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New member
Username: Naughty_james

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Registered: 06-2009
Posted on Saturday, August 01, 2009 - 04:17 am:   Edit Post

Karen wanted to be home well before me today. She had a few ideas on how to prepare for my spanking that would make sure I didn't offer more than token resistance. And she needed to teach me a lesson. I had most unfortunately been caught wearing her bra and panties and I was already in her bad books for being rude to her friend Carol.
Once back at her flat, Karen prepared the outfit she was going to wear. She carefully selected a white lace blouse and her shortest black mini-skirt. She put her hair back and donned her reading glasses and then donned her heavy black mink coat. Her highest black heels completed the look - sexy but stern.
Karen knew from dealing with past boyfriends that she'd have to take me out of my comfort zone to make me submit to her clear plastic lexan paddle and hairbrush. I had spent the afternoon deciding how I was going to plead with her not to spank me.
She moved a high backed chair from the study into the lounge, placing the lexan paddle prominently on top of it. It was the first thing I would see when I walked in. .
My mind ran through what I was going to say to my lovely girlfriend as I slowly walked up the front stairs. I know that I’d agreed for the need for a spanking but the reality of the moment had me trembling with nerves. I would have to ask her, beg her even, to find another punishment such as extra chores-or even going out with her to the pub dressed fully in ladies clothes, wig, heels and full make up-something I’ve been made to do before.
I was astonished at what I saw when I walked into her lounge. Karen was sitting at the end of the table . She was staring at me - eyes thin and piercing. What was even more astonishing was the long Lexan paddle on the chair in the middle of the room. I couldn't take my eyes off it!
"Glad you finally made it home Jamie," Karen barked as she slowly rose from behind the desk. "I've half a mind to increase your punishment for being late." Karen knew that this threat to increase my punishment would reduce my resistance to what I already had coming.
I finally lifted my eyes from the horrible plastic implement lying on the chair. My girlfriend looked stunning. Her short skirt and high heels emphasised her fantastic legs, and in the black mink so stern and determined. All my schoolboy fantasies about being spanked by matron came rushing back to me. My breath was short and perspiration began to drip down my forehead.
"Now Karen, please," I began.
"Quiet! I've had quite enough of your excuses for one day," Karen snapped in a determined voice. Karen had found that tone was more powerful than volume when dealing with naughty boys, if used correctly.
I recoiled from her tone of voice. I was amazed at this transformation in my normally subdued girlfriend. Even more disturbing to me was that I found it incredibly sexually exciting. She was in control, I knew it, and he wasn't quite sure how to handle it.
Karen picked up the clear Lexan paddle from the chair and began to lightly tap it against her left palm, still eyeballing me. I found her newly found dominant side too arousing to watch and stared at the carpet, unable to think of anything coherent to say.
"Now young Jamie, you find yourself in this position because you continue to be insensitive to my feelings. As a long overdue lesson to you, I intend to give your bare bottom a very thorough spanking with unrelenting hard strokes which I'm assured by Carol will hurt a great deal." The shame of it. Carol Smythe, the wife of one of my best friends KNEW about my forthcoming punishment.
I found the thought of what Karen intended to do disturbingly erotic, but horribly frightening. Adding to my sense of shame and dread, Karen tossed me one of her nighties and a pair of her panties and ordered me to her bedroom where I was instructed to remove all my clothes and replace them with hers. When ready I was told to return to the lounge-with her wooden hairbrush.
"That's right. In a few moments you're going to be punished for behaving like a selfish schoolboy. Do you have anything to say for yourself young man before I bend you over the table for the sound paddling you've earned?", Karen asked, knowing she had me in the palm of her hand.
Alone in her bedroom and having swapped my clothes for hers my mouth was dry,my tongue felt swollen, my heart raced, my hands shivered, but my penis was rock hard.
Returning to the lounge I stammered as I handed her the hairbrush ,"Ahh. I didn't mean to upset you," I pleaded weakly.
"So you’re excited about this are you?”, she said looking at my hard penis, “-we’ll see just how excited you feel in a few moments won’t we?”, she said enforcing her authority. She couldn't afford to offer me even a shred of pleasure and with this in mind she said, “ Come here and start masturbating. I’m not risking you coming over my black skirt when I have you across my knee.” And so I did. Standing directly in front of her I reached for my hard penis emanating from her knickers, and dressed in her nightie I jerked myself off.
When “done” I was blushing with shame and studied the carpet at my feet, my hands on my head feeling utterly humiliated, and very miserable.
"Good. Now go and bend across the table. NOW ! Don't just stand there," Karen ordered.
I hesitated a moment too long and Karen was at my side in a flash. She grabbed me by my ear and half-led, half-dragged me to the side of the table. I flailed my arms and protested but Karen paid no attention.
"Right, that's just earned you an extra one with the paddle.. Now bend over," Karen told me as she pushed down on my back. I reluctantly complied and bent submissively over the desk.
"Now it's time to bare that bottom of yours," she said as she reached around and began to lower my panties.
Karen pulled down the cotton panties to my knees. She made me raise up the hem of my nightie , then stepped back to admire the view. I was now bent over the table, panties down around my knees and holding up my nightie my face red with embarressment, while my white bare bottom stuck out nicely. She had to admit I looked rather cute in this position.Karen noticed my penis was no longer erect – This was going to be ALL punishment and certainly no play.
She tapped the Lexan paddle lightly on my bottom. Karen knew how much I deserved this thrashing and was determined to make it a memorable occasion. I looked behind me to see a strict woman in a huge fur coat measuring up my bottom.
“Turn back round immediately-you will stay in position at all times. If you try to get up before I give you permission, I'll give you extras. Understood?"
"Yes, Karen," I replied miserably.
"Good. Now prepare yourself. This is going to sting, but you really need this. I think you've needed it for quite some time."
Karen raised the heavy paddle high, then brought it down hard right across the middle of my bottom.
Swish.... TWACK!
I felt a burning hot line of fire across my bottom. Then, to my horror, the burning increased. The pain was intense - like a line of needles had been stabbed into my bottom. I gasped in agony, but was too shocked to say anything coherent. Karen noted with satisfaction the expression on my face. He certainly felt that, she thought to herself.
Karen paused a few seconds, then raised the Lexan paddle again. She brought it down again, just as hard as the first stroke. She aimed just slightly below the thin red blotch that had instantly appeared on my bottom after the first stroke.
Swish.... TWACK!
"Ooowwww!" I could not help but yell out as the paddle struck another line of fire across my bottom. My fingers clawed at the desk and I was told to now expect another one for moving out of position. “ Hands are for holding up your nightie you sissy baby”, she sneered.. I shut my eyes tightly and fought to remain still, my girlfriend’s warning still fresh in my mind. There was no way I wanted to earn more extra strokes. I wondered how I would be able to take many more strokes like that.
Karen was already not impressed with my lack of self-control, but she knew that the beating wasn't even halfway finished and now it was time to up the stakes.
She raised the paddle again, higher this time, and brought it down again. Karen struck harder this time, at the lower, less protected part of my bottom, just before my thighs began.
Swish.... TWACK!
"Yeeoow! Oh please, please," I cried out. My bottom felt like it was on fire. Even more embarrassing, I could feel the wetness around my eyes. I was not one to cry easily, and certainly not from pain, but I’d never felt anything like the sting of a Lexan paddle across my bare bottom.
"What was that, my naughty boy? Please? That should have been 'Please Karen will you give me the rest of the beating I've earned!'" Karen told me. "Remember, you got yourself into this predicament. Now hold still."
Karen raised the paddle again. She noticed the redness around my eyes and the wide eyed helpless way I was looking up at her. This stroke would do it - take me over the limit and regress me back to a naughty schoolboy taking his licks.
She brought the paddle down. Swish.... TWACK! She laid a new stinging blotch at a slight angle across two of the others.
The effect was devastating on me. I let out a long screeching noise while I danced my feet against the floor, somehow hoping to expel the pain burning a fire in those red strips across my white bottom. Finally, I made a couple of low coughing noises then stared down over the table.
Karen was already aroused, feeling more powerful than ever at making me submit in this way. Then she heard me sobbing softly, and her arousal magnified. Suddenly the telephone rang and placing the paddle on the table she said, “stay in position while I take this”. It was Carol Smythe .
“Hi Carol. Yes indeed...As we speak....Yes, nightie and panties.....Yes, extremely red......A few tears but trust me you’ve seen nothing yet. Would you like to hear the remainder of his punishment? We’re going to be a while yet”. And with that, to my horror, Karen placed the receiver on a chair just ajar from where my face peered over the table. Any sobs, groans or whaling would be clearly heard by Carol.
The receiver in place, Karen returned to the matter in hand and picked up the Lexan paddle. My eyes were watery and I was still sobbing softly, but her look was expectant. She steadied her resolve. She wanted Carol to see, or rather hear, that she meant business.
"I see the paddle is getting through to you. Are you going to be more considerate in future, or will I have to spank you every week?", Karen asked me. Karen knew she needed to remain firm throughout this first paddling to establish her authority.
"No, Karen. I've learnt my lesson, really I have!", I begged her. The thought of a beating like this every week seemed unbearable.
"We'll see about that young man. Now, you've still got three to go-and that’s only before I take you across my knee. Don't think I'm going to let you off, because I'm not. Prepare yourself!", Karen said.
I considered protesting, but she seemed very determined. There would be no escape. I put my head back down on the desk and gritted my teeth.
Karen brought the paddle down three times in quick succession. Three hard diagonal strokes across the centre of my fleshy bare bottom.
Swish.... TWACK! Swish.... TWACK! Swish....TWACK!
Three new bright red patches formed instantly across my bottom. I cried out with each stroke, barely managing to stay on the table, as the burning white hot fire raged through my bottom . "Yeeoow! Oh God! No more! Please! Yeeoow!", I cried as the strokes fell.
Then, finally broken, I burst into tears sobbing as I collapsed limply against the desk. Hot tears ran from my gushing eyes down into my mouth. I muttered how sorry I was, how wrong I'd been, and how much better behaved I'd be in future, in between loud tearful sobs.
Karen was very pleased at her handiwork so far and that my crying freely was a good reflection that I was being properly punished. She reflected that this would not be lost on Carol too. Anyway, thought Karen, there are plenty more tears to come yet. She put the paddle down on the desk.
She leant against the desk beside me, slowly stroking my hair and back, before telling me to get to my feet. I’d never be able to look Carol in the face again, I thought. Even now I was still sobbing and I was horribly aware that the second stage of my punishment was still to come. Karen picked up the hard backed wooden clothes brush and sat herself down on the chair in the middle of the room. She beckoned me to her side and berated me, (probably for Carol’s benefit), before saying, “Come on then”, as she took my hand and pulled me across her lap. As I draped myself overs her knee I felt a fur clad arm clench tightly across my midriff, like a clamp, “Bottom higher”, she barked, “And don’t you dare struggle”. And with that it began again. Staring down at the carpet with my very bare, very punished bottom protruding upwards, the hairbrush greeted it with a volley of resounding whacks, relentless and all the same pace....Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack, Whack. In no time I was crying like a baby and realised I was in total and utter submission. And after about 70 whacks it was over. Karen loudly and firmly told me to get up and to go and stand in the corner. How Carol must be loving this I thought sadly.
"Well, I think that my girly boyfriend will think twice before trying on my lingerie again behind my back”, Said Karen having picked up the receiver again “. And if he’s ever rude to me again he will know what he can expect.” And then Karen started laughing with her friend before saying, “Great idea, no problem darling, See you in a few minutes, bye”, before putting down the phone.
"Oh please, I've learnt my lesson. Really I have. No more humiliation please," I begged Karen, but I realised that she had already invited Carol around to see her handiwork and remonstrating now was no only pointless but had potential consequences for me. As if Karen could read my mind she said,
“Do you want Carol to put you over her knee Jamie?”
"No Karen, I promise I won't argue with you again or be rude or wear your clothes," I promised.
"Well you'd better not. Although you will be wearing my clothes.actually, sooner than you think," Karen said coyly. She lowered her hand to my glowing bottom and began to rub it very lightly. Even she was surprised at the heat of my buttocks. “Carol, will be here in a minute and you will show her the results of your punishment.”
I begged Karen to at the very least permit me to change out of the nightie and panties.
“Certainly not,” she said, “That’s the whole point. Carol who’s closer to your size than mine is bringing around a selection of tops, skirts and dresses. You are going to look 100% woman by the time the two of us have dressed you and applied your make up.-Then we’ll all go and have a few drinks before coming back here for supper-which you young lady are going to prepare”.
The tears were still rolling down my face as I heard the doorbell ring.
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Username: Boomer

Post Number: 34
Registered: 07-2008
Posted on Saturday, August 01, 2009 - 10:45 am:   Edit Post

That was HOT, James. I look forward to reading your future stories.
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New member
Username: Burning_bottom

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Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 05:59 pm:   Edit Post

Sounds if u well beaten! i felt it just reading it!
paul little
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New member
Username: Joanna

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Registered: 07-2011
Posted on Friday, July 08, 2011 - 07:12 am:   Edit Post

I just love that Naughty James. I think Karen was absolutely right to punish you like that. My boyfriend would receive the same if he ever tried my clothes on.

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