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Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 08:17 pm:   Edit Post

Dana stepped inside the office and closed the door. She found herself in a reception area or waiting room. A desk sat unoccupied ahead and to her left. Behind it was a closed door. Closer to the front of the office, also on the left was an open doorway revealing a conference table. A grandfather clock beside her struck the hour. Directly in front of her were 2 chairs facing a coffee table. On the other side of the coffee table was a sofa.

The leather strap lay across the back of one of the chairs and a large book lay open on the coffee table. On each revealed page, a black woman stood facing away from the camera. She was completely nude and standing next to a grandfather clock. On the left page she held a thin switch behind her back. On the right, she held a long-handled brush.

An odd choice in art, she thought. She glanced around the room and saw the grandfather clock and recognized the one from the picture. This wasn't art, so much as a portfolio! On the right, the woman looked healthier. She'd lost weight and somehow was holding herself more confidently.

She started to turn back toward the door. She didn't want to be that woman ... but yes she did. She wanted very much to have the discipline in her life to improve whatever she needed to ... even if it meant waiting naked for the application of a bath brush.

As she stepped closer to the coffee table for a better look, the closed door behind the desk opened and Mr. Green stepped out. He was tall and muscular with dark hair, a salt and pepper beard, and piercing blue eyes.

"Dana, I presume", he said in a booming voice and a confident smile.

"Yes, Mr. Green", she answered, trying to keep her voice from quavering.

"So pleased to meet you", he said as he stepped forward and shook her hand. "Thank you for getting your paperwork in to me and answering my preliminary questions. Those guide me as we begin. Of course, I will make adjustments as I get to know you better."

"I see you're already acquainted with Nadia". He placed a hand behind Dana's back and nudged her closer to the coffee table. "She came to me about 16 years ago. On the left, you see her at her second session with me. She smoked heavily, couldn't pass her GED, was 80 pounds overweight, and dated any loser who would ask her. With some discipline, 2 years later she looked great, had great confidence in herself, had quit smoking, and was getting A's and B's in college. She invited me to her wedding to an engineer about 3 years after this second picture."

"Next time you come, feel free to come a few minutes early and look through the book. It has about 10 years of the ladies who've agreed to include their pictures and stories. In another few months, I'll be having the next edition printed."

Dana nodded. She wasn't sure what to say ... and then Mr. Green's hand was firmer against her back. She stepped forward right to the back of the chair and then found herself bending over it.

"But tonight is about your success, Dana, not theirs", Mr. Green said. He leaned over her, adjusting her arms so that her elbows rested on the seat of the chair. One hand then lay heavily between her shoulderblades and then the other was pressing against her butt.

This wasn't exciting. It wasn't arousing. She had suddenly lost control of her body and it was terrifying. "I don't", she began, but a hard swat on her left butt cheek rocked her. "I want", she started again and another hard swat rocked her, this time on the right cheek. Two more swats fell on each cheek and she was suddenly aware of how much her butt hurt. Was that only 6 swats?

"Dana, tonight is about bringing you into obedience to me", Mr. Green said. Dana felt her skirt being lifted. She squirmed, but there was nothing to be done. She knew her skirt would be coming up or off. She hadn't thought about being on her elbows and having her lace-clad buttocks the highest part of her body. She couldn't remember ever feeling quite so vulnerable.

Then his hand was on her butt again.

"Tonight I'm beginning your training. I may punish you a little, but mostly I'm training you. An athlete runs as part of his training. A soldier marches, does push-ups, and cleans things at a ridiculous level as part of his training. Your training involves deep submission to me, including spanking."

Mr. Green's hand momentarily left Dana's bottom, then fell with a loud SMACK, then another. Dana tried to squirm away, but there was nowhere to go.

She felt his fingers inside the top of her panties. She thought he would pull them down, but instead he pulled them up and laid his hand on her half-bare cheek. Then his hand rose and fell again. The stinging in her bottom increased as he spanked steadily for half a minute.

For a moment his hands left her and when he spoke his voice was directly behind her. "Dana, you will be spanked like that several more times this evening. And you will be tempted to disobey to try to avoid it. But disobedience will get you the strap."

Dana felt her panties tugged upward harder and heard him move back to her left side.

SMACK! Pain exploded across her bottom. For the first time she cried out and tried to stand up. Mr. Green was right there. "Shhh ... hold still for one more with the strap and then you may stand up." His hand was firm on her shoulder for a few seconds.

She nodded and he released her. Seconds later another resounding SMACK filled the room as the leather licked her red buttocks.

Dana's legs quivered, but otherwise she held still.

"Dana, you may stand up, but do not touch your bottom."

Without conscious thought, Dana obeyed. She felt like she'd been bent over for an hour, but a glance at the clock said it was only 6 minutes after 8. She felt her skirt fall back into place. She also felt tears in her eyes. "I'm over 30 years old and still cry when I'm spanked!?" she said to herself. The pain of the strap had shocked her, but there was more reason for her tears. This man was disappointed in her behavior and though she'd just met him, that mattered to her.

Mr. Green's keen eyes were on her as she smoothed the front of her skirt and wiggled just a little. She wished she could stand still, but that strap had really stung. And she wished she didn't show Mr. Green any tears ... but there they were. And she believed he was observing everything about her.

"Dana, we won't want any disturbances for the next hour or so. Sometimes a salesman or even a homeless person comes around late and I wouldn't want one of them walking in once your panties are off, so please go lock the door." Mr. Green spoke conversationally, just as though the upcoming event were a review of financial papers or something else very normal and routine.

Dana's heels clicked on the tile as she went back to the door and locked it. When she turned around she saw that Mr. Green had turned one of the chairs around and was sitting in it. "Come stand in front of me, young lady", he said softly. Something was more serious in his tone and Dana stepped quietly before him.

"Dana, we are about to discuss your behavior and the rules you will be following. The swats you took with the strap will help you pay attention, but I find that girls pay better attention if they are actively involved in the process of their submission."

Dana's mind raced. What was she expected to do? Take notes?

"Lift the front of your skirt."

The order caught Dana off-guard and she blushed. She'd dreamed of being naked in front of him and he'd just spanked her over her panties, but with him sitting there before her, the instruction felt very humiliating.

She took a deep breath and slowly raised the front of her skirt, aware that his eyes were following the hem as it slid up her legs. It wasn't that she was shy about her legs. She was in a swimsuit at the beach less than 2 months ago ... and a year earlier would go to the lake in a bikini several times a summer. But being ordered to, she was extremely conscious of her vulnerability.

She stopped when her panties were just barely covered and the entire length of her creamy legs was bare to Mr. Green's eyes.

"Up to your waist, young lady", he instructed.

Blushing brighter, Dana jerked the skirt up to reveal the front of the lacy black cheeky, complete with the little pink bow.

"Good girl", Mr. Green said. "You are obeying me on things that seem a little unusual and pointless. This is a step in your submission. In order to be submitted to me all week between sessions, your submission while we are together must be rather complete. Hence, the exposure and some of the spankings. And, yes, I do promise you more time with your bottom up."

Dana did not remember feeling so helpless and yet so safe at the same time ever in her life. She wasn't eager for her panties to come off, of course, but she wouldn't have walked out of the room either. Not for a million dollars.

"You are exhibiting several problematic behaviors, Dana. I can deal with you about them directly, and I will. But there is a reason you are drinking to excess, showing up late for work, being a grouch to your children and co-workers, and having irresponsible sex."

Surprised by the open mention of sex, Dana took a half step back and gasped. She wasn't ready to be THIS open with Mr. Green ...

He read the body language perfectly.

"Dana, you feel like I crossed a line with that statement." She nodded slightly and he continued. "But in our arrangement, there are no lines regarding what I bring up. Remember that consent form you signed?"

"Yes", she answered quietly. "I'm sorry"

"You didn't do anything particularly wrong, Dana", he answered. "But you did put some distance between us to try to protect yourself from me. You are to be completely open and vulnerable with me."

"Yes", she answered quietly again. "I'm sorry"

"I forgive you, but some training on this point is in order. Come stand beside me." He pointed to the floor on his right side.

Dana remembered the same instruction from her father as a child. It always preceded a spanking. She stepped forward as instructed, dutifully holding up her skirt. She could have been 7 years old again for all the ability she had to resist or protest as he grabbed her by the hips and turned her toward his lap. His hand was already on her butt as he ordered her across his lap. Somewhere in the process of positioning her, he must have lifted the back of her skirt because the next thing she actually felt was an upward tug on her panties. Mr. Green must really like the lower butt cheeks bare, she thought.

She lay across his lap with her legs bent at the knees. Her knees were pulled forward and she knew her rump was easily accessible to be spanked.

Smack, smack ... the swats began to fall. Not terribly hard, but each one stung. The bare lower side of her bottom took most of the swats as Mr. Green steadily spanked. Dana wasn't counting this time. She was watching the tile floor beneath her, feeling his dress pants under her stomach, feeling them with the fronts of her bare legs, feeling an arm locking her waist in place ... and of course, feeling that firm relentless palm on her bottom. Smack on the left, smack on the right, smack, smack, smack, now higher on her bottom, now back to the bare lower area, now on the sit spot. Smack, smack, smack, smack.

Eventually Mr Green paused. His spanking hand was now resting on her left thigh. Not resting exactly. Pressing against it, making his control of her body unforgettable.

"Are you feeling obedient, Dana?", he asked.

"Yes, sir", she heard herself answer. Indeed she was. She thought she would obey any instruction he gave her at this point.

"Then I'll give you a dozen more and let you up. Spread your legs for them."

As she shifted her hips and spread her legs, she felt Mr. Green's hands guiding them. He pulled at her left leg, pushed her right one further, and pinched her underwear to get the lace in between her butt cheeks and more completely expose the lower part of them. Only lovers had ever touched some of the places his hands went, but these were not lover's caresses. These were the firm touches of control ...

"Hold still so I don't have to repeat these swats." Had she actually heard those words or merely imagined them in that voice that seemed so thoroughly in charge of everything around him?

SMACK! That was not imagined! The underside of her left butt cheek burned as that punishing hand found previously unspanked flesh.

"Steady, Dana", he said. His hand was holding that left thigh again. She caught her breath for a couple seconds before the hand lifted and fell again. Smack on the thigh, the firm hand fell and and an "oh!" escaped her lips. Smack, smack, smack, that firm hand kept falling on her tender lower cheeks and upper thighs. That hand came surprisingly closer to her female parts, but never landed on them. This man knew her body as well as she knew it herself!

Dana lost count and was holding her breath expecting the next swat, legs still spread obediently and vulnerably, when she heard his voice say, "Good girl, Dana. You may stand up."

She took nearly a minute to wiggle off Mr. Green's lap and get to her feet. Tears tickled her cheeks. This wasn't the all-out sob she'd done when she was little and certainly not the howl that her cousins let out when they were spanked. The tears came as a beginning of emotional release ... turning over of control to someone she trusted ... in fact of whom she stood in awe.

Dana took a couple deep breaths as she stood next to Mr. Green. Then she met his eyes. He glanced at her skirt. Immediately she raised it. She had nothing to hide from him. Well, almost nothing. Her panties still covered a little, but she didn't think that would last much longer. And her top was still on. Would that stay on? She adjusted her skirt a little higher to be sure her panties were exposed up to the waistline.

"Good girl, Dana", Mr. Green said. "I think you have learned this level of submission. You need to learn it well if I am to help you with your behaviors. Stand in front of me."

She moved obediently in front of him. She was just past his knees and within easy reach. The sting in her bottom and thighs reminded her how vulnerable she was. The legs and lace-clad hips her skirt no longer covered could and likely would be punished again.

She held the skirt up without wavering.

"So, we return to the discussion of your problematic behaviors and their common cause. Drinking to excess, showing up late for work, and being unpleasant to those around you." He grabbed Dana's right leg with his left hand. She felt his thumb on her inner thigh just below her panties. "We'll wait for a detailed discussion of your irresponsible sex until your vagina is bare."

Dana felt herself go pale and more tears came from her eyes. The mention of her vagina being bare both aroused and embarrassed her. She had permission neither to protect that vagina by covering better nor bare it before her disciplinarian, so she stood still and kept her skirt up and her legs defenseless.

"Dana, your basic problem is guilt. There's self-blame coming out of your divorce. That doesn't prove it was your fault. Every normal person blames himself or herself when a marriage fails. Even the defenses we put up to insist we don't blame ourselves ... are because at some level, we do. Guilt, self-blame, and a general sense of pointlessness of life follow. You had something you valued fail. That told you that you failed ... and then you slack off on things and fail at some of them. That tells you that you've failed ... and the cycle repeats."

Green waited a minute and Dana thought about what he'd said. Never mind her vagina, he'd seen into her soul! The tears came as a flood as she nodded.

He waited a couple minutes while she cried, before saying in a low firm voice, "My job is to help you break the cycle."

Dana looked up through her tear-filled eyes. "Do you think you can help me do that?"

"I know I can", was his firm answer. He was holding a box of Kleenex toward her. "Let go of your skirt for a minute and take care of your eyes and nose."

She did as he said. When she handed the box back to him, she lifted her skirt again. That representation of her submission was required, and she accepted it.

"Dana, we'll talk about behaviors and rules now. Discussion of penalties will be in a few minutes.

She nodded silently. Behavior, rules, penalties ... did she need all this? But he promised to help her regain control of her life ... and somehow giving him control seemed to make sense as a step along the way. She thought of the vulnerability of those legs and hips ... kept the skirt lifted and nodded again.

"We're going to start with talking about work, Dana. Do you usually have this many buttons undone when you go to work?"

"No, well, sometimes."

"Sometimes. Around the men?"

She nodded.

"Only around the one you're romantically interested in?"

"Oh, no! I know better than to get romantically involved at the office!" Dana had seen plenty of others make that mistake.

"Good. Don't get your honey where you get your money. But unbuttoning your shirt suggests to men around you that they might unbutton it more." His fingers unfastened the button right over her bra. Somehow her blouse opening felt more intrusive than the swats over her panties had.

"Of course I'm not saying that anyone has the right to unbutton you. But you suggest those ideas by dressing that way." He continued unbuttoning the rest of her top. "Suggesting the removal of your clothing can be a reasonable thing within a romantic relationship with a man you would like to earn the opportunity to undress you. But those men are not at the office." Dana felt her shirt opened wide and saw the white lacy bra exposed.

Legs bare, stomach bare, bra and panties on display, butt well spanked, she stood. The only thing her remaining clothing did for her was remind her that, naked as she felt, she would still be further exposed.

"But back to work expectations. You are getting there late and doing a lot of non-work things during work hours. You're cheating your employer. You know it. You bury the guilt for it by wasting more time."

Mr. Green stopped. Dana didn't want to meet his eye, but eventually did. Again, she nodded.

"This stops immediately. You will do social media and personal email only on breaks unless you get an emergency email. You will arrive at your desk 5 minutes before your shift starts and 2 minutes before your lunch break ends. Do you understand your rules?"

"Yes, sir. No social media on work time. And I get to the office 5 minutes early. I used to do that all the time."

"I thought so. You can do it again."

"What do you mean by emergency email, Mr. Green", she asked.

"Is it something important enough that, if you knew you'd get spanked for answering the email, you'd do it anyway? There are things that important. If your kids are sick at school or the plumber needs access to your house to fix something, you'd consider worth taking a spanking to do what you needed to do. But hitting 'Like' on Facebook is probably not worth being spanked. Fair enough?"

"OK. Does that mean you'll spank me if I break any of these rules?"

"Yes. I was going to wait a bit to talk about penalties, but I will start now. If you are not 5 minutes early for work, I will spank you. If you are on FB during work hours, I will spank you. If you otherwise cheat your boss out of the time for which you're being paid, I will spank you. Hard and bare-bottomed. And I will know because you will be wearing a FitBit with my customized app on it and you will give me your FB password. I have a script that will check your activity logs and flag anything done during restricted hours."

Mr. Green waited again until she met his eye again. His look was piercing as though he saw straight to her soul.

"Early in a disciplinary relationship, you will be tempted to be dishonest", he explained. "I am removing some of the obvious opportunities for that. Of course, I'm also giving you physical reminders that everything about you is bare and open to my view." Dana saw his eyes slide down her chest and stomach to her panties before returning to hers. "And if I ever do catch you lying to me, I will give you a very thorough dose of the strap."

"Are we clear on the work rules?"

"Yes, sir", she answered.

"Good. Drinking. You will not go over a .08 BAH -- the legal driving limit in our state. As long as you've been drinking, you should know how many drinks you can have and still be legal to drive. But probably one or two. At this point, even if you're not driving, even if you're home all weekend, you are not to drink to excess. Drinking has been another of your shields from responsibility. So if you drink too much, I will spank you quite hard. When you drink to the point you lose your inhibitions, you open yourself to extremely embarrassing situations. So a spanking for too much drinking will be in an embarrassing position. The next time you are tempted to drink a lot, the thought of a hard spanking with your legs spread so wide your vagina is gaping open should get you to quit."

That mention of her vagina again ... she found herself feeling as though it were already bare in front of him. And then he had taken hold of the waist of her underwear, right in the middle above the pink bow.

"And it is drinking that gets you to bare your vagina and spread your legs when you shouldn't."

And suddenly she was bare. His fingertips rested on the most sensitive parts of her thighs as he held the front of her panties down and looked right at her most intimate orifice. She wanted to pull away, to drop her skirt, to run, slap him ... she needed to submit to this man, to have him guide her, to have his help to meet her goals, to be spanked by him when she acted up, to have him study her. Could he tell how aroused she was? Her hands shook a little as she held her skirt high.

"I see that you shave. Do the guys you've let pick you up lately seem to appreciate that?"

"I ... I don't know", she answered. The tears were back.

"If you were having sex in a relationship, we wouldn't be having this discussion. But you are debasing yourself to give your vagina to men you never expect to see again. You know what they call it? Pump and dump. You pump them dry and they dump you. Have you even been using condoms?"

"Yes, uh ... well, maybe."

"You were drunk when you left the bar with these guys and drunk when you undressed for them and you would like to think they used condoms but can't remember. Right?"

Dana's hands trembled more as she held the skirt high to keep her own vagina bare. She could only nod at what her disciplinarian said. He was right, as he had been on everything else he said.

"You harm your body and you corrode your soul when you give yourself away like that. You cross a line and are shocked at yourself. You can't believe you did that ... until the next time. You go from thinking of yourself as a pretty good person, to thinking of yourself as junk. Our sexuality and our sense of self-worth are closely linked.

" Your punishment for that will be a severe spanking because only an unforgettable event will break the guilt and enable you to break this cycle."

Severe ... unforgettable ... those were not comforting words to hear from the man who had undressed her and whose fingers were almost touching her very bare vagina. But he was right. She'd tried to be good again ... but a couple more weeks and a few more drinks and she was waking up without her panties in a cheap hotel beside a guy she never would have gone out with had she been sober. She shuddered. If a severe unforgettable spanking stopped her from this, it was worth it!

Mr. Green's hands were at her hips ... he was pulling her underwear down her legs. It was happening, then.She was about to be naked and spanked. Or nearly naked. Would her bra stay on?

"Remove your skirt, Dana. I will be spanking you soon." Mr. Green's voice was low and calm but very firm. Arguing with him was unthinkable.

Dana slipped the skirt to the floor, taking a moment to get it past her panties without dislodging them from the mid-thigh position where Mr. Green had left them.

"Your blouse". The white garment joined the black skirt on the floor.

Dana straightened. Unsure of where to place her hands, she let them hang at her sides. She felt his eyes sweep her from had to toe and back to her face. Then back to her panties where they were up just enough to impede her movements but not far enough to proivde her any decency.

"Your underwear too", he said. The lacy garment joined the others on the floor. Dana felt his eyes sweep her again from head to her black high-heeled shoes, back to her eyes, to her bra ... her nipples hardened as she anticipated the instruction to bare them.

"You are sufficiently undressed for now, Dana", he finally said. "Fold the clothes that you dropped and take them over to the desk."

Dana folded the clothes, neatly and quickly. Her heels clicked loudly on the tile as she crossed the room. As she set them down and turned back toward her disciplinarian, she was once more aware how vulnerable she was. He wanted her vulnerable .. so she kept her hands at her sides. Once more she stood in front of Mr. Green.

"You look good in those heels, but during a hard spanking, they may lead to a twisted ankle. Turn around and remove them."

She turned as ordered and slipped the shoes off. Was this an excuse to check out her butt up close?

"Bend over and pick them up."

She imagined his keen eye borrowing into her bottom as she picked up the shoes and took them to the desk. His eyes on the front of her nearly nude body as she returned were not imagined.

Mr. Green's knees were apart as she stood before him again.

"Now, young lady, it is time to discuss and administer your first penalty spanking."
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This story continues
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And the next piece is ...

"Now, young lady, it is time to discuss and administer your first penalty spanking." Dana's hands hung loosely at her sides, so when Mr. Green placed his hands on her bare hips, he simply brushed her hands aside.

So it was happening. His grip on her bare hips was irresistible. Everything but her breasts was bare before him and she was about to be soundly spanked.

"We will begin with your work habits. My new rule requires you at work 5 minutes before the work day starts. But you always knew you needed to be on time. So it is entirely appropriate that I give you a real spanking for being late on Monday."

His eyes dropped from her eyes to her smooth vagina, causing it to ache. He met her eyes again, but she dropped hers immediately, looking down at her half-concealed breasts, her stomach, her bare hips clamped in those strong manly hands, past the vagina that ached with arousal at its thorough exposure, down the bare legs to her toes.

"Real spankings, or course, are taken with the panties off and the bare buttocks held still to be spanked hard. I will give you a one minute spanking for being late. You will hold your position perfectly for it unless you need a reminder of your submission."

One minute didn't sound that bad ... certainly not as bad as a reminder of submission. Those strong hands were pulling her forward between his knees, then turning her to the right. One hand ... the hand that would spank her soon ... was at the middle of her buttocks. The other slid across the fronts of her legs.

"Bend over my knee to be spanked. All the way. Let your stomach down on my leg. Put your head on the floor so your butt is high. Pull your knees forward."

His hands were on her as he gave the orders. Shoulders, back, legs, all felt his firmly adjusting hands. Her body was no her own. It was under the mastery of the man whose muscular thigh supported her weight, whose left hand lay firmly on her rib cage and and whose right palm pressed hard against the middle of her buttocks.

"Dana, you cheated your employer on Monday, and I will spank you hard for it. I will begin when the second hand on the clock reaches the top and spank you for a minute. Turn your head to the left so that you cannot see it." As she obeyed, he pressed her bottom harder and continued. "You will hold this position exactly. You don't have to hold your breath, but otherwise you must remain perfectly still and easy to spank. You deserve every swat I am about to give you, young lady."

And then cool air was on her upturned bottom. He'd removed his hand from her rump and was waiting. She held her breath and waited too -- submissive, vulnerable -- the tick-tock of the clock and the pounding of her heart competing for being the more deafening sound.

SMACK! Pain exploded across the lower middle of her buttocks. Smack! Again the same place. These were coming fast! Smack, smack, smack! He worked left and right on her bottom with no pauses. Smack, smack, smack, smack, the barrage continued. She was helpless with her butt in the air and her head on the floor, but if she could tense or clench her butt, maybe ...

"No squirming." How had he known she was about to squirm? Smack, smack, smack, smack. "Hold your naked butt" Smack, smack, smack, smack "perfectly still" Smack, smack, smack, smack "for a good hard spanking." Smack, smack, smack, smack. "You deserve every bit of this." Smack, smack, smack, smack.

Just hold that butt still, she thought ... smack, smack, smack, smack ... how much more could she take? .... Smack, smack, smack, smack ... Her butt was on fire ... Smack, smack, smack, smack ... was it almost over yet? Smack, smack, smack, smack ...this must be more than a minute! Smack, smack, smack, smack ... what will happen if I try to change position? Smack, smack, smack, smack ... I don't want to know ... Smack, smack, smack, smack ... but this hurts ... Smack, smack, smack, smack ... it really hurts ... Smack, smack, smack, smack ... but I won't be late again! Smack, smack, smack, smack ... I do deserve to be punished ... Smack, smack, smack, smack ... but this hurts ... Smack, smack, smack, smack ... but I deserve it ... Smack, smack, smack, smack

And then the barrage ended as suddenly as it had started. Dana held her position for a few more seconds before Mr. Green spoke. "Dana, you may stand up." She felt him grip her shoulder with one hand and help lift her to a standing position. He crossed her arms behind her back, then grabbed her by her hips to turn her to face him. The spanking was over, but the control was not.

Dana wiggled and clenched her burning buttocks, trying to ease the pain without actually touching them. She stopped in a few seconds as she realized her movements were thrusting her bare vagina directly toward Mr. Green.

"Dana, tell me why you deserved that spanking on your naked bottom." Mr. Green's words were soft but firm.

"Because I was late for work."

"I want a full sentence, Dana. Start with 'I deserve the spanking on my naked bottom because'". His words were not so soft this time.

The required confession brought the tears to Dana's eyes that she had resisted while being spanked.

"I deserve the spanking on my bare naked butt because I was late to work."

"And do you deserve to be punished for anything else before you get your panties back?" His eyes dipped for an instant to her crotch causing it to begin aching again before returning to her eyes.

"I don't know ... ah, probably."

"Yes, there's the matter of getting drunk. You're a grown woman and know very well you shouldn't be losing control of your body to alcohol like you've been doing. You were out Friday night and got so drunk you went home with a guy whose name you can't remember. Saturday you felt so guilty you drank a lot at home. Probably Sunday. Monday morning you started with a hangover."

Mr. Green's voice grew sterner with every sentence. Dana's eyes went back to her bare toes. She hated having her faults called out and her soul laid bare by this strong disciplined man. But she needed the honesty. She needed the transparency represented by her nakedness. She needed the control represented by those strong hands gripping her hips.

"You are not designed to be a failure. You fail at something and then confirm that failure by getting drunk. You are tearing yourself apart, young lady. But that stops tonight. You need quite a hard spanking for this, young lady. Do you understand me?"

Dana nodded, but Mr. Green waited. She glanced at him to find his eyes boring into hers. "yes, sir", she whispered before dropping her eyes again.

"Dana, give me one good reason not to take your bra off of you and spank you completely naked for this."

Dana swallowed hard and shook her head without looking up. Her nipples hardened again at the prospect of being bare before his eyes. Would he touch them? Would they rest on that muscular leg when he spanked her again? Would he think she was a slut for being so aroused?

"I don't know, sir", she whispered.

"Then I will give you the reason. I'm waiting until I spank you for having anonymous sex to strip you completely naked."

He lifted her chin with one finger and against her will she looked into his piercing blue eyes.

"Dana, your life turns around tonight. It will not be easy, but with adequate discipline, you will be the strong successful woman you were meant to be. But the discipline must be real. If I spare you the shame or the pain you need to experience, this will fail. But we will not fail. I am guiding you to admit the truth that you don't like and giving you appropriate punishment."

Mr. Green stopped, apparently waiting for her to say something. "Yes, sir" was all she managed. She was facing painful truths -- about how far she'd fallen in the past year, but also about her path back. "Yes, sir", she repeated and nodded.

"Go stand with your nose against the door and think about how much you need a hard spanking for drinking away your weekend."

She turned away, but another sensation that had been nagging her took her notice.

"Please, may I use the restroom first?" It sounded so strange to be asking permission for that ... like she were back in elementary school. But ...

"Yes, through the door behind the desk and to the left", he answered.

Dana thanked him and followed his instructions. She went through the doorway and glanced into the office on the right. It was spacious with several computer monitors and a large walnut desk. She used the restroom and hurried back, more conscious than ever of how undressed she was and thankful for at least the bra. But she would be back before Mr. Green without her panties ... and he knew she had just peed!

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