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Posted on Tuesday, March 18, 2008 - 12:06 am:   Edit Post

Just Cause!

I have been with Master for going on two and half yr. now, I have talked about a secret desire that I was into before Master and I met. After being together that long I finally realized Master wasnít going to try it I knew that the love I had for him didnít matter if he did it or not, I was happy being with him and he allowed me to explore it when he wasnít around. So I wasnít giving it up just not sharing it with him.

Master had called home at lunch and as we talked he sounded a bit distracted. When I asked what was wrong he chuckled and stated "Nothing my little girl, nothing at all." Smiling to my self I felt better and told him I was done with all my chores and asked if I could go shopping for a while.

"Yes, Marie you may. Though you are to be home by five and kneeling in the bedroom when I get home."

"Yes Master, may I ask why Sir?"

"No you may not just do as you are told girl" with that he told me he loved me and hung up. I thought about what I had done if anything was wrong, After being unable to find something wrong I shrug if off and got dressed and headed to the mall. Watching the time I wondered about the mall finding a new dress and skirt that I knew Master would enjoy. The dress was soft blue with flowers, as short as a baby doll dress would be. Looking around I also found a nice skirt. Moving into the dressing room I changing into the dress and moved out to the mirrors outside the door. After trying it on I found it to be extra short as when I bent over you could almost see my bottom cheeks. I began blushing as I notice a few men eyeing what was being nicely exposed to them. Hurring back into to dressing room I tried on the skirt and smiled not going back out and decided that I would surprise Master with something new.

Noting the time I hurried to pay for the garments and headed home. I reached the house just in time to shower quickly and kneel in front of the bed waiting for Master.

I didnít have to wait long before hearing the outside door open and Master walking in. He entered the room and smiled as he saw his slave kneeling to the carpet legs spread wide apart exposing her clit which of course was a bit hard from the excitement in which she was feeling. Hands resting behind her back in which caused her chest to thrust out and her nipples totally erect and very very hard. I feel Master walking around me for a moment and slowly caressing his hand over my cheek. Taking a deep breath I asked permission to speak.

"Yes Marie, what is it you want to say?"

"Master, did your girl do anything wrong and she doesnít remember?"

"No girl you didnít." Master smiled and sat at the end of the bed on the wooden chest in which we keep the toys and such from friends that are not into the lifestyle.

"Come here slave and sit in my lap."

I about jumped into Master's lap and snuggled into his chest hearing his heart beating slowly and inhaled his aroma and smiled.

Master caressed my hair and whispered softly.

"Marie you have been very good this week and I was thinking about a treat for you this evening. "How about we go to a movie and enjoy time alone?" Master smiled at me and I saw a twinkle in his eye, which meant there would be "more" to this night out that he was letting on.

I looked into his eyes and smiled, "Thank you Master, I would love to do that please." "Good then but first I want to do a few things to make this evening a bit more special for you." With that Master swatted my bare bottom softly and ordered me onto the bed, on my hands and knees. He didnít have to tell me twice as I hurried to the queen size bed and slipped into position feeling Master reaching under the bed retrieving the restraints and such. Cuffing my legs first I giggles trying to think about what it was that Master had planned.

Moving to the head of the bed I watched as Master took and shifted the restraints and cuffs placing a spread bar between my arms then attaching one to the head of the bed. Placing the cuff to my wrist I watched as Master clipped the cuffs to the bar then clipping the bar for the headboard to the spread bar between my arms. One he was done I realized that now I wouldnít able to move to my belly even if I wanted too, As the first bar attached to the head board wouldnít more and the one between my arms made it where I couldnít bring them together or move them apart.

Master reached under me and pinched a nipple before running his hand between my legs parting my lips slowly and laughed as he notice how excited his slave was. Swatting my bottom he climbed off the bed and opened the trunk retrieving a few toys as I strained to look over my shoulder disappointed not to see anything. Master returned to the head of the bed and leaned over and placed the blindfold over my head and kissed me softly on the cheek before covering my eyes. I took a deep breath and felt my crotch begin to twinge slightly as he traced his hand over my now exposed form.

Whispering that he would be back in a few moments Master slipped off and out of the bedroom. There I was totally exposed ass in the air breast hanging down and pussy gleaming slightly from the excitement of everything. I knew I wouldnít have to wait long, as so far from what I knew this wasnít a punishment but mainly something to be enjoyable. And when Master meant to please his slave he always knew how to do it well.

I heard Master returning and tried to look over my shoulder, How silly considered I was blindfolded <g> I stopped and tried to listen to what he was doing but couldnít figure it out. He slipped on the bed playing with my pussy slowly as she began to tease me rubbing his fingers about the outer lips of my crotch. My moans were noticeable and I was very wet, Slipping his finger into my pussy I gasp. I was ready to be fucked and began begging Master to take me then and there,

"No girl, I have other plans for you this evening. Donít worry though you will cum before the night is over, Chances are more then once. With that he with drew his finger and slid it along my crack and stopping at my bottom playing with my tight hole. Moving my bottom slowly trying to get his finger in I sighed as he slipped it back into my throbbing pussy, Repeating this a few times I was becoming frustrated and dropped my head lower wanting nothing but release at that moment. Teasing me to orgasm once more I felt his finger slid into me bottom and I took a deep breath bring up my head shaking it madly. Just as I was about he released he stops; I sighed deeply and pouted about it not being fair.

Master laughed and retrieved something next to him. I was surprised when I felt Master lube my tight hole for a moment before placing what I though was the small plug into my bottom. After thinking about how different it felt I figured it was a new toy Master had brought for this evening. Before I had a chance to ask what it was I felt my insides expanding slowly. Then it had dawned on me. It wasnít a plug it was a nozzle. Master had inserted a bardex enema nozzle and was pumping it up slowly. That was just about all it took. I felt the rush running through me as a tidal wave runs through the ocean. Master noticed the change in my beathing and chuckled before blowing up the second balloon.

I wiggled my bottom for a moment to help him place the nozzle into my bottom with a huge smile on my face. It didnít take long before I felt the water invading my insides, The rush of the enema and that fact that I was completely helpless to stop the water was driving me nuts. I wanted to reach under and play with my clit and release like no other time I could remember at that moment. Master played with my breast as the bag emptied my moans getting louder and louder. Finally unable to control my urge I begged Master to allow his slave to cum. Taking his hand and fingering my clit he leaned over and whispered those words I love to hear.

"Come for me slave" I jerked as the rush of my orgasms run though me with the warm water inside of me Master playing with one nipple and his other hand teasing my clit. The rush was intense that I knew that if I weren't restrained I would have fallen into the bed! The cramps begin to start I regained my sense as I felt Master unhook the bag from the nozzle knowing that the water was not coming out he slipped onto the bed placing his cock to my lips ordering me to clean him off before I was to be release.

Slipping his cock into my mouth I began swirling it around slowly with my tongue feeling the desires building again as he lifted his shaft up leading my lips to his balls. Playing with them carefully placing them into my mouth I rolled one of his sacs around feeling the tightness as I noticed his breathing was becoming quicker and quicker. Slipping my tongue along his cock before moving my lips to his tip tasting his juice's as I licked it off twirling it in my mouth. Master reach behind me taking a head of hair and proceeded to fuck my mouth steadily and slowly. Working up the pace I felt the watched moving about inside of my belly me chest bouncing faster and faster as Master begin throbbing. Taking him more and more I tasted the first of his juices as it filled my mouth swallowing it as quickly as I could. Licking him clean before he released my arms and removed my blind fold he kissed me softly to the cheek and had me lean back and held me for a few minutes.

"See you went shopping girl, find anything intresting for your Master?" Smiling I nodded "Yes Master"

Well then show me Marie. Master leaned over me and undid my feet and I slipped off the bed and headed into the bathroom.

"STOP Marie, where do you think you are going?" "Ahh to release Master?" Not yet your not I donít remember granting permission for that. Show me what you have first then we will talk about it.

"Yes Master, sorry Master." I returned to the bed and reached for the bag removing the dress and shirt showing Master the new items I had found.

"Put the dress on Marie I would like to see how it fits." Slipping it over my body I blushed as I looked down eyeing the tubing hanging between my legs. The cramps in which the enema was causing weren't as bad I as had always figured that they would be. Master had me turn around and bend over. I peeked from the side and watched Master as he smiled from ear to ear. "Couldnít have gotten it any shorter could you girl?" as I heard a small chuckle. "Take it off and go release and call me when you jump in the shower, We have dinner planes in forty-five minutes, so donít dally. I hurried into the bathroom and deflated the balloons and released the enema and smiled to my self. This had been something I had talked to Master about before but since I knew that he wasnít into then when we meet I didnít think he would ever do it. I felt really cared for and loved at that moment and cleaned everything up before starting the shower.

Calling Master from the living room where I assumed he was watching the news I jumped in and started to wash my hair. Master slipped in the shower and finished cleaning his slave before I cleaned him. Getting out Master stood there while I dried him slowly taking special care of his cock and dried him off.

Returning to the bedroom I had noticed that Master that retrieved a butt plug and the cordless bullet. Ordering me over his lap Master caressed my cheeks slowly before placing a little lube to my hole again and slipping in the medium plug. The sensation of being filled again was too much and I started to rock my hips as Master fucked me with the plug. Stopping after a while his hands moved to my clit and started to tease its swallow head. Slipping the bullet over it I felt the creature come to life and was begging Master to once more allow his slave to cum, again he granted it and I shivered as the rush of the wav overcame be stiffening out my legs as my moans became louder and louder.

"IMMMMMM cumin Master, god yes THANK you Master. Rocking my hips faster and faster I felt Master move the vibrating bullet to my pussy and bury it deeply into my crotch and fucked me more feeling my muscles contracting his fingers as he finger fucked me to yet another climax!

Slipping me off his lap after I had regained my breath Master ordered the new dress on, I blushed knowing that if I bent over my pussy and ass would most certainly be exposed and that everyone would see the plug. I was in heaven and did as told.

Feeling the bullet cut off I begin thinking how this evening would be over dinner and a movie, Here I was in a short dress ass filled and a bullet inside me. How many times would I cum this evening? That was the magical question.

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