is nestled between the lips of your sex as my fingers open and close between your cheeks slowly tapping one finger across your asshole. your hips move sliding My thumb deeper between your lips as I bend My finger and place on your asshole and just leave there slowly tapping.

You moan as you slide downward on My thumb and finger knowing the thumb will not go any further without the finger. I watch as your hips start to unjulate with need. My thumb becomes soaked from the wettness of you as the need grows further in you and you start to move faster

I remove My hand and place it back with My fingers between your wet lips and My thumb against your asshole. the chose is yours now as you moan two fingers at the entrace to your sex two upon your clit as if unable to control your need your body moves sinking all deeply into your body.

As you sigh, " Yes".

I continue to drive as you pleasure yourself rocking back and forth on My hand and the miles go by ,with each passing mile your need grows stronger, your movements becoming quick and urgent. through it all you hear Me say.

"So close My little one".

I hear the moan escape your lips

"Yes so close please may I cummm".

I remove My hand and you look up startled pouting into My eyes .

"Did I do something wrong", you ask.

I laugh and say no little one we are close to our destination. I reach down and toss the dress into your lap and say.

" Get dressed only two more miles to go til the exit".

Pouting you put on your dress then sit there with your finger in your mouth legs crossed. We arrive at the cabin within minutes from a dirt road . There is a car next to it with a man standing there.

I stop the car and get out of the truck. I walk around the truck and open your door and escort you out. We both walk up to the man and he says,

"I hope you enjoy. everythings been stocked as requested".

He eyes you up and down, your hair undone , two buttons undone at the waist. The smell of your arousal fills the air

He smiles and asks for rest of money due.

I say,"Yes I have it in the truck and tell you to stay put".

We walk to truck as you stand there as if frozen .

I retrieve the money from the glove box and as we stand by the door he counts it. We then walk back to where you are standing.

He looks you up and down knowingly, then smiles and shakes my hand and smiles and gets into his car and drives off.

I look over at you and you seem upset.

"What wrong little one", I say.

"I didnt like the way he looked at me", you say.

I laugh and say.

"Lets get the things out of the truck" .

We walk over and I start to unload the back and tell you to get things in front. you move to the passenger side and open door .

The gasp is heard from you loud and clear as you look down on the floor board and see three clothes pins and your favorite toy which still glistens with your moisture.

As you stand there aghast I walk up drop the things ,put My arms around you and rip all the buttons off your dress leaving it flapping in the wind.

I walk away toward the cabin with bags in hand laughing.

"Maybe he will give us a discount next time" ,I say.

You run up to me shaking your fist furious as you aproach I drop the things I carry and grab you by the hair holding you as I look into your eyes

"Kneel". is all I say.

As your knees buckle to the ground I take the dress from your shoulders ,as you kneel there.

I then lean you forward and spank that ass with my hand , thirty in all lands upon each cheek.

"Now stay and think hard before you speak", I say

I release you ,pick up the things and I walk into the cabin . I make several trips from the truck to the cabin , watching as you kneel there so proud.

When I have finished the unpacking I walk up to you and grasp your chin so you look Me in the eyes deeply.

"Now what is it you wish to discuss little one", I say.

Your head is held but your eyes are drawn downward unable to face Mine as you say one word.


I look at you as a tear falls upon your cheek softly kiss your lips and say

"I give you what you seek" I say.

You look at Me with the look I adore as you say

" Thank You for all You do Sir"

"Now get your things from the front of the truck"I say.

I walk back toward the cabin and as I reach the door I turn and say,

"Don't keep me waiting littlle one"

I enter the cabin as you get to your feet and walk over to the truck.
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Username: Prissietl

Post Number: 180
Registered: 07-2006

Posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 - 01:53 pm:   Edit Post

Once a princess always a princess
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New member
Username: Lilsoresub

Post Number: 11
Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 - 02:26 pm:   Edit Post

Very good story. In fact great. I could picture the trip to the cabin in the woods. The surreal surroundings. With a real driver at the wheel. Thank you for the story.
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New member
Username: Lilsoresub

Post Number: 12
Registered: 05-2007
Posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 - 02:27 pm:   Edit Post

oh yea chapter 2 please pretty please with a cherry on top.....

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