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Username: Scartlet_bottom

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Registered: 01-2010
Posted on Sunday, January 17, 2010 - 07:18 pm:   Edit Post

Naked Wood Nymph Meets the Big Bad Wolf
Scarlet hated camping. It was the one thing she refused to do with Jason. The idea of sleeping on the hard cold ground in one of those smelly canvas tents just wasn’t her idea of a good time. So when Jason came home after a particularly harsh week at work and announced that the two of them would be going camping over the weekend, Scarlet lost it.
“No F##in’ way! You know how much I hate camping” she screeched at him.
Jason’s face turned red with anger but he didn’t say a word. He simply turned on his heals and went out the door.
Scarlet couldn’t believe it-no fight. What was up with that?
An hour later Jason returned to the house. Scarlet was standing at the kitchen sink with her back to the entrance. She didn’t hear him sneak up behind her as he grabbed her by the wrists deftly slipping her hands into the handcuffs behind her back. Not wanting to hear her complaints he smacked her behind hard making her open her mouth to holler and as she did so he stuffed it with a ball gag an secured it tightly.
“When I tell you we are going camping together don’t you dare refuse. I worked really hard this week and I need down time away from TV, phones and interruptions. I want my wife with me and that’s all there is to it. The van is packed, I’ve put all you will need to wear in a bag, now march your cheeky backside out to the van and don’t waste any time at it.” Jason ordered.
Scarlet growled irritably but did as she was told. “Damn him” she thought “When I get free he’s in for it”
Jason strapped her in to her seat belt for safety but he wasn’t finished there. Reaching behind her seat he pulled out a long piece of rope. He started at her feet binding them securely then he wrapped it around her waist so she was unable to move.
“Now I will take the gag out but you are to remain silent the entire way. One word and the gag goes back in and I’ll put very painful nipple clamps on you for the entire trip to the campsite. Do you understand?
Scarlet nodded. Jason removed the gag and Scarlet sat quietly stewing.
As they drove to the camping spot Jason lectured Scarlet on the virtues of spending time with her husband doing something he loved. He knew she didn’t enjoy it and he wouldn’t ask her to come along usually, but this time it was important to him. He told her that if she didn’t have a change of heart about camping by the time the weekend was over he would never require her to come again. Then he told her that he had some special activities planned to make this weekend one she would never forget.
The drive was about two hours long and took them to an isolated spot at the side of a mountain. Jason untied Scarlet from the seat but then ordered her to stand at the side of the van. He opened the back door and pulled out a leash and spiked collar that he placed around her neck. Next he removed the handcuffs.
“ Now you are going to carry this pack I have filled for you. In it are what you will be wearing all weekend and what you will be sleeping on. I will carry the rest. I will be holding the end of this leash. Do not lag or I will smack you with it. When we reach the lookout you will get thirty minutes to rest while I set up camp. You will change immediately. I do not want to hear a word from you until I say you can speak. Nod yes to answer me”
Scarlet nodded reluctantly. Her mind was racing, her heart pounding. What had Jason planned for her?
The climb up the mountainside took them an hour. Scarlet wasn’t used to so much activity. Her legs burned and her back ached. “Why was Jason being so mean?” She thought, feeling absolutely miserable. Jason looked so smug as he led the way. He does this all the time, I’m not going to be able to move by the time we get home. Scarlet grit her teeth in anger but tried hard not to let Jason see. Jason simply smiled to himself and kept on moving. Finally they reached the top.
“ Close your eyes” Jason instructed taking her by the hand. He led her in silence through a mass of salal bushes then stopped. “Open your eyes now” he said.
Scarlet opened her eyes and gasped. The view was breathtaking. To one side of the clearing water cascaded down the side of the mountain into a catch pool carved out by years of erosion before plummeting over the side of the mountain into the valley below. To the other the mountains stretched as far as the eye could see. The clearing itself was about 40 feet of mossy greenery with one solitary Yew tree slightly off to the side. Scarlet’s imagination ran wild. “OMG!”She though “I wonder if he is thinking what I’m thinking” The look on his face said it all.
“Right” he said “Get changed I’m going to set up the tent and get wood for the fire.” You have until I finish to rest and then the fun will start”
Scarlet sat herself down on a boulder and opened the backpack. Where were her clothes? No panties no shirts no pants-nothing! Just a box with a note: “This is all you will be wearing for the next 24 hours.” Scarlet opened the box tentatively. A whiff of new leather teased her nostrils. The light tinkling of metal was heard. Scarlet blushed as she pulled out the leather and chain body harness Jason had provided for her. “My God!” She exclaimed. Immediately regretting the outburst as she noted Jason’s evil smirk.
The harness consisted of strips of leather that circled her breasts and holding them to attention. Then another strip attached by a metal ring draped over her chest to her middle where two more strips were joined and wrapped around her legs. Nothing was covered.
Jason stopped what he was doing and took a look at her. “Very nice” was all he said.
When camp was all set up Jason told Scarlet It was time to begin the activities. He instructed her to bring him the extra bag he had carried up the hill.
“ Stand there with your hands clasped behind your head” he ordered. From his bag he pulled out a cat o’ nine tails, a flat wooden paddle, and a leather tawse. He laid them out neatly in a row on the ground. Then he walked over to the salal bushes and picked off a nice big spray of leaves and stripped the leaves off exposing the naked switch beneath.
Scarlet could feel the moisture welling between her legs.
Jason pulled the handcuffs from his jeans pocket and walked over to the Yew tree.
“Come here woman” he demanded.
Just as Scarlet had imagined and feared, Jason made her hug the tree then slapped on the handcuffs openly exposeing her backside to what ever he had cooked up in his devilish scheme.
“Well what do you think of this then sweetheart? Isn’t this just the ideal spot? By the time we leave here tomorrow I don’t think you will have such a negative feeling toward camping…then again maybe you will.” He laughed that sinister laugh of his that made Scarlet shiver.
“First my little naked wood nymph, I am going to teach you that when I say we are doing something you will not have a tantrum like you did this morning.” Swish, he swung the switch through the air. "Believe me darling this is gonna sting. You can cry out all you want-nobody is going to hear you up hear-even if they did, there is no way they could tell where the sound was coming from." Swish, he swung it again each time causing that gushing sensation between her labia. Swish, this time he made contact with the white fleshy part of her bottom.
“Ahh!” She screamed “Ahh! “Screamed her echo back.
“ Oh what a beautiful sound” Jason cooed “Let’s hear it again” Swish, went the switch “Owe” hollered Scarlet. “Owe” the echo responded.
“Lovely” Jason said. “Now I’m going to give you ten more of these and you will not cry our or you will get ten more. If you can’t keep quiet you may ask for the gag. Would you like the gag?”
“Yes sir, please sir.” Scarlet whimpered.
Jason fixed the gag in Scarlet’s mouth tightly. Then he began punishing her. First he slowly dragged the tip of the switch across her back and down her thighs. Then he tapped lightly lining up his aim. When he brought his arm back to swing Scarlet closed her eyes bracing for the impact. Thwack, it came hard across her buttocks. Scarlet screamed and bit hard into the gag wondering if that had cost her the promised ten extras. Thwack the next one hit just below the first. This time she kept quiet but tears started to fill her eyes. Swish, her heart skipped a beat as the switch sliced through the air but not landing on her bottom. Thwack, a third landed on her thigh causing her to scream into her gag once more. Thwack, another across her backside, thwack again. Jason traced the outline of her tattoo with the tip. Thwack the sixth one contacted with her fleshy bottom. Thwack the seventh, Thwack the eighth. Thwack, thwack numbers nine and ten. “Was it over?” She wondered.
Jason inspected the welts on her bottom. “Nice” he said proudly. “That will do for now” . Scarlet sighed a sigh of relief.
Jason picked up the cat o’nine tails. “Didn’t think it was over so fast did you” he grinned. “I’m just getting warmed up.” “ You’ve been telling me how much you would like to try a whipping across your back-well guess what, that is just what we are going to do right now. We will start off with ten and see where we go from there.
Love means never having to say you are sorry but you will in the end Wah haa!!!

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