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Username: Ladykayra

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Registered: 03-2008
Posted on Monday, March 17, 2008 - 11:30 pm:   Edit Post

Usually I wasn’t allowed to open the mail, but something about this afternoon told me too. I had been excepting a letter from a friend so I was watching for the postman, I smiled as he pulled away throwing on a short dress and hurried out. Once I had the mail I smiled finding the letter I was hoping for not to mention one that looked like a Credit Card, I had sent off for one a while ago, I wanted to surprise Master with a few new toys but had forgotten about it until today. I had gone over everything I spend money on, Which wasn’t much. As I was Master’s slave I only got a limited amount of money each month so I would have to watch how I spent it in order to pay the bill that came with the card.

I hurried into the house and placed the rest of the mail on Master’s desk. Upon opening the strange letter I was shocked to find it was with a $5000.00 credit limit. I smiled from ear to ear thinking of all the new toys that would buy; I went to the bedroom and over looked the instructions Master has left this morning. Smiling to myself and thought since it was still early and I had finished all my chores…I would go ahead and go out for a while. Master already told me he was going to be in a meeting all day and wouldn’t be online so it wouldn’t matter if I was here or not.

I threw on a pair of jeans, Master seem to think the tighter the better as I always felt that they were painted on nicely one I finally got them over my hips. Finding a nice white sweater I threw that on, My nipples were always erect I swear, Looking down I notice that the dark aureole of my nipples seem to stand out more then most. I was overly gifted with some huge nipples and until meeting Master I never really thought about it, I wasn’t anything spectral to the eyes though I was not bad looking either. I was a little over five four, with 36 b breast, Long straight hair. Weight about 117 and a nice ass just right for spanking as Master would put it.

After laying out dinner throwing on a watch I grabbed the card and my purse and headed out. Once in the car I turned on the radio, threw in a CD heading to the mall.

Finding a parking space I made sure my hair looked all right before heading into the mall. Going straight to the clothing store finding a skirt and top. Of course they where a bit short but then again I knew what Master liked. Finding a new pair of pumps I smiled thinking this was about the perfect out fit. The shirt enchanted my firm breast, the skirt unzipped on the side, which would mean it, would be removed easily, Master just had to love this.

Paying for the item I hadn’t even noticed the total and moved out and to the music store. Looking over a few CD’s that I had been wanting. Looking at my watch noting the time I left the mall. On my way home I had driven past the adult store, Smiling as I passed I decided to turn around, pulling into the parking lot I, hurried into the store,

“Hey, Marie” I heard from behind the counter, I looked up to see Robert.

“Hey sweets, what’s up? Anything new that I would enjoy?” Hmmm have a new set of clamps and a few new bullets. Hey By the way we got your glove in that your Master ordered, When he’s ready its here for him.

“OOOOOO cool! I will take it with me when I am done.” I said as I moved to the back of the store.

Robert just looked at me funny for a moment but didn’t say anything, reaching under the counter placing the package within reach for when I was done. I had turned and went over to the new items. Smiling as I found the bullets, Finding a cordless one as well as one to play with at the house, Looking over the videos find a few that I knew I would like and Master would too, placing them in my arms moving through the store.

Moving over to the plugs finding a inflatable smiling from ear to ear, Master and I had thought about getting one for a while, So I figured it wouldn’t hurt, Taking that and all the other items to the register, I placed them up allowing Robert to ring me out. He kept looking at me funny so I had to ask.

“Is they’re something that I need to hear sweets?”

“Well Marie, I have known you for about two yr. now and I don’t ever remember you paying for anything, Seems your Master always paid. Just seems strange that’s all. After all from the impression I had, you weren’t allowed money, Well at least not the amount this is going to cost…”

I laughed a little, and just whispered, “actually you are right, normally I wouldn’t be allowed this, but since you asked, I got a credit card this afternoon and am out to surprise Master with some new toys. So that is why I am shopping. Master doesn’t know.”

He just laughed and finished the sell, Taken everything I waved goodbye and hurried to the car. Heading home I had stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few extra things for dinner.

Upon arriving home I proceeded to put everything away. Taking the toys to the play room… I would surprise Master with them after dinner.

Stripping out of my clothes I head into the kitchen and start cooking, Hearing the garage door opening, I turned the stove down, as not to burn dinner. Hurrying to the door, kneeling placing my bottom to my ankles, lowering my hands to my thighs, before placing them to the small of my back, clasping them together, Parting my thighs widely waiting for the rush of cool air that I know will follow. Arching my back my nipples hard from the thoughts of the evening, Lowering my eyes waiting for Master to enter.

I didn’t have long to wait; I heard the side door open. I smiled seeing Master’s feet approaching, not to mention someone else’s. I took a deep breath, shocked.. he didn’t tell me he was having company, Shit here I was kneeling nude in the doorway and there is someone else with him, Damn why didn’t he warn me he was bring someone home… He could have called me and at least warned me.

I felt Master hand upon my head, taking a fist of hair wrapping it tightly around his hands, pulling me to my feet.

“And where were you this afternoon Marie?”

Shivering as I stood to my feet it was all I could do not to look up,

”Ah I went shopping this afternoon Master, you told me that you wouldn’t be here so I figured that I could go out for a while.”

Turning me around Master swatted my ass a few times leaving a print of his hand, leaning forward whispering into my ear.

“Go check the answering machine Marie”

I hurried off rubbing my ass as I went to the office, Looking over to the machine I felt my heart sink, Checking it I heard Master’s voice on it.

“Hello little girl, I will be bring a few friends home for dinner, have it set and ready to eat with you kneeling by my chair when I come in, love you Master.”

Shit he had left a msg., I couldn’t believe that with all the excitement of this afternoon I had forgotten to check the damn machine, I moved back to the living room where Master and his guest were. Master was sitting in his chair as I slipped before him. Watching his feet I sighed as I seen him move slightly.. I jumped with I heard his voice.

“Well what did you hear on the machine Marie?”

I stuttered for a moment as he played with my hair,,

“A msg. From you Master telling me you where bringing company home and to have it set and waiting beside your chair Master.

Taking my chin lifting my face to his, his eyes staring into mine, I couldn’t help but squirm.
Care to explain why you were not home when I called girl?”

I begin to answer but the look in Masters eyes was one of “no not yet, I am not done” I kneeled before him feeling my stomach tighten as I listened to Master lecture me.

“Also explain to me that since you have ready spent everything you were given this month what you went shopping with? I just know you did not withdraw any money out of the account or write a check on something you wanted without asking me first. And I do not recall having a voice mail when I returned from my meeting this afternoon asking me for money. “

I lowered my eyes, blushing deeply. Master was right, I wanted to tell him about the credit card and everything else but I didn’t want to say anything with his company there. While I was away in my thoughts Master figured I had more then enough time to answer, Tracing my nipple slowly I felt the pain of him pinching it getting my attention.

“I asked you a question girl, I except a answer!” Pulling my chest back trying to break the grip of his fingers I let out a gasp…”OOOOO Master, Please, Marie is sorry, Please can she tell you after everyone leaves, please Master, your girl begs you.”

“No Marie, I asked you now and you will answer me now!”

“Yes, Master”

Master released my chin, I dropped my face instantly wishing I had something to play with as I tried to figure out what I was going to say.

“Well Master, remember that your girl had told you that she was going to be getting a letter from a friend and it was due any day?”

Master just nodded as I finished.

“Well since it was due any day I had been keeping an eye out for the mailman… Well the last few days I have been checking the mail. This afternoon it arrived… So when I went out I found that and another letter addressed to me… The other letter wasn’t exactly a letter. It was more like a Credit card. And well when I opened it I was ecstatic when I saw the limit… Your girl had sent off for it a while ago not really thinking she would actually get it. But she did and so with her chores done and that Marie figured that it wouldn’t hurt and well she went shopping.”

As I looked up the look on Master face was not one I really wanted to see. I thought about finishing what I had started then remember dinner.

“Master, may I go check dinner?” I knew dinner would be fine I had turned the bummer down enough that I still had a while before I had to really worry about it but I couldn’t stand the look in Master’s eyes as I looked at him.

“No Marie, stay where you are.”

I nodded slowly before lowering my eyes to the floor. Damn I had let myself get carried away this afternoon and not only did I break rules, I disappointed Master in front of his friends to boot, I can say that when I screw up I do it the right way.

I heard Master asking one of the others to go check the food, To turn it off if they would as I hadn't checked the answering machine that chances are that what ever I was making was not going to be enough for everyone.

Someone got up and did as Master had asked. Master then proceed to pick up the phone, I heard him order Chinese. I knew that I wouldn’t be eating to much as he orders that cause its one of the few things I can not stand. After he had put the phone down he stood up moving out of the living room. I knew where he was going and shivered as I remained where I was not having permission to move. When he returned to me, he placed the toys in which I had gotten this afternoon before me along with the restraints and the lub. My eyes grew wide. Master had played with me a few times in front of others but never punished me, I was hoping this wasn’t going to be the start.

I was wrong….

Master pulled me to my feet placing the restraints to my ankles and wrist.

Assume punishment position Marie. I looked up and then around the room. Master’s guest where watching, They were all three sitting behind me. The man and one of the women were on the couch, He was about 35-maybe semi short hair, Deep brown eyes like I had never seen before, He was cleanly shaved with a mustache. He was built nicely, Wearing jeans and a T-shirt, A pair of tennis. I would have assumed this was someone Master had met at work. He had on a wedding ring so I would have to assume the lady sitting beside him was his wife. She was fairly pretty, Long black hair, not to tall, I would guess she was about 5’6 125, nice breast, Perk little nipples from what I could tell as she was a bit on the erect side. High cheekbones and a look about her that at first I wasn’t to sure of which later I learned was all Domme.

The young lady on the floor was kneeling between them both. She was close to my age for that matter, looking at her I kinda see a bit of me in her. She stood about five four, long dark hair, the look in her eyes was of one of desires and fear at the same time. I would have to figure that she was his or her submissive I couldn’t believe Master would bring someone home knowing that I would be kneeling nude before the door.

I leaned over grabbing my ankles.. Master knelt before me kissing my forehead first before attaching the cuffs of the ankles and wrist together,, I knew that he was planning on making sure I didn’t break position I took a deep breath feeling the cool air upon my ass.. Master stood up tracing his fingers over my now white bottom,, I knew it wouldn’t stay that way long.

Master returned to his chair leaving my ass and sex exposed to his guest.. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and I knew it wasn’t all from leaning over.

“Ok Marie, now that we have figured out where you went, explain to our guest why you are in trouble. And do it quickly, I want part of this over before dinner gets here!”

“Yes Master. Marie went out, without permission Master. She went shopping and brought things without clearing them with you. She spent money that was not hers to spend. She did not have her instructions done before you got here Master. She opened the mail when she shouldn’t have.”

Master nodded slowly as I felt someone behind me stand.. I looked through my parted thighs I noticed someone getting up moving towards me.. I felt my heart skip a beat as her hand reached in front of me. She took Master’s crop and placed her soft hand to my bottom. The first sting of the crop caught me off guard,, leaving a nice welt.. Gasping softly..

“Oh, Thank you Ma’am”

Bring the crop over my bottom a few more times,, I grabbed hold of my ankles.. My breath quicken feeling the sting.. After placing a half dozen swats to my bottom I felt her long nails tracing the design which she had placed to my cheeks… Taking a deep breath I whispered.

“Thank you Ma’am”
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Username: Mat

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Posted on Sunday, April 20, 2008 - 09:25 am:   Edit Post

I am too a slave. I am slave to my Queen. She loves to spank me. I am due for 100 spankings. The number of spankings may increase.

(Message edited by Mat on April 20, 2008)

(Message edited by Mat on April 20, 2008)

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