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Username: Pinkangel

Post Number: 51
Registered: 01-2006
Posted on Monday, February 04, 2008 - 10:50 pm:   Edit Post

This is my first story, plese feel free to offer any feedback.......

Chloe and Tom are a married couple who enjoy domestic discipline to keep their marriage and home life running smoothly. Chloe is required to obey Tom's wishes and if she doesn't he reminds her who's in charge by putting her over his lap and administering sound spankings for her transgressions.

On this particular day, Chloe had not heard her alarm go off and overslept. She darted out of bed and quickly began getting ready for work. She hurried up and took her shower, got dressed and put on her makeup. While she was getting ready she made quite a mess leaving her wet towels on the floor and her makeup all over the vanity. She rushed downstairs and packed herself a quick lunch and made herself a bowl of cereal and after eating she grabbed her purse and briefcase and ran out the door. She had about 15 minutes to get to work on the other side of town. She was an attorney for a huge law firm and there was a meeting this morning for a new murder case they were going to be representing. She hurried up and threw the car into gear and sped out of her driveway. She hit about 60mph on her small residential street in her gated community. Within minutes she saw the flashing red and blue ligthts behind her and the accompanying sirens that go along with them. She cursed under her breath and pulled over and searched for her license and registration so with any luck the officer would take pity on her and let her go. The officer showed up at her window and asked where she was going in such a hurry and she explained that she was late for work. He replied "perhaps you should leave ealier and then you won't be late". He didn't give her a warning like she had hoped, instead her gave her a ticket for $80 and told her to have a nice day. Yeah, she thought to herself, have a nice day. When Tom found out about her ticket, he was going to make her realize how much she was going to regret that speeding ticket. She thought, maybe he won't need to find out and went on to work. She was already late, no point in hurrying now.

She made it to the office about 30 minutes late and of course her boss was standing there when she walked in and noticed that she came in late. Unfortunately, her boss was also a good friend of Tom's and she knew he would tell Tom about her tardiness. She would then have to confess that she got a speeding ticket and she would definitely be punished. She knew she had to fess up that night because if she didn't tell him she would get it even harder.

The day seemed to drag by because all she could think of was the spanking she was sure to get that evening when she told Tom of the day's events. Fianlly 5:00 came and she logged off of her computer, grabbed her keys and headed for her car. She couldn't wait to get home and go for a swim to relax and relieve some of her tension.

Once she got home she grabbed the mail from the mailbox and and went into the house. As she was looking through the mail, she came across one of their credit card bills that had "FINAL NOTICE" stamped on it. "Oh Shit" she thought to herself, now what have I done. She opened it and just as she thought, she had forgotten to mail last months payment and they were charged a $50 late fee. There was one more reason for Tom to spank her. Can this day get any worse she thought? She looked at her watch and noticed that she had about 2 hours before Tom got home. She thought to herself that she would go for a swim and then come in and clean up the mess she left in the kitchen and their bedroom and then start dinner before he came through the door. She went upstairs and put on her bikini, grabbed a towel and headed out for the pool. She dove in and swam six quick laps, and then decided to relax her muscles in the hottub for about ten minutes and then she would go in and get her work done before Tom came home.

The next thing she remembers was Tom's bellowing voice saying, "And what do you think you are doing young lady?" "What is the meaning of this, you are out here relaxing and the kitchen is a mess and there is no dinner started?" "What happens when your chores are not done my dear?" Uuhmm, she said,"I get in trouble sir." "That is correct he said, and what happens when you get in trouble Chloe?" "I getted my bare bottom spanked sir."
He looked at her and said, "get out of that hottub this instant and lean over the side, I am going to give you the first part of your spanking out here and I don't care if the neighbors can hear or see it." She did as she was told and stood up and bent over the side of the hot tub. She could feel him getting closer to her and before she knew it she could feel his had swating her wet backside repeatedly. He hand spanked her wet bottom for a good three minutes dipping his hand in the water every so often to wetten her bottom more. He knew that a spanking on a wet bottom hurt more than a dry one did. After the hand spanking, he ordered her to their room and told her to stand in the corner until he came up to finish her punishment. She quickly pulled up her bikini bottoms and ran toward the door with big tears streaming down her face and sobbing uncontrollably. She did as she was told and went to their room and stood in the corner. Once she got there she remembered the huge mess she had left that morning in the bathroom and then began sobbing even more because she knew she was really in big trouble.

She stood in the corner for what seemed like an eternity and then finally heard him come in the room. He said "young lady we need to have a talk. It seems you have had a quite a day today and I think we need to talk about it before I finish your spanking." He ordered her to come over and sit down next to him on the bed. First of all, I want you to explain this, and he showed her the past due credit card bill. She immediately stammered around saying that she must have forgot to mail it and that she was so sorry and that it would never happen again. He asked her what she thought he should do about it to
ensure that she never did it again and she replied "spank my bare ass with your hairbrush sir." He said, I think that is a spendid idea." "Before I do that there are a few more things we need to discuss, I just got off the phone with your boss, Pete, and he told me that you
were late this morning, do you want to tell me why?" She replied, "I got up late and was trying to get to work and then, and then, uh, I got a speeding ticket and that made me even more late for work." How much was the speeding ticket Chloe? "uh....... $80." "What????, boy are you going to pay dearly for that one my dear." You better plan on being here for awhile tonight, because this is going to be one long spanking." "You won't be sitting down very comfortably for quite some time after I am done with you." Just as he said that, he looked over and saw the mess she had left in the bathroom. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her off the bed and into the bathroom and asked her why she left such a mess. She quickly started to cry and he bent her over the vanity and applied about thirty hard swats to her backside with his hand. She still had her bikini bottoms on, but they were still wet and the swats really hurt.

"Get in there and and bend over the foot of the bed, you my dear are about to be punished like I have never punished you before." She did as she was told and assumed the position over the foot of the bed. He came in behind her and asked her what she thought he should do to her and she replied, "I have been very bad, and I deserve a very hard spanking on my bare ass." I deserve both the hairbrush and the belt and want you to punish my behind until I am crying and promising to never be bad again." With that he undid his belt and quickly pulled it throughn the loops of his Armani suit pants and raised his hand quickly and began landing blow after stinging blow to his lovely wife's pale behind. He could see the marks of his belt very quickly on his wife's pale tush even through the thin fabic of her bikini bottoms. After about 50 strokes of the belt, he told her to go and get the hairbrush paddle. This was no ordinary hairbrush paddle, it was about an inch thick and made of solid oak. It didn't have any bristles, and it packed a very big wallop to a bare behind. Once she retrieved the paddle she was told to pull down her bikini bottoms and bed over and assume the postion for her paddling. She did as she was told and bent over and waited for the paddling to begin. Before he started, he told her that she would be getting fifty strokes with the paddle, one for each dollar they were charged for the late fee on the credit card. She braced herself and waited for the first smack, they were fast and hard and before long she was sobbing and big tears were rolling down her face. He finished the last of the swats and asked her if she had learned her lesson and she nodded her head that she had. He then told her to go the corner and stay there until he told her to move. He also informed her that her punishment was far from over and that she would be receiving another spanking before she went to bed that night.

About a half hour later he told her to come out of the corner and to get dressed for dinner. She quickly put on a pair of panties and a mini skirt and a low cut tank top. She went in and tidied up the bathroom before going down to dinner. When she met Tom in the kitchen she thanked him for spanking her and teaching her a lesson and he kissed her passionatley on the lips. He held her in his arms and told her he would rub lotion on her butt after they finished dinner. After dinner they cleaned the kitchen together and he did as he promised and then he made love to her on the livingroom rug in front of the fire place. As they lay spent in eachother's arms, he reminded her that she still had a spanking coming before they retired for the evening...........she looked up at him and nestled her head on his chest with a smile on her face. She couldn't wait.....

To be Continued.......
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New member
Username: Greatguy

Post Number: 26
Registered: 01-2006
Posted on Saturday, February 09, 2008 - 07:02 pm:   Edit Post

Good start! Now get busy and give us more !
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New member
Username: Justbeginning

Post Number: 5
Registered: 02-2008
Posted on Sunday, February 24, 2008 - 11:22 am:   Edit Post

Great story...when do we get the 2nd half? You're a wonderful writer!
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Username: Pinkangel

Post Number: 53
Registered: 01-2006
Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2008 - 12:33 am:   Edit Post

Thanks for the comments, I have been really busy with work and haven't been spending much time online. I will write part two as soon as I have some time to spend writing again.....thanks for the feedback!!
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Username: Pinkangel

Post Number: 56
Registered: 01-2006
Posted on Saturday, December 19, 2009 - 12:53 am:   Edit Post

Disciplined Wife Part 2

About an hour after Tom and Chloe had rested in front of the fireplace, Tom nudged Chloe and told her it was time for the two of them to retire for the night. Chloe had hoped that he had forgotten about the spanking she was supposed to receive before bed that night. Her hopes were dashed when he said, " don't bother putting on your pajamas yet my dear, we still have some unfinished business to take care of. She sighed aloud and started for the stairs that lead to their bedroom. On the way upstairs she kept trying to think of ways to get out of the impending spanking....all of a sudden it came to her, she could say that she didn't feel well. He certainly wouldn't spank her if she was ill would he? So with the best little voice she could muster she told him that she didn't feel well and that something she ate for dinner must not have agreed with her and that she really just wanted to go to sleep. Tom knew his wife and he knew her well, this wasn't the first time that she had tried to get out of a spanking so he decided to play along with her little game. Tom told her "I am so sorry that you don't feel well, let me see if I can help you feel better". Why don't you go in and take a nice hot bath before bed and I will take care of you. She sighed a breath of relief and thought to herself that she couldn't believe that her little plan had worked. She went in and ran a bath and in the the other room, Tom was getting ready to teach her a lesson. After her bath, she came out of the bathroom in her skimpy little babydoll nighty and started to crawil into bed. Tom looked at her and said "honey, I really think we should check your temperature since you don't feel well". "Maybe you have a fever and it's more than just something you ate." Come over here and lay on your tummy and let me take your temperature. "Oh Tom" she exclaimed, I don't think that is necessary..I just have a little tummy ache." He responded "Chloe, either I take your temperature or you are getting that spanking anyway..." She knew he was on to her, but what choice did she have...she was hoping that since she was just in a hot bath and had blown dried her hair that maybe she would have a small elevated temp and she could still get out of her spanking. "Ok she said, I guess I don't have a choice." She laid on her tummy on the bed and Tom got out the vaseline and rubbed some on her anus and then put some on the thermometer. He slowly inserted the thermometer into her tight little butt. He sat next to her with his hand resting on her behind and waited for a few minutes before removing the thermometor and checking it. It was as he suspected and her temp was completly normal.....he gave her the news and said "well my dear, looks like you are just fine, you don't have a fever! Looks like you are getting that spanking afterall....and now it's going to be even harder than I had planned since you lied to me and tried to get out of it. I think I have just the remedy for that tummy ache of yours. I think a nice warm enema would help make that tummy ache go away. Go in the bathroom and get ready and I will be in shortly. "Oh Tom" she exclaimed, do we really have to do the enema? Can't you just spank me and get it over with please??? I am so sorry I tried to get out of it, I won't do it again, I promise!! "Absolutley NOT Young Lady" he exclained, you were bad and you are going to pay the price for what you have done. You have put yourself into the predicament and now I have to give you what you deserve. MARCH, young lady, into the bathroom right NOW!!! Chloe did as she was told and went into the bathroom. She sat on the chaise lounge in the sitting area and watched as Tom prepared the enema bag for her. He finished preparing the enema and called for her to come over and bend over the counter in the bathroom so that he could insert the enema into her bottom. He slowly let the warm water fill up her ass and then when he was done he ordered her into in the corner to wait. There she stood in the corner with an ass full of water and she had no idea how long he was going to make her wait. After about fifteen minutes he returned and let her go to the bathroom. She felt as if she had been in that corner forever and practically ran to relieve herself. When she returned, Tom told her it was time to finish that spanking that he had promised her. He ordered her to lay over his lap so he could begin her punishment. Before she did, she told him how sorry she was and that it would never happen again. He asked her what she thought he should do to her for lying and trying to get out of her spanking and in a very low voice she said "you should paddle my bare bottom." He said, "I didn't hear you, can you say that again?" She said, "Sir, I have been a very bad girl and I deserve a really hard spanking on my bare ass, will you please give me a very hard spanking sir?" He agreed that she deserved a good bare bottom spanking and proceeded to spank her with his hand very lightly at first and then harder and harder. After about five minutes he got very tired and his hand got very sore so he decided to change postions and to spank her with the hairbrush. He made her get up off of his lap and made her go and get the hairbrush off of the dresser and then bend over the arm of the couch. Her ass was beginning to turn a nice shade of red and it looked wonderful in contrast to her pale skin. He then began administering several hard and fast blows with the paddle. Now her backside was a deep shade of red and was warming up quite nicely. He thought that her ass was probably so hot that it just may register a temperature on the thermometer. He decided that it was time to icrease the intensity of her spanking so he picked up his belt and began to spank her with it instead....she probably had about ten strokes of the belt and she started crying and sobbing out loud how sorry she was that she was bad and that she wouldn't be bad any more.....he scolded her as he spanked her saying that if she had learned her lesson then why did he have to spank her so often...she said she was sorry and that she would try to be good so he didn't have to spank her any more. He told her that he felt that maintenance spankings were in order and that maybe if he spanked her at least once a week maybe she would remember to be good. He told her that for the next month he would be giving her a bedtime spanking once a week to keep her in line and that she would get them more often if he felt she needed them. She didn't protest, she just said, okay, if that's what you think I need. At this point she would have said anything to get him to stop spanking her. He stopped the spanking and held her in his arms and began kissing her gently on the lips. He then picked her up into his arms and laid her on their bed. He told her that since she was such a good girl and took her punishment that he would make her feel better. He gently worked his way down between her legs and began licking her very wet clit and began to gently pentrate her pussy with his fingers and did so until she had the most intense orgasm of her life. He then curled up against her, held her in his arms and they both fell fast asleep....
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New member
Username: Burning_bottom

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Posted on Saturday, May 28, 2011 - 03:51 am:   Edit Post

Sometime ago i wrote about that i was going to get the switch on my bare bottom and needed advice! was wondering if it hurts more than the cane!the cane stings me so hard not sure if i can take a switching! its due very soon! i think i just need reasuarance that i will sit eventualy! any suggestions on how to cope?
paul little

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