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Posted on Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 08:15 pm:   Edit Post

My spanking experiences when I went to Chicago: (First installment)
He met me at the bus station; we hugged, kissed, and went out to dinner. He had told me to wear hose, garter belt, matching lace panties and bra, skirt above the knee, pedicure, manicure, and specifically requested black hose w/black line down the back, and opened toed shoes. He wanted my mani. and pedi. to match in color also. Any mistakes in these rules/requests would cost me (I was told in advance). Well, while I was getting dressed after a long hot bath I was so nervous I ran my hose, so I had to wear another black thigh high pair without lines up the back. I didn’t think to buy an extra pair just in case. I knew I was already going to receive two well-earned disciplinary spankings, which he said would leave me in tears. I was afraid I have to be honest. I knew he wasn’t going to listen to any safe word during these 2 spankings. (If I had threatened to call the police on him or something maybe but I doubted it would get that bad) I had not been spanked for quite some time and had forgotten how much a real spanking could hurt. How it seems to go on forever, the squirming, begging, and all the noises and promises you make when in this position….but I quickly learned when we got back to the hotel room.

He had set different staging areas up for different fantasies. I suggested making a class room out of the table and chair (for me), and the desk and chair (for teacher/him). The other area had a chair pulled out into the middle of the room with the ataman off to the side for me to rest my upper body on while lying across his lap. We also used the desk for the boss employee fantasy I recently wrote about. Then there were 2 queen size beds, one had a belt lying on it, the other had a hairbrush lying on it. He promised to warm me up with his hand before using any implement as I usually don’t care for anything other than a hand on my bare bottom. He started off taking his time each spanking. He’d rub the area he just spanked like 6-10 times, and play with me a little bit…this part got more intense as the spankings/punishments did. He never forced me to do anything I said, “No I don’t feel comfortable with that now, but maybe later...maybe not. The only thing that wasn’t negotiable was my discipline spankings I knew I had coming. He gave me one before dinner and one after dinner.
He rolled up his sleeves after removing his suit jacket (another form of a manly uniform to me). He said, “Come here babygirl it’s time for you to get the spanking you deserve for your misbehavior, and you know what misbehavior I’m talking about.” “I won’t put up with temper tantrums when things don’t go your way in regards to our relationship.” “I warned you about this and you continued testing me.” Come over here right now….let’s get on with this one of your 2 discipline spankings so we can go to dinner.” “I’m warning you, I won’t stop until I’m satisfied you’ve learned your lesson, and you’ll probably be in tears by the time I’m done with your bottom!”
I slowly walked to him in my garter belt, hose, pretty panties, and matching bra. I slowly bent across his lap on the bed which held the hairbrush. He began a medium intensity on top of my panties for about 5 minutes, stopping to rub my bottom and resume spanking. He then pulled down my panties to my knees and spanked my bare bottom pretty damn hard. I was squirming around a little now and begging some for him not to do it so hard, but we had a safety word I could use if I was really serious, and couldn’t take it anymore. I intended to take everything he had to offer and NEVER use the word (my pride wouldn’t allow mw to). After I was crying a little he started using the hairbrush, and I was really jumping, crying, wiggling, begging, and trying to get away. He held me in place easily, as he is 6’3” 250lb. and used to spanking and controlling a woman over his lap. He started playing with my clit between slaps until I had the best orgasm I ever had. He let me up and said, “Go put your dinner clothes on, but don’t wear any panties…you will sit on my lap at dinner and allow me to play with your pussy while we eat, so you’re nice and wet when we go back to the room. I was told to tell the waitress he was my daddy and if I didn’t do as he ordered I’d have my panties pulled down, be put across his lap and given a spanking over his knee. The waitress acted shocked at first, but then said, “Well, you’d better listen to him then young lady!” I was so embarrassed I could hardly eat, but I did have a jagers and rootbeer.
After dinner we returned to the suit for the boss employee fantasy, which I wrote about recently…no big surprises in that one except he used a ruler. I wanted him to use his hand more than any instrument except when appropriate ie..a ruler in the schoolgirl fantasy etc.
I won’t go too far into this one as I already wrote about the fantasy; however, he played it out with a bit of a twist compared to the Boss/employee fantasy I already wrote about. I sat at the small round table (as my desk), and he sat at the desk with the chair pulled up to it in the next room (as his office), this is where having a suit is nice….more than one room. I brought an outfit for this fantasy also. I wore a short (above the knee) pencil skirt, a purple silk blouse, suit jacket, garter, thigh high hose (purple), crazy high heeled shoes, hair up, lacy bra with matching panties (they were the most beautiful color purple) I handed him some paper work I had been working on and quickly turned and left his office. I had barely sat down at my desk when I hear him yell, “Ms. McCann could you please bring yourself right back in here now?” I thought oh man, what did I do now? He quickly pointed out all my errors and told me he expected me to wait until the last employee left for the day, then to come to his office. “I’ve really been patient with all your errors Ms. McCann.” “I made allowances for the fact you were new to our firm, and had boyfriend problems in the past when you first started, but this has gotten way out of hand Ms. McCann.” “I’m sorry, but I will have to take you in hand and punish you if you want to keep your job with our firm….not to mention your pay check.” If you do not wish to accept your punishment simply packs up your belongings at the end of the day, and that will be the end of it.” “However, if you do wish to keep your job you must accept the punishment I feel is fair for each infraction from NOW ON!” “Not just today, but from now on.” “Understand me Ms. McCann?” “Yes Sir, I understand.” “I will be here in your office immediately following the last employees departure.” “Very well then Ms. McCann Back to work with you then.”
I worried the whole time I sat at my (pretend) desk how bad the spanking would be or worse the humiliation in the way he dealt it out. After about 15 min. I walked back into his office and told him all the employees had left.
“Ok come over to me Ms. McCann, and raise your skirt, because I’m going to spank you.” “Spank me!” “I’m much too old for a spanking sir, really spank me are you serious?” “Oh yes Ms. McCann more serious than I’ve ever been, now get your cute little bottom over here so we can get on with your punishment!”
I walked over to him with reservations…stood in front of him, and raised my skirt. “Higher Ms. McCann, I’d like to see what I’m working with.” “Turn around and bend across my desk.” I did as I was told, and heard him unbuckling his belt! I was shocked we had not talked about him using his belt on my poor bare bottom. He pulled my skirt up further, rubbed my bottom and said, “Nice.” “A lovely bottom made for spanking.” He spanked me with his hand for quite some time until I was jerking and hitting my pelvis on the edge of the desk with each slap. He then pulled down my purple panties and rubbed my bottom while admiring his handy work. “Nice and pink, but not red or hot enough yet Ms. McCann, I imagine I’ll get the response I’m looking for when I use my belt on your bare bottom won’t I Ms. McCann?” “Yes sir was all I could think of to say!” So began the slaps with his belt…first one cheek then the other. It stung so bad it brought tears to my eyes. Just as I was on the verge of using our safe word he’d let up rub my bottom and rub my pussy too. He was reading my body language as well as my unintelligible language to judge when to stop or let up. He was a very experienced spanker. Anyway, we ended with him inside of me while I was bent over the desk. He promised this is what would happen (the spanking part) every time I made errors from now on. It was a nice fantasy and I was surprised at my

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