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Username: Lilsoresub

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Posted on Monday, June 04, 2007 - 02:16 pm:   Edit Post

One Submissive's point of view:

Nothing turns me on more than to be dominated. I love to have master (so strong and confident) take control of me....and lead me to places I would not go of my own record. I love to have my limits stretched. I love to feel weak and vulnerable at these moments. Just the tone of a your voice......can take me to sexual heights. I love the idea of your hands caressing me, spanking me. I love to know that I have the power to please you by obeying you. This brings out my femininity and the almost childlike fear invoked is an absolute turn-on to me. There is a presence about you that demands respect. And there is a presence about you that draws me in and makes me want to obey you .... as I trust you to take me to new places. Yes, there is a certain amount of fear of the unknown. But that is only one more thing that makes it so exciting.

One Master's approach to an erotic spanking or just a some correction:
He pulled the chair over to center it along the wall facing the middle of the room where he expected her to stand, and sat down. The chair was low enough for me to set down my glass and the sit was slightly lower than the front edge for a particular reason.

She entered smiling hello but knowing she was not to speak yet. She was in trouble and knew she would have to wait before they could casually talk.

He smiled back with that intensely playful stare that seemed to see into every corner of her mind, as she came to a stop exactly eight feet in front of him, facing him with her hands to her sides.

His eyes traveled down her body taking her in. He did so slowly because he knew it drove her crazy. She was quite shy body on display although she was a strong confident woman. She could take charge of any room but when her opponent was one she loved and needed to love her back her insecurity came out.

She had dressed well he notes wearing all his favorite things, a silk blouse, skirt, heel, and if he wasn't mistaken stockings. She loved to be spanked with her skirt flipped up but today he had other plans.

He met her eyes once again and pointed to her blouse, using his finger as a conductor uses a stick, he motioned for her to remove her shirt. She held his gaze and opened the blouse one button at a time; she let it fall behind her and reached back releasing her bra also letting it slip to the floor.

He took in her breasts, she was very self conscious of their size but he found them lovely especially the nipples as sensitive as they were. He could feel her wanting so badly to cover up and he sat admiring a bit longer. He pointed again and though she was disappointed she quickly undid the skirt and let it slip down her legs. She step one foot out of them and used the other to lift it up behind her as he liked. She then tossed it to the side as well. She resumed her stance and held still for him.

He drank in her beauty, every bit as heady as the vapors of his scotch. She stood correctly with one knee forward slightly turned in, her chest thrust out with her arms along her sides but slightly behind her to push her breasts forward. He admired the graceful V formed where her taught tummy narrowed onto her pubic bone. She was in fantastic shape, well toned but not disgustingly skinny.

He could see her breathing was a little fast and he watched the slight pulsing of her heart at her delicate neck. He called her too him and she approached slowly offering her hand as she drew near. He reached out and took it and brought it to his lips in a soft kiss before using it to pull her across his lap.

His right hand slid softly across the gentle curves of her back and ass. He caressed her most lovingly over both cheeks, as he thanked the gods for this ivory skinned woman who gave herself to him. He raised his hand and quickly brought it down on her left cheek and watched as it quickly flushed a soft pink where his hand had struck. He checked the mirror and could see her face framed in it as she gently bit her own bottom lip. He raised his and Thwack! brought it down once again this time on the other cheek. He paused to caress her bottom all over once again. He could feel the heat of her sex as it warmed the top of his thigh. He smiled knowing that although she resisted the sting of each spank she adored the gentle punishment and her pussy would soon show proof.

He quickly raised his hand and delivered two more blows to each cheek, they began to show a nice soft redness in a little circle on either side. He could hear her panting as she struggled not to cry out and softly caressed her ass again letting his palm slide across her sex as it opened below her bottom. She gasped a little wanting more contact but already too late as his hand passed to her thighs.

His right hand stroked her head, lovingly teasing her long silky blonde locks.

He continued raising his hand pausing with it raised and delivering the punishment, never pausing the same length of time so she couldn't anticipate the blow. He kept it up until the cheeks glowed a nice rosy color. He was fairly sure he could feel her wetness on his jeans as she had tried in vain to rub herself against him. He let his right hand fall over her ass and the fingers to softly drag along the slippery folds of her exposed pussy. He could see in the mirror as she gritted her teeth loving the contact.

He lifted her up and sat her on his lap before leaning back and pulling her back upon his chest. He reached around and cupped her breasts with his hands letting the thumb and forefinger of each hand roll and tug on her nipples.

The rough fabric of his jeans felt exquisitely naughty on her tender warm ass and he began to whisper in her ear. She could feel his hardness cradled beneath her cheeks and all the sensations were combining for a powerful effect. He whispered that he would like her to cum for him.

A master's approach to teaching a lesson:
She heard the front door slam as she sat down to wait. His voice thundered through the house. She ran to meet him.

"Hi, feeling any better?" He raised an eyebrow.

"'And should I be feeling better? Do you think you might know something about that?" She looked at the floor.

"Yes, Sir," she murmured.

"Come sit with me and we'll talk about it."

He went and sat in the living room. She went to the kitchen, fixed his favorite drink, and followed him.

"Thank you, baby," he said. "Come sit beside me." She sat next to him, curled up in his arms, and looked down. "Look in my eyes, baby." She looked up. He uttered one word. "Why?"

"I ran out of time. I planned to do it, but..." She trailed off.

"What were you doing today? Was it important? Was there an emergency?" He questioned her with a concerned look on his face. She shook her head, struggling to keep looking at him. "You know why I made the rules and chores for you, don't you, baby? We've talked about it before." She nodded. "We've also talked about what would happen if you didn't follow the rules I make for you without a good reason, didn't we?" She nodded again. "And what did I say would happen?" She gulped.

"You said I'd get punished."

"That's right, baby," he said. "And it's been a while since I've had to punish you. It's going to hurt, and you will cry, but you'll also remember this every time you make a decision to not follow rules or do chores I requested. Do you think I'm being unfair?"

"No, Sir."

"All right. Now go to the bedroom, set the strap and the cane on the bed, and wait for me in the corner." She felt her stomach form into a solid ball, but she also felt a familiar warmth between her legs. She trudged up the stairs to do what he asked. She still can't explain the love/hate relationship she had with being spanked. She definitely didn't like the pain. More than anything, she hated disappointing him. She knew he only made rules to protect her. But somehow, the thought of a spanking made her almost dripping wet.

She was still incredibly anxious, though. The idea of getting a spanking was hot. What happened after a spanking was only hot with an erotic or a light correction spanking. But the actual punishment spanking—well, that just hurt. She wasn't sure which implement hurt more, either. The strap was about three inches wide: a solid, heavy leather. He doubled it over and really made it snap when it hit her bare ass, thighs and, on occasion, her breasts. The cane was pretty unusual, at least as far as she knew. It was the rod from a set of blinds. He had simply unscrewed it and stored it in the cabinet with their other "toys." It stung and bit and left painful, red welts.

Finally, he entered the room and sat down on the bed. "Come on, little one," he said, patting his lap. She crawled over his lap, adjusting her large breasts over his thigh until she was somewhat comfortable. "You know the rules, baby. You may shout and yell and cry as you see fit. You may also use the safe word if you feel the need. You know I love you and would never hurt you beyond what you can take. However, until you use that word, I will spank you as long and as hard as I deem necessary, until I think you've learned your lesson. You are to keep your legs spread at all times. You may wiggle and writhe, but if you kick or hit me, even on accident, you will be punished for it."She felt his hand caress her ass, and the she felt the spanking start.

First the slaps were slow: one cheek, then the other. She kicked her legs a little, but was determined not to make any noise. But when he began slapping her in earnest, she couldn't help herself, and she began to wail. He built up to his full strength, and made sure her ass was consistently red, from the top of her cheeks to the middle of her thighs. By the time he finished, tears were pouring from her face.

"I know it hurts," he crooned, as he lightly scraped over her ass and thighs with his fingernails. She felt one finger, then two, and then a third, dip into her pussy. Just when she began to squirm, just when she began to forget about the pain, and to climb toward orgasm, he pulled his hand away and slapped her ass. "Take your place on the bed, my dear. You know you have more punishment coming to you."

"But you already spanked me, Sir, and it hurt a lot. I've learned, I promise. Can't we just get to the rest of our evening? We don't want the food to spoil, do we?" She was gingerly rubbing her sore bottom with her fingertips. He smiled.

"Nice try," he said. "But you know you still have more to go. I took care of the food before I came up here. We still have all night. Now, into position. You don't want me to have to tell you again."

She piled several pillows in the center of the bed, and laid over them, her bottom sticking up as a target for him, her legs spread wide. She felt the cane tap each of her inner thighs lightly a few times. "Wider, now. You know I intend to cover every spot." She whimpered and spread her legs wider. She heard the cane whoosh through the air a few times as he made practice swings, and then—WHAP!—the first strike landed squarely on the most sensitive spot: where her bottom and thighs meet. She immediately wailed. He didn't let up, and before long, she was blubbering.

"I'll be good, Sir, I promise. I'll never do it again. Oh, god, it hurts so bad. Please stop, I've learned my lesson. SHIT! —I mean, Sir! Stop it, dammit!"

He landed a few more well placed swats on her tender inner thighs, and then stopped. He sat on the bed next to her, comforting her as she cried. "You're doing very well, I'm forgiven you." She shuddered as the tears subsided.

"Does that mean we can skip the strap?" She grinned with tears in her eyes. He chuckled and kissed her tenderly. "I'm afraid not, little one, but it will all be over soon. Then, I believe we have an entire evening together to look forward to." He patted the pile of pillows and picked up the strap. Still shuddering a bit, she crawled on top and presented her bare, striped ass to him, making sure to spread her legs as wide as possible. The strap hit her ass almost immediately, causing her to skip a breath. He beat her relentlessly, and she finally felt herself let go. She buried her face in the bed and sobbed.

She didn't know how many times he struck her with the leather, but finally, mercifully, the pain stopped. He crawled onto the bed with her, and she clutched his chest and whimpered. He held her close and steadied her. As she calmed down, he asked if she was feeling better.

"Are you hungry? I can go warm dinner," she offered.

"I'm starving," he said, " You've been a good girl," he murmured. "You're just sadistic I do believe that seeing my ass turn redder and redder turns you on like nothing else." she explained.

"Not quite. While I do love watching you twitch and beg while I stripe your ass, I love hearing you twitch and beg as I make you come even more." She began fondling his thick cock.

"Oh yeah?" She looked up at him as she lowered her head to his hips. "Well, I can certainly relate to that." As she took his cock in her mouth, she felt his hand on the back of her head, guiding her. Almost always, in their lovemaking, he had control. She started out by deep throating him several times, making sure to get his entire cock very wet. As she bobbed up and down, she fondled his balls in her hand. Every so often, she'd make sure to trace a finger gently up and down the perineum.

She heard him groan and felt him thrust a little, so she pulled back. She turned her focus to the head—the most sensitive part. As she teased the ring around his cock and dipped her tongue gently into the tip, she jacked off the shaft of his dick with her hand. She could tell by the way he was jerking his hips and the way his balls were tightening that he was going to cum soon, when suddenly he jerked his cock from her mouth and slapped her hard across the face with it. Precum stretched from her mouth to the tip of his penis, and already she felt the warmth in her cunt begin again.

"Not so fast, little girl. You know you're not getting off so easy. On your back." She flipped over onto her back, and then moaned as she was reminded of her sore ass. He cock slapped her a few more times, and then began fucking her mouth. Her choking sounds turned on both of them, and she began swirling her tongue around the base of his penis, and sucking as best she could, given the rhythm he was setting. When he was almost ready, he commanded, "Open your mouth and close your eyes." He sprayed long, thick jets of cum over her face and into her waiting mouth, which she swallowed greedily after he finished. "That's a real good girl maybe tomorrow when you do all your chores as your suppose to then I can make you cum. Just a little more corner time then you may go to bed," he commanded.
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Username: Naughtythoughts

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