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Posted on Friday, April 17, 2009 - 02:27 pm:   Edit Post

The Deliveryman
John came back and handed the large manila envelope to me.
"Listen , Joanne is waiting for these so would you take these out there for her."
"I was just about to eat lunch can't it wait thirty minutes." I said as I was just about to dig into my sub.
"You know Joanne Bobby, what do you think?" John said with a smile.
"Hey, Bobby she just wants to see you that all. "Gerald said laughing.
"Yea right Gerald like I would want to go out with that Amazonian bitch." I said angrily putting my sub back in the refrigerator.
I grabbed the manila envelope and headed toward the back door I went out and got in the blue caravan. I started it and pulled out of the parking lot. It would take about thirty minutes to get out to where Joanne was. By then I would be eating lunch by myself which I did sometimes. But I really rather be eating with the guys I enjoy the people I worked with.
I pulled into the parking lot of the two story building and grabbed the manila envelope. I got out and headed for the black iron stairs that would take me up to her office on the second floor. Joanne office was right in the middle I opened the door and went in Joanne was sitting behind her desk. She glanced up with a smile as I walked across the room.
"Bobby, you made good time." She said as she took the large 81/2 x11 manila envelope from my outstretch hand.
"Yea." I replied frowning.
Joanne didn't miss my attitude she glanced over at me with a raised eyebrow as she open the envelope and pulled out the proof. I sat down in the chair that was right in front of her desk. Joanne looked over the proof that was supposed to be printed by tomorrow and brushed back a strand of her wavy red hair that came down around her shoulders. She grabbed a pen and wrote some changes then picked up the phone calling my boss.
"John, hi it's Joanne listen I was wondering if it would be alright if I took Bobby to lunch I feel bad that he had to miss lunch and come all the way out here. Itís almost one he should be back at the shop about three." Joanne said glancing at the gold watch on her left wrist.
I frowned as she finished talking with my boss and she put the proof back in the envelope.
"I appreciate it Joanne but it's really not necessary to treat me to lunch." I said as I started to feel a little nervous.
"Nonsense, I want to and besides you know the saying never argue with a customer." Joanne said as she stood up from behind her desk.
Joanne was wearing a black silk dress that came down to her knees with nude pantyhose. I stood up as she did she grabbed her black purse opened it and grabbed a set of car keys I liked Joanne the truth of the matter she always made me nervous she was tall and had a very domineering personality. I followed Joanne out the door and stood against the rail as she locked the door.
"Why don't we take the van?" I said as I followed her down the stairs.
"No, I want to drive besides I know where to go." Joanne said as we reached the bottom of the stairs. I followed her over to her gray Cadillac escalades she pointed her key ring and pressed a button unlocking the doors as well turning off the car alarm. I got in the passenger side as she got behind the wheel. She inserted the key and started the motor she fastened her seatbelt then glanced over at me with a raised eyebrow. So I fastened my seatbelt frowning. She pulled out of the parking lot and headed toward downtown Denver every once in awhile she tried to draw me into a conversation which I refused to engage in. By the time we got to the restaurant I knew that Joanne was getting put out with me. When she pulled into the parking lot she turned off the motor and then looked over at me.
"You are determined to try and make this lunch anything but pleasant. Iím not having it Bobby now you better get rid of that attitude and I mean...NOW."
"I knew that I was pressing my luck with Joanne I had always been nice and respectful toward her. I really didn't know why all of a sudden I was downright rude.
"I'm sorry Joanne." I answered and stared down at my hands feeling like a naughty child.
"If we had a little more time I would give you exactly what you're asking for. Now are you ready to go in and have a nice lunch with me?"
I nodded my head still staring down at my hands.
"I asked you a question and I expect an answer." Joanne said.
"Yes-yes-maam." I answered knowing a phone call to my boss and I would be losing my job.
"That's better. So letís go in and enjoy a nice lunch." Joanne replied taking the keys from the ignition.
I followed Joanne into the Italian restaurant and it didn't take long for us to get seated. We were seated right by a window. It was a beautiful spring
day I thought as I looked out the window. A waitress came and we ordered our drinks I had coke while Joanne had unsweetened ice tea.
"So tell me Bobby why are you in a bad mood today?" Joanne asked as she brushed back a strand of her fiery red hair.
"It's just been one of those days you know." I said frowning.
"Bobby, I know better I have never seen you without a smile on your face and you always been very respectful. Now I want to know what changed besides maybe I can help."
"I appreciate it Joanne, I guess I just feel like I'm in a rut right now." I replied as the waitress came with our drinks.
"Are you ready to order?" The blonde waitress asked as she pulled out a small book out of her left pocket of her uniform. I ordered a spaghetti plate while Joanne ordered a Lasague plate. When the waitress left Joanne pulled out her business card and handed it to me across the table.
"If you want to talk give me a call sometime. By the way how about a movie this weekend?" Joanne asked.
"Sure only if you let me treat." I answered giving Joanne a smile.
After lunch we headed back to Joanne's office she reminded me to give her a call if I needed to talk, also to call her about Friday night. I promised that I would. I headed back to the print shop feeling pretty good. When I got back I gave John the proof with the corrections that Joanne made. He told me I had a few delivers to make so I followed him back and he opened up the folder with four invoices. Then he went back toward the front. I started loading up and it didn't take me long then headed out the door.
I made the deliveries and came back just in time to head home so I put the signed copies of the invoices up then headed toward the door. I opened the car to my brown Honda Civic then started it up. I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. I lived about twenty five miles from the shop the nice thing it was freeway so all I have to do was jump on the freeway and head to Littleton a suburb of Denver.
When I got home I started playing a video game for awhile then I fixed myself a TV dinner and watched a little tv. I went to bed around 10 and I couldn't help but think about Joanne. I wondered why she wanted to go out with me. I mean I was almost 23 and I felt sure that she was in her thirties. Besides I figured that she had a lot of men knocking down her door. Maybe I was wrong but I knew one thing she sure made me nervous.
The next day I felt a lot better and I took the brochures that we printed up to Joanne. When I walked in she gave me a smile as I carried an 81/2 x 11 size box with some folded brochures. I watched as she looked over the brochures to make sure that everything was correct on them. Then she signed the invoice tearing off the top white part and keeping the pink and goldenrod copy.
"I see that you are in a better mood today I'm glad. If you haven't been in a better mood I would've of put you over my knee and spanked you...ĒJoanne said with a grin.
"I'm a little too old for a spanking." I said laughing.
"Are you?" Joanne asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Listen, I really appreciate lunch yesterday." I said switching the subject.
"No problem so have you decided what time you want me to pick you up for the movie?" Joanne asked as she stood up.
"I will give you a call tomorrow night I want to see what's on." I answered.
"Call me around 8 I should be in."
"Ok, Joanne talk to you then." I said and quickly left her office.
The next night I called Joanne and set up the date for Friday she picked me up around six. I wanted to drive but she insisted on picking me up. We went out to eat and then headed toward the movie. I thought she looked beautiful dressed in a blue silk dress that came down to her knees. I felt intoxicated from the smell of her perfume. I wore a pair of brown slacks and a white long sleeve shirt.
"I went to pay for the movie and before I knew she had her purse opened and was paying for the movie.
"I told you I wanted to pay tonight." I said half whining.
"You need to save your money Bobby." Joanne said. I went around her and opened the door for her with a frown.
I tried not to pout but it was hard Joanne noticed and leaned over and whispered in my ear.
"Bobby, keep it up and I promise you an attitude adjustment."
I knew that people heard the threat and I felt so embarrassed during the movie I wondered if she really would spank me I tried to image what it would be like to end up face down across her lap. Joanne was six feet tall and had a muscular body...I had never been spanked in my life and I thought I would love to find out what a spanking was really like. After the movie Joanne took me home and she turned out the car lights as we sat in my driveway.
"I really appreciate dinner and the movie Joanne."
"I enjoyed it too Bobby." I leaned over and gave her a light kiss then got out of the silver escalades."
"Give me a call tomorrow sweetie." Joanne said.
Over the next month I went out several times with Joanne I was really starting to like Joanne despite our age difference we got along pretty good together. Joanne asked me if I wanted to spend the weekend up at her cabin on the lake we would go up on a Friday and come back Sunday night. I told her I would love to go and spend the weekend at the cabin. So the next week we left around noon I took a vacation day. We made it up to the cabin around six it was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. I helped carry everything in the cabin and helped put everything away. The cabin was beautiful there were two different beds with two bathrooms. The main living room was really spacious with a fireplace and also a flat screen tv. There was a large window in the living room where you could look out over the lake. After the groceries were put away Joanne walked over and grabbed a chair setting it in the middle of the room.
"What's that for?" I asked turning away from the window.
"I been promising you a good old fashion spanking and I think that itís about time you got it." Joanne declared as she headed down the hall to the large bedroom. I stood frozen by the window not believing what was about to take place. My mind was in a whirl as a few minutes later Joanne came back and this time she held a red plastic balloon shape paddle in her right hand.
"Joanne, youíre not serious I mean you really going to spank me?"I asked as I slowly put my hands behind me not believing what I was hearing. Joanne walked over and sat down in the armless chair and she raised her left forefinger motioning me to come to her. I slowly walked over and stood on her right side.
"What I want to know Bobby are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way? The easy way you take your jeans down and lay face down across my lap. The hard way being I wrestle you to the floor pulls your jeans down and PUT you over my knee." Joanne said as she arched an eyebrow.
I didn't say anything I just unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down to my knees. I felt nervous as Joanne reached with her left hand to grab my left arm pulling me face down across her lap. I had put both my hands on the floor and I felt her left arm wrap around my waist as she adjusted me. I glanced back at Joanne who stared down at me with a smile.
"Bobby, I know that you been needing this and I promise you one so here it goes." Joanne said as she raised the paddle in the air bringing it down in a resounding swat right on my sit spot.
"OWWWW.JOANNE THAT REALLY HURRTS."I yelped glancing up at her. All of a sudden I felt a series of solid spanks all over my backside which really set my bottom a blazing. I tried to reach back to cover my bottom but Joanne grabbed my wrist and pinned it to the small of my back. She then went about landing swats all over my bottom. I tried not to cry as I tried to struggle off Joanne's strong thighs but Joanne was a lot stronger than I thought. It didn't take long till I felt tears staring to flow down my face as the spanking continued amidst my tearful yelps.
I don't know how long the paddling last but it seemed like forever finally she stopped after landing a series of solid swats right to my sit spot. I was really starting to cry like a baby. Joanne stood me up I grabbed my bottom sobbing loudly. Joanne stood up and took me by left arm and led me over to the corner where she put my nose in it.
"You will stay in that corner for thirty minutes Bobby and ... I BETTER NOT SEE YOU TURN AROUND OTHERWISE YOU WILL END UP RIGHT BACK ACROSS MY LAP.IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" Joanne demanded as she landed a sharp swat right to sit spot.
I knew one thing for sure I had wondered exactly what a spanking felt like and now I knew. I stood in the corner for about thirty minutes before Joanne came over and turned me around. She pulled up my shorts and jeans I fastened them then wiped some tears from my eyes. Joanne led me over to the brown leather sofa. She pushed me down and then sat down beside me crossing her left leg over her right.
ďNow then mister you got a sample of what itís going to be like dating me. I know right now you are going through a difficult time I want to help. I believe that I can if you let me.Ē

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