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New member
Username: Downunder

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Registered: 04-2007

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2007 - 04:01 pm:   Edit Post


Mary woke slowly, as she opened her eyes she saw the sun streaming in through her window in wide dancing rays. The sunlight highlighted the color of her canopied bed & highlighted the little particles floating through the air. A smile crept across her sweet face. Today was the day! The long awaited & needed spanking was to happen. She looked over at the clock radio beside her bed & realized that she had only two hours to get ready. She could already feel the butterflies churning in her stomach in anticipation.

She lay there with thoughts running through her mind of what lay ahead. Would it be as good as she imagined? Would he fulfill her spanking needs? Was he the answer to what & who she had been searching for? The more the thoughts raced through her mind, the more nervous she became.

Mary rolled out of her bed & decided that a brisk walk along the beach would help to calm her nerves. Dressing quickly, she put on just a pair of shorts & an old sweat shirt. She would get dressed properly after she got back & her had a shower. Besides, she loved the feel of being naked under her shorts & gave her that naughty feeling & as she passed people on the beach, she smiled to herself, wondering what they would think if they only knew.

It was a beautiful summer morning on the beach, she strode briskly along on her walk. There was hardly anyone else on the beach at this early hour on a Saturday morning. Mary looked like any other 40-ish woman walking along beach getting her exercise, if they only knew that soon she would be over a man's lap getting a bare bottom spanking. Although Mary looked calm on the outside, her mind was racing with thoughts of the impending spanking. Her excitement was building faster than she wished. She could feel her nipples pressing hard against the soft material of her sweatshirt & the feeling in her sex was getting almost unbearable. Damn.......I should have put on knickers, she thought. She could feel her juices starting to escape her sex & lightly lubricate her soft inner thighs. Good thing there were no people close enough to see the effect her thoughts were having. She could even smell the sweet aroma of her sexual excitement.

After the brisk 1/2 hour walk, Mary decided it was time to head back to her place & start getting ready for the events ahead. Her excitement & nerves had been building, ever since her first thoughts of her impending spanking, early this morning. She knew it would take another 1/2 hour to return home.

Taking a quick glance at thew clock, she knew she had lot's of time to be ready for her "appointment", after all one hour is enough time for any woman to get read, or so she thought.

Quickly getting undressed, she got into the shower to wash away the sweat from her early morning walk, not to mention the other aroma, that was strong in the air.

After adjusting the water & pulsating jets to her liking she quickly washed her hair, thank heavens for short hair, she thought. Once the hair was washed & conditioned, she relaxed & let the jets of water cascade over her lovely body. Reaching for the scented soap, she started to wash her soft breasts, first mistake. She could feel her nipples react quickly to her soft touch & the slippery feeling of the soap as she washed them. Finishing that area quickly, she washed the rest of her feminine body. Her soft stomach, her firm thighs & legs. She deliberately left her bottom & the area between her legs till last. She reached around & started to soap her ample bottom, wondering if he will like the look & feel of it as he rained spanks upon it. She smiled at this thought. Finally, reaching around to the front Mary started to soap & wash her sex. was happening again!!.....her slender soap covered fingers slid softly between her now swollen lips. She loved the feeling as they slid up & down her opening. Mary wanted this area to be especially clean for the events she hoped would happen shortly. She was glad that she had shaved around the area yesterday. Mary could feel her hips start to move back & forth with a sexual need; but she knew that she had been told NOT to have an orgasm today. She wondered if she should go ahead and just not tell him.........hmmmm. No she decided. Reluctantly, she stopped the sensual washing of her sex.

Turning the water temperature to cold, she quickly rinsed all the soap off & stepped out to dry herself off with her oversized fluffy towel. Wrapping the towel around herself, she headed to her bedroom to dress for her visitor.

Looking at the clock, she now saw that she had thirty minutes to dress as she was instructed. He was very specific in what she was to wear. A simple sun dress, knickers & nothing bra or shoes. Easy, she thought, plenty of time. Wrong!.... which one to choose? She had way too many. After trying on several & not really liking what she saw, she finally settled on a short white one. It would show off her lovely tan. It just covered her ample bottom. Thinking to herself, she wondered if that would go well with her soon to be red bottom?

"Ok.... dress settled on. Now the underwear" Mary said to herself.

Searching through her underwear drawer, she again was faced with the dilemma of too much of a selection. She pulled out a sexy "G" string.... much of her bottom would be on show when he flipped up the short dress she thought.

Next she tried on some satin red french-cut ones, no... she thought again, they would creep up too quickly into the secret crevice between her round cheeks. She knew she would be kicking her slender legs in earnest & that was bound to happen.

DAMN...she was running out of time! He would be there shortly.

Reaching down to the very bottom of the drawer, she found the perfect pair. They were a pair she had forgotten she even had. They were a smooth white silk pair she had bought ages ago & had always thought they would be great to show off her ample soft bottom. On the front was a little scarlet ribbon tied in a bow. They would cover her bottom fully & would frame her sweet bottom just like a good picture frame enhance a good painting.

Looking quickly at the clock,Mary saw that there were only 5 minutes before he was to arrive.

Now she had time to stop & take a deep breath, before the fateful knock on the door.

Mary could feel her heart pounding in her chest, as if it was trying to get out. Her stomach was filled with 100's of butterflies fluttering their wings. Her nipples & sex were reacting as if they had a mind of their own, preparing themselves for what was to happen.

"Damn", Mary thought, am I going to be able to say "hi" when I open my mouth to greet him?


Mary froze....should she open that fateful door......maybe he will go away if I don't open the door, thinking I had to go out. She had known him for ages; chatting in the room, exchanging e-mails, talking on the phone & had met for coffee. Now.....was THE moment that all of this had led up to.

No......Damn it!

"I want this & need this", she whispered to herself

As if in slow motion, Mary walked to the door. Her slender hand reached for the door handle. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door.

Standing in front of her now was the man, holding a single yellow Rose. He smiled at Mary & extended his arm towards Mary & said "For you Mary". His smile radiated warmth & caring.

Mary knew then that all would be well. A smile crossed her beautiful face & she reached forward & took the Rose from his firm hand.

"Come in" said Mary , her mouth was dry with nervousness; but the words came out sounding warm & pleasant to her friend.

Mary showed him the way to the kitchen & asked him if he would like a cup of tea or coffee.

"coffee please " he said.

Mary busied her self making his coffee & a cup of Earl Grey tea for herself.

"The Friend" studied Mary as she went about getting their drinks. A smile of appreciation crossed his face. He liked the image before him & was very pleased that Mary had worn exactly what he had asked her to. She looked absolutely enchanting & that bottom ....... mmmmmmmm..... That bottom was made to be spanked.

Mary & her friend chatted easily over their drinks. It was if they had known each other much longer than they had. The conversation was light & no mention of the impending spanking was brought into the conversation.

Her friend, finishing his coffee noticed that Mary too had finished her tea. Pushing his chair back, he rose.

Mary's heart seemed to skip a beat.

He walked slowly towards Mary. When he reached Mary's end of the table, he smiled at her & leaned forward & gave her a soft kiss on her trembling lips. He took Mary's cup & saucer & put them, along with his, beside the sink.

Mary was watching every move that her friend made. She knew that the moment was very close & soon she would be over his lap for her much wanted spanking.

Turning away from the sink & facing Mary once again, her friend said " Well young lady, NOW it's time for your SPANKING"

"Go into your room & wait for me now!"

Mary felt a shiver of excitement course through her body. Mary stood up slowly from her chair & walked into her bedroom. The first thing that she saw was the straight backed that she had placed there earlier. Seating herself slowly into the soft brocaded seat, she waited for it all to begin.

Mary was excited, nervous, apprehensive, sexually aroused & happy. All these sensations & thoughts converged in one big rush to her brain. The butterflies were now more like hummingbirds inside her stomach beating their wings at an unbelievable rate, her nipples seemed to be trying to pierce through her top and her sex was swollen in anticipation and was reacting as if electrical pulses were surging though it.

It seemed like ages before her friend entered the bedroom, although in fact, it was only about five minutes.

Walking slowly, he stood before her.

Mary felt like a young girl. He seemed so tall standing in front of her while she was seated.

"Mary, before we begin this I want to get something straight. First of all, do you deserve this spanking?"

"Yyyes" Mary managed to say. Her mouth felt so dry.

"You realize that once we start, there is no backing out"

"Yes Sir" croaked Mary.

Mary just wished that he would start, she hated the waiting.

" last thing & then young lady you are going to get a damn good spanking. Tell me the safe word please"

"Sunset" sir

They had both agreed on this during their conversations beforehand, thinking it was cute, as her bottom would be the color of a brilliant red sunset when he had finished.

"Stand up Young lady"

Mary quickly stood up & stood beside the chair.

Her friend sat down on the vacated seat. Reaching out with his strong arm he gently pulled her close & instructed Mary to lay over his lap.

Mary heaved a big sigh & lay herself over his lap. The feelings of excitement , nervousness & need all ran into one & almost overloaded her brain with sensations.

Mary felt her friend adjusting her so that her lovely bottom was the highest point of her body. He adjusted her so that she was comfortable & her bottom was in perfect position for good hard spanks. She felt him reaching for the hem of her short summer dress & then lifting it up over her soon to be exposed bottom. She felt his fingers slip under the silk knickers & pull them outward to fully cover her waiting bottom. His fingers, as they touched her soft skin, sent shivers of desire through her body. Mary then felt her friend gently rub her bottom, first one lovely cheek & then the other. The sensation of his firm hand on her soft bottom cheeks was reassuring. The next sensation Mary felt was his soft fingertips slowly moving up & down her soft inner thighs.

Oh God !!! she thought, don't tease me....just start. Please !! She could feel her hips moving up & down in sexual need. She had no control over them. The lips of her sex seemed to swell even more in urgent need.


Four light blows to her panty covered bottom. Two on each cheek. Next she felt him rubbing again, this time a bit firmer. Slow circular motions on each waiting cheek.

SMACK>>>>>SMACK>>>>>>>>SMACK. This time Mary felt the spanks were firmer. She received a total of 20, ten on each cheek. Although they did not hurt to badly, Mary now knew that her long awaited spanking had commenced. The sensation of his firm hand smacking her soft bottom was almost to good to be true. It had been so long since she had been spanked & she needed this as she needed to breath.

Now her friend, once again, traced his fingertips slowly along her soft inner thighs & the up to the sensitive area just under where her bottom cheeks meet her thighs.

SPANK>>>>>SPANK>>>SPANK>>>>>SPANK.... Twenty hard spanks on her sweet bottom. This time they were warm-up spanks now.

Mary's head snapped up in reaction to these new spanks & a groan of pleasure escaped her soft red lips. Now she knew the spanking was really started.

Her friend looked at the lovely vision before him. He could see Mary's lovely soft bottom through the soft silk white panties. It had turned a beautiful shade of pink. Reaching forward, he slipped his fingers into the waist band of her panties, and slowly started to pull them down over her pink bottom & down her slender legs.

Mary felt his slender fingers reach in to pull her panties down. She lifted her hips up off his firm lap to make his task easier. A cool rush of air swept over her pink bottom cheeks. She could feel the panties sticking to her swollen wet sex as he pulled them lower & lower. All at once her sex released them from it's grasp. The cool air seemed to rush against those swollen lips & increase her pleasure. She felt her panties travel all the way down her legs & over her feet. Mary now knew that all her charms were totally exposed for him to see.

Her friend marveled at this new sight that greeted his eyes. A soft lovely bottom with a beautiful pink color. He could see that Mary was aroused, as her soft inner thighs were glistening with her sexual juices. He could see the swollen outer lips of her sweet sex. He almost wanted to stop & just carry her to the soft canopied bed & make sweet tender love to her; but he knew, she wanted & needed more.

"OK Mary, this will be the last of the spanks in this position, after this you will get 10 with the belt while you lay over the pillows on your bed. I want you to stay as still as you can & take these like a brave young lady. You will be getting 50 hard spanks, twenty-five on each of your lovely cheeks"

A shudder of pleasure & fear went through Mary's body. Would she be able to take 50 ? Damn.....what was that safe word again? ....oh yes..SUNSET.... Damn, that wasn't funny anymore.

Her friend slowly rubbed her bare bottom with soft tender circular motions. Mary relaxed a bit & forgot about what was to happen very soon. A groan of pleasure again escaped her sweet lips.


Twenty-five times his firm hand cascaded over her bouncing bottom cheeks. He covered all parts of Mary's delectable nether cheeks, from the middle right down to the extra tender area where her cheeks met her glistening thighs.

Mary's legs were kicking in all directions, exposing all of her hidden charms. Her head was snapping back with each painful blow. Her ample hips were moving side to side trying to that dreadful hand that was making her sweet bottom feels like she had sat on a hot stove.

Suddenly, it stopped, Mary could feel the intense heat covering her lovely globes. She could feel the blood coursing through the veins of her hot cheeks. Her hips moved up & down with a mind of their own. While this was happening, Mary suddenly realized that she could feel his hard penis pushing up against her sex. Even through his shorts, it felt so hard & big.

"Oh God" she thought "This is wonderful"

Despite the pain, Mary knew she needed more. She was almost at that point where pain & pleasure became one. Her sexual feelings were now taking over from the pain of the spanking.

Mary felt his fingers once again stroke her inner thighs & her now hot cheeks. Suddenly, she felt his fingers reach between her legs & graze softly against her swollen sex. His fingers lightly traced from the bottom of her sex right up to the very top. They caressed her erect clitoris with such tenderness, that an involuntary shudder of pleasure overtook her body. She could feel his soft finger tip, now coated with her own juices of pleasure, slide up further. She felt the finger slide over her rosebud opening & make it moist with her juices. It then slid further up the valley between her scorching mounds. Back & forth it went, from her swollen sex to the top of her glorious globes. Her hips started to move in time with his soft touch. Mary could feel her desire building as his touches became faster & faster. She was now thrusting her hips up & down, searching for release.

Suddenly........He stopped !!!!

DAMN>>DAMN>>>DAMN......Not now, Mary thought.

She felt him reach around with his left arm & get a firm grip around her lower back.

He now had her in a firm grip, so even if she tried to move off his lap it was impossible.

Mary's hips were still moving up & down from her desire. Just as her hips reached the pinnacle.....

The last twenty-five had begun.

Mary's bottom, still tender from the last barrage, reacted quickly to this new onslaught of spanks. Once again her modesty was forgotten, as her legs moved in all directions in response to his firm hand. She knew he could see everything; but she didn't give a damn. His spanks were spaced out beautifully, so as when the pain of the previous one was diminishing, the next one exploded on her soft bottom. Only a few left to go now, she thought. Mary almost didn't want it to end; but she knew the belt was next. She knew there would be no touching or teasing after this ended. They had agreed that is was to be straight onto the bed for the belt.

CRACK!!!!!! last hard one, right in the middle of both cheeks. Right at the lowest part of her flaming bottom.

"Right Young Lady, over to the pillows NOW. Take your dress right off."

Mary scrambled quickly off his lap & dropped the summer dress quickly over her shoulders & let it fall to the floor & then almost ran to the bed. She quickly positioned herself over the pillows so as her bright red bottom was raised high in the air.

"Spread your legs wider, Young Lady"

Mary complied, even though she knew that that he would see her sexual excitement. As she spread her legs as wide as was comfortable, it seemed to raise her pulsating red bottom even higher.

Her friend now smiled at the site before him. There was Mary, her bottom scarlet in color, her sex seemed to be opening like a flower greeting the morning sun & her inner thighs were coated with her juices like a morning dew covers the soft petals of roses.

Mary turned her head sideways to see her friend undressing quickly. He took off his shoes, shorts & his T-shirt. Now he was wearing only his snug fitting boxer shorts. Although not young anymore, his body was in good shape. His chest was a nice size & tapered down to a nicely sized waist. The muscles in his legs were well defined. She could even see the wet spot on his snug boxer shorts where his pre-cum had seeped through.

Mary drew a deep breath as she watched him draw his belt from his discarded shorts. Her eyes were transfixed as she watched him double the belt in preparation for the next & last phase of her spanking. She was in a great need now to feel the soft leather smack across her tender red bottom. She actually pushed her bottom higher to feel the kiss of the belt.

Grabbing the soft quilt that covered her bed, Mary clenched her hands into fists & waited.

She heard the whistle of the belt as it flew towards her vulnerable bottom.

CRACK !!!!!!!! CRACK !!!!! CRACK !!!!

Her head again snapped back in reaction to the sting of the leather belt.

Crack !!!!! Crack !!!! Crack !!!

All of a sudden, Mary reached that sensation of pain becoming pleasure. Each blow now brought Mary closer to what she had been searching for & needing for so long. The heat from her fiery bottom was now fusing with the heat of her sex. She was now pushing her bottom back to great the delicious sting of the belt.

CRACK !!! Crack !! Crack !!!

Mary was now so close to sexual relief, she knew one more would do it. She could feel herself pushing her lovely bottom upwards in search of the belt.


Everything seemed to happen at once. Her body reacted to a surging orgasm, her mind just let go & tears started to flow. All the tension & guilt seemed to be released at once. The combination was just overwhelming.

Her friend, dropping the belt to the floor, lay down next to Mary & held her close. He held her in his strong arms & whispered in her ear.

"Mary, it's okay, let it all out my angel."

Mary held him close & just cried tears of relief & joy. She felt as if a heavy burden had now been lifted off her shoulders.

Her friend kept holding her close & reassuring her that everything was ok.

After Mary finally stopped crying, he moved between her legs. On his knees, he bent down & softly kissed her tender bottom His soft lips & warm breath felt so good on her very warm bottom. He kissed her bottom all over from top to bottom. His warm wet tongue moving so close to her swollen lower lips & then back up again.

Mary knew that he could smell the beautiful aroma of her earlier sexual release. His kisses seemed to take the pain away & just left that nice warm tingling sensation that one feels after a good spanking. She could feel herself reacting again to his sensual administrations. All of a sudden she felt his warm tongue penetrate the secret valley between her cheeks. The sensation was electrifying & sent shivers up her spine. No one had ever done this to her before & the sensation was so good. Mary felt his hands slowly spread her red cheeks apart & then felt his hot breath near her rosebud entrance. Next she felt his hot tongue softly circle that secret opening.

Oh God !! never had she felt something so good. The feeling of his firm hands holding her as his soft tongue circled & gently probed her private opening. His soft warm breath gently blowing on it. This new sensation was incredible. Mary could feel herself in need again. Her sex was once again flowing with juices.

Her friend then gave her two gentle bites, one on each cheek.

"Mary, turn over please. I want to taste your sweet juices"

Mary willingly turned over on to her back & spread herself open for him.

They both looked at each other & a smile crossed their faces. He lent forward & kissed her gently on the tip of her cute nose. Moving down to her soft breast, he drew her stiff nipple into his warm mouth. His tongue gently circled the erect tissue & pulled it softly into his mouth.

Mary reached forward & held his head softly as he moved to the other soft breast & repeated the sensual administrations with his mouth & talented tongue. Moving ever so slowly, he worked his way toward her waiting sex. He kissed her soft abdomen, the soft swell of her stomach before finally reaching her waiting, needing sex.

He was glad that Mary kept the opening to her sex shaved. It always looked so nice when a woman kept it like that, you could actually see the beauty of what God had created.

Gently kissing her soft inner thighs, he worked closer & closer to her now very wet sex. He marveled at the beauty of her swollen lips. The sweet aroma of her arousal reached his nostrils & send a message of increased arousal to his brain & his hard penis. Still confined inside his snug boxers, it twitched & strained against the soft material.

Mary felt his hot breath before his soft tongue reached her sensitive outer lips. Gently pushing her hips forward she met his eager tongue. She felt his broad tongue lick slowly up her sex. A shudder of pleasure shook through her body.

Mary noticed that when his tongue was just above her opening it was broad & as it neared her erect & engorged clitoris it narrowed & then began a quick side to side flicking. Once it reached the tip of her excitement, it came almost a point & just very gently flicked back & forth like the soft touch of Butterfly wings, before it started it's sweet journey back down.

Mary's hips were now starting to push forward in more urgency. He held her hips firmly in his grasp as his actions sped up. Now each time his soft tongue reached the bottom of her glistening sex it probed deeply inside her before it started it's tantalizing journey back up. Every once in awhile he would draw her clitoris & surrounding hood into his warm mouth & gently suck. His butterfly flicks were now becoming firmer & faster.

Bringing one hand down from her soft hips, he placed one finger near the opening of her sex. Gently inserting it into her now soaking sex, he slid it upwards towards the wall just behind her pelvic bone. Meanwhile, his tongue was still working its magic on her swollen pulsating lips & erect clitoris. His finger has found Mary's "G" spot.

Mary's hips were now moving at a frantic pace. Each thrust forward brought her closer & closer to an explosive orgasm. She could feel his tongue working wonders & his finger was now moving in & out with each driving push. Each time it stroked her special spot, bringing her closer & closer.

She could feel the orgasm building with such a force. Her hips were now making love to his face & the solitary finger. She reached forward frantically & grasped the back of his head & drew him hard against her sex.

One last thrust forward & the dam broke. Wave after wave of orgasm surged through her body, never seeming to diminish in force. Her hips were now jerking up & down against his face as each wave coursed through her body.

Mary could still feel his finger massaging her "G" spot. The waves of pleasure seemed to be getting bigger & bigger. Her whole body was convulsing with the force of her continued orgasm. She felt him draw her clitoris gently into his warm mouth & tenderly suckle it.

She felt him slowly withdraw his finger from within her hot sex as her orgasms finally started subsiding. Mary felt both of his hands again holding her hips firmly, as he ever so gently brought her down from her orgasmic bliss by slowly & sensuously licking the whole length of her sex again.

Once Mary returned to a state where so could talk again, she looked down at her friend & said "WOW"

A smile crossed his face. Looking back at her he replied " My pleasure Young Lady"

Almost reluctantly, he withdrew his face from her sex and moved up to hold Mary close. They lay in each other's arms, both feeling a very special bond. He softly covered her face with tender kisses as he held her in his masculine arms.

Mary could feel his hard penis pressing against her pelvic area. Still confined inside his snug boxer shorts, it seemed to be trying to poke a hole through the soft material.

Mary gently disengaged herself from
their embrace & whispered to him " Lay on your back & let me look after you now"

With a big smile on his face, he rolled over onto his back.

Mary slowly kissed his masculine body on the way down to her target. She kissed & brought his erect nipples into her warm mouth, placed soft kisses over the soft skin of his stomach. She could now see the large wet area on his underwear caused by his pre-cum.

She smiled to herself, for she then knew that he loved to preform oral sex on her & that it turned him on almost as much as it did her.

Slowly reaching her long fingers into the waist band of his boxers, she started to unveil her her prized target.

He raised his slim hips off the soft bed to make the task easier for her. He felt his very hard member twitch in anticipation of what he hoped was ahead.

Mary slid his garment slowly over his rampant member & down his nicely shaped legs until they were totally off and then dropped them onto the floor.

Returning her eager gaze back to her friends lower region, she noticed that he had a nicely shaped & sized male appendage.

It stood straight up & was almost flat against his slim stomach. The thickness was just perfect for her needs. A total surprise to Mary was that he shaved his pubic area. The area above his rock hard penis was shaved smooth, as well as his heavy looking sac that had been drawn up tight to his body in pre-orgasmic need. Mary could see the swollen velvet head covered in his pre-cum excitement.

She knew then that his need was urgent. She knew, that if they had penetration now, he would not last long. That, she decided could happen after they had a little rest. Right now her concern was to please him, as he had done for her.

Mary brought her soft mouth slowly towards his rampant member, she blew softly over the velvet head & down the long shaft. Grasping the swollen head gently, she covered her palm with his juices & then slid it slowly up & down the twitching engorged shaft. Her soft feminine hand just fitted around his swollen shaft. She made sure she kept the soft part of her thumb touching the sensitive spot, just below the velvet head on the front, on each tender stroke. Mary knew this was the male equivalent of the clitoris.

Her friend was now moving his hips in time with her gentle strokes. Mary's hand felt so smooth & soft on his rigid member.

Mary looked up at his charming face & smiled. He had his eyes closed & there was a smile on his face.

Mary lowered her warm mouth to the tip of his swollen head, with the free hand she gently held & played with his ball sac. She softly kissed the red swollen head. Opening her hot mouth, she slid her soft lips over the head & part way down the shaft.

"Oh God....That is fantastic" he whispered.

Mary now started to move her head faster up & down his hard shaft. Every once in awhile, stopping to twirl her soft tongue around his velvet head. Each time she did this she tasted the salty taste of his pre-cum.

Her friends hips were now moving faster & faster, meeting each movement of Mary's sweet mouth. He knew he would not last much longer. He could feel the exquisite pleasure of a fast approaching orgasm.

Mary knew now that he was so close, she sped up her head motions now. Faster & faster, meeting each thrust of his hips.

"Mary...Mary.....I'm going to cum!!"
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Moderator/Spanking Aficionado
Username: Tammynx

Post Number: 1866
Registered: 10-2005

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2007 - 07:46 pm:   Edit Post

That was worth the wait!!! That was great!!!

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Username: Badgirl

Post Number: 212
Registered: 11-2005
Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 01:22 am:   Edit Post

Note to self: do not read any more of downunder's stories without a man or vibrator handy.

Awesome. And yes, very, very hot!

Is there a part 3?
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Moderator/Spanking Aficionado
Username: Tammynx

Post Number: 1874
Registered: 10-2005

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 10:34 am:   Edit Post

Oh yes I would love a part 3!!!
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Username: Weasel

Post Number: 248
Registered: 06-2006

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 11:11 am:   Edit Post

Verrrry seXXXy! No confusion whatsoever in part 2!
Some day you'll spank me... er thank me for this!
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Advanced Spanko
Username: Buenaventura

Post Number: 587
Registered: 04-2006

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 08:37 pm:   Edit Post

Getting to 60 has certain benefits doesn,t it? Great technique Downunder guess you could have been more vocal during the spanking and I suppose you use different fingers front and back but that,s a very sexy story!!Hope you write some more very soon.
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New member
Username: Downunder

Post Number: 15
Registered: 04-2007

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 09:20 pm:   Edit Post

Thank-you all for the nice comments . At this point there is no part 3. I wrote that story about 2 years ago & haven't got around to writing any more. It was my first venture into writing. Buenaventura... You're right...60 isn't dead, despite a lot of people thinking so
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New member
Username: Rawhide

Post Number: 4
Registered: 04-2007
Posted on Friday, April 13, 2007 - 08:02 am:   Edit Post

I have to say that was an awesome sensual story! I give you a 10 on that one! I write poetry and short stories but have written a couple of spanking stories but they are on a floppy disk and my disk drive is jammed. I need to get it fixed and get those stories out to you all! I am working on it. I may have to change some of the content because it does not apply to total spanking. Some bondage in there that I can take out! Your story made me horny! Well done. Stretch your imagination and write another. I would make a bunch of short stories. Perhaps I }better get writing!
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New member
Username: Downunder

Post Number: 19
Registered: 04-2007

Posted on Friday, April 13, 2007 - 06:55 pm:   Edit Post

Thank-you Rawhide for your nice comments. Would love to read some of your stories.

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