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Username: Valleygal

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Registered: 09-2007
Posted on Monday, September 24, 2007 - 10:26 pm:   Edit Post

where was I ?????oh yes I was squeaking about canes...and brushes ....and belts.....ah yes was just a little plastic brush from the 99cent store, it is easier to brush out my hair when it's wet than to comb it.....and old brilliant, not quite thinking the whole thing through, me, had waltzed out of the bathroom and blithely left it on the table beside the bed......( I swear, it didn't occur to me what I had done.....{remember "it didn't occur to me " is what I am having put on my gravestone!!!}) now do you see what I mean about ADD getting me in trouble !! After a good 20 minutes of such a nice warm up spanking he chuckled evily ( apparently, tops do this in real life) and reached for have you ever had a brush used on you?? and you do know what they say about brushes don't you??? why no, what do they say about brushes I really have to learn to keep a gaurd on my smart mouth...

this man has such a nice way of patting my bottom to start each new part of the spanking, and lots of rubbing too!!! so he's patting my bottom with that brush and I am thinking OK....and swat! and swat and swat, (introductory swats, how thoughtful) and then whack, whack, whack,,,,, insert several dozen swats and whacks here.........and I am slowly inching toward the end of the bed.....but it must be that it's the WOODEN hairbrushes that are so...... what's the word I am looking for ????......ummmmm seriously painful, (ok 2 words) but this poor little brush was about the same sting as his hand......just a different sound....'s baack to his hand for a while....this man knows how to change it up!
and then he said, oh I think it's time for the cane. (having previously told me that I am in his hands and the spanking is out of mine ,,,,{I don't think he puts up with topping from the bottom} (but don't worry, we had established the yellow and red safe words !!!!!!) and so cane is shall be.

and of course, there's some more of the patting that he does....only this time with a CANE !!!! ( I have a cheerleading squad in my brain jukmping up and down..yelling CANE !) but this is a master spanker....he knows that I am so very new to the game....and he gives me 6 strokes, and oh yes they are a different sting than his hand or the brush, you can feel that line of fire.....but I didn't even think the yellow word....and there's no doubt that I might very well come to want a cane in regular use....

so then.....I did it again....really really gotta learn to pay attention to what I blurt out, cause when he was talking about the cane, I informed him that yes the cane scared me, but the other thing that really scared me was a belt...I mean I set the trap up and then walk in it....(shakes head in wonder) (or could it be that old subconcience speaking????HMMM????)

and after some more hand spankes, and rubs, I hear the sound of clinking, um is that your belt???? yep, (strong silent type) and the belt is landing softly on my bottom .....for a few minutes ... and then I find out what a belt feels like.....smarts! but I grin to myself, cause OMG I like that tooo!!!!

Every time I read stories where people use impliments.,I was scared of them, (those that I even finished...I do have a vivid imaginaqtion) and in one afternoon I was introduced to 3 of them....albeit rather gently I suspect......

all in all it, while I did lose track of time (big suprize there) I think the spanking must have lasted for at least an hour, probably the end, my bottom was bright red and warm...and I wanted more! but my friends, as I have said this fellow is a master spanker, and when it's a new bottom, it's better to stop early, than to overdo......and he knew that.....

I know I could have taken several steps harder blows than how hard he spanked, but all in all, this was a dream spanking for someone who has looked forward to being spanked for as long as I have.....

and I must say, I loved every minute of it.......yum
what a long strange trip it's been

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