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Username: Yorkie69

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Posted on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - 07:05 am:   Edit Post

Until recently my wife (JJ) had refused to spank me. This wasn't always the case as just before we were married I had confessed my desire to her and she agreed to spank me. I had a stupid idea that if she spanked me hard enough I wouldn't like it anymore. I think I knew even then that it was a ridiculous premise but you know, I was young and horny. It was supposed to be punishment for masturbating. I was trying to kick the habit. My thinking being that I could kill two birds with one stone - stop masturbating and cure me of my need to be spanked. Like I said, I figured if she hit me hard enough I would soon forget about it being pleasurable and that would be the end of it. So, we sat down and I laid out my plan. The initial offence would attract fifty swats on the bare bottom with the red, flat backed plastic hairbrush that JJ used to brush that gorgeous hair of hers - twenty five each cheek and they would be hard. She was to give me one swat at a time with increasing severity until we reached a level I thought I could endure without going overboard and causing severe damage. Well, being the horny little spankee that I am it didn't take long for the first transgression to take place. I just couldn't stop thinking about my sexy fiance smacking my bare bottom - I just had to get some relief knowing full well what the consequences were. As we were engaged we didn't live together so the next time I visited her I had to confess. I didn't have much choice either as she asked me about it before I could gather the courage to tell her! Ok, so even though this is what I wanted, seeing her with that hairbrush in her hand gave me massive butterflies and I found myself getting a little apprehensive and excited at the same time. As JJ lived with her parents still we had to do this in the back of my brother's car which was parked in the back yard (the house had rear access via the laneway at the back). We walked out the back door and walked to the car in silence all the while I was eyeing off that hairbrush and thinking (hoping) that my rear end was going to be the same colour soon. In the car we get and I just sit there looking stupid. "Ok. Pants down!" JJ demands (told you she was good). I did as I was told and over her knee I went. As I lay there contemplating my fate we go over the hand plan in as much as we confirm that we work our way up to the desired level of severity. As I wait there helpless, vulnerable she rubs the brush over my bottom and asks "Are you ready?" "Y-yeah" I stammer. She lays one on me Smack! "Ooh!". Nice. Obviously not hard enough so I say "Nah. Harder" SMACK! I suck in bit harder. "Nope. Harder." Whack! "Nhg!" I winced. I paused to gather myself. "Ok, a little harder and we've got it." WHAP! "Aye aye aye! Oh yeah! Fifty of them please." At which JJ asks "Ok, do you want them all at once or what?" Trembling with anticipation and exhileration I reply "How about ten swats, five each cheek with a break and then the next ten and so on. . . " "Ok" she says a little too cheery for my liking. She then asks "Ready?" "Ready as I'll ever be". She them proceeds to. . . rub my bottom with her left hand for a while leaving of in an intense state of trepidation. What a sight I must have been draped across her lap with my shorts around my ankles. She was milking this for all she was worth, rubbing my bottom with her hand to build up the tension and anticipation. Then, she starts to rub me with the brush occasionally lifting it up and. . . . Rubbing my bottom again. The first time she did that I clenched in anticipation of that first swat only to have her say firmly "No clenching!" This was another rule in that I was not to clench my buttocks or there would be ten extra. After three lifts to tease me she let rip with the first ten. Oh my goodness! Absolute bliss! But boy it hurt. I held my breath the throughout those ten delicious smacks. She rubbed my bottom with her hand (ecstacy!) then with the brush and then she asks "Ok?". I reply in the affirmative and it's on again. Writing this now i still recall the sensations even now some twenty years later. I have a date with this minx soon . I'm waiting for the kids to get settled in bed and then I'm thinking of experimenting with my belt and some more of the six hundred millimeter long, ten millimeter diameter dowel I have plus the bath brush I have which stings beautifully. It is heavier than that plastic hairbrush but much quieter and it does bruise more. Back to the car twenty years ago. Another ten swats down. More rubbing, which is making my erection larger and also making me slime her leg as she was also wearing shorts. Then the next ten and I'm wondering if I should call it quits or keep going. Thankfully my fiance is giving me a break in between but she makes up for it with the fourth batch. Ouchies! More rubbing and then the last ten. The last swat was almost surreal. It was the hardest one of all. For someone who has never spanked anyone before she performed like a pro. When I visited the next day I showed off my bruise on my left cheek. JJ was horrified. "Don't panic" I said. "It's not that bad" it was the size of a fifty cent piece and it disappeared in three days. Needless to say it only encouraged my habit as we were only going to have sex after marriage and I had no other outlet. Did I mention that any subsequent offence put the number of swats up by ten?

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