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Username: Vr71

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Registered: 11-2009
Posted on Tuesday, December 01, 2009 - 04:22 pm:   Edit Post

My wife got her first good disciplinary spanking 11/20/09. We'd fooled with spanking sexually and usually I was the one that ended up sore. Friday am that changed when I grabbed her butt and let my wife know she needed a good spanking. She was all into it so I called and reminded her during the day what she was going to get. She even tried to push my buttons a bit acting as if she didn't believe me. I made sure that she knew that if she got a spanking it was going to be real and asked her was this what she really thought she wanted. She said yes, I informed her that she was going to get "the Spanking of her life".
She agreed and said that.if that was what I thought she needed then okay, She continued taunting me by saying "Yeah we'll see as if I wouldn't follow through." When she got home and saw I wasn't home yet she called and left me a sarcastic message stating, "I knew you wouldn't follow through with your plan."
I decided then and there that she was not going to sit comfortably all weekend.

When I arrived home she had prepared as told too and I found her upstairs in her sweater and panties. I ignored her as she started to ask me what I wanted her to do and just grabbed her wrist and abruptly yanked her down over my knee as I firmly said "Get over my knee!"

Down she went and so did my right hand as I then firmly gave her a "warm up". Holding her in place I stopped and questioned her on her sarcastic voice mail. I continued, "Well the next time you want to leave a sarcastic voice mail remember this!"
In one fell swoop I yanked down her panties and proceeded to administer a very sound no-nonsense spanking to her bare backside as I also continued to scold her. My wife squealed and squirmed trying to avoid the smacks as I was able to deliver a hard spank on each syllable! I stopped scolding and went on to spank her as hard and fast as I could.
Vicki's bottom was red and welted from my hand alone.
As quickly as I started spanking I stopped and brought her up so she was sitting on my lap.
I comforted her,rubbed her warm sore bottom and let her know she deserved what she got and could expect the same or worse in the future as needed. My wife was now very contrite but just to check her attitude I asked if she was going to do as she was told? She answered yes so I told her to bend back over my lap.
She bent over as told but begged me not to spank her again promising to be good. She got a few more good ones for her backtalk.
Next it was corner time, bare bottomed, as I got changed. I reentered the bedroom to find Vicki peeking out of the corner. I repositioned her and explained the concept of "nose in the corner" with a firm swat to her behind. Unfortunately for my lovely wife she wasn't grasping the concept and turned around again to talk. Back over my knee she went for a quick attention getter.
A little more lecturing and lots of rubbing from me and it was test time again just to see where we were. I told my wife to politely ask and convince me to give her another good sound spanking. She definitely did not want another trip over my lap as she was quite sore but Vicki did as asked until I said "with Pleasure, bend over my lap." Vicki lay-ed herself over and expected another complete spanking but instead got a some lite spanks and a little pleasure.
I decided that in addition to any discipline that was warranted, my wife will be getting a spanking once a week for awhile to get her used to it, keep her in line and remind her of what she'll get when she does act up.
Mid week I sent her a text that reminded her it was a new week and she was now due to be spanked at anytime. She egged me on a little again in order to either show she was in agreement and/or insure her a spot over my lap. Near week's end she reminded me that I hadn't spanked her. I let her know there was still time left in the week. I was very proud of my wife's proactive stance toward her submission and told her so. I rewarded Vicki by stripping her down thirty minutes later, laying her across my knee and spanking the daylights out of her. My wife was pleasantly surprised and unpleasantly sore.
Comforting and a lecture followed along with a couple of things that she needed to seriously work on or she would probably get paddled or the belt.
I asked if she wanted a little preview of what she would get if she didn't correct the issues we discussed?
To my surprise Vicki said yes even though her bottom was quite sore already. I took her back over my knee and drove the point home with a very very sound and brisk hand spanking that had her begging me to stop.
I then had her stand outside facing a wall with her bottom bared. I made sure no one was around but if anyone had walked by they would have seen her bare ass in the street light.
She got the message and so far 5 days later there has been complete improvement. Vicki has not mentioned her weekly spanking for this week so I'll probably just surprise her with a good trip over my knee when she least expects it.
We are only in week three of our new lifestyle but so far so good. I or Vicki will keep you posted.
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New member
Username: Irene55

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Registered: 12-2009
Posted on Saturday, December 26, 2009 - 03:45 am:   Edit Post

Great work andrew im sure vicky will be over your knee again soon it was works when I back chat my hubby spanks me I return it back hope vicky returns it to you hard and sharp with your pants down if she dont I give her advice how to deal with you or I do it for her love irene}

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