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Posted on Monday, August 06, 2012 - 06:16 pm:   Edit Post

Desiree loved the White Mountains in New Hampshire; she thrived on the crisp fresh air and she truly enjoyed mountain hiking. With a four-day weekend approaching, Neil suggested that a long weekend camping in the mountain woods; and Desiree nearly squealed in excitement. They had not made the time for a vacation in way too long, and had not been camping in four years. Since both Desiree and Neil were experienced hikers, cyclists and kayakers; neither could explain why they had stopped camping. Jobs, housework and life kept getting in the way.

“If you climb up in the garage attic and see what we still have or need, I will start putting together a shopping list.” Desiree’s eyes brightened up with the idea of four incredible days and nights alone with her beloved; and no phones, computers or televisions as distractions.
“Same place as last time?” Neil inquired. “It is pretty secluded, but we won’t have to deal with annoying kids running through the camp site or racing their bikes down the paths. We will have much more privacy.”

“Done deal!” Desiree smiled as she clapped her hands together in excitement. She needed a break from her stressful job running her own company, and knew that Neil could use a break from work as well. Too much work and little to no down-time often left either one or the other cranky and short tempered; and on occasion both of them. It was a toss-up on who needed this time away more.

The following day, during what was a planned short break from work, Desiree headed to All Things Outdoor, the new camping store in the mall. Much to her delight, there were more things than Desiree imagined making their camping/hiking adventure as thrilling as possible. Her shopping carriage was quickly full with new blow-up mattresses, lanterns, fire starters, tarps, and a full set of new outdoor cooking utensils. Desiree also threw in the carriage new jeans, flannel shirts, and a set of sturdy hiking boots for each of them. When she slid the credit cards through at the cash register, she cringed at the total, but knew it was worth every cent she had spent. She and Neil had not spent any money on vacations for a few years, and she justified every purchase.
“Whoa there, my darling wife, did you need to buy everything in the store?’
“Only one of each, well except for the things on sale…..I bought two of those,” Desiree responded with a big smile, reminding Neil that it was the small things like her beautiful, kissable, lips that made his wife so adorable to him. “plus, we need every one of these things I bought.” Neil hated to admit the fact that he could not disagree. Besides, Desiree looked so cute decked out in rolled up jeans, an oversized man’s shirt knotted at the waist and a bandana holding her long blonde hair back out of her way; and her fresh face rarely needed any enhancement.

Desiree kept packing right up to the moment of departure, taking care that she not forget Neil’s favorite red and white teddy sleepwear of hers, it was certainly not considered camping wear, but it left him wanting to devour her. If Neil packed too light, Desiree balanced out the scales by packing a bit too much; she wanted to make it the best trip together yet.

Thursday morning at 6:00 a.m. as the alarm clock startled Desiree awake, she leapt up to the window to find the beginnings of a splendiferous day. The sun was already up and the sky cloudless.
“A bit anxious to get going?” Neil moaned as he was hoping on sleeping in a couple more hours.
“I want to get camp set up and everything in place so we can have a stress free evening in front of the camp fire; I even made some Sangria to help relax us. We will sleep well tonight.”
“Is that a promise from my lady who never gets enough sleep?” Neil raised an eyebrow, but couldn’t help also cracking a wide grin. He understood how important this time away from the rigors of daily life was for both of them. A roaring fire, some strawberry sangria, and his darling lady cuddled up to him, sounded heavenly to Neil. Within an hour, Desiree and Neil were showered, dressed and finishing off a last cup of coffee; and Desiree was itching to get moving, a fact that left her antsy.
“Ready YET?” she sighed in exasperation as Neil’s slow sipping made her extremely impatient. “How about I transfer that to a travel mug?”

“Fine, but remember, this weekend is about relaxing, so delete the words, quick, fast and ready YET? from our vocabulary for the next four days!” Neil punctuated his words with a swift swat on the back of her jeans. This is not going to benefit either of us, if all we do is rush.”

“Hey, none of that,” Desiree jumped in response even though the swat was hardly felt. The action was a reminder that when Neil made up his mind about something he meant it. Desiree both loved and hated the fact at the same time, something that even left her confused at times. She turned towards Neil and in her sweetest voice explained that she just wanted to be alone with him, cuddled up in the tent. Neil accepted that excuse and within five minutes they were out the door, travel cup in one hand and a doughnut in the other.

The three hour long drive up to the White Mountains was serene and refreshing as Desiree turned on the radio and they listened to the tunes from their teen years; immediately leaving both of them feeling rejuvenated, as they snacked on fresh blueberries that Desiree popped in Neil’s mouth as he drove. She silently reminded herself on how long it has been since she stopped doing things like that.

Pulling into the campground, Neil got out of the car for a deep stretch before entering the main office to check in. He was quite comfortable in his grey sweats and most broken-in pair of sneakers, his hair a bit mussed from the wind blowing through his side window. At first, Neil had not even planned on packing a hairbrush. After some solid thinking, he knew that a good hairbrush worked equally well on both Desiree’s hair and backside, as needed; and whether she wanted to admit it or not, there were times that she did need it. In the case of this marriage, domestic discipline worked and worked well. It also provided both of them a wonderful stress release, and helped clear the air between them.

It took two whole hours to set up camp, the couple traveled far up the mountain while still feeling safe; there were snakes, coyotes and bears in the area. Not only did this fact not frighten Desiree, it set up her sense of adventure, a fact that Neil knew required close supervision of his wife who loved thrills so much, it left her making bad choices, on occasion, that she even regretted.

Neil and Desiree were able to leave behind their daily lives, enough so that they laughed and teased as they spent the day swimming, hiking and fishing. Neil had caught enough fish to last all three meals a day for the weekend; not being a seafood lover, Desiree was happy she had packed an extra-large jar of crunchy peanut butter. As dusk began to approach, Neil suggested that Desiree make sure that everything was ready to prepare dinner, as he forged for wood. Cooking over a campfire was the one time that Neil actually offered to play chef.

“Great, I really worked up an appetite today, I don’t remember being this hungry for a long time.” Neil was pleased by these words, as Desiree was skipping too many meals lately. With a peck on her forehead, Neil grabbed a tarp to collect the firewood in and headed towards the back of the tent, where there seemed to be the most fallen trees.

This is the moment I have been waiting for, Desiree giggled to herself as she climbed into the tent to get her toiletries, and the red and white teddy. As she headed towards the bath house, she made sure she carried her most fragrant, floral smelling soap. The ides of surprising Neil was one she knew would work.
“Yep, time to remember that happily married couples don’t ignore each other as frequently as we two have been lately,” Desiree muttered out loud to herself as she grabbed a whole bag of her items. Doing a quick check of supplies, Desiree groaned when she realized that although she had remembered to pack a hair dryer, she find couldn’t anything to comb out the tangles out her naturally curly hair, which turned into a rats nest in no time at all. Knowing that in all likelihood, Neil would not mind her rifling through his personal bag, she was delighted to discover that he had indeed packed the paddle shaped hairbrush; the one she had learned to have a love/hate relationship with.

Believing that Neil would need at least a half hour to gather enough wood, Desiree turned the warm water in the shower on full blast and luxuriously appreciated the aroma of her shampoo while she suds her hair. The tropical smell making her feel desirable and sexy, another aspect of their marriage take had seemed to go the way to everything labeled “fun”.

Remembering to eliminate the word “quick”, Desiree took her time as she run her soapy hands up and down her body, removing all the dirt from the day. After nearly twenty minutes, a refreshed woman stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a fluffy Egyptian cotton towel and Desiree glanced at the teddy with a sly grin. It took her another twenty minutes to towel off, apply her costly lotions, and make her hair look presentable. She looked into the foggy, scratched up mirror, and after adding a good spritz of Neil’s favorite perfume, she knew that she was ready to step into the short teddy with the matching thong panties. Desiree was never in the habit of wearing this style of panty, but it did present a good view of her shapely bottom; if what Neil says is true. Like many other woman, Desiree always thought her bum was too ample. After Desiree realized that she had neglected to bring a proper covering to hide what she was wearing, she donned the oversized shirt to head back to the campsite.

Neil tramped back to the tent to find that Desiree had already left the pitcher of Sangria out, and he frowned with the knowledge that at this darkening part of the day, it was too much of a draw for the wild animals. It was a well-known fact, for this experienced camper, that bears in particular; gravitated towards its fruity sweetness, and he couldn’t understand how Desiree could have forgotten this fact.

“Desiree, are you in the tent?” Neil called out but no response was heard, making Neil assume that she had made the short walk over to the bathhouse. He decided to give her a few minutes as he readied the fire pit; and soon had a roaring fire crackling, and spitting out hot bits of ash. Still there was no sign of his wife and Neil began to grow concerned, as the last bits of daylight began to hide. Neil sighed as he wondered if Desiree had found herself in dangers way, again.

When Desiree exited the bath house, she suddenly wished she had brought one of the flashlights from the supply box; it was getting dark faster than she had anticipated. Carrying her possessions under her right arm, she was not aware that her toothbrush slid out of the bag and onto the dirt path. She looked around a bit puzzled as she started back in the direction of what she thought was the campsite.

“The damn trees all look the same in the dark,” Desiree cursed out loud. At this point, Desiree couldn’t decide what fate would be worse, having her no-doubt very angry husband find her, or the embarrassment by being discovered by the forest ranger, when she was only half dressed.

When Neil reached the bathhouse, he pounded on the door, “Are you okay in there?” only silence responded, leaving Neil with a mixture of panic and frustration. “Desiree, answer me!” Pacing around the building, Neil felt a crunch under his booted foot; and his heart quickened-pace when he recognized it as Desiree’s toothbrush on the path, heading in the wrong direction of their site. “I swear that when I find her, she is going to be one very sorry little lady.”

Unexpectantly, Neil hears rustling sounds coming from somewhere to his right from what appears to be high in the trees. Following the noise, Neil heads deeper into the forest, only to come across a tall tree marked with bear claw raking, deeply embedded in the bark. Neil knew this meant there was a male bear on the prowl and from the size the scratches through the bark, he could only guess that this was a bear of substantial size. Neil raised his eyes towards the sky, offering a prayer, that he was going to find her safely.

By now, Desiree is an eighth of a mile away still walking in the opposite direction. The mosquitoes were out in full force tonight, taking nibbles out of Desiree’s bare legs, her fragrance too much of a draw for them. While reaching down to swat one away, Desiree notices fresh hoof prints in the damp dirt, and immediately, she recognizes them as moose tracks.

“Wow!” Desiree actually exclaimed out loud. “My first near moose sighting, and he can’t be too far away. Finding a full size bull moose was one of the things on Desiree’s list of adventures to enjoy, and she wasn’t about to let this opportunity get away. Her enthusiasm helped her lose her concern over being lost as she followed the tracks, carefully avoiding stepping on anything noisy, like a dead branch in the path.

The actual moose was a lot closer than Desiree had even hoped for, taking her only minutes to follow the trail leading to a six foot tall male, snacking on leaves. His very imposing presence made Desiree wish she had her camera with her, the animal was larger than she even imagined, weighing in at over 1,500 pounds, and she was anxious wait to share the details of her adventure with Neil.

Lester’s stature gave a good example of what a well-equipped forest manger should look like; and since he was a true outdoorsman, the job suited him well. He whistled as he grabbed the keys for the electric golf cart he used during his patrols around the grounds. Knowing this would be his last look around before settling in for the evening, he slowly sauntered to the vehicle, expecting another uneventful night. There were only a handful of campers anyway, so the trip around would likely take less than an hour and Lester could then watch the end of the closely matched Red Sox’s game on television.
Desiree was so enthralled with watching the moose eat, that she startled when the huge creature turned towards her direction. Instead of the moose coming closer, as she feared, it turned and took off. Turning to her right, Desiree’s heart started pounding as a two hundred pound black bear with a tan muzzle and a small, white chest patch began to move in her direction. Desiree became paralyzed with fear and could not move. The bruin reared up to full height before dropping back down on all fours, he could smell the fruity scent of Desiree’s perfume.

“Something sure frightened off that big fella.” Lester chuckled as he silently glided by the run-away moose. The sudden sound of a female scream, quickly made Lester reach for his .357 handgun with right hand as his left hand made a U-turn and the path disappeared being replaced by rocks and trees, slowing him down.

“God, I hope it is not another bear attack!” Lester made the decision to ditch the cart and take his gun on foot.

“Somebody……HELP!!!!” Desiree shouted out, loudly enough that Neil could faintly make out the voice or the command, but much closer by, it gave Lester a better chance to find her location and in less than a minute, he observed the bear walking at a faster speed towards a terrified Desiree with her back against a large oak tree. Desiree squeezed her eyes shut against the view of the almost charging bear; she could already smell the muskiness of him.

The sound of the gun discharging was enough to bring Desiree to open her eyes, just in time to see the bear stop, rear up, and roar. A second hot shot brought him back down on all fours and a final third shot downed him completely. The firing was enough to help Neil know in which direction to run, hoping that the scream and gunfire had nothing to do with his sweet wife.
Lester reached Desiree as her back slid down the tree and she felt the safety of the ground beneath her. She was too stunned to even open her mouth.

“That was way too close,” Lester said as he looked down at the now dead bear. “What were you thinking, walking in the woods with no light, nothing to protect yourself with, or even a cell phone?” He hated coming down so hard on the woman as she began to whimper, but he was quickly becoming impatient with ill-equipped camping gear and lack of caution from this camper. “Do you even know where your camp site is?” Desiree looked at Lester as her eyes began to whelm up, he didn’t actually need an answer.

“Are you hurt?” Desiree shook her head in answer. “Then come with me back to the golf cart and we will drive around until anything looks familiar to you.” Desiree nodded as Lester aided her off the ground as he placed a comforting arm around the woman, who was now shaking in fear. At the cart, he wrapped her in a jacket he kept there; Desiree could hear the shouts of Neil, calling out her name.

“That is my husband’s voice, just follow it.” Lester was thrilled to know he soon would be able to turn over this troublesome woman to someone else; he being so angry with her carelessness; he was finding it difficult to contain his ire.

As the electric cart came into Neil’s view and he could make out the unmistakable silhouette of Desiree, and he exhaled in relief; she appeared to be fine, but there were going to be a lot of questions for her to answer. As the cart drew close to her husband, Desiree hopped out and leapt into Neil’s arms.

“You okay, baby, what happened?” The first part of the question was for Desiree, but he looked at Lester for the second part. Desiree nodded and Lester suggested that the couple sit down for a long chat about the harrowing event.

“I don’t know what exactly happened, but thank you for your part in bringing her back to me in one piece.” Neil was honestly relieved and held a lot of gratitude for the man.

“Just doing my job, but I hope that chat the two of you have about this will result in this never happening again.” Lester gave Neil a wink as he climbed back into the golf cart.

“Not to worry, I will get the bottom of this; and am confident enough to promise you my little lady will not be giving an encore performance.” Neil winked back.

Turning back in Desiree’s direction, she could see by the look on Neil’s face that she had better find a way to explain what happened while making her sound totally innocent. After being married to Neil for nine years, she guessed she had a snowballs chance in hell of pulling this off.

For fifteen minutes, Neil tried to maintain his composure as Desiree poured every emotion into the story behind her expedition. Nothing was going to fly with Neil, as Desiree never seemed to understand the dangers her adventurous side got her into. In fact more of them are now ending up with her bottom side up during their “discussions” of her behavior.

“What a minute, what are you wearing under my shirt?” Neil spouted off in the midst of administering a serous scolding.
Desiree all but blushed as she pulled off the shirt to reveal her skimpy nightwear, dropping it to the ground.

“I am assuming you are wearing that to entice me, and believe me it does, but we have an important task to deal with first. Desiree gulped as Neil reached for her toiletry bag, hoping on finding anything that would make this a spanking that Desiree would remember for a long while. Upon feeling the paddle shaped hairbrush, Neil knew that he made the correct decision to pack it.

“You aren’t going to use that on me, are you?” Desiree finally started to see just how serious the situation was. In addition, for the first time, she actually knew she had earned a good, sound spanking. Not that being attacked by a bear shouldn’t have been enough to teach her a lasting lesson, but even she could not deny she deserved what she was about to receive.

“That thong just makes this a lot easier for me,” Neil almost smiled, but his frustration with Desiree was still a bit too strong, he had every plan of making that sweet pale bottom one that was going to stay hot for more than just an hour. The fact that he came so close to losing the love of his life was too difficult to live with.

“Enough talk’” Neil said in a stern tone as he took the wayward woman by the hand and planted himself on the back bumper of the truck. With one swift motion, Desiree found herself looking down at the dirt as she felt the firm strength of Neil’s thighs beneath her. The first swat landed before she even had time to take a breath. Neil tightened his grip around her waist with his left arm and put his right hand to good use, delivering one solid spank after another. Desiree felt what seemed like a fire was set on her bum, and she began to squirm and wiggle to get away; but her attempts were less than feeble. Neil didn’t take a break except to pull the hairbrush out of his shirt pocket.
Desiree braced herself for the not unfamiliar feel of the dreaded hairbrush; it didn’t seem fair to use her own personal item as an implement, and Neil knew it. This fact made the spanking all the more intimate to him. Within another minute of the spanking, Desiree let out a legitimate cry; the spanking HURT!

“No more, PLEASE,” Desiree pleaded loudly. In fact, so loudly that Lester could hear her voice travel through the woods again.

“Not her again,” Lester moaned wishing the camping season would hurry up and end. “One last trip around to check on her, and if her husband is not dealing with her, I am going send her packing.”

Neither Desiree nor Neil heard the dim sound of the approaching vehicle and both were so absorbed in the spanking, that they did not see Lester approach and watch from about a twenty-five foot distance. Lester couldn’t remember when he felt such an act was so well justified that it gave him hope for his own marriage. Pulling out his cell phone, he switched it to camera mode. He had an excellent view of the redness of Desiree’s bottom glowing as brightly as her nightie.

Knowing that the situation was being well addressed, Lester snapped a couple shots and gave the couple their privacy to complete their “discussion.” Meanwhile he had every intention on sharing both the story and the photos with his own wife.

“May I please get up now?” a very contrite Desiree asked through her tears. Hearing the sincerity in her voice, Neil gently helped her up and gathered her into his arms, where she sobbed for another five minutes.

“You know I love you, right?” Neil asked as he stroked her hair. “Seriously, if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t spank you. I want you in my life as long as possible. I don’t want to live without you, and that bear would have killed you.” Now Neil had watery eyes as he squeezed her close to him.

“I really am sorry this time; it is the most stupid thing I have done.” Desiree agreed, as Neil stood up with her still wrapped in his strong arms. He carried his tear drenched darling with the throbbing hot bottom into the tent and lowered her onto the sleeping bag on the air mattress.

“I think I will be more comfortable sleeping on my tummy tonight,” the words jumped out of her mouth the minute her poor bottom touched the fabric.

“I’m not surprised,” Neil retorted, “sorry, baby, but you need to learn to make much better decisions, even if it means you are spanked every time you do.” Desiree sighed, but wasn’t entirely sure if it was only due to the fact that it was true, but also the fact that she knew he did care and love her enough to take her in hand when needed.
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Great story!

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