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Username: Sally_smart

Post Number: 22
Registered: 02-2014
Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 09:03 pm:   Edit Post

1. A surprising lesson given by my worker guy. "Dont jab me in the leg you nasty little girl!"

Ok, I am no great writer and this story is something that really happened just as it is written here, no added bits in this one, just exactly what happened, hope you find it a fun read just because I decided to share. I read so many great stories on this site, thank you for those.

So I like my worker guy. He is strong, witty, does well with his work and is full of fun in almost any situation. Can laugh up a storm even when he thinks he is in a blunder of some kind. And make anything seem not so bad.
He works in my home in a live in situation so I see him every day, sometimes into the night and we tend to goof off a bit and fling cheap shots at each other or even snap a dish towel at each other, possibly to avoid becoming bored of each other or to keep it up a notch above just being a boring work situation between the two of us.
We do enjoy the company we provide for each other while we are working together and we can talk about almost anything, sex, relationships and about our own family issues and such. And a jab in the ribs isnt rare around here.

So,,,, Yesterday after many months of working together and getting to know each other we were kidding around and things turned crazy somehow, even quite rough compared to our usual two, five or ten minutes of kidding around, pushing each other or whipping a towel or even tossing a little water at each other sometimes out in the yard.
That 6 foot 5 inch monster (As I now call him now) dumped a glass of cold milk right on my head and all over my back in the kitchen during a sudden event of play fighting that broke out, so of course you know, that aint goin alone. I chased him into the living room and pushed him down on the couch and was attempting to hold him there while I let that milk in my hair and on my clothes drip all over him.
He faught it for a bit and eventually he managed to shift his long legs around my (leaning over him) position and then yanked me down by my arms trapping me face down on the couch over one knee and his other leg on top of me squeezing my waste so I couldnt move.
Then he starts tickling me in the ribs and making like he was going to squeeze the last, ever lovin bit of air out of my lungs with his powerful legs.
I faught as hard as I could. I yelled, squirmed and struggled and then as a last resort when I realised I was pinned and couldnt move anything much except my arms around the upper half of my body, I started to jab my elbow into the muscle on the inside of his leg where he had me held down, (like giving a charlie horse) hoping it would hurt him and I would get away. 
It was really all I could do at this point, and kick my feet up and down of course. That dont help. Just made him laugh.
Well, that was it!!! I had attempted to hurt him. He had me. I was trapped in his tight hold of absolute control and power and he was going to get me back for the attempted muscle injury. 
He reached out his long arm above my backside and as I felt him raise it high I had a quick moment to think, Oh shit! This aint good. A pause, I hollered "Nooo!" and then, Crack! He landed a mean hard smack right on my right ass cheek. Then another and another... 
He did not let up, he didnt even move his smacks to different spots over my ass, every one of them in the soft cushy spot on my instantly warming ass cheek, big open handed and long armed smacks, down on my behind, hard and fairly fast, four, five, six,,, "ouch! Shit that hurts!" squirming didnt help any, he had me good.
After about ten or probably more (I lost count already) he stopped and I thought he was done and was gonna let me get away with one well heated cheek but then he still held me down and paused a good few seconds telling me "That wasnt good, what you have done trying to hurt me" and then he raised his arm again and landed a hard one right on the center cushy spot of my left cheek and then many more right in that same spot too.
SonofaBitch! After so many they started to sting! He had no mercy even tho I struggled and squirmed, and almost begged,"Stop, I wont do it again!" still trapped tightly between his strong thighs. I had nowhere to go.
I screamed out, "You bastard! Not in the same spot!" "Stop!" "Its starting to hurt!" Ok, it wasnt all that bad yet and maybe he could tell it wasnt yet, but things were getting awefully warm and each smack stung a little more then the last. I had to wonder how hot my buns were going to get before I couldnt take it anymore and would he stop then. 
He laughed and told me this was hurting him more then me and continued to land many more really hard bare handed spanks in that same spot then back to the right cheek again. Smack, smack, smack! Holy shit Batman! Smack, smack, smack!,,,,,,
It was burning now, I mean firey hot.
Did I mention I had only a pair of tight girl's gym pants, made of something like a thin t-shirt type material on my skinny butt? And they were wet from the milk that he spilled all over me. Kinda like a very thin layer of wet skin on top of my own skin. 
Oh and I rarely wear undies so you guessed it, not a lot of protection happenin for my keister on this day. 
It was nearly a bare ass, bad ass can of whoopass on top of my tiny hiney.
My burning ass was now starting to really feel the (long arm of the law) smacks I was recieving, over and over again as he now started to repeat, "Bad little Girl! Bad little Girl!" with each spank. And was telling me to yell "No Master No! 
Those smacks kept coming. I could feel them coming as he raised his arm high and let it down with a loud Crack behind me and I couldnt do anything about it but squirm my butt around hoping to move enough so he'd miss my ass a time or two. He never missed one.
Then he stopped and it became a tickle in the ribs and a struggle for my freedom again and just as I thought I was almost out of his grip, he regained his hold, paused again and then started to raise his long arm and spank me again on my already firey ass, a whole lot more. Over and over, I dont know how many times on the right and then smack, smack, smack, many, many more times on the left cheek again, while I cried out "Stop! i am sorry!" still not leaving those same spots he had already heated up in the first round. Smack, smack, smack!
His hands are bigger then one of my ass cheeks anyway, where else would he move to if he were to leave those same spots he was spanking over and over again but my legs, or,,, mmmm,,,,
Anyway, I was still feeling the burn even more with each smack and I knew my ass had to be a mean red hot by now with hardly any thickness of clothing on my butt for protection.
I laid there pinned and defenceless and took most of his hard smacks like a trooper with some struggle of course at first and during and then as it became more intense I began to squirm between his legs and struggle more and more, digging my toes into the floor as if an attempt to dart head first out of his hold and run off somewhere and now wanting something thick over my tender butt.
I have to say it was very hot and quite exhilarating and even turned me on but I was kinda glad when he did finally stop because my butt was getting sore and I needed a break, even just to get my hands back there to rub my poor stinging behind.
Man I am telling you, this was theee most intense play fighting I have ever done with anyone. I think he slammed dunked at least fourty or maybe a whole lot more good ones on my skinny defenceless ass and that prick had me held in such a way I couldnt even get a hand back there to save myself from a few of his huge handed spanks on my skinny ass.
I have never been spanked like that, or that long and hard, not even when I was a kid!
And the noise of those wet spankers he handed out,,, Ya those suckers rang out pretty loud, silencing the TV and everything else in the room. It sounded, and felt like a real long bare ass serious spanking goin on.
He is strong, amazingly flexable for such a tall guy and a whole foot taller then I am and also weighs a good amount more then I do for such a slim well built guy, and ya, I am willing to bet the next play fight we have, I will fight a whole lot harder but will probably still lose the war, oh well, losing isnt always a bad thing,,, 
Ma ass still feels it a little today as I write this. It is still red today too. He really did let loose on my poor little white butt! Well it was white before all that nasty crap started, haha.
After it was all over and he finally decided to let me go from his amazingly strong grip, we both stood in the shower with our milk soaked, sweaty clothes on and let it all wash down the drain, then went out for a smoke, both totally soaked to the bone and looking like we had run a mile in half time. He didnt look as worn out as I felt tho. The warm water from the shower was a bit of a stinger too on my flaming ass cheeks.
My two husbands in my past marriages and BFs in between had smacked my ass during sex and or before but never have I been held down in such a total level of control where I had no choice and basically no movement allowed like he had me in yesterday. It was an "On the wild side, otk, mind blowing" kind of thing I had never had anyone do to my behind before.
Totally unexpected.
He did say I put up the wildest fight he has ever dealt with. Its very cool to know that as small as I am compared to him I can make him work really hard just to be able to lay his monster big hands on my tiny white tush.

Rough play can be fun between two people who trust and understand each other. Have fun and be safe.
I will do Almost anything for you, you can spank me for anything I wont but that done mean I will do it, hahahaha
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New member
Username: Popope

Post Number: 7
Registered: 09-2013
Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 01:00 am:   Edit Post

Nice story, Sally_smart!
Yes, indeed..."losing isn't always a bad thing"!
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Username: Sally_smart

Post Number: 25
Registered: 02-2014
Posted on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 02:00 am:   Edit Post

I have to admit as much of a surprise as it was it was awesome. There were a few more true events with him that I wrote about and will add as well. Also a few I partly made up from our games to create a story in between the real events plus some newer ones about me and my new BF.
Now that BF is in my life of course the worker thing had to stop and my worker guy did move on to educate himself further finally anyway and I have a lady working in his spot but man he was fun to play fight with. I like to get rough with men and give them a challenge. I like to fight hard to save my ass even if it will get it anyway.
Whats happened with BF is we have become quite serious so no more goofing around, I am kinda, sorta not single anymore but BF is into the same stuff so its all good.
This girl gets her way,,,, hahahahaha

I have been a writer for many years so will have to look for older stuff to post here as well. I never wrote to publish just for fun so I am not the best at it by any means, just fun stuff for me.

(Message edited by Sally smart on February 12, 2014)

(Message edited by Sally smart on February 12, 2014)
I will do Almost anything for you, you can spank me for anything I wont but that done mean I will do it, hahahaha

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