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Posted on Monday, October 12, 2015 - 11:46 pm:   Edit Post

Not long after my great-grandmother died, I was cleaning out her attic and found some love letters detailing her and my great-grandfather's courtship. They are a charming recollection of an era of days gone by and to my surprise they contained some rather risqué dialog about their blossoming relationship. Read on and see if you are as intrigued as I was.

September 16, 1892

Dear Mr. Weatherspoon,

Thank you for a lovely day, I had a most enjoyable afternoon. I especially liked our walk in the garden. You asked me a question while we were walking and because that disturbing ruckus caused by that passing dog, I was unable to answer you properly. So I will take the time now to answer you. Yes my father punished me as I was growing up, but not often as I have always been able to charm him being the youngest and his favorite. Often when I was naughty he would warn me and scold me but I would pout and then kiss his cheek and all was forgiven. He always referred to me as his Little Princess. There were a few times though that I still recall rather freshly, that he found it

necessary for us to make a trip out to the woodshed in the back. These trips assured that upon my return I would have a much more compliant attitude. I will admit now that I needed those few spankings that I got but should think I would have done well with a few more.

I find your inquiry of such things somewhat perplexing. Why does this

interest you so? Although I do have many suitors I think I would like to continue our friendship. Possibly you would like to visit us on Sunday, the afternoon of the 25th and we can have lemonade in the garden.


Miss Abigail Brown

September 20, 1892

Dear Miss Brown,

What a delightful surprise to find your letter in my mailbox. I most

graciously accept your generous invitation for Sunday. As for the question I asked about whether or not your father punished you, well I find that a lady often looks for similar qualities in a suitor as she

had in her father. If a lady was never punished as a child, I find that she expects to be treated the same as an adult and probably would expect any suitor to spoil and her. If she was punished often as a child I find these ladies too meek and they seem to have the spirit taken out of them. Such is not the case with you. You appear, if I may be so bold to say, to be a lady of great breeding. I can see where you would expect to be spoiled quite often, and rightly so, but I think you have enough self-discipline to conduct yourself as the sweet lady you seem to be. I look forward to our afternoon together so until I see you again, have a most enjoyable day.

With warm regards,

Franklin Weatherspoon

P,S. Please call me Franklin. May I call you Abigail?

September 26, 1892

Dear Franklin,

What a lovely time I had with you yesterday, but I find your invitation to spend my next available afternoon with you to be a ploy to monopolize my time so as to make me unavailable to my other suitors. To be fair to these other gentlemen, I must decline as I have made other such arrangements. I would be glad to accommodate you in the future should you make such an invitation. I must make this a quick note as I am sitting a bit gingerly today. This my piano teacher found it necessary to discipline me for lack of attention and focus. I will admit to you that I was thinking about our last afternoon together and not on the music lesson.

Most Sincerely,

Abigail Brown

October 2, 1892

Dear Abigail,

I believe you caught me in my little scheme to monopolize your time. But what is a gentleman to do when he makes the acquaintance of such a charming lady like you? I have mixed feelings about what happened with your piano lesson. I am quite pleased that you were thinking of me but distressed that such thoughts caused you a painful lesson. However, I do believe that ladies should be educated in the arts as well as academically. I am not of the mind set, as so many are today, that a lady has no need of such education. Although I would always provide well for my future wife, I value a woman's opinion on many subjects that are usually only discussed among gentlemen. I find the more a woman is educated the more she has to offer and it gives her a feeling of confidence and assurance. Knowledge should not be for the soul benefit of men. So with this said, I believe that you should take your piano studies seriously. If I hear anymore of your misbehavior, I may be forced to discipline you myself. Would you be available on Saturday, October 12, for a lovely ride in the country. I have a sweet natured mare that is quite suitable for a lady to ride. We could have a nice picnic by the stream.

Anticipating you reply.

Most Sincerely,


October 15, 1892

Dearest Franklin,

I had a wonderful ride in the country with you but as you know the ride back was not as comfortable for me. I am sorry that I walked off in a huff when we returned to the stables. I was embarrassed to be spanked like a naughty child during our picnic. However, now that I have had some time to reflect upon the situation, I realize that I acted much like a spoiled brat. I shouldn't have thrown your hat in the stream that way. Upon further reflection I am beginning to see that my other suitors pale in comparison to you. As for your inquiry about when we may discuss your intentions for the future of our relationship, I should be delighted to entertain you on October 27th if that is a desirable time for you. Please accept my sincerest apologies for my behavior and be assured that I will not make that mistake again.

Sincerely Yours,


October 20, 1892

My Dearest Abigail,

I too had a wonderful time until that unfortunate incident at the stream. I'm afraid that I believe that you may need a firm hand from time to time. But I can assure you that I find men who raise a hand to a woman to be of the vilest nature. I would never abuse a lady that way, however I will not falter ingiving a good spanking as needed. I accept your apologies and since I corrected the situation, let us consider it a thing of the past and to be a distant memory. October 27th will be an acceptable time for me and I am looking forward to it

with much anticipation.

Warmly Yours,


November3, 1892

My Dear Franklin,

I have not been the same since your visit. Your proposal of marriage was a bit of a surprise as you could see. I hope my acceptance of it so soon was not an improper thing to do. But I do not see any reason to play these ridiculous parlor games when I have already made a suitable choice. I truly look forward to becoming your wife and if our private walk in the garden was any indication of what passions await me then let it be sooner than later. As you know, a man before has never touched me in such a manner. I should have slapped your face but considering that we are to be married I guess it is acceptable for you to taste the fruit a bit. Your warm hands on my breast almost made me faint. And your peculiar desire to suckle me like a babe stirred something in me that I didn't realize resided within me. When you

reached up under my garment and took a hold of the bottom that you recently spanked, I had the strange desire for you to spank me again.

What are these feelings and are they proper for me to feel? I am a bit

distressed by them. I do believe that we should set our wedding date a bit sooner than I had originally planned, as I feel that if we continue these walks in the garden I may not be able to walk down the isle such an honorable virgin. I do love you so Franklin and I look forward to a wonderful and exciting life with you. You stir my passions wildly.

Your Bride to Be,


November, 9,1892

My Sweet Lovely Abby,

You have made me the happiest gentleman alive. Our exciting walk in the

garden only served to confirm that you are the lady of my dreams. I could tell when I first met you that a well of unbridled passions resided within you. Your lovely, soft, fair, skin was so sweet to taste. Thank you for letting me sample your delights. I couldn't agree more with your need to rethink our wedding date. Sooner would be preferable to me as well. I can't wait to taste all of you and to

begin a lifetime of delicious passions with you. As for your reactions to my touch and your desire to be spanked, well I think that is all quite normal for a spirited woman. I plan to awaken many new sensations in you and I will teach you to pleasure me in ways that would be improper for me to describe in a letter. I will be glad to spank you whenever you need it and sometimes even when you don't. I think we should make plans for a Christmas wedding. Wouldn't that be

lovely? I know that is quite soon, but lets see if we can pull it off.

All My Love,


January3, 1893

Dear Felicity,

I wanted to thank you for being my maid of honor on such short notice. I have always been able to depend on you. You are so lovely and sweet, even Franklin says so. I think we need to find you a suitable man like my Franklin. I am having a truly delectable time here in Niagara Falls. What a lovely honeymoon location it has turned out to be, thank you for the suggestion. As you are the only person I have ever confided in, I will tell you now that your suggestion of an oak paddle with a red bow on it was a perfect Wedding/Christmas gift to Franklin. He wasted no time in putting it to use so I am writing this standing up. Franklin has a single brother with much the same tastes and desires as he. I was thinking of having a dinner party when we return and I will invite you both and will arrange for you to sit next to each other. As we will be coming home in a week I will see you soon.


Your Best Friend

Mrs. Franklin Weatherspoon

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