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New member
Username: Annie84518

Post Number: 1
Registered: 11-2006
Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2006 - 08:10 am:   Edit Post

Hi all, even though I am a new person here, I am not new to spanking. I have been doing alot of online reading and am starting to be brave enough to delurk.

I never considered myself interested in spanking as a young person. When my husband and I had been married a few years, we had our share of arguments, mostly over stupid things like whose turn it was to pay bills, or get gas for the car. And, I admit, that once angered I had a tendency to sulk a lot. I would get in a mood, he would get quiet and then I would get even more angry. One night the kids were spending the night at a friends house, and we ate dinner in total silence as I was in a snit. After dinner, I read and he watched tv again in total silence. When we went to bed, I snuggled myself into the corner of our king sized bed. He rolled over to kiss me goodnight, but I pushed him away.

He dragged me out of my spot and started kissing me and of course, my mood softened. And, just as things were heating up, he pushed back and looked into my eyes. "Annie,I am tired of this constant bickering and it has gone on long enough. I am not putting up with this any longer. I know how you get angry but then you get in a mood you can't seem to get out of. Well, today, that comes to a halt. I am going to pull you over to the side of the bed, pull down your pajama bottoms, put that ass over my knee and give your butt a good spanking. Then, you will think about that sore bottom next time you get in a mood." I was speechless! No one had ever spanked me before not even my parents. No way was I allowing that man to spank me. I shouted some obsenities and protests, but quick as lightning, my pants were around my ankles, my leg, locked under his, my torso buried in the covers, and my butt the highest targe in the room. I shouted at him that I would never forgive him, that I would never speak to him again. But, he calmly held me in place and told me I could buck and yell all I want, that he had done some reading on the internet and joined a chat group and that the best way to handle me from now on was to turn my backside an amazing shade of red.

Before I could say another word, his hand smacked my backside square in the middle. I laid there hollering and squirming. His hand just spanked on and on. Measured strokes, up and down covering every square inch of my backside. I cried and yelled, and he spanked on and on. I told him I could take no more, but he just kept lecturing me and spanking the living daylights out of my behind.

When, I finally gave up the fight and lay there crying he plopped me on the bed, and then left for a while. When he returned, we had the most amazing sex ever. I fell asleep with his hand on my hot bottom. The next morning he said nothing about it and we went on with our lives. And, he was right, I had done me a world of good. And, it had heated up a whole other area on me.

Since that time, I have spent many times across my husband's lap. Jack is not a quick spanker. He takes his time and does a most thorough job, and when it is done, I don't sit very comfortably.

A few times, he has given me what he calls paddlings of my life. Once, we got into a huge argument and I told him I wanted a divorce. The kids started crying and I felt terrible. He told them mommy was just angry and sometimes we say things we don't mean. And, then he told them, what would make me feel better was a little trip. They of course, thought he meant to take me out, but he glared at me, knowing that I knew he meant a trip across his knee.

time went by and I thougth he forgot, but a few weeks later, the kids went to visit their grandparents for the weekend, and I found my bottom getting a thorough spanking. I cried and begged and just when I thought he was done, I felt him move. I looked back to see an old hairbrush in his hand, and the panic set in. I screamed that he could not spank me with that, but he just repositioned me and the paddling of my life began.

When he was done I was a crying quivering mess across his knee. He paddled the living hell of out my bottom. Not an inch was left unattended, and despite all my crying and pleading, he just paddled away.

I used to feel like the weirdest person on earth, over 40 and still being spanked like a child. But, my husband says that he is the master of one of the lost arts: wife spanking.

All I know is that I feel loved and protected. I will try to post again. And, I am glad to have found a place to share these things.
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Username: Tplayer

Post Number: 177
Registered: 05-2006
Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2006 - 08:53 pm:   Edit Post

Glad you are here, too Annie! You are a luckie woman.
It's all a matter of perspective
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New member
Username: Spankeddina

Post Number: 1
Registered: 11-2006
Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2006 - 10:29 am:   Edit Post

Annie, you know that you need these spankings from your husband. Don't fight them because you feel humiliated and ashamed at times. Those emotions are usually worse than the most severe discipline session.

Post Edited - Note from Admin: If you'd like to describe your own experiences please start your own thread. This is Annie's thread and she deserves to get relevant responses to her story here and not have new topics introduced by another member. Thank you!
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New member
Username: Hiskat

Post Number: 5
Registered: 01-2007
Posted on Saturday, January 13, 2007 - 12:10 pm:   Edit Post

You are a very lucky woman, Annie to have a man that knows he is in charge of his wife's discipline. wife spanking should never have gone out of style, however it is nice to see it making a comeback. lots of love, kat

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