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New member
Username: Mrscurrington01

Post Number: 2
Registered: 01-2011
Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2011 - 05:01 pm:   Edit Post

So, yesterday afternoon, D decided that it was time for me to receive my punishment for not taking my meds one day. We have a system set up that we have different levels of punishment.

I am at level 3.5, which means that I receive 25 spanks each cheek with a rubber spatula. The first time that D used the spatula a week or so ago, it really did not hurt, it just made my a** red. I made the mistake of telling D that it did not hurt all that much, so he made sure that it hurt yesterday! He tied my hands behind my back, and bound my ankles so I could not move. Then, had me lay over pillows to get my butt in the air, and then went to town! I had to count each spank, and by 10, I was VERY sorry that I had spoke up the week before! After some of the spanks, he would let his hands wander all over my body, to keep me in the mood and worked up. He still spanked hard for the rest of the 40 spanks, but they were not as hard as the first 10. (We both have a rule that we want the spanks to hurt, but we both don't want me to be in tears at the end of it.)

So, after I received all 50 spanks, he rubbed my a** to get the redness to go away, and then proceeded to take me from behind since I was already in the right position! It was awesome!

I definitely remembered to take my medicine yesterday and today, because I don't want a repeat of level 3.5 anytime soon!
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Username: Warmpalm

Post Number: 69
Registered: 05-2011
Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 10:06 am:   Edit Post

Mrs.Currington---how's it going, the remembering to take your meds and avoiding level 3.5 spankings? Update us, please.

Those rubber spatulas are so dang handy, aren't they? Durable, affordable, and effective.

Great for licking frosting off from, too.
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New member
Username: Clam0391

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Registered: 11-2011
Posted on Sunday, November 13, 2011 - 07:53 am:   Edit Post

Tears are good. You should try it.
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New member
Username: Hubwife

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Registered: 12-2011
Posted on Saturday, December 31, 2011 - 03:57 am:   Edit Post

This is very much a true stroy
My wife and i have been married for over 4 years. The more negative aspect of the relationship had came from my side, it was my insecurity and jealousy which had began to create tension and arguements between us..My relationship with Sarah had blossomed very quickly, and before we even had a chance to even learn more about each other as people we were living under the same roof, it all had happened very fast...Up until the point when we met Sarah explained she did have a long standing friendship with an older Man who provided her with the discipline she needed. Sarah was in her mid 30's, her disciplinarian friend was in his 60's. For some strange reason i felt uncomfortable and although this had been part of Sarah's past which was none of my business, i felt a little insecure simply because Sarah had indicated a need for Parental type figure in her life who would provide loving care and strict discipline when needed..As i was 9 years her senior, i felt a little undermined as i felt i would be unable to replicate the Fatherfigure Sarah so badly needed at times..Over the next few years my insecurites would resurface from time to time and cause us to have huge arguements..

For some strange reason there were now occasions where i woud lay awake at night and my mind would conjure up vivid images of Sarah being disciplined by a much older Man...The images would grow stronger and ever more colourful with Sarah being hauled over his knee and her bare bottom being spanked very hard by a huge firm hand!..
As time went on, my insecurity gave way to an entirely new concept, the whole scenario had now become a deep fantasy and a very secret one!..My fantasy was of my wife being given regular chastisement by a very strict Gent, he would spank her bare bottom hard over his knee for prolonged periods...I would also visualise in my minds eye my wife being bent over the arm of the sofa, her skirt being lifted, her panties being taken right down, and the elderly gent taking his leather strap with gusto to Sarah's lovely bottom...Sarah would eventually be left crying and standing facing the wall with her exposed bottom red raw from the harsh punishment!...The more my fantasy began to develop the more excited i was by the whole concept of it all, there was also a growing frustration that i could share never share my thoughts with my wife..My insecurity would ensure that all these thoughts would stay firmly locked away in my head..

About a year ago things came to a head after a fairly bad arguement took place Sarah decided to stay with her sister for a few days to give us a little breathing space. When Sarah did come home we sat together and spoke openly and honestly about our feelings for each other...With all my inner resources being tested to the limit, i began to slowly open up..It was a huge step for me to tell my wife that my biggest fantasy was to witness her being given a sore bottom by a much older man!...It felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and as my new confidence began to grow, i now suggested that Sarah should pursue a friendship with an older experienced disciplinarian..
Sarah began to express her joy and relief, she explained that this was something she had always needed and that it would be a very positive plus for our marriage. We continued to talk, and both agreed that it might be a good idea for Sarah to send an email to her old friend George, who had been her mentor and disciplinarian before she had met me..George was 67yr old widower who lived fairly close by, it had been a well established friendship in the past, so we didn't have any safety concerns or trust issues..It wasn't long before George replied to Sarah's email in which he expressed his delight at the prospect of being reinstated as her disciplinarian, though he warned her that he would be even stricter with her!

Meeting George for the first time for quite an exciting prospect, he was a very well groomed Man with grey hair who gave off quite an aura of authority. He was an imposing character of over 6ft, and as we all sat drinking Tea i could also see the sudden change in my wife's demeanour in his company. She now spoke in hushed tones and addressed George as Sir..In a very stern voice George requested Sarah to find a notepad and a pen which she soon produced form the kitchen. Geroge now instructed Sarah to write down a list of recent misdemeanours, and as she handed the pad to George she apologised for the fact that she been spending money we could ill-afford on online bingo.I sat in stoney silence as George now ordered my wife to stand with her nose to the wall with her hands on her head.George began to scold and lecture Sarah in which she was given one clear simple instruction, "come here girl!" he now sat in the centre of our huge sofa, my excitment intensified as Sarah gently lowered herself in position over her spanker's knee, George smoothed out the skirt covering Sarah's lovely plump bottom, and without further ado beganing spanking her firmly with his huge hand, George brought the spanking to a brief halt as he began to raise the hem on the Sarahs skirt, she lifted herself slighty as George now pulled her skirt clear leaving her knicker clad bottom on full display. Sarah's spanker wasted little time and began to to peel down her panties, right down her stocking covered legs to her ankles, my wife's bottom was already quite red and the huge handmarks were now evident! George began to apply his firm hand with gusto and the sight of Sarah's bottom cheeks wobbling with each resounding slap was a wonderful sight!.With his left arm firmly clamping her waist the spanking began to intensify and Sarah began to sobb and plea as her bottom was now an angry shade of red!

It was without doubt the most exciting and enthralling spectacle i had witnessed and it was going to get eeven better, as far as George was concerned Sarah was once again where she desereved to be, over his knee with her bare bottom being blistered!! The spanking would only stop for brief respites as George inspected his handywork and rubbed Sarah's bottom cheeks..As the spanking recommenced the velocity of slaps would intensify and my wife was now crying as her lovely bottom could only absorb the onslaught from the spankers huge hand! When eventually the spanking stopped, George now ordered Sarah to stand up, step out of her fallen pants and then to bend herself over the arm of the sofa...PART 2..The spanker now stood up and began to unbuckle his trouser belt, he folded the leather strap into a loop and now stood beside my wifes beautifully presented bottom...George now stood over Sarah's up-turned plump bottom admiring his handywork, he had every reason to feel confident as my wife's bottom cheeks were an angry shade of hellfire red! With his left hand, George now held the the very tip of the folded leather strap, and taking careful aim brought the belt down with a resounding crack! The supple leather making my wife's bottom cheeks judder as it wrapped around her glowing orb's!.George now finding his rhythm began to really punish my naughty wife..He was a man of strong resolve and few words, and knew just how to deal with Sarah, who now let out a girly yelp with each connecting stroke of her disciplinarian's belt..George had already asserted that she was going to be a very sorry little madam when he was through with her!..George continued to whip the fullness of Sarah's backside and the strap was certainly making an impression as my wife's bottom which was now covered in raised welts, she was now crying, but there was certainly little forthcoming in the way of sympathy from either myself or George.My little wife was paying the price for gambling what little money we had on online bingo sites, as far as i was concerned her thrashing was well earned, and as the cracking sound of the belt on her bare flesh continued, i felt very liberated due to the fact that all my insecurity and jealousy were now gone..I sat transfixed to the spot as this elderly man continued beating Sarah, it all felt strangely very normal!..When at last Sarah's misery came to a sudden halt as George brought proceedings to its conclusion..."Right, young lady, compose yourself and i want you standing against the wall with your punished bottom on full display!"..Sarah immediately obeyed the order, and as she stood against the wall adjusting her ruffled skirt to now fully expose her well beaten bottom!..George calmly put his belt back on and once again inspected my wife's blazing rear, with a look of satisfaction his huge hand gently rubbed Sarah's swollen cheeks, he then returned to his seat and George and I engaged in a conversation totally unrelated to the events i had just witnessed.

Apart from the odd sniffle, Sarah stood silently awaiting her next instruction, and in a very firm voice George beckoned her over, my wife now stood totally subdued and staring at the floor, she now apologised to us both. Like a well rehearsed scene in a play, Sarah walked over to where George was now sitting, and without another word spoken, she again gently lowered herself over her spankers knee, and as soon as her skirt was tucked away from the target area, George released a volley of hard slaps to my wife's already swollen rear!..After about 20 hard slaps, the punishment was now complete, George now took Sarah in his arm's for the all forgiving hug..
There will never be an occasion so firmly etched into my mind than what i had witnessed that day...Our marriage is now a far happier place, as we are both so content and at peace...George is without a doubt a very welcome addition to our little family, and i still feel a surge of excitement whenever i arrive home from work, to see my wife's well chastised bottom after a visit from George..
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Username: Mbottom

Post Number: 47
Registered: 04-2011
Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 11:19 am:   Edit Post

Hubwife, it all sounds wonderful, but I guess I was just curious as to why you dont do the discipline yourself?? You just might like being the one to feel her flesh heat.....We are all so different in why we need this in our lives, I am asking because I like to hear how other people enjoy spanking; as I will only let my husband near my 'behind'. :-)
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Username: Brandspankingnew

Post Number: 17
Registered: 05-2011
Posted on Sunday, July 29, 2012 - 03:52 pm:   Edit Post


I too share your fanstasy, however to what extreme I do know. As the Master of Mbottoms eager behind, I truly stand behind her and would never attempt to cross that line. So for myself this could only be just that...a fantasy, as I feel sexual aroused at the thought, but extremely jealous at the same time. I did enjoy the story and hope that you continue to post as well as mbottoms comments.. that is for you.

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