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Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2007 - 03:37 pm:   Edit Post

Letting Go…and the EVIL hairbrush
My R/L spanking, June 2007

When He came home from work the note I had written Him was placed on our desk for Him to find. It spoke of my feelings about my recent overspending a few days prior, how guilty I was feeling about it, how worried about Him I was, and spoke of some other areas about our lifestyle. I realized through this incident that I have given myself to Him completely in almost all ways, but there had always been a tinge of resistance to our lifestyle choices still hidden within me. This situation may seem insignificant to some but it happened for a reason. It gave me a chance to admit my opposition at times and make a commitment to myself and my Husband that I am going to let go of that small bit of resistance that has been hanging on. Small stones can make big ripples in a pond after all. I told Him in the letter that I was more than willing to wait for Him to come to me when and if He was ready to talk. I expected Him to not mention the letter for a few days.

When I came home he gave me a tight, embracing hug as soon as I walked in the door and squeezed my ass hard. I knew He must have read the letter. We had dinner together as a family, read to our children, and then put them to bed. After the kids were asleep we snuggled and talked about our days. I asked Him if He had read my letter and He said "I will talk to you about it in a little while. Thank you for being honest with me. I really don't want to talk about it right now, but I will tell you that the reason I haven't brought it up is that I was very angry and upset with you and I didn't want to punish you while I was still angry." Then I heard the dreaded words "I think you have some time in the corner coming. Strip and go stand in the corner." What happened to not wanting to address the issue right now?! He got over that very quickly! I did as He asked and stood there for what I can only guess was about 40 minutes which is an eternity when all you can see is white textured paint! To make things even more unbearable my Husband was constantly telling me to "stand up straight Kitten, put your arms at your sides, stop moving, keep your head up." So not only did I stand there for what seemed like forever, but was being watched like a hawk the entire time. After some time I heard our Maple straight backed desk chair being pulled into the middle of the room (uh-oh). "Kitten come here." I walked very slowly over to Him hoping to delay the inevitable. "Is there something you want to say to me?" He asked. What happened next did not help the situation at all. When I'm nervous or embarrassed I blush profusely and uncontrollably smile. My Husband kept a cold dead stare and He was certainly not smiling. I knew this was not going to be playful banter. I told my Husband in much detail about what was troubling me, that I was sorry and felt awful, and that it would not happen again. After I was done speaking He seemed to be thinking quite deeply for a few moments and then merely looked at me and said, "get over my lap." I guess He wasn't feeling chatty, imagine that! He immediately started giving me a very hard hand spanking (not the usual built up intensity He is nice enough to administer during maintenance). His blows were very deliberate and unrelenting. No rubbing my cheeks in between, no sensual caresses, just hard and fast spanks that seemed to be getting harder and harder as He told me how He'd been feeling about the overspending and my attitude. He spanked me very hard for about ten minutes only stopping for a split second to grab the wooden hairbrush from the desk which replaced his burning hand. That hairbrush is evil. From the first smack I was struggling to stay in position. I was biting my lip, gasping out loud, and all the while listening to my Husband tell me "Do you know how disappointed I was, how upset you made me? Well, I'm going to show you!" He spanked me hard and fast, never missing a beat (no pun intended). After about thirty solid smacks from that wooden torture device I accepted the position I had put myself in. I knew I deserved this spanking, I trust my husband's judgment, and I knew I had no choice in the matter. I knew He needed to spank me as much as I needed the spanking. My bottom was getting very hot and quite raw. I had tears in my eyes. Another forty blows came striking down. He paused for a second and in that fleeting moment I thought the spanking was over.


His hand came pounding down once again. For a few minutes it came again and again with a sharp, angry sting. Without warning I felt the bite of the hairbrush again not sure that I could take anymore of it. My bottom was so sore it didn't take much to cause searing pain but He did not let up. I was wiggling my poor bottom unwillingly trying to 'outsmart' the hairbrush (it never works of course). After about sixty whacks He put the hairbrush down on the desk. I was sobbing and shaking over His lap. My bottom was on fire. "Stand up." broke the short silence. I stood thinking I was going to get a warm embrace. I did get an embrace, but not the kind I wanted. He walked over to our bed and stacked two pillows on top of each other. "It's time for you to bend over the bed Kitten." I looked at Him hoping He might see my sorry gaze and be merciful but He gave me a look that made me immediately comply, like He was daring me to disobey Him. "This, is to make sure you have learned your lesson. I'm going to make sure you have. You are never going to do this again." I could feel His left hand resting on the small of my back and I could feel His body twist. I realized He was bracing Himself! "Oh s***" ran through my mind but of course it was too late. If I could ever turn back time I would have right before that first blow made contact on my left cheek. I wanted to beg, I wanted to promise I'd never do it again, but I knew when He is truly upset at me begging only makes things worse. My Husband is 6"5 and has very large hands to match His stature. His hand felt like a giant wooden paddle. I could’ve sworn I was being spanked by a piece of lumber. He spanked me for about ten minutes like that. I was sobbing after only five smacks. I have to say that He has never given me that hard of a hand spanking before and He is not a light spanker. He has used many other implements that are very painful, but has never spanked that hard with his hand. It was a spanking and lesson to remember for sure.

After He finally stopped He sat down in the chair, winded from spanking me so hard. "Come here. Sit on my lap." He said, breathing hard. I struggled to move with my very shaky legs and a royally sore, burning bottom. I sat on His lap. Sitting down was agony and I gasped as my flaming cheeks touched his leg. "Look at me." He looked over my tear streaked face as our eyes met. "Have you learned your lesson Kitten?" "Yes I have, very much so. I will never do that again." I replied. He nodded. "If you ever do that again I will spank you much, much harder, and I won't wait next time. I will walk in the door and throw you over my knee. Do you understand? Next time you call me when you need something or when the finances need to be adjusted." "Yes Sir, I will." I said still shaking. "I'm very sorry." I added. He nodded. "You're forgiven Kitten." He started to kiss me passionately and grabbed my sore bottom in His hand, squeezing it just to remind me once again of His place and mine. You know where kissing & hot bottoms lead…

I'll let you use your imagination.

Written By: ~PixieKitten~

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"Naughty Pixies Always Get Caught."

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