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Username: Junglebee

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Registered: 06-2009
Posted on Monday, June 15, 2009 - 12:23 am:   Edit Post

I was spanked this morning. I still feel it and my bottom still shows it this evening.

It wasn't for fun, I definitely messed up. We don't have set rules and punishments, yet there is a line of reasonable and unreasonable behavior and when I cross that line I get spanked. It has nothing to do with dishes or laundry and as ambiguous as it sounds, it's really quite simple.

Yesterday, I was beyond moody, a real b----. That's not quite why I was spanked, but it started that way. It escalated into a tantrum, a few (or more than a few) misspoken words, and a responsibility neglected. This would have been bad enough and quite possibly could have earned myself a spanking for unreasonable behavior...yet in case there was any question I topped it. I embarrassed myself and him and carried this attitude into public. Not just the attitude but my attitude with him. I am embarrassed to describe it now, but I spoke negatively of him in front of him in public...and not in a fun, playful way.

He was mad. I was mad. We came home mad. We went to bed mad. We never go to bed mad.

This morning, we talked. He was no longer mad. I was no longer mad. He was still disappointed. I was sorry...but about to be sorrier.

I was unreasonable. I admitted that. I agreed to be spanked when I was unreasonable. I agreed that a spanking for my behavior was deserved.

We have a ritual it seems now for this sort of thing. This is only my fourth spanking...yes I keep track of each one I've received in the short amount of time we've been doing this and remember each part vividly. It's been the same since the second one. He takes the chair from the office and moves it to the middle of the room. I kneel on the chair and bend over the back. I grasp the legs. Before he would unbuckle his belt but this morning he wasn't wearing one. He left the room for a moment to retrieve it, leaving me with my thoughts in the position that I've learned to dread. I wasn't prepared for the wait time.

He came back soon enough, but that minute or two felt like forever. The punishment was already determined, there was no need to talk about it. Before I knew it, he folded over his belt and was laying into my bottom. The first few stung, but they were bearable. I gasped inbetween licks. He paused for a second or two.

Soon, it is not so bearable. It really hurt! It seems like I forgot about this part back when we started discussing DD. I grasped the chair legs harder. I try to take my spankings without being difficult. We don't have any rules about getting out of position, but the way I see it if I'm getting punished I deserve every bit of it and need not try to shield myself from any of it.

I couldn't help but kick my legs a bit. My butt was on fire. There was a constant sting that would just not go away. I was counting in my head but lost count once he got past 16. Licks even landed on my thighs. Some started hitting the same places over and over again. Before long, each lick started to blend together and the pain became almost unbearable. I was unsure how much more I could physically take. Of course, I'm not silent through any of this. After the initial gasps, I was hollering and screaming out loud. Tears start to form and the screams are mixed with cries. The belt keeps finding its way on my butt and even my thighs when just as quick as it started, it stops.

He sets the belt down, helps me up, and leads me to the corner. I stand there, composing myself. Shortly after the sniffles stop, he retrieves me. We talk some more. We go about our day.

My bottom, however, is still sore. It has marks. Of course, it all sounds worse than what it was. The whole thing couldn't have lasted but a couple minutes...although it felt like an hour. I couldn't have received much more than 30 strokes, but it felt like 100! I deserved my spanking and spanked I was.

(Message edited by junglebee on June 15, 2009)
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Username: Batfinch

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Registered: 04-2006

Posted on Sunday, July 12, 2009 - 02:18 am:   Edit Post

At least it clears the air the best part of a spanking

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