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Username: Domindrew

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Registered: 11-2007
Posted on Thursday, November 08, 2007 - 11:53 pm:   Edit Post

I can't stress enough how much this story isn't even close to done. While still readable and enjoyable, I have done practically 0 editing beyond spell check and making the syntax meet ends, even though I'm certain I still have tense errors in there somewhere. I'm posting this for you guys to SHRED. Constructively criticize it to tears.

I have two parts typed out so far, the Intro, which includes the premise and a very shallow look at the protagonist, then Chapter 1, which has the first bit of action in it. The spanking is rather intense followed by some graphic sexual depiction. The scene includes some verbal abuse and degradation, but I tried to make it implicit that the use of language in such a way was to the exact desires of the sub, which it is intended to be. Also, if this isn't exactly your cup of tea, the styles for the different girls will be completely different. They will range from almost vanilla style spanking to this much more extreme style, and I'll try to include every fetish on the face of the planet at one point or another. I'm sure I'll eventually write something for everyone, and people will start to pick out their favorite girls.

Enough with the intro to the intro, time for story. Please enjoy.


I'm a modest man. I've done nothing special in my life. I have never invented anything, or saved anyone. For most of my life, I have lived in a conservative way, never reaching out or rocking the boat, and at the ripe old age of 23, I'd decided that I'd had enough of that kind of existance. Now there are millionaires who envy my way of life. There are thousands of men who would love to be me, and just as many women who would love to be near me. No, I'm not a celebrity, nor am I outrageously wealthy. I'm just a man who reached out and plucked his dream from the ether, making it reality.

My name is Andrew. I'm 23, successfully self-employed and financially secure to a 'T'. I am also one greedy sex-o-holic and a life long spank-o. For as long as I can remember I've found the thought of being in control, being a Dom, nearly intoxicating in its sexual appeal. I don't mean like Connan or anything quite that dramatic, just a strong minded man who knows what he wants, and goes after it in a confident manner. So for as long as I can remember I've tried to emulate men who are like that, tried to become one of them. I've studied fictional story characters to actors and, more recently, other Doms. I'd often heard the saying, "Fake it till you make it," and I took that message to heart.

After nearly a decade of "faking it", I'd finally come into my own. I could look at something, anything, decide I wanted it, and then go after it with a tenacious confidence that got me what I wanted 9/10 times. Women, jobs, friends, hobbies, whatever I wanted I could take using pure will power confidence. Maybe I'd become a bit cocky, maybe I still am, but I'd decided that I'd played by societies rules long enough. It was time to start my own game, and there was only one game I wanted to play. I wanted subs. Plural, and not just two, but more like 5. I wanted them to be 24/7 live-in subs. I wanted it as a lifestyle, as a polar shift from the norm, and I was ready to go after it with everything I had.

At that time I was working for online investment companies, working e-security and providing general IT support for several large firms. I lived alone in my absurdly large bachelor pad of 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, one of which was a jumbo bathroom that I could never possibly need. (Why buy such a large house? The market was in the largest slump in the last 10 years and my business was booming, so I figured, why not?) I furnished the house nicely, and fell in love with the place. Now I was looking to fill the empty bedrooms, and I had a plan to do so.

Working in cyberspace had made me quite a few connections, so I called a guy, who knew a guy, who was and acquaintance of the kind of man I wanted to talk to. It took me a couple days to get the right number, and when I finally did get to talk to the guy, he pretty much blew me off. Not one to be deterred, I called in a favor, and the very next day, I was in to meet my prospective investor, Mac. Mac is what you call a porn king pin. He owns websites, several small to medium sized movie studios, his own record company and has more pornstars and camera men on staff than you can shake a stick at. Naturally he's an extremely successful, very busy guy, so I had to make my sales pitch stick. Luckily for me I'm a pretty smooth talker.

"Mac, you've got porn everywhere. It reaches to every corner of every fetish, utilizing almost every media in existence. You're net sales are envied by companies that employ twice as many people as you do, and I think I can make you a substantial chunk of change with my idea. I want to take two completely different fetishes and styles of adult entertainment, blend them together, and come up with something brand new and, hopefully, profitable. Strangely enough, I'll be mixing two of the largest fetishes in existence. The voyeur fetish, which is massively huge, and the spanking fetish, which, to the disappointment of thousands, your ventures have left largely untouched, aside from a few softcore BDSM flicks. They're well done, but there's a massive audience out there who wants it done harder and more realistically. So I offer you both."

"I own a house, its large enough to comfortably hold myself and 5 others, with some minor renovations. I want to bring in and hire 5 gorgeous women between the ages of 18 and 21 to live in my house with me. You'll have voyeur cams in every room, so it can function as a normal voyeur site, but here comes the big difference. Every chance I get, no matter how small it is, I'll throw one of those cute little girls over my knee and spank the shit out of her. Any questions so far."

Mac considered for a moment, then said, "I see a small problem with this. The voyeur community will love getting to see a hot young girl getting a spanking every now and then, but for the spank-o's, thats the main dish. They won't want to watch girls paint their nails for hours on end with a chance of not even getting to see a spanking. It doesn't fly."

"You're right," I say, "But I've already thought of a way to cure that little problem. It's a voyeur site, so a hired camera crew is out the window, but what if we taught the girls to film? They'd be a free crew, and voyeurs could even watch as the girls were filming. Then we post the videos and stills that the girls take on the website, along side the more voyeuristic things."

Mac was deep in thought, "How much would you charge, and what's on the site?" asked Mac.

"Glad you asked. The voyeur part of the site will be free."

"What?" exclaimed Mac, incredulous.

"Hear me out. We make the voyeur part free to watch, but we have forums that you have to pay $5.00 a month or $30.00 a year to be a member of. On the forums, fans get to choose punishment implements, the victim, scenario for roleplay, you name it, the fans have control. They vote and we obey. We also charge for something I'll call a highlight reel. The highlight reel is all the spankings for the day for $1.00 or all the spankings for a week for $5.00. We'll also merchandise, but very modestly. We can sell spanking implements used on the girls, the girls costumes, and auction off regular stuff from the house. What do you think?"

Mac stared at me hard for a minute, then said, "I still think you could make more money charging for the voyeurism, but mostly I think I'm glad you got me to sit down and listen to you before you went anywhere else. I think this could be big."

"I'm glad you like it."

"What about sex?" asked Mac. As more of a vanilla guy himself, it made sense that he would ask.

I smiled, "It won't be required (how could it be?), but I'll be going after them all just the same."

Mac guffawed, "Of course my models would be more than willing to have sex with you! I'm insulted you think they wouldn't. You're not a bad looking guy."

"Oh," I said with a slight frown, "That's the other thing. I don't want to use models or porn stars. I want to pick regular girls, from regular lives, right off the street."

"Now that," said Mac slowly, "May be a problem. There's no way you can find girls who would be willing to participate."

"You let me worry about that. If you approve it, I guarantee I can get 5 girls contracted in less than 6 weeks."

"6 weeks? I give you extra points for being such a cocky bastard. Tell you what. We'll make 6 weeks the opening date for the site, and even if you only have 3 girls, I'll still let you open shop and recruit the other 2 later, but 3 is the minimum."

I grinned at Mac across the table, "Sound like we're in business."

"Lets make this official," said Mac, standing up. He stuck out his hand, which I firmly shook, and then we went out to lunch to discuss the more mundane details of having five gorgeous women living in a house with a sex-o-holic/spank-o.

End Intro.

Chapter 2: Meeting Amy. (Warning, Hard Spanking and Strong Sexual Content.)

Running ads. Truly, it is one of the few things I actually despise doing and will go to almost any length to avoid. However, under these peculiar circumstances I made an exception and ran a rather ambiguous ad, hoping to draw a large pool to choose from. 'Looking for single open-minded 18-21 year old women to participate in social experiment. Full time live-in study group.' Then gave my number and Mac's as a backup in case they couldn't get a hold of me, which was a definite possibility with all the renovations that had been going on in the house. Sound proofing, installing cameras, altering rooms and modifying the jumbo bathroom into what could only be described as a large open chambered public shower.

Anyways, I live just outside of a bustling metropolis, so I knew there would be quite a large response, but the numbers were still pretty overwhelming at first. I was dealing with literally dozens of candidates a day. True, some of them scared off pretty quickly but it was necessary to weed out those who really weren't possibilities in the first place. Mac and I dropped enough hints that most of the girls who made the final cut had a vague idea of what the job really was, even if they weren't quite sure what the details were.

Four weeks, countless hours on the phone, and an unimaginable amount of e-mails later I had finally come up with four solid candidates. I had each send me several profile shots, and all were extremely attractive. The only thing that really troubled me was the distinct lack of one last girl to fill out the roster. Sure there had been other attractive women who applied, but none that called out to me like these four had. So I opted to take Mac up on his offer and find a fifth later on.

I had, however, run into a problem with one of my solid four. A hot, soft spoken little 19 year old named Amy. She was 5'7", had ear length brunette hair, brown eyes, and was an athlete. She had the slim physique of a swimmer, muscular but still soft and supple, anyways, about a week before I had scheduled to meet all the girls together at my house for the first time Amy called to cancel. She sounded nervous about the whole thing, and sounded pretty certain about her cancellation, but I somehow convinced her to come meet me in private before calling it quits. I figured I had a much better chance of recruiting her if I soloed her out, so I prepared to put on my game face and set our meeting for the next day at 2:00.

I was sitting in my study, trying to pick a layout for the site when I heard my doorbell ring. One soft melodic *ding* with metallic undertones (something I find silly seeing as my doorbell is a speaker in a box). I looked at my watch. 1:55. 'Good' I thought, 'She's punctual. I hate it when women can't ever seem to be on time.'

I saved and closed what I was working on, then stood up and crossed to the hallway, taking a left towards the front door. My foot steps echoed softly off my polished, deep hued, hardwood hallway. I reached the door, glanced out the window to make sure it was her, then put my friendliest smile on before opening the door.

As I opened the door I could tell I had brought her out of some sort of deep contemplation. She really was thinking about this hard. I gave a mental shrug, and invited inside. "Hello, please come in." Looking a bit nervous, she stepped inside and started to take off her shoes. "Oh don't bother with that, just wipe your feet good on the carpet and follow me," I said. I turned and walked to my study. Its just a few feet down the hall on the right side. I entered first, passing between the large bookshelves on either side of the door. I walked behind the two chairs with matching ottomans and the love seat against the left wall, moving back to my computer desk in the back right corner of the room. I glance at a straight backed wooden chair I have in the corner as I pass. It was a little gift from Mac, and it was a beautiful antique. More importantly, though, is it was the perfect chair to give a good spanking from.

I cleared my mind, and as I passed by I pointed at the love seat and said, "Please, make yourself comfortable while I finish up one last little thing. It shouldn't take more than a moment." Silently, she takes my advice and sits down, looking decidedly awkward.

I sat down at my computer and booted up a solitaire. Really I didn't have anything to do, I just wanted to watch her for a moment to see how nervous she really was and decide on a plan of attack. The first thing I noticed was the way she had dressed. In the profile picture she had sent me she was wearing very baggy and unflattering clothes. At first I thought it might have just been a bad choice in wardrobe, but now I realized she was simply insecure with her body, and that, believe me, is a total shame and completely unmerited.

I decided to overlook her clothes for the meantime and instead focused on her body language. In very short order she was getting fidgety so I figured I would go to her rescue before she had a nervous breakdown or something. I stood up and walked over to one of the chairs across from her. As I sat down I attempted to start a little small talk. "I hope you don't mind the decor, it is a bit bachelor-esque," I say with a little laugh. Absolute silence from Amy. I inwardly groan and remind myself to go slowly.

'Not much for small talk?' I thought to myself, 'Then I'll just get right to it.' "So, Amy, you're here for a job. "Amy, still looking fidgety and nervous, shrugged and stayed silent. I tried another tactic. "Tell me what you know about the job so far."

Amy took a deep breath and started talking reluctantly, "I know it's for females only, it was described as a 'social experiment', and that the job is local. However I will need to move into the facility as it's a live-in study group."

"OK," I said, "You've described the ad I put out fairly well, but what do you know that someone who only read the ad wouldn't?"

A slightly pained expression entered her expression. "I know it involves several women living in a house with one man who is in charge and makes the rules."

I nodded my head, "What do you think about that?"

Amy laughed nervously and said, "Well, someones got to make the rules."

I looked at her seriously, catching her eye and not letting go. "I'll be honest. This is the house you would move in to, and I am the man that would live here with you and four other women. While living in this house, small cameras will watch our every move and it will be broadcast live over the Internet onto a subscription only website."

"You mean like a voyeur site?" asked Amy.

"Exactly," I said, "Now, while its true that I make the rules in this house, I also enforce those rules. The bending or breaking of any of those rules will result in a quick, efficient punishment." When I said the word punishment, I saw a light go on behind Amy's eyes. It was a strange mixture of what looked to be like yearning and fear.

Amy's voice could almost be described as squeaky as she asked, "What kind of rules?"

"Oh, nothing major," I said, "Mostly common sense type things." I held up my hand and started ticking off fingers as I listed things. "Be polite. Clean up after yourself. Do you chores. Don't argue." I put my hand back down. "That sort of thing."

Amy started to say something then stopped and cleared her throat, starting again she asked, "And, um, what about... you know."

I leaned forward in my chair and stared into Amy's eyes hard. I felt like a cobra hypnotizing a small child as I spoke, never breaking my gaze, holding Amy's rapt attention. "I think you might be asking about the punishment." I put emphasis on the word and saw as Amy's stomach visibly lurched. She remained silent so I urged her on. "Is that what you're asking?"

Amy could only swallow as I stared into her eyes, keeping her transfixed and in place. "Well?" I snapped, acting impatient, "Spit it out young lady." 'It's now or never', I thought to myself, steeling myself. "I am asking you a question. Answer me." Still silence answered me. "Young lady you have tried my last nerve. I think a good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking and hairbrushing should loosen your tongue a quite a bit." Amy's eyes, which were already looking rather glazed, completely glassed over at my words.

Harrumphing in my pretend disgust, I stood up and pushing my chair out of the way, crossed to the wood-backed chair and dragged it back to the middle of the room. I then walked to my computer desk and opened the top drawer where I had stashed a brand new light weight oval shaped maple hairbrush for just such an occasion. It was sturdy but light, meaning I could use a lot of force and not have to worry about causing serious damage. Moving back to the wood-backed chair, I dropped the hairbrush on the ottoman next to me and moved to stand in front of Amy. Grabbing her upper arm gently but in a no-nonsense manner, I pulled her to her feet and half dragged half led her to the chair, where I immediately sat down and pulled her across my lap.

As she lay across my lap I took the opportunity to run my and over her bottom. Even underneath dark baggy jeans it was exquisite. Firm and supple with just enough bounce. I grinned to myself as I thought back to the super bouncy balls I would buy for a quarter when I was a kid. My favorite ones had always been red, and I was quite certain this one here was a white. 'Aw, to bad,' I thought to myself and chuckled, 'If only there was a way to paint it a nice, shiny bright red.'

I raised my hand slowly and brought it hard on her right cheek, aiming more for a thud than a sting. Amy, who still seemed to be in shock over her current predicament, barely responded. A small exhalation of air and a little kick were all. I gave her three more hard swats, alternating cheeks, eliciting a gasp and squirm from Amy. One more hard solid *SMACK* in the dead center of her sit spot brought her right back to the real world. Her head jolted back and I heard her inhale sharply between her teeth, making a long hissing sound. Then I started the spanking in earnest. Firm smack after firm smack rebounded off her vulnerable cheeks, making her squirm across my lap.

I switched sides and changed up the tempo, but the force of the smacks remained a uniformly hard *SMACK* occasionally making her kick or cry out. All to soon I had her dancing all over the place, trying to give her burning ass some respite from the fiery sting of my palm. I give her a particularly hard *SMACK* right over the middle of her backside and finally she breaks, reaching back to cover up her poor bottom.

When she reaches back I grab her arm by the wrist and firmly lock it into the small of her back. I then proceed to blister her ass with five of my best on each cheek, making her howl and kick like a little girl. "Young lady," I say, using my best disciplinarian voice, "You are never to reach back and cover up. Should it happen again, I will make sure you receive a lesson you'll feel for the next three weeks and remember for the rest of your life. Do you understand?"

*Sniff* "Yes sir," came Amy's pitiful reply.

I gave her several more solid spanks before addressing her again. "Amy, I am going to let you up, but when I do you are not to rub your bottom, do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I hear her say, followed by a frenzy of sniffles.

"When I let you up, follow my directions completely, or there will be consequences."

*Sniff* "Yes sir. I understand sir. I could expect no less."

I was stunned with the alacrity with which she responded to my orders already. Either she'd been a sub before, or this was something she'd been thinking about for quite some time.

I released her arm and helped her stand up in front of me. She stood with her eyes down and her hands clasped before her. "Remove your pants." Amy's hands jumped to the task, and within seconds she was stepping out of her jeans. She was wearing dark blue boy short style panties. "Clasp your hands behind your head and step closer to me." She complied without a word. I looked up into her face as I reached out my hands to pull down her panties. Her face with a startling scarlet, and I could tell she was beyond humiliated at having her panties removed for her by a grown man so he could spank her already hot pink bare bottom.

I took my time, hooking a thumb in the front of her waist band and pulling it down to where, normally, you would see pubic hair. I looked up at her sharply, "You shave your pubic hair?" I asked her. Her face turned an even deeper shade of red as she gave a jerky nod. I rejoiced inside, a cute shaved girl was beyond hot in my eyes, way more than just icing on the cake.

I continued to pull down her panties, slowly peeling them down her hips. As I neared exposing her groin, she started to tremble. From excitement or fear I wasn't sure, but judging from the way she'd been acting, I was guessing it was a mixture of the two. As I finally bared her most private area, I realized that I'd judged her response correctly. I could already see she was soaking wet.

I peeled her panties the rest of the way down, caressing her thighs the whole time. I had her step out of them and tossed them to the side where her jeans were. I was ready to move on, "Pick up the hairbrush next to me." Amy jumped to obey, holding it between her hands in front of her. "Now drop onto you knees and tell me what a naughty little girl you've been and how you want me to spank you with that hairbrush until you're a bawling, apologetic, well spanked little girl."

Amy slowly lowered herself to her knees, and sat silently for a moment, then she started to do as I'd ordered, but with her own little twist. "Sir, I've been awful bad," she started out, "I've fantasized about getting spanked by strong men for as long as I can remember. Dreamed about having them use me as their own person pleasure toy. When they fuck me in my imagination they pull my hair hard and call me disgusting names. I've thought about how I wished they would abuse me and make me hurt and beg and plead with them to stop, but then they keep on doing it anyways, and no matter how bad it hurts I love it and want more. I crave to be used in the most vile ways, made to do the most humiliating things and kept in a state of complete degradation and suffering."

"And," she continued, "I think that right now, I need the hardest hairbrush spanking of my life. I want you to spank be until my ass is raw from being spanked and my throat just as raw from crying." She looked up at me and stared in for my eyes for a moment as she said, "I think anything even a little bit less severe would disappoint me to the bottom of my soul." She looked back down. "So please sir," she offered the hairbrush to me now, "spank me with this hairbrush until this naughty little girl has learned her lesson and her ass is the deepest shade of red you can manage. Please." The last word came out as a whisper.

I took the hairbrush from her hand and examined it as I thought about the character of the girl in front of me. I had her pegged. She was the miss goody two shoes in school, never cutting loose or having fun. She was a control freak and everything always had to go her way, so to make sure it did she did it all herself. She had repressed most of her feelings for almost all of her life, especially love and lust. As I studied the brush in my hand I realized that right then Amy felt empty and her soul felt tortured. She had a deep wound, probably cause by repressing her own wants and needs, and what she really needed to do was let go of control. She needed someone else to take command of her and help her release all her pent up emotions. I'd heard of spankings giving emotional relief before, but this was something else.

That's when my desire to spank Amy transformed into a burning sensation of need to help her. I dropped the disciplinarian act. Reaching down and gently took hold of her chin, I tilted her head back to look me in the eye, but at first she wouldn't. "Amy," I said softly. She finally looked at me. I let a slight smile touch my lips and said, "You, young lady, are going to be one very sorry little girl."

I saw small tears come into the corners of her eyes. "I hope so," she whispered.

I leaned back in my chair and said, "I think it's about time you received a proper spanking. Get over my knee." Once again the compliant sub, she quickly did as ordered. As she draped herself across my lap I inhaled the scent of her. Vanilla mixed with her own organic pheromones. The smell was intoxicating.

When she had settled herself on my lap I took a moment to rub her slightly pick backside. I then pick up the brush and gave her a few little pats with it. After a moments pause to collect my thoughts, I gave her the first hard smack from the hairbrush of many she would get today. I placed it in the middle of her sit spot, fast and stinging. Amy gasped and I felt her hand grab my left ankle, squeezing for dear life. I didn't wait for her to recover though, as soon as the first hit I was back in the air with the second, and when the second landed I was already thinking about where I would put the fifth.

As I worked the hairbrush up and down Amy's back side her sniffing became more and more emphatic. Soon I was hearing an occasional sob, and not long into the spanking at all I was getting full blown heart wrenching sobs.

The hairbrush hammered up and down, at least a swat a second, scorching her entire backside, from the tops of her cheeks to the middle of her thighs. I started landing them a little harder on her sit spot, and a little more frequently. Soon enough Amy's little hand came flying back to cover her fiery ass. I was expecting it though, well, more like planning on it really. I didn't want to risk hitting her hand with a full hard swing when she reached back to cover up, so I had baited her, and now, as I grabbed her arm and pinned it to her lower back once again, I had no more inhibitions about spanking her as hard and fast as she wanted.

I'd been spanking her for about three minutes at this point, and her ass was the most stunning shade of candy apple red, though slightly darker along her sit spot. Her bawling had not eased one bit and she was really kicking now. In fact her feet sometimes went far enough up that I actually had to pull some swings to not hit them. I decided I'd do something about it before I accidentally injured her. Stopping my spanking for a moment, I lifted my right leg free and used it to pin Amy's two flailing legs in place. Now with her arm pinned, legs subdued and bottom bared, she was well and truly helpless, exactly the way she wanted it. I continued tanning her hide with hard fast *SMACKS*.

We were now 5 minutes into this hairbrush spanking, and I was ready to up the intensity even more. She wanted the hardest hairbrush spanking of her life, and she was going to get it. I started using full arm strokes, raising the hairbrush all the way above my head and bring it back down, still at a blistering speed. Amy's bawling reached new heights as I spanked her as hard and fast as I could. I wasn't pulling the swats at all, I used everything I had, and even though it was a very light weight brush, I was beginning to see signs that I needed to end this soon.

7 minutes in and I was ready to wrap this up for good. I stopped to catch my breath for a moment, then delivered five brutal *SMACKS* to the sit spot of each cheek and 5 more *SMACKS* right in the middle.

Amy was sobbing hysterically, it would take a long time to calm her down. Luckily I didn't want her calm just yet. I let go of her arm and released her legs, putting her back in the OTK position. I reached down and pulled her legs apart with my hands, then I reached my hand between to the damp warmth between her legs. The closer my hand got to Amy's hairless pussy, the more and more I was convinced I was reaching into a sauna.
When my cool fingers made contact with her smooth skin her entire body jumped and shuddered. She was literally drenched. I ran the tip of my middle finger up and down her moist slit, teasing her. I then slipped that finger between her pussy lips, rubbing up and down slowly, the top never quite reaching the clit and never quite touching her entrance as I skipped over it time and again. Amy's hips bucked and pushed back, trying to swallow my fingers.

Finally I stopped teasing her and put my index and middle fingers on the entrance to her love canal. Ever so slowly I sank my fingers into her, causing her to gasp and hold her breath, cutting off her sobs momentarily. Then the wracking heaves took over again and I slowly started to move my fingers around in side of her, sliding them in and out. After a few moments I upped my tempo, slowly finger fucking her, making her writhe on my lap and push back at my fingers even more.

Faster and faster I started moving my fingers, twisting and turning them, drilling her sopping wet pussy open with my two digits, driving her wild and making her want more. As my fingering neared its fevered frenzy I felt Amy tense up and get ready to cum. I reached down and grabbed her by her hair, pulling it back hard, then I turned my right hand palm down and, using my finger tips, massaged her g-spot strongly and slowly. As she was on the verge of orgasm, I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Cum for me my little cock slut. Cum for you Master."

To this day I have never hear a silent orgasm be that loud. Amy's entire body went stiff as a board, her every muscle flexed to the point of cramping. The pressure she put on my fingers in her pussy threatened to cut off circulation as I continued to massage her g-spot through her orgasm. I don't know how long it lasted, it could have been seconds or minutes, time was irrelevant at that point. She just came and came and came until she collapsed across my lap. Every muscle gone completely limp, her entire body completely wasted.

I let her lay there a moment, then managed to work myself into a position where I could pick her up in the classic princess pose. With her in my arms I walked over to the love seat and sat down gently, letting her down slowly onto my lap. I look down at her after I've settled in. She looked so beautiful in my arms, half naked, brutally spanked, exhausted from orgasm, completely vulnerable and, most of all, mine to cherish and protect. I lowered my lips down to her and kiss her softly. She stirs slightly as I break it off, then opens her eyes. After looking at me for a minute she surprises me by reaching up and grabbing the back of my head, pushing my lips into hers in a hard long passionate kiss that I reluctantly break off.

I nibble on her bottom lip, making her moan, and I feel her melt into my arms, completely at ease. And just when I thought she'd finally drifted off to sleep, she softly mumbled my name. "Andrew," she said, her voice hoarse and her eyes still closed.

"Yes Amy?"

Amy sighed and snuggled deeper into my protective embrace. "I'll take the job."

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Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 - 07:47 am:   Edit Post

Loved it. Keep up the good work.
Life is not about the amount of breaths you take, its about the moments that take your breath away.
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Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2007 - 11:11 pm:   Edit Post

Fantastic story. I loved it and I hope you continue to write.

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Posted on Thursday, November 22, 2007 - 11:38 pm:   Edit Post

Wow... took my breath away.

Thanks for sharing!

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That is the hottest spanking story I've ever read. Trust me, I've read a LOT! I registered just so I could post comments on it. At first I didn't know if I was going to like it, as a female sub. But I'm glad I kept reading, and I hope you will post more chapters soon!!!

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