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Username: Scartlet_bottom

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Registered: 01-2010
Posted on Monday, January 18, 2010 - 02:33 am:   Edit Post

Scarlet woke to the sound of birds chirping with excitement as the rising sun heated the morning dew causing it to turn to mist. Jason was already up. The fire was glowing and the aroma of coffee wafted on a gentle breeze.
“Morning sleepyhead” he greeted her. “Breakfast will be ready in a jiffy. Did you sleep well?”
Scarlet sighed “Slept like a log” she replied
“After we eat you are going to tidy up then we will have some more fun-get your harness on while I dish out your breakfast.”
When Scarlet came back beside the fire Jason had a bowl of oatmeal waiting for her. He didn’t hand it to her however instead he ordered her down on all fours. He then fastened her collar and leash to her. Reaching into his bag he pulled out a large butt plug with a long ponytail attached to the end. He rubbed vaseline around the plug and told her to spread her butt cheeks. Then he inserted the plug way up inside her.
“ From now until we leave you are my doggy and you are going to be trained. You will eat your breakfast like a dog. You will do what I tell you. If you don’t you will be spanked severely. If you protest you will be muzzled and spanked. You will be given a series of challenges to complete if you fail you will be whipped with the switch. If you are successful you will get a treat. Here is your breakfast.” He said as he placed the bowl on the ground in front of her.
Scarlet stared at him in disbelief. “You want me to be your dog!” she exclaimed “You’ve got to be kidding.”
Whack, whack, whack, the switch came down hard on her buttocks. “You do not question me again. You behaved like a bitch yesterday morning so today you will be my bitch and I will train you to behave properly. If you refuse we will stop now, go home, and that will be the last spanking you will ever get from me. Part of our agreement is that you do what I tell you when we play-if you are not willing to do as I say then there is no point to our continuing. I will never abuse you but I will not take abuse from you either. All I want from this is for you to learn to follow orders. It is up to you, tell me what you want.”
Scarlet could see Jason was serious. She had read enough to know that doggy play wasn’t so bad. Maybe she should at least try it out for the sake of their relationship.
“Ok” she said “I’ll be your bitch for the day. Woof!
“Good.” Now that little rebellion has cost you twenty whacks of the paddle.” Training has begun.
After receiving her paddling Jason let her eat. She had to lap it up like a dog, No hands. It was in her hair and all over her face. When she finished Jason ordered her to clean herself up. On her knees she walked over to the pool but then forgot and scooped up water in her hands. Whack, whack, whack the switch bit into her back.
“That’s not how a doggy cleans herself” Lick your paws and rub your face with your spit. That is all you get to do today.” Jason ordered
“Shit” Scarlet thought. Whack the switch hit again- “I saw that look” None of your attitude next time it will be thirty”
“Right now for your tasks. You are going to learn to walk on a leash, when I turn, you turn-just like puppy training school. Failure to follow my lead will be punished. You will respond with a single bark to any question and the only sound I want to hear when you are punished is a whimper like a scolded puppy. Understand?”
“Woof” Scarlet responded
“That’s a good little bitch. Now come.” Jason tugged the leash and Scarlet moved forward on all fours. Ten steps, Jason turned left, Scarlet didn’t. Whack! Jason smacked her butt, she whimpered.
“Turn when I turn. Pay attention.” He turned again this time Scarlet turned with him. “Good doggy” he said and gave her a gummy treat. “Bark your thank you. Show your master you appreciate his generocity.”
“Woof” Scarlet barked “ all the while thinking how humiliating this was.
“Whack , whack, whack ten times the switch came down on her backside.” Don’t think, all you need to do is concentrate on my instructions. I can read your mind, you don’t hide your feelings well so quit. Once you learn to walk well on the leash then we can move to the next task. Round and round Jason walked her. Turning without notice first left then right. Each time she hesitated she got a sound whack from the switch. Finally she made five rounds in a row without faltering. Jason rewarded her with another gummy bear which he fed her from his palm.
“Ok well done. Now the next task will be to complete a series of tricks. You will sit when I hold out my hand palm up-that means you will sit on your feet like a dog would. Next you will lie down when my hand is out with palm down. You will bark when I make a speak motion with my hand. And you will learn to fetch. I will tell you to fetch certain items and you will bring them to me in your mouth. I will count to four and if you do not have the item and drop it at my feet within that time you will be given ten with the Tawse. We will keep doing it until you can fetch me ten items in a row without being punished. Lets start with the signal training.
For the next half hour Jason ran her through hand signal commands. Each time she was too slow or didn’t remember he would smack her ass hard with the tawse making her whimper. By the time he declared her having completed the task her behind sported a rosy red glow.
“Now we will do the fetching” Each time you fail to perform I will double your punishment so let’s hope you get this rather quickly.”
“Fetch my wallet” Off she trotted on all fours- Jason had left his wallet out on the bedding just to make this easy. She picked it up with her hand.
“Oops! Jason scolded “Come here. When was the last time you saw a dog pick up anything in their hands? That will cost you five of the Tawse - bark them out like you were counting.”
Smack-woof, smack woof, smack –woof, smack woof, smack woof. Scarlet barked out each painful smack-she really didn’t like this game.
“Next I want my boots-there they are over by your favorite tree. Fetch”
Scarlet brought him his boots one at a time in her mouth. They tasted terrible the rubber was bitter but she held back the gag she felt.
“Not bad” Jason said “you pass this one” and he gave her another gummy.
“Ok now I want to pack my goody bag so bring me the paddle, the switch-yes I’m taking that home as a souvenir, and the cat o nine. In the order I told you –you have two minutes. Fetch”
Jason had pulled a trick on her and scattered the items all over the ground. She had to find them a then bring them to him. As she scurried around looking for the items she forgot the order and the result was she brought the cat o’nine first, the paddle second, and the switch third.
“What is this, I told you –the paddle the switch and then the cat” he took the items and hurled them farther away in all directions.
“You’ve earned ten more with the tawse” he told her and she whimpered as he brought the tawse down harshly on her ever reddening bum.
“Try this again” Off she went in the direction of the paddle. It took her a minute to locate it and bring it back to him. Frantically she ran off to where she thought he’d thrown the switch but found the cat instead.
“Time’s up” Jason called out- “Come” Scarlet went back to where he was standing. “too slow girl and you have to remember where things go. That’s another twenty. “
This time he told her to come over her knee for the strapping. “It is really going to smart and you better pay close attention to where I throw them next time because your spanking will be fourty of what you are getting here. By the way you are allowed to scream all you want, you will need to.”
With that he thrashed her twenty times. Harder than anything she had received so far. She was crying and kicking so much he felt a little sorry for her. So he decided to only throw two items for her to retrieve. This time she paid very close attention to where the items landed and when he said Fetch she was right on them. First she picked up the switch and dropped it at his feet them she scurried off to get the cat and proudly presented it to Jason but holding on to it until he took it from her mouth.
“Very good girl. You are done with that task now put them all in my bag and wait for your treat.” When she finished he gave her another gummy.
“Ok now this next task will be your hardest. You have failed to give me a complete blow job. I know you try but you can’t seem to get past you gag reflex before we leave here today you are going to successfully let me cum in your mouth. Every time you gag I am going to turn you over my knee and spank you for ten minutes. The more times I have to stop m getting my blowjob the longer the time of your spanking will increase-five minutes longer each time. You have to learn to control the reflex.”
Jason pulled down his shorts and revealed his large throbbing dick. Scarlet knew from experience that he could hold back his release as long as he wanted to.
“I want you to do exactly what I tell you when I tell you” Start by licking my balls then take my cock in your mouth. I want to feel your tongue licking the shaft and then the head. The closer I get to coming the harder I will thrust-If you gag then -Your ass is toast “ begin.
Scarlet followed Jasons orders –licking his shaven balls. Her tongue darted over the scrotum like a snakes and sending thrills through his body. When he ordered her to open her mouth she obeyed and he filled it with the head. Scarlet’s tongue circled the head and found its way down the shaft but then he inserted it deeper and she gaged.
Jason said nothing as he threw her over his knee and set the timer. Smack went his hand again and again. She screamed and hollered and kicked. But the blows kept coming. Harder and harder. Til the timer dinged and Jason let her up.
“Try again” he demanded “from the beginning”.
Again she licked his balls, took the head and then the shaft. Jason groaned his pleasure as the excitement built up. He began pumping in and out of her mouth watching his cock disappear between her lips then it happened again.
Gack! Scarlet choked again. Not even waiting for his order she put herself across Jason’s knee. Ten minutes later his penis was back in her mouth and she was determined not to fail again. She sucked and licked and let him pump in and out. Jason could feel his orgasm mounting. He grabbed her by the hair and fucked her mouth like he was fucking her cunt ”You bitch, You fucking wonderful bitch” he roared as his cock exploded in her mouth. That was too much for Scarlet she gagged and puked but then she smiled. She had come farther than she ever had before.
“ Alright that was well done but honey I would be remiss if I did not administer one final spanking –you still gagged and puked so you deserve it for that but that will be all for this weekend. You have come a long way.”
Scarlet knew he was right. If she didn’t get this last spanking she would feel deprived. She wanted it and she wanted it hard.
“Please sir make this the hardest hand spanking you ever gave me”
Jason set the timer for fifteen minutes. By the time he’d finished not a white spot remained on Scarlet’s backside and a few lovely purple bruises were beginning to show up. He shook out his hand “Damn woman you have buns of steel. My hand is numb from spanking you! Come here and let me take care of you.”
Jason spread Scarlet’s legs apart and placed his head between them. He sniffed in her juicy scent and then proceeded to give her clit a tongue lashing that had her squirming with delight. Before long she was begging for him to let her come and when he finally allowed it she came with a vengeance.
“Maybe camping isn’t so bad after all” Scarlet mused to herself. “But I’m not going to let Jason know what I’m thInking.”
“ Yes we will have to do this again my naked little wood nymph.” Jason grinned beside her. “After all the Big Bad Wolf loves to play”
The end

Love means never having to say you are sorry but you will in the end Wah haa!!!

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