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Username: Scartlet_bottom

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Posted on Sunday, January 17, 2010 - 04:04 pm:   Edit Post

Scarlet’s Reckoning
Scarlet lay in bed listening to Jason cussing vehemently as he washed the sink full of dishes she had left sitting overnight. Part of her wanted to go and do them for him but the part she listened to kept her in bed knowing the price she would have to pay for her laziness. Jason had warned her that if she did it one more time the price would be high. Earlier that week they had drafted an agreement that required five chores be done daily, five things that irked Jason to no end. Failure to complete those chores held a penalty. First and foremost, Jason hated to wake to a sink full of dishes. The cost of not taking care of that chore would be ten hard whacks of the thick wooden spoon on her bare bottom , pants and undies pulled down to her ankles. If the kitchen counter was cluttered or had unwashed spills, that would also be ten with the wooden spoon. A cluttered dining room table earned twenty strokes of the belt. Their big dog shed hair like crazy and if the floor wasn’t swept daily it would pile up into bows and flows of doggy hair resulting in fifteen whacks of the crop and failure to keep the laundry from piling up cost fifteen whacks with a studded leather paddle. All punishments were administered with pants and undies pulled down to her ankles. They were hard and immediate whenever possible. If for any reason the punishment had to be postponed a day or two, any outstanding punishment would be delivered consecutively. Every Saturday would be “Reckoning Night”. This is when all of the weeks infractions and punishments would be discussed and punishments re-administered. If there were more than three infractions all punishments would be doubled and if there were four or more they were doubled plus twenty strokes of the cane would be added. Tonight was Reckoning night!
As Scarlet lay there listening to Jason, that familiar sensation deep within her groin nagged at her. She knew tonight would be a long and painful one. She had chalked up four infractions in the last two days and last night she had burned the rice pot-again! That was sure to bring an extra harsh punishment all its own. No way was she going out there now to face Jason-tonight would be soon enough.
All day long Scarlet thought about what lay ahead. Eight PM loomed like a threatening shadow. Iron butterflies danced in her stomach as the clock on the wall ticked away the minutes. Juices of anticipation gushed between her burning nether lips and her heart pounded like jungle drums as she slipped into her running shoes and headed to the punishment chamber. Jason met her at the door.
“Good job you are not lat missy” he said sternly. “So tell me what have you been up to this week?”
Voice trembling Scarlet listed all her infractions. “ I have four marks against me sir,” she began. “ I left dishes in the sink overnight, the kitchen counter was a mess two days in a row, you could not sit down at the table to eat for all the stuff piled up on it and there was laundry left in the washer and drier Sir”
“Well, Well” Jason replied “seems to me you have a whole lot of Reckoning don’t you darling?” “Care to tell me what punishment you will be getting?”
“Sir I will get ten with the spoon doubled for the dishes, ten with the spoon doubled for the counter, twenty with the belt (doubled) for the table, fifteen with the studded paddle(doubled) for the laundry and because of having four infractions this week, twenty strokes of the cane will be added at the end.”
Jason glared at her, “ You forgot something my dear, actually a couple of something’s. First, we will warm up your behind with an old fashioned over the knee hand spanking- as many as I see fit to dish out. And Second, that little stunt with the rice pot last night will cost you about fifteen minutes of spanking any way I see fit as I’m doing it-as hard and as much as I please- you understand?”
“Yes sir” Scarlet ‘s voice squeaked shakily.
“Right now I want you to explain to me why you burned the rice yet again” Jason demanded.
“ I burned the rice because I put it on high and went to the computer to read more stories in the Spanking Den”. I just can’t get enough of them.” She said blushing.
“Well my dear after tonight you will have a story of your own to tell-now drop those pants to your ankles and bend over my knee for your warm up. With that Jason planted the first stinging slap to her upturned backside followed by a rapid volley of smack after smack. Tonight there would be no mercy.
“Stand up” Jason barked the order.
Scarlet jumped to attention.
“ Hands out” Jason commanded as he picked up the wrist cuffs and strapped her into them. “Bend over this bar stool and stand still while I tie your hands to the legs.” “ Now as I apply your spanking I want to hear you count each stroke thank me and ask for the next one. Do you understand?
Scarlet nodded.
“What! ” Jason exclaimed
“Yes sir I understand” Scarlet quickly responded.
“Good” Now let’s begin”
Thwack!-down came the spoon hard on the center of her bottom.
“One, thank you sir, May I have the next” Thwack! Came the second ,two -thank you sir, may I have the next , Thwack, three- thank you sir may I have the next. On it continued through ten.
“There now, that wasn’t too bad now was it? Now I know the punishment calls for double of each but what we are going to do is, I’m going to give you each of your punishments singly and when we go through them all once we will start all over again-sound good?” Scarlet nodded “Yes sir, thank you sir”
“I thought so” Jason smiled “what a good little bad girl you are” “ Well looky here” Jason declared with a smirk. According to our agreement you get ten more with the spoon for the countertop. What do you think should these be soft, medium or hard?”
Scarlet knew better than to go for anything but hard and she knew the next question he’d ask would be fast or slow. She knew there was only one answer that wouldn’t get her doubled again and that was “Hard and fast sir”
“Good answer, you remembered-Reckoning night –no mercy, no soft or slow.” With that he laid ten mighty whacks one right after the other. First the left cheek , then the right. Scarlet could barely catch her breath before it was over and Jason stood back to admire his workmanship.
“ I’m just gonna bask in the warm glow from your lovely behind for a moment. While I’m doing that –you can tell me why you didn’t get out of bed this morning and help with those dishes.”
Scarlet gulped “I was afraid to face you –I knew you were really mad and I knew I was in for it tonight. I’m sorry”
“You don’t know the half of it my girl. You see this cane- I’m going to give your backside a little break but as for your legs and your back. Well let’s just they are in for a surprise.” Swish the cane sang behind Scarlet sending a chill through her spine but not connecting anywhere. He would play a little with this-torment her, make her squirm. Swish once again then crack-down it came with a vengeance across the small of her back and she let out a yelp. Crack across her thighs, swish a miss, crack across her back. Crack, crack, crack across the lower back.
“Wait a minute” Jason stopped and flipped Scarlet’s tank top over her head revealing the lovely rose tattoo she had had done several months ago. “Much better” he crooned “ I so love that tattoo. Crack went the cane across the middle of the tattoo. For the next ten minutes Jason worked up and down her entire exposed back and legs missing only the buttocks. Scarlet couldn’t believe how much she reveled in the pain and the ecstasy of that whipping. Not so much the legs but the back was exquisite! She almost wanted to cry “More” but thought better of it she still had a lot more to go through and she wasn’t even half way through her Reckoning.
“ OK now that was a nice little aside, lets get back on track-dining room table –ah yes this calls for the belt-you know what, I’m going to dish out the full 30 you have coming to you. I know how you love the belt-tell me how much you love it.” He whispered in her ear.
“ I love the belt hard sir please give it to me hard” Scarlet didn’t mind saying this, she knew it was the truth.
“As you wish my darling” Jason said and let the first one fly.
As Jason continued relentlessly thrashing Scarlet’s bottom . Scarlet mused about how it seemed that the farther along the spanking went the more it turned from punishment to pleasure. Even though each individual blow hurt incredibly, the overall spanking became more tolerable and the more and the harder she wanted it. By the time Jason picked up the studded paddle Scarlet was ready. This paddle was wicked. It had a bite that didn’t quit and Jason could wield it with expert skill. She had had up to one hundred at a time from this beast but with soft breaks between harsh ones. Not so tonight. Jason would not be holding back and these would be fast and furious.
“I’m tired of piles of laundry” Jason was puffing as he laid paddle after paddle on the round bottom. Even he was getting a workout. “Darn I lost count- you start right to thirty”
“One, two, three, four, five………..Thirty” Scarlet could barely form the last number. “Half way” she moaned as Jason picked up the wooden spoon and began filling in the second round of punishment. The second half was way easier to endure than the first and since he had already given out some of the doubled punishments it was over a lot quicker. The only thing that remained was the caning.
Scarlet had never been properly caned before. She had been switched and didn’t like it but after watching canings on her computer she felt intrigued so she had purchased a bamboo cane earlier that week to try out. She had thrilled at the earlier caning across the back –what would she feel about the cane to her sore buttocks? Twenty would surely be enough to tell her if it was something she would want again.
Jason carefully marked out each spot where he would plant the cane and with a lightning flick planted it right on target. Scarlet howled. Each blow landed swift and clear, five, six, seven, more ecstasy, fifteen sixteen, delicious agony, nineteen twenty, NIRVANA!!!!!
“Will we be doing that again?”Jason questioned facetiously?” “Yes-Oh indeed Yes” Scarlet cooed.
“Then there is only one thing left to do” Jason replied as he dropped his own pants and took her from behind. His hard throbbing penis rammed into the warmth of her backside making each growing welt let its presence be known. His hand reached for her burning clitoris and with deft fingers massaged her to ultimate climax as he spat forth his burning cum into her tight little anus.
“Let’s go off to bed my naughty little sexpot. I think you have learned your lesson for tonight” he said as he untied her hands and kissed her lips. You’ve done your Reckoning, for now !
The end
Love means never having to say you are sorry but you will in the end Wah haa!!!

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