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Username: Naughty_james

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Posted on Sunday, August 23, 2009 - 03:35 am:   Edit Post

I first met Shona in my first year of University. Shona was tall, very pretty, of slim build with brown hair to her shoulders, and unlike most of the girls there she dressed like a lady. I fancied her like mad but always felt that she was rather out of my league; besides she had a boyfriend in his final year and I felt lucky enough merely that she was my friend in whom she felt relaxed enough to confide. Still, I yearned to be more like her but knew that I lacked her sophistication and style. I vowed to learn from her though and think like her too. I would become as much like her as possible.
Shona had joined the University the year before me. Like me she hadn’t wanted to live in the hall residence provided by the University and had opted for the privacy of renting digs. We stayed in a largish house with another girl and two guys and were looked after by a rather severe German lady in her late 50’s called Mrs Henfrey. Our Landlady had a reputation of being very strict, but fair too, and one evening in the pub Shona told me something that shocked me. Apparently, whilst laying down her rules on one certain occasion, Henfrey had specified that she would not hesitate to impose “fines or punishments” on anyone who regularly broke her house regulations. In fact the other girl who we shared with, Laura, had once been fined £100 for leaving her room untidy. Laura couldn’t afford that sort of money and had told this to our strict landlady who had then offered her the choice of a few hours gardening or a “well spanked bottom”. “Can you believe that,”? said Shona, “a good old fashioned slippering across her knee”?. Laura had chosen the gardening.
I told Shona that I didn’t believe her, but she promised it was true and said that she’d even heard that a male lodger, who had left before she joined, had actually opted for the corporal punishment option, after having digressed one day, and then received a full on spanking from our formidable Landlady. I can’t pretend that I wasn’t fascinated by the whole thought of such things and decided to find out a little more. I wanted to find the ideal moment to ask Mrs Henfrey about this alternative to being fined-even enter into a conversation about it. It all seemed such a taboo subject, but the more I considered it the more I thought of myself having my trousers and pants taken down before being taken across Mrs Henfrey’s lap. I had not been spanked or caned before, but I had a growing interest, especially as now there seemed a definite, if not remote, possibility that my curiosity may be satisfied-and who knows I thought, perhaps I might be on the receiving end. I didn’t have to wait very long.
One evening a few weeks later, I’d opened the window of my room and lit a cigarette. Now, there were obviously no rules against this except that they infringed Mrs Henfrey’s in house regulations. I was studying away in my room when suddenly I heard a knock on the door and the door handle turn. Hurriedly I stubbed the cigarette out into my coffee cup, fully aware that I’d been caught red handed. Phew! To my great relief it was only Shona, who burst out laughing witnessing my relief. She’d bought a couple of bottles of wine as her boyfriend was out with his mates that night and she wanted to catch an early one. She took one of the bottles from the bag, and having lit 2 more cigs we sat and started chatting about all the usual things that Undergraduates talk about-work, her boyfriend, and our other lodgers etc. The one bottle of wine was consumed and followed by the second and it was quite late when we finally pecked each other on the cheek and Shona went to her room further down the corridor, for the night.
Two mornings later, a Saturday, the lodgers were all at breakfast and everything seemed as normal. The coffee and tea were brewing, the bread in the toaster and the rashes of bacon sizzling nicely under the watchful eye of Mrs Henfrey, who seemed in a fine mood.
“Shona and James, I’d be grateful if you could see me in my office before you both go off today. Straight after breakfast please”. I noticed Laura raise her eyebrows and one of the other guys grinning.
Shona and I sat ourselves down in Mrs Henfrey’s office. Shona looked like a young lawyer on her way to work in her smart dress and high heels, whilst I looked a little shabbier in jeans and a t shirt. Mrs Henfrey was still clearing up the kitchen but had told us to go directly to her office, “if you please”, and that she’d be round “to speak to us in due course”. She entered the room, and seeing Shona get to her feet inspired me to do the same. Mrs Henfrey sat down at her desk, and strangely I thought, requested that we remain standing.
She had noticed the smoke coming out of my bedroom window 2 nights ago, had heard Shona in my room ( strictly forbidden under the rules) and found the wine bottles in my bin the following morning (alcohol in digs is also strictly forbidden). Shona and I both profusely apologized but it fell on deaf ears and Mrs Henfrey ordered us both to pay £100 fines.
“Really, Mrs Henfrey, that’s ridiculous”, blurted out Shona.
Mrs Henfrey was unimpressed by this outburst and asked me to leave the room and wait for her in my bedroom whilst she spoke to Shona alone.
As I sat on my bed in my room all sorts of images went through my mind, not least what the “alternative” to paying £100 would be. Having waited for about 20 minutes or so I felt the need for a shower, so I slipped off my clothes, grabbed a towel, and opened the door of my bedroom to go to the bathroom adjacent. As I was returning to my room I was aghast to see Shona walking down the corridor wearing just her nightclothes. Mrs Henfrey was walking right behind her. Clearly Shona had been ordered to change from her smart attire back into her nightie and dressing gown. I knew she wasn’t ill and I had realized the full situation when Mrs Henfrey firmly told her to go and wait in her private quarters, whilst she “had a word with me”. Shona continued walking towards Mrs Henfreys private quarters without looking me in the eye.
“Now James, Shona will not pay the fine and is going to be punished instead. I understand that you have plenty of money however and you will write me a cheque now if you please-and I have some vegetables for you to chop up for tonight’s supper which I would like you to do before you go out.”
I suddenly realized that underneath my towel I was “hardening”. And I knew what I had to do.
“M, Mrs Henfrey?” I stammered.
“What is it”, she replied.
“Is Shona going to get a spanking?”
“It’s not really for me to tell you, but that’s what she has asked for as her alternative. Why? Do you want the same?”
“I think so Mrs H. I mean yes. Yes, please, I deserve it”.
And it was thereupon agreed that after she had dealt with Shona, she would return to my room and lead me to her quarters for my first spanking. She told me not to bother getting dressed.
After what seemed an eternity of waiting, Mrs Henfrey burst into my room without knocking. In her hand she had a menacing looking slipper. She pulled me by the ear and dragged me down the corridor to her quarters. On the way my towel slipped down to the floor but she barked,
“Leave it be”.
We got to her rooms, and she ordered me into her living room. As she let go of my ear, I peered into one of the side rooms. There was Shona, completely naked with her back to me. She had a very, very red bottom and was gently sobbing. She didn’t see me and I thought better of saying anything. Besides I was suddenly regretting having ever got involved with this. Henfrey entered the living room, shut the door behind her and smoothed her skirt as she sat down on a sofa and beckoned me towards her.
“Right my lad, you are going to have a slippering that you will never forget. Shona had 20 whacks but she’s a girl. You’re getting 50. Over my knee. NOW!”
I draped myself across her lap and shut my eyes. Here I was at last about to get the punishment I’d craved for so long. She started. Slowly at first, just with her hand. I was loving it and felt my erection nudging against her legs. Then she increased the tempo –a few slightly harder slaps followed by a volley of hard wallops which had me wincing in pain. My erection was dissipating fast being overcome by the pain in my bottom. Mrs Henfrey reached to her side for the slipper and said,
“Right. Now we’ll begin”.
The first crack on my poor cheeks was much more painful than even her hardest wallops with the hand. Again, as with her hand, she started slowly with me grunting at every blow. After about 12 or 15 whacks I started wriggling around on her knees.
“ I’m glad to see I’m getting through to you boy”.
The remainder of the punishment was to see no more pauses between whacks. I felt her left arm tighten around my naked waist like a clamp.
“Push your bottom up more please. And lean forward”, she said.
And then a long long volley of very hard stinging whacks rained down on my already very sore bum. With about 15 whacks left I felt myself in total submission. It was as if I didn’t care about the pain in my rear and I just burst out crying and bawling. The remainder of the whacks came flying down and finally it stopped.
“There, that will remind you not to break my rules, won’t it lad?” .
I just remained lying over her knee sobbing like a child.
When I’d composed myself I raised myself up. Mrs Henfrey showed me to the room in which I’d earlier seen Shona, but she had gone. Henfrey got me a towel and told me to stay in the room for 10 minutes to reflect on my behavior, both past and present. Clearly I had received the same treatment as the lovely Shona. I too was sobbing gently, as she had been. And when I looked in the mirror at the state of my bottom, I saw two deep crimson cheeks looking back at me. Just like Shona.

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Username: Scartlet_bottom

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Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - 01:22 am:   Edit Post

Good Story
Love means never having to say you are sorry but you will in the end Wah haa!!!

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