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New member
Username: Mattie

Post Number: 1
Registered: 06-2009
Posted on Thursday, June 04, 2009 - 12:00 pm:   Edit Post

Hi there,

This is my first post on here, because I'm quite new to all of this scene, and have only just found this site!

First I should give you a little background info...I'm a recently married young woman, and I have always had spanking as a part of my fantasy life. When I met my now husband though, we soon discovered that we had a mutual interest in spanking, and it quickly became part of our bedroom activity! He was the first person I told about my fantasies, and the first person who ever put me over his knee and spanked me! Very exciting!

He was the person who showed me this site, and really, he showed me that there was anything like this place on the net! I was honestly that naive!

So, to the point of this post!

At the weekend I came home from a night out with some girl friends a little bit tipsy! And I was also later than I'd said I was going to be... When I arrived home in that state, my husband told me that because I'd been such a naughty girl, I was going to have to have a spanking!

I put up a little 'token' resistance, but actually submitted to my punishment quite readily...

It was only after the first few smacks on my bum that I realised that I perhaps should have gone to the toilet before he started... I asked him to stop, but he refused, saying that I hadn't learnt my lesson yet. As I was enjoying what was going on too much anyway, and probably because I was a bit drunk so wasn't up to making good decisions, I let him carry on with the spanking...

It was as he was starting to spank me a bit harder and faster, and as I started to get more excited about it, that I suddenly felt a woosh of warmness in my knickers, and I realised that I had just wet myself quite a bit! I was shocked by what had happened, and gasped, but he carried on spanking me because it wasn't yet obvious what I'd done.. But two spanks later, and I felt my muscles give up and I totally lost control. I completely wet myself over his knee, and soaked my jeans and his legs!

He wasn't very happy with this, and stopped spanking me while I wee'd, but I haven't felt so good while being spanked EVER!

I very nearly had an orgasm right there! When I'd finished, he told me to pull down my jeans and kinckers, and he spanked me on my bare bottom for another 20 hard spanks...much more than he has ever done before! I felt fantastic, and the fact that I couldn't stop smiling probably didn't help me with my punishment!!

Now I want to repeat what happened, and see if I have the same feelings!...

Is there anyone else out there who've done the same thing as me, and did they enjoy it too? Am I on my own?!

Thank you for reading & I hope to hear from someone soon!

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Username: Her_guy

Post Number: 55
Registered: 12-2006
Posted on Thursday, June 04, 2009 - 01:54 pm:   Edit Post

Hello Mattie,

Welcome to our group! We hope to hear more from you in the future and that you enjoy your visits here.

I, too, am a bottom and get as much enjoyment out of it as you apparently do. I can't say that I have ever wet myself, because I try to look at least that far ahead, normally. But probably if I was very tipsy, I might make the same mistake as you did. Getting told that I am about to get spanked and seeing how it is going to happen makes me lose all sense of anything else going on around me. LOL

Best regards,

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New member
Username: Peachybot

Post Number: 12
Registered: 10-2008
Posted on Monday, June 08, 2009 - 04:48 am:   Edit Post


Bladder control can be used to spice things up in a number of ways.

Guys can't pee if they have an erection (fortunately for us girls!). So a game you can play with guys at a party is to have them drink a pint of water and take their trousers off. The girls then act a bit saucy so they get erect.

They then have to pee, but of course this is difficult. The first to finally pee gets first choice of girl to spank and so on. The last to pee gets last choice and a spanking himself from all the girls.

Alteratively a good erotic punishment my girlfriend and I have for a girl we know is to make her strip when she comes in and squat over a bowl to try and pee with us watching. Being watched means she can't go, so she gets a spanking, drinks half a pint of water, stands in the corner and after 15 minutes she tries again. She is not allowed to go until the 15 minutes is up. If she can't go then then it is another spank and half pint of water and so on. She is rather reserved so it is usually only on the fourth or fifth attempt that she can relieve herself. And she is so embarrassed about both trying and when the waters eventually do flow.

If we want to tease her even more, we have someone else she doesn't know watch as well, which obviously inhibits her even more.

Afterwards my girlfriend gets a spanking and then we get the toys out and really enjoy ourselves.

This is such a good punishment for this particular friend.

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Username: Tawseman

Post Number: 80
Registered: 07-2008
Posted on Monday, June 08, 2009 - 02:30 pm:   Edit Post

QUOTE:Peachybot.........."The first to finally pee gets first choice of girl to spank and so on. The last to pee gets last choice and a spanking himself from all the girls."

Hah! I would enjoy myself either way. In fact, it would be hard to choose whether to be first or last. .........Can I be both? :-)


If I wanted to be first, I would imagine the face of Ruth Bader Ginsburg or on whichever girl I was watching.

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New member
Username: Wdspoone

Post Number: 1
Registered: 06-2008

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2010 - 07:14 pm:   Edit Post

Wow....this is a super long thread. I read many of the responses and will have to devote some time to read the rest but I feel inspired to comment just from what I have read so far. With this in mind, I will refrain from offering any advice as it may have already been stated and will instead just stick to my own personal experience.

I was in a few long term relationships with dominant women that believed in corporeal punishment and in 2 of them, I was occasionally spanked in panties that one of my SO's had ordered specifically for me from a specialty online shop that makes feminine panties for men. She ordered some with little bows (in various colors), some with ruffles across the bottom (also in several colors) and some with lacey waist and leg trim. In one such relationship, I was made to put them on when the lesson she wished to teach was of utmost importance to her as I absolutley "HATE" being made to wear them. I find it to be extremely humiliating and degrading to my manhood and I could barely look her in the eye when I was wearing them. Our relationship was one of a very real DD arrangement in which she was the HOH and I had a set of rules to follow and if I had broken any of these stated rules I was soundly spanked as punishment. This particular lady relied heavily on humiliation to intensify the discipline and as she discovered, she could easily accomplish this by ordering me into a pair of womens frilly panties. It should be noted that I do not get excited nor do I enjoy any aspect of a discipline spanking and I find the spanking itself to be extremely humiliating on it's own merit. It should also be noted that while I find the "idea" of submitting to a strict, stern, spanking woman exciting, I find the actual reality of it to be quite another story. I appreciate the spankings once they are over and I readily submit to a truely dominant woman because I value the deep cleansing effect of the discipline and I find any woman that would make the effort to administer such discipline to be a very caring and loving soul who deserves nothing less than my utmost respect and devotion and obedience. I make a very real and strenuous effort to behave properly and therefore avoid such punishment however, I am human and I am male! A majority of my spanking relationships have been with women that used spanking as discipline and not as a form of sexual pleasure so most of my spanking experience has been in this vein and the spankings I have received have been long and hard and very painful. I could not differentiate between the pain of a hairbrush spanking on a panty covered ass or a bare ass as it has hurt immensely both ways. I did however see an F/M spanking video some years ago where two ladies had two guys kneeling on a sofa in their underpants and they were spanking them with paddles....the idea was these guys had to be paying attention to their spanker because they would deliver a swat or two or three then order them to pull their underpants down (they had to comply immediately or pay for their error with additional hard swats) they might receive one, two or more swats on the bare then be ordered to pull their underpants up for however many swats and so the spanking went. It seems to me that this exercise might offer the best answer as to which is more painful?

(Message edited by wdspoone on January 29, 2010)
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New member
Username: Asklisa1985

Post Number: 1
Registered: 05-2010
Posted on Friday, May 07, 2010 - 08:35 pm:   Edit Post

I almost always wet when being spanked...

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