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Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008 - 04:13 pm:   Edit Post

I am 28 years old and and have been in a relationship with my partner for about 5 years now, the longest one ever for me.
I grew up rather spoiled and undisciplined and consequently ran into some problems in both my personal and professional life. I had always been interested in the "darker side" of human sexuality and was quite aware this world existed.
About 5 years ago I met Gwen and we became involved even though she is eight years older than me and from a quite different background. I grew up a city girl, upper middle-class background. She grew up on a farm in Tennessee, was used to physical labor and had worked her way up to where she had her own business, a picture framing and related supplies shop.
We had been together about six months when it happened.I had the very bad habit of never being on time for anything, would keep people waiting and then would act like it was no big deal that I was often seriously late. Gwen had complained to me several times about this,and other inconsiderate,thoughtless things I did, but I paid little attention.
One day when I showed up two hours late at her house for a lunch date she said she had to talk with me. She told me she was tired of my never being on time, often breaking promises, and thought we should break up.
I was quite upset and shocked and of course started begging and pleading for another chance, becoming really whiny because it looked like I would not get my way.
She just sat there, giving me a stern look, almost a glare.
Finally, she said would give me another chance, but there had to be consequences, that I needed to be disciplined. That I was a "spoiled brat" and should get what spoiled brats should get- a good spanking.That I had needed that for a long time and she wanted to give me what I had coming.
I was too surprised or shocked or something to argue, but when she took me by the arm and led me over to a chair and started to pull me over her lap I started protesting that she couldnt do that.She asked do you want another chance. I just nodded and she placed me over her lap.
I am six feet, but slender and couldnt have struggled free of Gwen's grip even if I had wanted to-and I really didn't. I was ready to go through with a new experience, one to be honest I was curious about.
She then pulled my shorts down and since I wore no panties I was lying across her knee barebutted.
She said since I was 2 hours late I would get a spank for every minute I was late. I had been sentenced to 120 spanks on my bare bottom!
She started slapping and and she hit hard.Like I said, Gwen is physically strong and her hand was not soft from the use she made of it at work. Soon my bottom was burning and stinging in a way I had never felt before and she started spanking harder. I begged her to stop but got no reply.
When spank 120 landed(and it was very hard) I was in the worst pain I had ever felt. She stood me up and I hopped around, my fingertips brushing the two inflamed mounds in back.
She took me to the couch and laid me down on my stomach, my sore red bottom in the air. I felt very meek and vulnerable and recognized I had paid a painful price for my behavior.
We talked over what had happened and I agreed that I deserved what I got and thanked her for caring enough to give me another chance. I also agreed that she could spank me in the future for tardiness and other unacceptable behavior.
Since lunch got passed over I stayed at her house for dinner(and overnight). I had to eat mine sitting on a soft cushion and she made a remark about "a naughty girl having to sit on a pillow because she got spanked". All at once I started laughing-and any tension we may have had between us was broken.
Since then I have received many spankings from her and must admit that my life is much better,having something that forces me to be accountable. I have been spanked for being late(though that has not happened for a long time),for traffic tickets, for not paying bills on time.
She has introduced me to the hairbrush, the pingpong paddle, and to a wooden paddle with the holes(that only for very serious misbehavior-I'll get to that.)
The first time I got an implement used on me was one time when I was half an hour late because I stopped at a mall-and then got flippant when she asked me why I was late.
So instead of the spank per minute deal, I got 30 on each buttcheek-with the hairbrush. Which left me not sitting in comfort for a couple days.I learned that tardiness combined with disrespect resulted in a painful price.
First time I got the big paddle I had really messed up _ I drove home after drinking. She saw I had had too much to drink when I came in the door. She upended me , yanked down my slacks and destroyed the seat of my pantyhose with that paddle,the worst spanking I had ever gotten-and one I certainly knew I really deserved. Drinking and driving-talk about being ashamed of myself!
Well it cost me a pair of brandnew black pantyhose as well as the ability to sit for the next 24 hours, and then only with pillows. She made me keep the pantyhose thumbtacked to a bulletin board in the den(by then we were living together) for a month as a reminder.
Whenever I saw those ruined pantyhose,the seat completely gone, I was reminded of what had happened(as well as what could have happened) and shuddered a bit. And thats the last time I drove after even one drink.
I may post more experiences in the future. I am grateful every day for having Gwen and the loving, if sometimes harsh, discipline she has brought to my life.Call me LUCKY!!
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Posted on Sunday, July 20, 2008 - 10:13 pm:   Edit Post

Okay, LUCKY! Thanks for sharing this with us, I appreciate it and I'm glad you've found such a compatible partner.

Too bad about the pantyhose, even though that was my favorite part.

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