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Username: Sally_smart

Post Number: 26
Registered: 02-2014
Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 02:15 am:   Edit Post

She came home one day, put her key in the door and as she went inside there was a tall man standing there in her hall way.
"What the?" comes out of her mouth as she stood stunned
"I am Mr Anderson with a private company called SpankEase that handles disciplinary issues of loved ones. I have been hired by your parents to help you with getting your life on track."
"What the hell!?" "What are you talking about? Why are you in my house!?"
"I came in because your parents provided me with a key to enter so I could administer a punishment which they claim you need that they have paid for. Dont worry its going to help you succeed in life because this is just part one of your punishment plan, it goes on each week until you show improvement. Our success rate now sits at 98% and we stand proud of that. Here is my company identification card."
"What? My parents did no such thing!" as she flashes his card right back at him. "This is my house and my life now get out!" she ordered.
"Promtly, right after I have completed part one of your punishment program" he said back to her as he grabbed her arm and pulled her to a chair he had previously pulled into the middle of the livingroom and placed her over his lap.
"Well this sucks" she grumbled as she laid there while he lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down. "is it gonna hurt? How long am I gonna be here? Do you want me to scream and cry or just enjoy it?" she asked.
"You wont be enjoying it long" he promised her as he began to spank her bare ass. "Your parents tell me your life is a mess, you dont have a job because you got fired as has happened many times in the past and they are tired of paying your mortgage for you every time you call for help. They want you to get on track and thats why I am hired to be here, to help you with that" as he continued to smack her even harder.
Shylah couldnt believe her ears, why would her parents suddenly decide this was a way to deal with it, why not a little fuckin communication? She asked herself. And now she wondered why this stranger was pounding on her back side instead of her dad and when would he stop. She was totally getting bored with it and politely told him so. "Really" was his return, "Then I guess we should make these smacks a little harder" as he began sending her a rythmatic series of hard handed stingers stopping a few times to rub her cheeks to feel the heat and inspect his progress.
Shylah started to roll her eye balls tossing her long hair around while making little huffing and puffing noises as if to be unaware he was still there doing his handy work.
"Well young lady, this seems to be of no use to you which means we need to take step one of our program to step two which is usually applied on week two, seems you have advanced earlier then most of our clients would" And with that he pulled a strap out of his bag which was placed beside the chair before she had entered her home to find him there, and started with a few light strokes to let her get a feel of its fine leathery surface.
Then suddenly Whack! Shilah jumped in shock at what had hit her already warmed ass cheeks. "Wow that smarts! Wanna be a little nicer to me, not like I done anything to you Mr. Who ever you are spanking me for no reason!" "Why dontcha save this crap for your wife if you are man enough to have one of them?" And with that another crack hit her cross both cheeks slamming a rush into her head.
"Little lady, this is going to smarten you up if it kills me, your smart ass remarks are only going to make it worse and you will be here until I decide you have had enough and then some, understand?" "Yes" she cried out as another slamming hot stinger fell on her flaming cheeks. Now Shylah wasnt thinking about being such a smartie pants while she realised she had none on for any bit of protection from this spanking artist she now wanted to show respect to.
Smack, smack, smack, it came raining down on her bottom as she cried out "Ok stop! I get it! I will get a job and pay my own bills, Ok?" Smack, smack, smack, as her words fell on deaf ears. "Seriously!" she cried out as he made sure not to miss any spot on her once white globes.
After about thirty screaming hot licks from this nasty strap on her behind he decided maybe she has got at least some of the message for now and he let her get up off his knee. She stood there looking at this stranger while he smiled and admired the changed look on her face as compared to when she first walked in on him in her hall way, "Well Miss Shylah, how do we feel about respecting others, like your parents and getting on your own feet?" He asked as he rose to his feet. "Fine, altho I dont think this was a way to do it, I will be calling my parents to give them an ear full once you leave!" she slammed back at him. "Ok Miss Shylah, looks like I will be coming back for another session in a week then because I dont think we have reach our finishing point yet, mind you many dont until at least week five. Be prepard young lady because we already used the implemint for week two so we should be using whats usually used in week three next time I see you" "And whats that Mr. DisaFrinkenPlinarian, Oh mighty man?" she asked with a bit of fear and excitement all bottled up in one lump in her stomach. "Oh my dear you will see, bets are you wont like it so improvements are strongly suggested, and just so you know, you do have time to avoid me next week"
And with that he grabbed his bag of spanking goodies and headed for the door and with a rub on her cheeks and a twinkle in her eye she headed for the bathroom to inspect the damages that nasty old man left behind.

Wink wink,,,
I will do Almost anything for you, you can spank me for anything I wont but that done mean I will do it, hahahaha
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New member
Username: Popope

Post Number: 8
Registered: 09-2013
Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 02:19 pm:   Edit Post

Such a cute story!
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Username: Sally_smart

Post Number: 27
Registered: 02-2014
Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 08:00 pm:   Edit Post

Thanks ;)

My IPad with all my old stories crashed, gotta try to get it fixed so I can get them back.
I will do Almost anything for you, you can spank me for anything I wont but that done mean I will do it, hahahaha
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Username: Sally_smart

Post Number: 28
Registered: 02-2014
Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 10:48 pm:   Edit Post

He had spanked her before but Linda had never had what was to come on this day anytime before.
They were cuddling on the couch together when Paul gave her a tickle in her ribs. She poked him back. This game went on for a while and finally she had enough and wanted to watch her show so she told him to Behave.
"Behave!" he grumbled "Little girl, who do ya think you are talking to?" "You just git here?" she asked. Well he wasn't gonna take all that from her, it wasn't the way she would talk to him on any given day. He had to wonder what got into her. He thought about her behavior a while then asked her if it's been too long since she had a good whoopin on her ass. "Ya, what ever" was all she let out of her mouth. Then "Lick me dude"
Well that was it. "A lickin it is for my sweetie" as he turned her over his knee and started to wallop her butt. One, two, three, and they kept coming down over her PJs. Four, five, six, and she started to order him to stop. "I was trying to watch TV, let me go, Now" she yelled at him.
At that he thought, how nice it would be to see the moon on such a nice evening right in their own living room and down came her PJs and undies while she screamed at him to stop. "Yup, in about five minutes I will stop, just as soon as I have made made my hand well known back here.
Smack, smack,,,, "oh man what a nice shade of red these buns are becoming" Smack, smack,,, and then he stop. Rubbed her cheeks a while and then slipped his fingers into her hot spot. "Wow, what a nice little river I have come across here little lady" then he played around in her hottness bringing some of her moisture up on her ass, then Smack! "owwwwee that hurt you Bastard!" and another and another till she felt it burn deep into her cheeks... Just as she she thought the fun was to begin,,, Ha!
Several more smacks and then he began to slide back down into her wetness and she began moaning and shifting around on his legs again loving every stroke that reached down to her clit hoping he would stay there a while and wouldn't smack her again,,, or, maybe just a few more smacks, entered her nasty little mind as she relaxed into the moment.
"Now my dear for the finishing act" and he started a rubbing vigorously all over her cheeks, scratching his nails into her hot skin from her ass down to her legs leaving traces while pinching and biting her already hot bottom. And in one swoop he lifted her off his knees and carried her into the bedroom while telling her he is going to give her the loving of a life time tonight,,, she melted into his arm and scanned all that just happened in her brain hoping not to ever forget one moment of this night.

Mmmmm, what a man,,, ;)
I will do Almost anything for you, you can spank me for anything I wont but that done mean I will do it, hahahaha

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