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Junior Spanko
Username: Redhinney

Post Number: 141
Registered: 10-2005
Posted on Monday, January 16, 2006 - 10:58 am:   Edit Post

I wrote this a while back but in view of post that I started regarding the sound of the belt I thought that some might enjoy reading this.

The Belt
By redhinney@ 2004

Maddy turns over to feel her husband’s body right next to her so very close that their breathing is in rhythm. She feels his naked body generate heat that warms her to her toes. Smiling she thinks of last night. She touches her butt, yet it’s sore and it might sting a little but oh was last night good. Who would ever have thought that a spanking could feel this good?

The night started out as any other night they both came home from work together. One of the great things about working together is that they see more of each other than ever before. Maddy just loved the fact that at work Shawn had to do what she said. After all she was the president of the company, ok if the truth be known Shawn was always listed as the vice president even before he started to work there. But it was fun to think that for 8 hours a day she got to be boss.

A totally different story than what happened at home. Once home dynamitic Maddy was completely under Shawn’s control. Not that it matter because Maddy would do anything to make Shawn happy. She didn’t need to be convinced, she loved Shawn. The fact that Shawn wanted to be the head of the house actually suited Maddy. Once home she really didn’t want to make choices and decisions, she did that all day long.

Oh sure it was hard at first but Maddy adjusted. Marriage is hard to begin with but more so when you add in the element of Domestic Discipline. Maddy went from a carefree newly empowered female on the verge of making history or so she thought to a disciplined wife, all with just two words “I DO.” So much has changed since than and Maddy’s butt paid the price each and every time. Strange thing is she wouldn’t change a thing. If the facts be known she is now sorry for all the barriers she did put up during the first years. Their marriage may be different than other but thru all the rough times Maddy felt secure and protected in the knowledge that Shawn loved her as much as she loved him.

Sighing Maddy looks at Shawn again, his taut body, his firm stomach and strong arms and thinks that she is so lucky that he loves her. By looking at him no one would have guessed his true age, the only telling sign of his age is the slight graying at the temples but his blue eyes are as clear as they were the day they got married. God I am lucky she thinks.

Again her mind goes back to last night. Last night an accumulation of work stress and tension over the last several weeks tumbled out in one passionate adventure. How did it start? Oh yeah that’s right.

They came home together, Shawn went upstairs to undress, and Maddy went to the backdoor to let their dogs out. Nothing different there. Maddy then went upstairs to get undress, she sees Shawn unbuckling his belt, as he pulled the belt thru the loop she takes a deep breath and that’s when it all started. That unmistakable sound of a belt going thru the pant loops that wonderful unique sound, the hissing of material and the soft leather of a well worn belt together. The sound that right at that moment sent shivers up Maddy’s spine. Maddy finds herself taking a deep breath not once but twice, licking her lips slowly as she watches. Shaking her head, Maddy thinks “what’s wrong with me just two weeks ago my butt was tanned plenty from that belt and now I’m getting excited just looking at him take it off. Maddy just stands there trying to come up with something light and breeze to say but can’t so she just stares at Shawn. Shawn looks up and smiles, embarrassed Maddy just stands there, she can’t look at him but she can’t look away either. She smiles back and tries to go about her business.

Shawn notices her every move and after all this time he knows that his wife is very aroused but he enjoys their little cat and mouse games. He watches as Maddy starts to undress. First her shoes, taking each one off so very carefully extending each leg just so; stretching each leg and foot with in a sigh of relief. God her legs are so long? Next, her jacket, she puts it on the padded hanger so gently; like a lover she caresses each arm trying to get the wrinkles of the day out. Maddy turns to the full length mirror she sees Shawn watching her and again she licks her lips slowly and smiles. Looking down but with a smile on her face she unbuttons the small tiny pearl buttons ever so slowly, humming as if she doesn’t have a care in the world she places the blouse in the laundry hamper, turning her attention to her skirt. Undoing the zipper, Maddy shimmies out of the skirt turning her back to Shawn. He watches as she shakes her bottom just so provocatively. He thinks God how I love to feel of that butt under my hand. She moves towards the closet and hangs the skirt with the jacket.

Not a word has been spoken since this game has started. Both of them just star at each other, neither one moving, just staring at the others face. As if a message without words have bee spoken Maddy moves. She sits on the bench at the foot of their bed, the same bench that many times was she was placed over to get spanked. She sits down, as if moving in slow motion Maddy unhooks on side of her garters and than the other; rolling down each stocking. Shawn can feel his heart pounding and wonders when she started to wear garter belts and thigh high stockings to work. That little minx, she thinks she is dam cunning. Smiling, Shawn watches as Maddy takes of first one than two stockings. It’s like she is doing a strip just for him. He gives her one of his wicked smiles, the smile that tells Maddy that the game is about to beginning in earnest.

Shawn is having a hard time controlling himself. Taking a deep breath he says “Come here.”

Maddy just slightly shakes her head no and continues to remove first her bra and than her panties. She looks up and smiles. Maddy knows that she has Shawn’s full attention. He loves to look at her nude and tonight he will be getting his fill.

“Come here brat.”

“No. Make me.” Maddy turns her head slightly but enough that Shawn follows her gaze. At first he is at a lost what does she want but finally he realizes; The Belt. The well worn soft leather belt that can be both sensual and bad all rolled up in one. The Belt the same belt that can be used for discipline or pleasure, sitting so innocent on the bed, will this time be used for pleasure.

Shawn picks up the belt, walking towards her; he wraps it around his left hand not once but twice, pulls it taut with the other hand as he watches Maddy. Maddy smiles one of those yes this is exactly what I need and want smile. Shawn sees a fickler of fear mixed with excitement in her eyes. Good he thinks a little of the unexpected will do her good. He grabs Maddy and pulls her close, her caresses her soft skin with his right hand and plants kiss after kiss on her neck. He can hear her breath quicken and small moans leaving her lips. Shawn kisses her, plunging his tongue deeper and deeper. Maddy can feel his excitement rising as he carries her to the bed.

“Baby, tell me what you need. Tell me what you want”

“Hummmm I don’t need anything I fine just do what you want.”

“ No Babe, tell me what you want – you started this so you have to finish it.”

Pulling Shawn closer to her Maddy begins to explore every inch of his body with her hands and tongue. Shawn pulls her up. He knows if she continues the night will be over before he will be able to get her to beg for her release. He flips Maddy over on her stomach, holding her down with one hand; he raises his arm but slowly lets it fall, the leather belt just kissing her bottom softly. He does this, 10 maybe fifteen times each time never allowing the belt to hit the same spot and each time varying the time between. Maddy doesn’t know when or where the next strike will be. All of her senses are alive with wonder and excitement.

Than it stops, Shawn unwraps the belt from his hand and begins to kiss her in every spot the belt has gone. Slowly his hands and fingers are exploring her bottom. His fingers making their way into her sex as he says “Tell me what you what brat.”

As Shawn fingers are working their magic, Maddy slips from this world into that dream world where only lovers go. “Tell me Brat come on tell me just how you want it. Don’t you cum yet. Tell me exactly what you want. Tell me now Brat.”

Maddy’s excitement is rising she is almost at her peak. Trying to talk her voice sounds husky and wanton “Please, the belt, please use the belt.”

That is exactly what Shawn needed to hear. Once again he wraps the belt around his hand. He raises his arm and brings it down on Maddy’s butt. Each time the strength and timing is different and each time the moans of pleasure are fuel for him to continue.

Maddy is almost spent and Shawn is right on the brink. He stops turns Maddy over and plunges into her deep and meaningful. “Cum for me babe, that’s right cum, cum now” They both arrive at the edge together. Exhausted they hold each other for a long time, neither having the strength or want to move. Maddy falls asleep in the best place possible –her husband’s loving arms.
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Username: Smartnnaughty

Post Number: 318
Registered: 05-2005

Posted on Monday, January 16, 2006 - 06:42 pm:   Edit Post

I loved your story, Redhinney. There is just something about a belt that carries with it so many emotions. I love being spanked with it!
I try to take one day at a time -- but sometimes several days attack me at once.
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Username: Hunny

Post Number: 1267
Registered: 10-2005
Posted on Monday, January 16, 2006 - 07:04 pm:   Edit Post

Great story, Red! I too enjoy the belt. It is just so nice that I forget the pain!
I'm just a little angel!
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Username: Tammynx

Post Number: 215
Registered: 10-2005

Posted on Monday, January 16, 2006 - 07:52 pm:   Edit Post

I like your story Red!! The belt is about all that is used on me...I love it and hate it at the same time.
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Junior Spanko
Username: Pinkwench

Post Number: 52
Registered: 12-2005

Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - 12:15 am:   Edit Post

Love the story, and I have felt the belt this past weekend, and it was a lovely, lovely feeling


"Pink is my signature color, best expressed when it's the color of my spanked ass"

(Message edited by pinkwench on January 16, 2006)
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Advanced Spanko
Username: Ziggy

Post Number: 2155
Registered: 08-2005
Posted on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 - 08:13 am:   Edit Post

wow what a story I loved it
when caught run faster then him !!
I am a TA junkie !!

hubbie is coming home today or tomorrow morning, I can't wait to see him

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